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Princess Celestia has retired. Her reign is over, and her stewardship of Equestria is at an end. But that doesn't mean that her little ponies have stopped needing her. Her time as supreme political puppet master has given her a unique set of skills; networking, guiding, mentoring, and of course a little bit of manipulation. So she opens up a new business: Auntie Tia's Matchmaking Service!

Ponies come from far and wide to tell Auntie Tia their romantic woes and ask for her help, and she never turns away a pony in need. But her new clients are among the toughest she has ever faced - have Celestia's matchmaking abilities met their match?

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Good first chapter and I am intrigued to see where you go with this. Plus also curious how Cozy Glow will play into things.

I hope Flurry Heart is matched with Luster Dawn. That's a new ship that I've seen grow rapidly across the internet.

cozy can go to Lil'cheese i guess.

Oh this is going to be trainwreck of comedy. In a good way I might add. What the buck does Sunbutt know about matchmaking?

And I'd hardly call her a political puppet master. That's more fandom made than show canon I feel.

Matchmaker, matchmaker,
Make me a match,
Find me a find,
Catch me a catch.

Oh, I foresee plenty of wonderful shenanigans and drama to come. Looking forward to it!

Fiddler on the roof fan I see!

To author:
Subscribed, this is shaping up to be quite interesting.

Cadence: Aunt Celestia, why are you trying to do MY JOB?

Nice start for a good story! Waiting continue and I hope they all will find reliable partners)

A wonderful chapter with quite a twist here in what happen with Cozy Glow. I won't lie quite curious about the full story behind how she ended up as Rarity's adopted daughter, but it's good to see she avoided her canon fate.

ahhh you spelt Luster wrong my ocdddddddd

I quite like how Cozy here is shown as a functional member of society, but still generally kind of low-key disconcerting. It's a more interesting take on 'reformed' than just having her as another normal pony.


Princess of Shipping shall not be pleased.

I see you and Sawtooth Waves agree on that one character's parentage....kind of.

But uh Lil Cheese does not strike me as ambitious.

Twilight and Sunburst? Not judging, just surprised ;)

This is a real interesting plot though, looking forward to more! inb4 aro lustre dawn

Don't wanna be rude but "skeptic" is spelled with a k. brits are weird, man

Keep up the good work! Celestia's reactions to Cozy felt so real...

I am starved for Cozyheart so I'm gunning for that but I'm ready for whatever's next


Needs more tentacles.

I went off her show appearance (where the males don't have eyelashes and the girls do) so I assumed she was supposed to be female. Interesting that some of the writers have said otherwise!

Both Lustre and 'sceptic' are spelled the English way in this story, rather than the American English way. So they aren't spelt wrong, but thank you for the feedback!

Ahhh yes thank you that's exactly what I was going for. Low key sociopathic tendencies, even though she's now rehabilitated. I don't think Cozy could just flip a switch and suddenly become 'normal'.

damn, I tried to call out a spelling error but it was I who was wrong! Sorry haha, think I'll keep my trap shut in the future regarding stuff like that :P But thanks, I learned something new today :)

This is not super creepy and not not no way bob a breeding program nope! Lol

Good chapter well written too

But Josh Haber says the script never confirmed either gender for Lil Cheese. The writers seem to disagree, but since she appears in the show with eyelashes and the female muzzle type that's what I've gone with for this story :)

Cadence: Aunt Celestia, may I have a word with you?
Celestia: Cadence, why are you looking at me like that?
Cadence: Relationships. Weddings. Love. THAT IS MY DOMAIN, YOU HACK! So, get back to pulling Helios' chariot, or Aphrodite, Hera, and I shall bind you to it for good.

Sweetie Belle: Having Cozy Glow as a niece. It still feels...
Scootaloo: Weird?
Sweetie Belle: Yeah. I mean, we're still not sure if she's younger than me.

Isn't it supposed to be Luster, not Lustre... Or I might be wrong.
At least read your comments. You don't have that many. Also, just the fact her name is written wrong makes me angry. You could have done your research.
Sorry, it's one of my pet peeves.
It's not that hard to fix. If in the third chapter it hasn't been fix. I'm not reading it anymore.

Interesting premise and characters so far, can't wait to see where this goes.

Another ship set sail!

Now that I have time to make a more lengthy comment:

This story's really exciting oh my god, I'm a big fan of what you've done in regards to developing Lustre Dawn as a character—her giant, wacky family feels so right and fitting with the show's world. Starlight and Trixie's treatment of her as their daughter is really awesome, and definitely what I'd picture them to be like as parents.

The thing that really stands out to me in chapter two is Celestia's attitude towards Cozy. The way that she's not completely over what Cozy did despite it being so far away in the past is some spicy, spicy stuff

Hope to see more soon :twilightsmile:

Interesting, will follow the next chapters

eee thank you, I really appreciate your comment! If you like Lustre's big wacky family you're going to love chapter 3 on Monday :rainbowlaugh:

I'm just imagining cadance siting back somewhere watching with a bucket of popcorn and a soda as something like this plays out
shining: arnt you going to stop her
Cadance: i warned her that she wasn't ready for this, she didnt listen...shes a big mare, shes allowed to make her own mistakes...and im allowed to sit back and watch the resulting comedy play out.

I don't know if you noticed, but the author spelled her name wrong. She did it's Luster Dawn. Look at the tag. Not Luster. I just wanted to help.

I'm sorry my harsh comments but on the wiki her name is written as Luster Dawn and it makes me mad. Just sorry. Yes, it pronounced the same way. It just doesn't mean it's the same to write it.



Sorry, it is not wrong, it is spelled the English way, not the American English way, as I said in the comments below. Lustre Dawn toys are marketed here with that spelling. Not everyone on fimfiction is American and I recommend you google spellings before spamming people who left kind comments with replies telling them about your opinion.

The only bad part of this story is that I can't read it all now :raritydespair:. Great work thus far!

She imagined they were all just here for the thrill of it; despite their number, she was the only grandchild any of them had, and they were all eager for any scraps she offered, be that visits or letters.

So, does Flurry Heart not count? For Velvet and Night Light, at least?

Romance by family committee. An idea that competes with the chocolate kettle for the worst idea award.

I love how chaotic Lustre's family is hahaha

Trixie's dads though 😍😍😍

Fun chapter, I can't wait to see what might happen with this whole group if things get spicy and Lustre chooses somepony that isn't to their liking.

Comment posted by Christinewho deleted Sep 29th, 2020

sorry. It's just always feel weird especially with the tag being American English.

Celestia seemed not to have noticed the slip. “Raven Inkwell, would you please fetch me the profiles for Silver Sun, Piaffe, and Sparkling Wine?

Sparkling Wine is kind of an unfortunate name. :rainbowlaugh:


There's nothing wrong with a chocolate kettle! It's you people who insist on putting it on the heat that have problems!

I really like the art of Zap Apple! It's fun to see a child of AppleDash, who clearly takes after both of them,

Oh hey, Granny Smith isn't actually dead. :rainbowhuh:

Getting really interesting :twilightsmile:

I am in love with Zap Apple. You've done such a marvelous job with him—how his parents and upbringing inform his motivations, how he acts around authority. His design is also really cute. He's really easily one of the best 'child of a Mane Six' characters I've come across, and I've only known him for a couple thousand words. Really interested to see what you do with him.

Celestia's inner conflict with Cozy is as compelling as it was last time, as well. Hoping for more soon, but take your time if you need.

calling it now, somehow she's going to meet Cozy and it's gonna be a match

Zap Apple, that's new. You really molded him well, I'd say this is the best AppleDash kid I've seen so far. He's so well-balanced, he could pass as canon.

So nice chapter! Granny Smith is alive - its great! And Zap Apple - amazing child of a wonderful couple!

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