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Relinquishing the Elements was the toughest decision Twilight thought she'd ever have to make, but as an ancient evil emerges from the depths of oblivion, she finds herself faced with even more difficult choices.

If they are to overcome their strongest threat yet, they must find another way to stop it, but with their only lead still confined in a chest, no one knows what else to do.

But Discord does.

With the draconequus as their guide towards their only course of action, Princess Celestia and the Mane Six have no choice but to believe him. Will Twilight and her friends have what it takes to defeat this evil before Equestria decays into a world of shadow and darkness? And will Princess Celestia and Discord be able to overcome the past in order to prevent the end of Equestria as we know it?

Pre-read by Matt Wilson
Edited by BlackRoseRaven & OkemosBrony
Cover art by StePandy & FallenInTheDark

The story strays from the canon before "Twilight's Kingdom".

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 4 )

A first story is always important to any fanfiction author on this site. It makes your first impression on the site, and allows for readers to try and guess how you'll continue to grow in the future. And in your case, I definitely think that there's potential. A lot of potential.

I'll keep my eye on both this story and you. :pinkiesmile: Can't wait for what's to come.

Also, I stole your cookies. :moustache:

Definitely bookmarking this for later - if you're shelling out for cover art like that, I am curious to see what this becomes.

Why do I get the feeling that Spike's fears aren't as unfounded as Twilight believes?

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