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Shining Armor just wanted one relaxing evening. Unfortunately, Flurry Heart has decided to be difficult yet again. Shining Armor is about to learn how bad an idea it is to teach law and tabletop role-playing games to his precocious 'tween, and Flurry Heart is about to learn just what a munchkin her nerdy father is.

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As a father myself, I have one thing to say:


The deleted scenes are amazing. Thanks for sharing the story.

I can totally see Shining Armor parenting like this.

Oh god, this is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. Flurry Heart is cutest thing in existence, and anyone who doesn't like her can go die.

Ah, this was quite an amusing read. Good job.
Those deleted scenes though. :rainbowlaugh:

You've been featured! Well done!

Or the time, as a much younger foal, she had refused to let him change her diaper for almost a week while Cadance was on a diplomatic trip to neighboring Yakyakistan. Fortunately, she had finally caved a few hours before Cadance was due to return, and the cleaning staff had worked a miracle in Flurry's room and the surrounding hallway. His Princess hadn't suspected a thing.

One could say, he barely avoided shit hitting the fan...

Treaties are made to be broken

Shining and Cadance have to remember to take all the copies of A Song of Ice and Fire away before Flurry gets ideas. Though it seems it's already too late.

Is that all?

That was quite hilarious and adorable. Well done.

Y'know what...have a fave for the amazing premise.

Read it. Have a place on my "best of the best" shelf, because that was awesome and hilarious.


Ah, the joys of trying to get kids into your own nerdy interests.

I read bits of The Silmarillion to my niece and got her into manga (she loves The Girl who Leapt Through Time, both the prose original novel and manga sequel that the movie is based on). I'm thinking I'll get her some Usagi Yojimbo trades next.

Well, Flurry's gotta raise her Resist Poo stat somehow, I guess... :rainbowlaugh:

Okay Belle. This has my interests. Will read come the mornin'.

what a munchkin her nerdy father is

please tell me there's a scene of Shining and Flurry playing Munchkin.


Mommies are underpowered. The Daddy class's Gang Up feat is severely underrated (maybe more Daddies need to learn to play) and needs to be rebalanced.

--Definitely Not Mommy


Sorry. This one is about dice.
If it were truly a dice fic, I probably should have named one of the main characters Little Pip.
...Does something smell like balefire to you?




When she reaches high enough level, she'll have the chance to branch off into the Mommy prestige class and acquire Immunity: Poo automatically at third level. Definitely Not Mommy said Mommies aren't overpowered, though, so I imagine Flurry will be looking for a stronger build once she realizes Daddies, being mostly a Rogue class, are tricksters.

Cadance is the only alicorn to date to have taken any levels in Mommy.


I'm not going to be a parent, but my own dad used to read Tolkien to my siblings and I as bedtime stories. Also, Star Trek TOS, D&D, and Avalon Hill war games (that turned out to be more my brother's thing and were definitely not bedtime stories).


I'm flattered, thank you! :twilightsheepish:

The only thing worse than a demigod with apocalyptic power is one who can talk back. Still, Shining seems to have gotten her under some degree of control. Flurry may not respect propriety, but she respects the rules as written. That's definitely better than nothing.

Most amusing all around. Thank you for it.

I liked this. Silly and oddball. Favourite line:
Also, this daddy was a dedicated min-maxer.

Cockatrices don't speak chicken. :facehoof:

"How did he automatically succeed?" Shining shuffled frantically through his papers. "You can't make a cockatrice a Bard!"

Succeed: -What a toothless Cockatrice does, suck seed!?!:facehoof:

I feel weird that I understood the dialogue in this story all too well.

He wondered if other parents had to deal with this, or if it was easier to negotiate with foals who weren't baby demigoddesses.

I'm pretty sure that part makes little difference.

Na! Shining´s race (Daddy) is what gives him immunity to poo

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