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You're the most basic of jokes.


Where Did the Pony Fics Go? · 1:30am Apr 10th, 2015

Short answer: Anime destroys lives.

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So Who Is This Crazy Person Anyway?

Hello, friends! Isabella here, writing from the beautiful American midwest. I'm 15 years old and currently experiencing that realm of craziness and social awkwardness called high school. The internet dragged me into this rabbit hole of candy colored friendship cannons in December 2012, and to this day I have yet to escape all you wonderful nerds. It's a rare occasion, but when I'm not on fimfiction, you'll usually find me sketching, riding a bike, bunkering down in the safety of a library, jamming out to japanese Vocaloid, making a fool of myself in public, bursting into musical numbers, playing the violin, relaxing with friends, planning out cosplays, watching copious amounts of anime, and... oh yeah, that homework thing too. I love meeting new people, so if you feel like it, send me a PM!

If you're feeling down, hopefully these will cheer you up!

Things I Find Beautiful (in no particular order)

*yellow bows
*fuzzy pink hats
*bad theoretical physics jokes
*friends with extra iPhone chargers
*free food
*band lockers large enough to sleep in
*lucky pennies
*happy couples on park benches
*cafes with wifi and outdoor seating
*the sunflower growing in a broken pot behind my fence
*BOOKS! Books, books, books….
*anime girls with pink hair
*wandering grocery store aisles with friends
*orange soda
*cobblestone streets
*singing loudly in an unfamiliar town
*reading in gym class
*sunny, rainy, snowy, cloudy, chilly, and hot days
*fanfiction and anyone who appreciates it :D

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1765573 My profile pic is of Goddess Madoka and Homura from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. Such adorable lesbians. :rainbowkiss:

Yeah, Cate's a great person. She and I both do beta reader work for this one story, so we know each other by association. :twilightsmile:

Ehh... I watched a bit of SAO a while back, and honestly, it wasn't my cup of tea. :applejackunsure:

For people like me who don't like paying for Crunchyroll's premium services, Kissanime is a godsend. :scootangel:

So, I'm curious, what's the anime from that picture?


Estrella's super cool. Glad you follow her. (I'm admin and contrib for some of her group)


I saw you watched a ton of anime. Might I recommend Sword Art Online?


You should use Kissanime for all that anime.

Thanks for the watch! :twilightsmile:

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