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A hidden museum rests in the Canterlot palace, by law open to the public, by practice closed to visitors. Within its walls lie treasures of opal and gemstones, salt and wood. Shelves filled with untouched scrolls line the walls.

It is here that Luna pays her respects to Equestria's fallen heroes. Why, then, is it against her sister's wishes?

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I don't usually say this, but this made me tear up a bit.

This story has more soul than many published books. We need more stuff like this in the site.

Cheers, mate.

"Regret is the feeling of trying to change something which has already happened."

Nearly. Regret is the feeling of attempting to change the unchangeable. It can also apply to bad things which are going to happen which you have no control over, such as knowing you are reaching the end of such a touching story.

Absolutely brilliant.

You might want to add character tags to the story. Luna, at least, and probably Mane6 and Celestia too.

You have such a wonderful way with words, and this is a creative take on the very well-worn subject of mortality in MLP. Kudos to you that you managed to put an intriguing spin on the subject. As the Bearers fall, so does the Tree, and presumably a new age of gods and monsters is ushered into the world. It's an interestingly uneasy thought to end the fic on - not just sadness over inevitable death, but fear over the unknowable strangeness to come.

Also, I love the characterisation of Applejack at the end- Bearer of Honesty, Matriarch of Multitudes, Dread Babysitter Eternal. They are titles worth the having.

Knowing what I know now—and what you'll likely cover in tomorrow's blog post—makes reading this a much different experience than when I looked at it in the Writeoff.

Beyond that, all I'll say is that you did a very good job.

wlam #8 · Aug 3rd, 2016 · · ·

Pinkie had long ago married a charming and infinitely kind children’s show presenter, but never managed to have kids of their own. They’d tried very hard, and Pinkie would admit in a particular dream Luna... observed that he was just infinitely kind, but remarkably generous.

There's nothing that could have been more appropriate than Pinkie Pie marrying Mr. Rogers.


Congratulations you are the first person to get that that I know of.

It's good.

Cried a little.

It's good.

This is beautiful. And amazingly saddening at the same time.

Kinda wish I hadn't read this now. It's too damn sad. And so am I now :raritydespair:

Twilight rarely messaged her directly, always having a preference for Celestia and informing Luna by proxy, which made each letter directed to her that much more significant in her memory.

This passage is not part of the letter, but the italics suggest that it is. You should fix that.

But To be this generous

Too much capitalization.

observed that he was just infinitely kind, but remarkably generous.

Phrasing suggests the word 'not' should be present.

Here ends the age of harmony.

The Age of Harmony seems important enough to be capitalized.

Also, this story needs character tags.

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Yeah, I didn't need those emotions.



Also, if Pinkie's soul prison is made of salt, and salt licks were implied to be similar to alcohol in several episodes, is Pinkie's soul prison literally a party ready to happen?


Pinkie just wants people to lick her tomb. Just do it, coward. Lick it. LICK IT. DO IT. What a prankster!

“Where’s Rainbow Dash? I haven’t seen her in ages.”

oh, so that's what it feels like to be punched in the soul ...............

Very good, but you'd think that in all those decades somepony would have thought of getting new Bearers to replace the Mane 6... :facehoof:

:pinkiesad2: “Where’s Rainbow Dash? I haven’t seen her in ages.”
:fluttershysad: She's...She's on an adventure...
:pinkiehappy: That sounds fun, I wanna go on an adventure too!
:fluttershyouch: ......Soon, Pinkie. Soon.

So I guess I missed it but why does celestia forbid Luna from going there

7449674 I'll raise my glass to that.


I hate you so much right now. You can't be doing this shit while I'm at work. I have an image to uphold.

All that aside, this was wonderfully, brilliantly, depressing. Nothing hurts me more than fics where my favorite mares fall victim to age or tragedy, and to have it written out so... beautifully just makes it that much harder a pill to swallow. I loved it, just don't ever do this to me again or we're gonna have a row.

This was conflicting.

I can't say that I enjoyed the ending or even the story, but... this is worth remembering.

7451015 Oh plz don't make a story out of that...
I'm just reading the comments and preparing for the worst

7449869 Y'all kinda spoiled it....

but now I know what's expected.

so my feel's train won't wreck and split me in half due to depression and feels ;-;

Fuck........ I don't like tearing up you know because of MLP fucking MLP fanfics, but goddamn good job author you made this dead on the inside man almost cry.

You had me sobbing and several times I had to put down the book.

I had come in thinking that it was Luna (after returning) finding that tia in the past 1000 years had started this museum... how wrong I was.

100 stars / 5 stars I am probably going to read this again real soon.

I just wish that there was a... happy ending, such as a 'seed of peace' or something like that... but even a bitter ending is acceptable on a story this well put together.

Thank you for these wonderful tears of sorrow. I have conflicted feelings about if I like this fic or not, but I most certainly respect it.

I suppose this is also proof that we all care about the show, many who care about the characters will be brought to tears with the fitting endings. They are just wonderful.

Now if you don't mind, I'm going to cry myself to sleep...

P.S. Thank you.

"hosted diplomatic sanctions"
Was that supposed to be "summits" or somesuch thing?

"Twilight rarely messaged her directly, always having a preference for Celestia and informing Luna by proxy, which made each letter directed to her that much more significant in her memory."
Was that meant to be not in italics?

"But To be this generous"
"But to be"?

"A week later, a book was sent in place of a friendship letter."
"Luna scanned through the resulting work, sent to her a scant month after Rarity’s death."
This might not be a contradiction if the funeral was several weeks after the death, but I thought I'd point it out just in case.

"observations, frequent magical"
"observations and frequent"?

"been established and that link"
"established, and"?

"was, at least it had taken"
"was, and at"?

"She hadn’t chanced him his redemption"
I'm afraid that I'm not sure what that means here; sorry.

"forty eight"

"I’d have got to share"

"seventy first"

"but never managed to have"
"but they'd never"?

"that he was just infinitely kind"
"was not just"?

"befell Equestria that its two kindest"
"Equestria than that"?

"with ability to think"
"with her ability"?

"the oldest of the six interred here"
"of those interred" or "of those here interred"?

"but Spike had far more"
"but since Spike"?

"of the Apple family fall."
"family do so."?

"underneath her, started walking"
"her and started"?

"as Luna watched after her"

Well. Definitely gets an upvote and favourite. My eyes were watering at points during that...

...And when reading that comment.

Oh. I didn't get that while reading either, but I'm glad I saw it in the comments. :)

"I just wish that there was a... happy ending, such as a 'seed of peace' or something like that... but even a bitter ending is acceptable on a story this well put together."
Well... there is the willow. Nurtured by the physical vessel of the Element of Kindness and imbued with the immortality of a reformed God of Chaos, I'd not be surprised if it had some unusual properties.
Still, I doubt that that's a tree-shaped magical Fix It button. For it to be such seems inappropriate for the mood of the story.

This is a very good and very sad one-shot.

Great story!

People don't read comments before reading the story, do they? That sounds as good an idea as reading IMDB's Message board before watching a movie.

Discord's offer reminds me of the story Forever Young. (that's a great story everyone should read, right up there with The Keepers Of Discord)

How ironic would it be if Discord's tree becomes the new Tree Of Harmony?

Featurebait gonna featurebox. :raritywink:

But there is, I think, a reason that this did so well despite your protestations and lamentations and your general cynicism and despair: you are, at heart, an author, and even if you are trying to shoot yourself in the foot your self-respect will not let you write less than your best. For example:

There had been a few complaints about the Wonderbolts performing at the procession, but none made by any who knew the deceased. The performance itself was... rapturous, with the Wonderbolts flying upside down and weaving in and out of the thick cloud layer, giving the appearance of fish breaking the surface of a mirrored and turbulent ocean.

I didn't appreciate this story because it was sad. I appreciated it because it communicated that sadness primarily through muted, showy descriptions like the above, which offered lots of nuance to the sadness. Even the six titular materials presented the graves-fic cliches here in a way I haven't seen them before.

This is gonna get gobs of attention — heck, as of this writing, it already has — and your blog post tomorrow won't be wrong, but it also won't be totally right, I think. Because there is something deeper to this despite your best efforts.


Someone had a genuine salt lick in Ops at Bronycon this year. I thought it was Styrofoam. It was actual salt.

It was delicious.

Oh, fuuu.
Was Celestia behaving this way Because the aspects of harmony weren't able to influence her anymore? Was she so 'callous' at Fluttershy's funeral because she had lost *her* Kindness?


You're gonna be really interested in the blog post, then.

I'm honestly just surprised no one picked up on it before me. I thought it was completely obvious. There aren't exactly all that many well-known children's show's presenters with a reputation for being ridiculously nice people.

7451632 It could just be a coping mechanism as well, some people get really 'bitter' as close friends/loved ones die, heck it seems like once Discord chose to go mortal she became bitter towards him as well, losing someone who could theoretically be with her forever must've seemed like a punch in the gut.

That was wonderful. Some scenes were pretty vague, but that was purposeful and actually added to the overall beauty of this story.

And come on, Luna, don't be so glum.
Change, and an end of an era, does not automatically mean something bad will happen.

Great job though, it was a very good read.


Indeed; I helped him write this story after all.

In his words, I'm the Sony to his Ghostbusters.

Come to think of it, I also edited part of it, but Numbers forgot to thank me in the description. GEE, THANK YOU, ASSHOLE.


I told Numbers from the get-go that the biggest setback to what he wanted to do was his own ability. He's a good writer, he knows what to do with words to make this kind of thing work, and as a result, it ends up looking too legit, and having a wee too much nuance to work, cause it doesnt feel like the kind of sadfics we discussed.

This is, in a way, subtler than many fics after all. Nobody breaks down crying in the rain hugging their dead child, after all, and there are no overblown descriptions of sadness.

I'm really looking forward to the blog, gotta say.



The biggest hindrance to it being a crappy sadfic is that it isn't actually sad. Faintly melancholic, yes, but not sad.

"Sic Trancit Gloria Mundi"
"The diseases are transmitted by Gloria's mouth" :pinkiehappy:

That said, thanks for writing a fic tagged as sad (not a sadfic) that DOESN'T abuse the FEEEEEEEELS tricks 99/100 sadfics on the site do. Also has an actual story in there, which is a bonus. Seriously, sadfics have become like clop on the site: No story, just some quick bodily fluids and moaning, then done.

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