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If everyone could see themselves as L'il Cheese saw them, the world would be a much brighter place.

A story about love in the shape of laughter.

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There's a certain amount of skill to being able to write about stories without a classical conflict, and still make them enjoyable. This is a damn good character study under a positive lense, and that's surprisingly rare in a website about magical talking friendship ponies.

I don't wanna call it 'fluff', cause that has certain connotations -- this is more like, optimistic, ideal-ish slice of life? An exploration of the "happy" side of "happy ending", let's call it.

Anyway! Amazing work, man. Your interpretation of L'il Cheese is legitimately precious.

This is the most wholesome thing I've read in a very long time. The relentless positivity and complete lack of cynicism is very refreshing, and I'm very much looking for to more of this.

This story is cute, wholehearted, and wholesome in every way.

Yep, this is lovely. Wholesome and excellent and in-character, which takes some doing when most of them have no on-screen characterisation. Keen to see more. :pinkiehappy:

Aww, this was sweet. Looks like both Pie branches get along famously.

This is a really cute story. Can't wait to see where this will go.

Augh my heart

Its so fluffy I'm gonna die

Oh my :yay: this is so amazingly adorable.

As others have said in various forms, very nice. :)

Cute colt is cute colt.

Such an adorable first chapter. Loved how Pinkie is handling her pregnancy and the others' arrival and reactions.

Anyway, the exchanges, characterizations, sweetness and future chapter set-up are all well done and I'm on to the next chapter..

Ah, the feels. :-D Loved how Little Cheese is getting along so well with his cousins. And Sediment and Pediment showing Little Cheese their collections was great stuff.

Again, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up were splendidly done. :-D

On to the next chapter (aka the last one for now)

Downright sweet chapter. Positively adored Little Cheese's interactions with Big Sugar and the adult Cake Twins. The sticker argument was pretty funny too.

All in all, excellent exchanges, characterizations and sweetness In this story.

Sediment and Pediment remind of the Huey, Dewey, and Louie, but there's only two.

You mean cute filly is cute filly :/


Show writers said they intended it to be a colt, just an insanely cute one, and "L'il Cheese" follows inheriting the father's name - it's since been "whatever, who cares'd", but I kind of liked the angle that's he's a he and ran with it.


Would you like to elaborate on why you feel so strongly about this?

9892039 JimmyHook19's profile lists all the female characters he has transformed into since 2016. Perhaps JimmyHook19 wishes to transform into Little Cheese. It follows that if Little Cheese isn't female, then JimmyHook19 can't transform into him. Therefore, Little Cheese needs to be female for JimmyHook19's purposes.

I can accept L'il Cheese as a colt.

I haven't read this story and likely won't I'm only here because if someone isn't going to do it, I will.

If Lil' Cheese is small now, when he grows up, will he be the Big Cheese then?

.....I'll leave now

“Cheese, you think everyone’s so cool.”


That's a video game reference. You'd better get it.

So, L'il Cheese is just one of those kids who pretty much gets along with everyone, huh?

I've been away from the site for quite some time, and this is the first new story I've read upon returning. I'm pleased. This is the sort of thing that I've always enjoyed reading, and the sort of thing I always felt more writers should try to write: something in the spirit of the show.

One bit of advice, though -- Apple Bloom's name is two words, not one.


One bit of advice, though -- Apple Bloom's name is two words, not one.

I will die on this hill, a bitter and lonely old man

I am Mad I don't have this much self-esteem

I really like how you write Cheese, he seems like a well rounded character.

I love this story. It's hard to find good wholesome stories that make your face hurt from smiling. Cant wait for more.


You will die for nothing, because it is and has always been two words!

Also the story is lovely, though I am worried about what's up with Cheese the First.

Yup, that's definitely Pinkie Pie. :rainbowlaugh:


Actually, just Jim said that, and a day later it was debunked by Josh, saying that Li'l Cheese's gender was never specified in the script at all.

I guess Li'l Cheese is our very own Schrodinger's Gender; both male and female until you collapse the superposition.

L'il Cheese is the kind of kid who can grow up spoiled and still be sweet. :twilightsmile:

Rarity has such strong Cocaine-Fueled Fashion Mogul Energy here, and I love how she and Cheese both get their moments of insight and wisdom, and are both able to learn from each other. This chapter isn't quite as sweet as the others, but it's still got that sincerity that makes it so refreshing to read.

9892193 So was Pinkie Pie when she lived in Ponyville.

That cover image gives me the creeps, not even gonna lie.

Burn it. Burn it now.

Well, Twilight and Cranky Doodle Donkey needed a little time to warm up to her, just saying. Li'l Cheese, on the other hand, just seems to have this natural talent for figuring out which social approaches work best for which ponies. He also has a manipulative streak in him that we haven't seen in Pinkie or Cheese.

That cover image is a screencap. There's barely any art of him yet, so what are ya gonna do.

How many links would you like me to provide as proof that it's two words and not one? Is a dozen enough?

Isn't lil cheese a filly?

Sediment and Pediment remind me of the Zenos.

“You’re going to grow up into an evil little colt, huh?”

“And nobody’s going to stop me because they’re going to love me too much.” Cheese steepled his hooves together, tilted his head down and smiled, “That’s the plan.”

L’il Cheese is unusually sticky for his age.

He's twelve, being sticky is perfectly normal for a boy that age. Just tell him to wash his hooves more often.

Superb work on this latest chapter. I absolutely adored how Rarity and Cheese were both able to learn enough from each other to enjoy each other's company. Though one has to wonder if Rarity's changing the subject when Cheese mentioned Big Sugar and Pumpkin had to do with the fact she was reminded a bit too much of herself and Spike back in the day.

Anyway, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are quite well done again.

Zhe is Schrodinger's sex. We'll never hear them voiced, and are not likely to see a gender in any other way, so for now, zhe is a very pretty colt/filly.

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