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Celestia gets a head injury and it is revealed that she is not Celestia, but a human girl named Ashlynn.
Now Ashlynn has to find her way back to her home before Celestia does something that might ruin her life there.

Rated teen for some swearing.
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Darkness Melody
Grey Mane

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7389427 Thanks. It was an idea I had for a while, but just got into writing.

7389540 Well whatever you're doing, you're doing it right! :D

Poor Celly, she just wanted a vacation! :trollestia:

Seriously though, I like it!

Being slightly critical, this story is a bit lose, and I kinda wish there was mor characterization going on, as well as more backstory in the prologue. I do like the story though, and I would like to see what's been going on on Celestia's end. I find it funny if suddenly, at dinner, Ash's parents see their daughter replaced by a white horse. Can't wait to see what's next!

7399324 I was planning on possibly switching POVs every other chapter.
And a little criticism always helps a bit.

Damn I really like this story

Four dislikes that is bull crap this story is awesome.

7742366 Their probably just the people who hate HiE stories. I don't blame them.

Is this story based off of another story?

8019429 no

unless there is a story like this?
but I came up with the idea by myself, so no

8019429 it's obviously based off this story he heard from his cousin who heard it from their friend who heard it from their uncle who heard it from one of his students who heard it from their little brother who heard from a hobo living near their school.

Surprise Motherfucker

Yes, you came out of nowhere with this chapter

8019876 *she
I'm a female :derpytongue2:
8020311 -insert very sarcastic reply to seemingly sarcastic comment-

8020701 Did I sound sarcastic? Oh well

*Throws back sarcastic comment*

8020708 just a bit sarcastic, yeah xD
-insert some sarcasm-

8020737 it's fine
sarcasm's fun (to me... is that weird? probably XD)

8020701 Ah, I'm sorry 'bout that. Normally I mentally mark everyone on the internet as 'they' just to prevent such errors. I guess I messed up because I was basing it on a joke from somewhere else.

I am gonna be that guy and ask if their is gonna be a update but i'm gonna throw in a twist and ask if their is anything I can do to help?

There will be an update at some point but I kinda have a lack of motivation to write for it atm :twilightblush:

I have motivation just no plan for my stories

“Well, excuse me, princess! But it’s not my fault I came here to make sure you stop giving poor fluffy a hard time with the chapter title.”

Zelda Reference?

Edit: I read the next line and I completely lost it

Great Job

if you want to know why please direct yourself to this blog post.

it explains everything pretty well in my opinion

please don't make me log in again after this

“Well, yes, b-”


“Bye whom, exactly?” Luna asked cheekily.

Deez nutz.

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