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Red Vs Blue Xover!

Church, the Alpha, was fairly sure he would die when he went to confront the Meta. Dead or not, he didn't expect to wake up in a forest, and not as a horse. A horse with a horn, wings, modified armor, and mounted firearms- but still a horse. Because he refused to call himself a pony, no matter what the locals said or how much Tex teased him! Now he just has to try to save his fractured mind. The AIs, luckily or not, are there to help him as they explore this new world.

Meanwhile, his loud and painful(for him) entrance into their world has brought a great amount of attention to the mysterious being that is now wandering through Equestria. The ponies best tread carefully. After all, the Alpha's "pack" can be protective.

May be Harem/Marem/Herd.

PS The Dark tag is mainly for Alpha Church's canon back story.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 78 )

Okay, this seems like an interesting story. Hope to see more chapters soon.

Church, meet Pinkie. Your new Caboose, but smarter.

(No offense to PP fans...)

I get the feeling Epsilon will join Alpha's crew after the events of season 13. Whether or not the memories of the others join is up in the air.


With the aforementioned data of how we suddenly appeared here and our current appearance, the fact that this is all occuring after us being struck by an EMP, combined with this unknown energy and the lack of matching star maps, I fear that we may be in another universe entirely," He explained calmly.
"...Okay, HOW did you make that jump?" Tex asked skeptically.

"when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."
-Sherlock Holmes

Comment posted by zorolu deleted Jan 3rd, 2016

Well this story looks interesting, cant wait to see what happens next.

6792295 Oh no don't worry your very accurate:raritywink:

Glad you're all enjoying this!

My beta used that quote when we were discussing that part.

Not sure. I have another idea planned where the whole Bloodgulch Crew end up in Equestria with ponified bodies and armor. Kind of want Washington there too just to the awkward/funny/sanity he brings to the mix of the group. While I could theoretical make that a sequel to this, I'm not sure if I want to go that route with these two ideas.

Oh this will be fun. Do you have any cookies?

If I did, Theta and Omega probably ate them all: Theta because he's never had cookies before, Omega just to be a dick. XP

you will add more chap-ters or I will ex-ter-min-ate you. dalek reference.

How soon do you think the next update will be. I don't want to rush you but, I am very curious.

7239556 hate to tell you this but it's probably going to be a long wait. Great writer but not a fast one. But as a trade off the chapters are long and have good spelling.

I really hope to see this continued

I really do like this story, plz turn into herd/haram/marem story

This is an interesting story so fare and I hope to see more soon. But, I would wish to know more about the source material of Red vs Blue story as I know absolutely nothing about it. I would would love to design the Spartan Armor over an Alicorn frame.

1. I am going to declare this..... unconscious, not dead yet.
Give it 3-4 weeks, then dead.

7128780 Love the avatar and the name.

Got one of Lucario and Zoroark?

The story lives and it is GLORIOUS.

YAY! IT ISN'T DEAD!!!! Can't wait for the next chapter!

I'd actually like to have Church get rid of the armor, or at least the helmet, it just looks ridiculous on a pony.

Nice. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Yeah new chapter . Also poor Caboose being away from his best friend......

7653556 I'd have to disagree with you on that. I think its fine

Awesome fanfic so far. Can't wait for more. :pinkiehappy:

You know, all things considered, I think Epsilon Church would have been a better fit. Well Epsilon would be friendlier at least. Plus, he'd have the better story to tell!

Oh look it woke up.:trixieshiftright:

Great story by the way.

7653329 Also yes.

It was less of an ask, more of a statement.

Great story 8 added it to my favorites and only 7 story's are currently there and I have read more than a thousand stories. =)

wow. Nice chapter. Hope you do update soon.
Can't wait to see where you're taking this^^

*poke* I enjoy this story and would like more kind sir. *poke*

Liking this story. Hope a new one comes soon.

Love this. I'm guessing despite the new body he still the can't aim for shit?

Can't wait for the next chapter yay.

I think this is a dead story. I hope not because this is AWESOME and pretty accurate in my opinion !!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Red vs Blue the freelancers had experimental armor. It appears that Church now has Tex's adaptive and active camouflage but does he have more experimental equipment as well? The Meta had a temporal distortion device, strength enhancements, domed energy shield, over shield, bio scan, and a voice manipulator. Since Church did possess the Meta until the EMP destroyed agent Maine then it stands to reason that he could have those enhancements and more like the speed boost, EMP, Grav Boots, and a healing Unit. I think that this will allow him to easily face what ever he is about to face.

This story has amazing potential! It is already one of my favorites and I hope to read another chapter soon! Keep up the good work!

I admit that his aim sucks. I think that Tex, Omega or another AI will probably take over that department.

You gonna update anytime soon?

...so again, are you going to update sometime soon? I really don't want to throw this story into the 'dead' pile.

So happy to see an update! I thought this story was dead, but apparently I was wrong. Hope to see more soon and keep up the great work!

Yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeesssssssssss it’s back.

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