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I enjoy writing. If I think of anything clever to say I'll update this.


This story is a sequel to Rise of Char

Smolder has journeyed into the Void, once known as the Kingdom of Naught, to help the mysterious Mira destroy the Dark King Null; host to the Storm that devours all traces of life. Twilight and friends are racing to discover whatever they can about the Void, searching all over Equestria in hopes of bringing Smolder home. Within the land of Naught, Smolder will discover the fate of his mother, learn to wield his unruly magic, and stands against an ancient evil that threatens to bring all of Equestria into eternal darkness.

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Does the Phoenix King sound like Ozai from Avatar: the Last Airbender?

The Phoenix King title is currently owned by both Smolder and Scorch; even though Scorch has been denounced of his position. It will have more relevance as the story progresses.

Although, I originally imagined Thranduil (Lee Pace) from the Hobbit voicing King Scorch, but Fire Lord Ozai (Mark Hamill) does fit more appropriately for the Mad King.

In all honesty, I encourage whatever voice you'd like to apply to any of these characters.

Wow...gonna read it when I will have some free time (:

That's kind of you; I appreciate it.

I learned a bit from your stories, an example is that i write conversations better and more realistic.Actaully it mind soud as if I was doing an advertisment here but I gladly invite you to check on my stories.

That is quite humbling to hear, and I'm grateful that you consider it to be realistic. I will definitely take the time to read your stories.

Do not go gentle into that good night...

Thank you for saying so, I very much appreciate it.

Finally, I can read new chapters on FiMfiction instead of FF.net now. :pinkiehappy:

Knew they weren't dead. :D

I got the chills when the Arcana Tier was revealed. nice

Thank you. I was hoping that the reveal for what the Heart of the Jungle was wouldn't feel disappointing.

It had been a long time coming, to be honest. Since their disappearance, it has been a personal promise of mine to not have a chapter that featured them directly, or allude to the idea that they were still alive; if only to cement Smolder's desire to crossover into the Void to find out for himself. I was very happy to include them again.

Aww I caught up. I will lie in wait for more chapters of this great story. :pinkiehappy:

I'm very grateful to you for taking the time to read the through all these stories. I try to be committed to posting a new chapter at least once a week, but more if time permits. I hope that it will live up to whatever expectations you have for this story.

Alright *cracking knuckles* time to see how this excellent series ends....(please please tell me that I won't have to wait months and months....)

I'm sticking to a weekly upload with chapters, more if I get free time, but I won't take a hiatus from writing.

8451804 That won't mean much when it could end up with 30 more chapters if your story scaling is anything like with my trilogy...

Lol. I will do my best to end it in a timely manner.

Please do because at least then I have an excuse not to keep up with my writing.

Well that was unexpected :twilightoops:

i can't help but get an drak souls fell to this world mira lives in

I was inspired by the Dark Souls series and tried adding some of its artistic style to this world. The creatures are mostly in part a variation of mythological creatures from varying cultures.

this was clever i never suspekted annything un till i was nearly finished dang cleverly done

I really wanted the reveal to feel earned, and I'm happy to hear you find it to be clever.

an fhater can't trully be angry at his sun this is trully tuching

huh i caught upp in only 4-6 days? huh and i red all off them

Aw yus, two chapters in a day? A wonderful christmas present :D

well this just got most intresting i wonder how this juke out will trun out and will smolder fahter save him? that would be an plot twist

huh nice chapter and now the rest off the maine 6 and company to come to gheter

Reminds me of the gambling minigames from RE7

and the plot thikens gonna be intresting to see what will happen next an keep the good woork upp!

nice chapter and more in sight off wingstons past keep up the good work!

Do us all a favor and keep that pretty little mouth shut, your father isn’t here to give you the attention you so desire and I will not humor you mine any further.

I love this dialog; it's way too funny.

Alone in the tunnels for a least a little while...

I wonder what they will talk about.

well talking about timing and i got an felling imediatly when i red big open cavern space then i knew that sapphire would meat smolder

Hmm... emotions all over the place with this one.

Great chapter.

dang it all the feeeelllllllsssssssss when the battel come i will play the song

powerwolf- DIE DIE crusifie!

Damn. This chapter was intense. There's a reason this is my favorite story.

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