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After learning that Discord avoided the Hospital, where Rainbow Dash learns that she's pregnant, Fluttershy asks why he didn't come. Turns out, Discord has a huge disliking of babies, all thanks to a job he took to babysit Flurry Heart while Cadence and Shining Armor were away.

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When will they get a character icon for Flurry Heart?

I love Roger Rabbit! Great reference!

7072238 most likely when they find a picture that have her face in a nice angle.

It's one thing to reference Roger Rabbit, but to describe the whole opening scene as the main part of your story is plagiarism, not comedy.

well i guess discord hates children

XD that cover art XD

*sniff sniff* such comedic beauty

That ending... was gold :rainbowlaugh:

"No, actually, um... I have to tell you this, but... I'm pregnant!" Discord's stopped and stared at Fluttershy.
"D-did you just say-?"
"I did, and you're the father!" Discord stared, but fell to his knees.
Somewhere, in the Galaxy, Celestia and Luna's mother, the creator of everything, laughed.

And somewhere else, the Dark Moon, the god of all evil gods, died from laughing, 3 times in a row, while his brother just facepalmed himself to tartarus.
(you can guess who you got from your reaction to that.)

Pfffffffff hahaha so funny


And somewhere in the Displaced bit of the Omniverse, I facepalmed myself so much, I had to get face and palm surgery, as my Displaced laughed their asses off... well, most of them did. Lord Darkness just groaned, sighed, and facepalmed the same amount I did, but didn't go to the hospital.

Priceless! :rainbowlaugh:

This is beautiful, best comedy fimfic ever! Also, I bet Lauren is enjoying this very well.

That was funny!

I'm not even going ask why rainbow dash is preggos, I'm too busy lmao-ing at uncle D being Uncle D

Who framed Roger Rabbit, such a classic Disney movie and one of my favs

That was amazing.

:rainbowlaugh:Nice work:twilightsmile:

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