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This story is a sequel to Smoldering It Over

It has only been a few months since Smolder had become King of the Ashen Fields and the pressure of ruling a Kingdom is already getting to him. With the help of Twilight and her friends, they will help rebuild the Ashen Fields, and uncover the lost history of the Flame Ponies. Only to discover that some shadows still linger within Castle Char that threaten the whole of Equestria.

Chapters (45)
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Can you please tell me more about Flame Ponies?

Well, Flame Ponies are a race of Pegasi, Earth, and Unicorn ponies that have actual flames that come off their hooves, mane and tail. Their non-canonical to the actual show, it was just an idea I had. They are capable of breathing fire, flourishing their flames, and withstanding extreme heat. Their main aversion is to water, which can harm them a great deal if there is enough of it. Their hide and flames are usually colors associated with fire, ash, charred things, similar to dragon colors.

They used to be just like every pony else, until the volcano erupted which encased their entire city in a pyroclastic flow that turned them to stone. An elder dragon by the name of Char had come to drink from the magma pool of the volcano when he happened upon these unfortunate ponies. Using very old magic, the Great Dragon Char shared it's flame with them, allowing them to live once more, being reborn as the Flame Ponies. The Flame Ponies then worshiped their savior, the Great Dragon Char, by building a Castle named after him, and becoming loyal servants to it. Eventually, the Great Dragon Char left the Flame Ponies to drink from the pools of magma deep within Equestria, thus allowing the smaller dragons to take advantage of the Flame Ponies good will. This eventually led to the Flame Pony uprising, led by Lord Smoke, the great ancestor of Smolder, to drive the dragons from their Kingdom.

Their bodies are hard like stone, their fire cannot be internalized which is why it dances upon their hide, and they have many of the same traits dragons have when it comes to pride, their lust for gold, and power. With this though, they cannot touch regular ponies, in fear of burning them or worse. They are fool hardy, proud, at times even aggressive, but they are truly gentle souls underneath their fiery exterior; wishing nothing more then to be like every pony else.

If you like, you can visit the first part of this story, Smoldering It Over. To see the chapter where I go into the origins of the Flames Ponies in more detail would be Chapter 7: Homecoming. I hope this helped give you a better idea of what Flame Ponies are. Thanks for taking the time to read it. I appreciate it.

And now off to Fanfiction to complete reading this gem

Other then seeing Ancalagon the Black in the cover art...this story is nice and good to read but hey,I just started

I'm so happy you recognized Ancalagon. I'm a fan of Tolkien's work, and the ambiguity from the title of this story 'Rise of Char' will lend credence to the cover art; as it best represents events to come. Although, I am not implying a crossover between the two, I just found Anaclagon to best depict the sort of Elder Dragon I had envisioned.

I'm also very appreciative of your kind words, and I hope that you will find the rest of the story interesting as it unfolds. Thank you for taking the time to read it, and commenting. It really does make my day just to know someone took the time to read it.

Aren't you overworking yourself? every day a long chapter like that? and why doasn't you story have more views like dude seriously this is a very inetresting story and its just very weird to see it not appreciated like the other stories i see on the main page...you need to do something about it

Well I'm very appreciative of you thinking that about this story, and I'm not sure what more I can do in regards to promoting further. I do think that all the other stories on this site are worth reading and that this one may eventually find its way to other readers in time.

With my daily uploading of chapters, I've actually already written Smoldering It Over and Rise of Char on fanfiction.com. I'm re-uploading it here with much needed edits, but in no way am I overworking myself. In fact, I'm more than half way done writing part three of Smolder's next adventure and will be uploading it shortly after finishing this one.

I have started reading the sequel a-- Well obviously you've started reading the sequel why else are you commenting. But seriously no errors, great chapter, blah blah blah.
Hey you can't just interrupt me, even if you're right.

Not usually one to comment on stories, but this one is really good for not having the attention most others have on this site. I'm assuming it's cause this story was posted elsewhere before. Nevertheless I'm enjoying the second story a lot right now

I'm very grateful that you're enjoying the story thus far. I believe a lot of stories deserve the attention that they receive, and the attention these stories do get are from very generous readers. Thank you for your comment; it really made my day.

Um Burning Sand Pinkie is about laughter not kindness...

Thank you for pointing that out. I'll rework it to be more in line with what Pinkie Pie is known for.

um no I don't think that necessary I was commenting to Burning Sand

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I took it a as a suggestion rather than a comment, but I suppose I would ask you if the 'original' text was better than what I had replaced it with. I feel both get the point across, but I'd like your opinion if you would be willing to offer it.

"Lord Smolder, what do you prefer caviar or fish eggs?" A fancy pony asked me.

"I... can't remember." I said.

I don't know *snicker* Smolder *snicker* I might say the same thing... especially since I had to google to double make sure that Caviar = fish eggs... unless your a caviar snob... then I would say buzz off Rarity(except more forceful if you know what I mean):twilightangry2::

"How's it going? How's it going!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed in distress. "It's actually running quite smoothly."

I swear Pinkie if you keep up the Rarity routine... actually scratch that Pinkie think you be both Pinkie and Rarity? At least when you go drama queen I can handle you... Rarity... lets see how many fanfics have I created in my head where I kill you as slowly and painfully as I can....

And while we are on Rarity its precisely not pricelessly though given that this is Rarity... so many cruel discordine jokes... not enough space in the comments...

As you can guess I loathe Rarity...

Very nice! now on to the last book!

I hope you enjoy it. I know these stories are long, so thank you for taking the time to read them.

Oh very very much so. It's such a rare treat to find such a well constructed 'high fantasy' style story on this site any more... that isn't a certain series I will not even touch. How in the world would so many read a series that's over 3.5 million words strong and still has like 4 books to go?!?

That particular story must be really well written.

Oh I forgot to address the length.... its not bad at all I mean the harry potter series averaged 150k a book so nothing to worry about. And I think I read somewhere that fantasy books tends to run near 125k anyway...

From what little I have read of books 7 and 8, yes...very well done. Still staying away given the average book length is over 400k... one alone being just under a million.... Its just waaay too daunting for me to even really get into especially given its not a dragon/spike story... if it was then maybe I might give it more then a dip...

Moist Lipwig the mailpony? Discworld reference. Was half expecting him to be scamming them. *cough*

You are the first person to have pointed that out. I am big fan of the late Sir Terry Pratchett's work; Going Postal being my introduction to Discworld. You've brightened my day with that. Thank you very much for reading; I hope you enjoy the rest.

"The age of men is over. The time of the Orc has come!"
... Got them LotR vibes from the end there.

So I ran into Princess Sapphire yesterday, smacking the living hay out of Smolder's head for some reason in his Royal Chambers, causing even more rumors, but apparently they were just trying to get his horn to grow.

...This statement isn't as innocent as it seems, I guess.

Somewhat confused. You're referring to Lionel as a filly, when he's a colt? Learn your genders.

Apologies. I tend to forget which is which most of the time. I always intend to double check, but it slips my mind. I'll make the corrections.

what kind off pony would need more than one hat? your fater XD this one made me laught

the bad case of the nopes is werry serius cue off the nopes is really nopedy nopes

sheeeeeeeiiiittttttt doing an death wing here are we?

"Wingston once said that ponies that don't learn from their past are doomed to repeat it. I believe he took this from a smarter pony but the message is clear. I will not permit the destruction of any items in the castle or in the Ashen Fields that may have historical value." I said aloud.

Agro Fleece made a face of disgust but Alex Papyrus looked quite thankful.

"With that being said, I would like you to make a list of items or trinkets that can be considered to be mere baubles, that have no significant history, and have them sent to Argo so that we may use them for trade. I know the dungeons beneath us link to the old mining tunnels. I will allow Argo to take a team of Flame Ponies to map out and explore the safest routes of travel and mine for any gems that can be acquired safely without any destruction or potential cave-ins." I continued, this time earning a smile from Argo and a nod from Alex.

"The Volcanic Soil should be a fine net to help with trade for now, and have a team of ponies begin collecting as much as you can gather. I will leave the portions we keep in reserve for our own crops up to your judgment, Mr. Pitchstone." I said looking his way and he replied with a nod.

"Burning Sand, I wish you a safe trip and trust the negotiations with the Crystal Kingdom's commerce in your charismatic hooves." I said dismissively as every pony stood up and bowed their head to me before heading towards the corridor.

He is a really good king.

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