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Twilight floated a second fritter up to her mouth when she realized the first was gone. “What is in these things?”  “Mostly love. Love ‘n about three sticks of butter.”

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There are many things Clover would like to be doing today: Studying the unexplained magic that saved the world last night, discussing the new nation she and her friends are founding, even spending time with those friends, enjoying having ponies around who actually like her for once.

Attending a party is not among those things. Interacting with the unicorn nobles who hate her is definitely not among those things. And giving up the ratty mage's robes she's worn for years as she suffered their judgement is absolutely not on the list.

But Princess Platinum is throwing a party, and Clover will be there and presentable, whether she likes it or not.  

This is a stand alone story in the same setting as Sun and Hearth. It was written for FanOfMostEverything's Imposing Sovereigns contest, and I'd like to thank Themaskedferret, bats, Bradel, and Merc the Jerk for prereading.

First Published
19th Mar 2017
Last Modified
19th Mar 2017

Just so you know, I'd watch a My Little Pony: Founders of Equestria show with your versions of the founders.  Probably more consistently than the actual show.


If you were actually watching it, it would have to be more consistently than you watch the actual show, now wouldn't it? :twilightsmile:

But I appreciate the thought! Might have to aim for Cartoon Network, with Puddinghead and all.


Hey now, I'm still watching the show.  The timeframe is just a little bit closer to geologic time than most viewers.

Big surprise that I loved this. Now I really need to go read the tentpole story you keep telling me is so good.

(Anyway, good job with this!)

Wow, a Platinum that isn't all vapor!

In a flash of purple magic, Clover had Lady Radiant dangling upside down in her magic. Teleportation and levitation made a damnably useful combination. “Say that again and I’ll—”

Remember, Clover, violence is not the answer. It's the question.

The answer is 'yes,' in case you were wondering.

welp platinum is still easy to hate.

honestly at this rate it's amazing Platnium's father let her have any sort of power, (cannonly her father is still alive at this point) she is horrible at resource management, has no sense of priority and honestly would have brought any nation down within ten years of gaining the crown. honestly i'm thankful her family lost almost all there power in equestrian.


I should mention that I only use show canon.

I really love your founder ponies.  I haven't read all the Imposing Sovereigns entries (by a longshot) but this is my favorite so far.

>>8036278 still leaves the fact clover would have more respect at least out of fear for her mentor who is likewise still alive in show cannon at this time.


Thank you so much!

And honestly, I have no idea how the judges are going to read all of the fics entered. :applejackconfused:


He is, but he left the court without much in the way of instructions with regards to her, and without much explanation to Clover at least:

“Of course study of magic is important to this court, we are unicorns. We’ve always had a royal mage, and dedicated resources and support to their studies.” Platinum looked around the room, then back at Clover. “But magic is not our only concern, and you can work just as well in the lower quarters.”

“Right.” Clover nodded, frowning. “Of course, Star Swirl couldn’t. You never moved the laboratory when he was here.”

Platinum raised an eyebrow. “Well he isn’t here now, is he?”

From somewhere behind Clover a mare’s voice muttered, “Now there was a royal mage. He was always so amusing.”

Another voice answered the first, “Can’t imagine why he might have left such pleasant company.”

Clover bit her tongue to keep her face from cringing, and ignored the stab in her chest. She couldn’t even glare at whoever said it for fear of giving herself away.

It's easy enough to sympathize with Clover, a put-up, under-appreciated nerd having to deal with a bunch of airheaded jerks. Yet, though she explains herself poorly if at all, I get a strong feeling that Platinum is considerably smarter than Clover realizes or appreciates.

And for all that she's being treated badly, Clover is making a classic nerd mistake that so many of us have made: "These jerks care more about my looks than my smarts, so screw them, I'm going to give up on my looks entirely!" Which is both understandable, and terribly self-defeating. The thing is, appearances matter, and first impressions matter even more. We can grumble and complain and keep kicking against it, like poor Clover, or we can admit this, accept it, and adapt. Looking good, or at least neat and presentable, is not selling out or anything, whether that means giving up the ratty T-shirt, faded and stained jeans, and the beat-up sneakers, or (as in Clover's case) the faded, frayed and worn mage robes.

Platinum may not be a mage, but she's one heck of an illusionist. Perception is nine tenths of reality, and she controls it with an artist's hoof.

Exquisite work, especially how you toy with the reader's perceptions in sympathizing with Clover throughout, only to reveal just what was going through Platinum's apparently empty head. (Or maybe that was just one nerd empathizing with another. :derpytongue2:) As always, you present the founders so that they resemble their respective Mane Six actresses without feeling like direct copies of them.

Great job all around. I hope you do something from Pansy's perspective to complete the trinity. For now, thank you for this, and best of luck in the judging.


Really? I found Clover to be much more unpleasant. The whole thing is written from her perspective and she still comes across as a jerk.

>>8038929 there are a few hundred ponies relying on them, she and three others have to still take orders from idiots after they saved everyone. two of said idiots want to expend needed resources for a frivolous party they can't afford to throw instead of considering the future of the country they supposedly just formed. the country that they are called founders of and yet the three idiiots act as though there opinions don't matter.

ontop of all those she, the personal student of the greatest mage in generations, who holds a title that in pretty much any royal structure would be answerable only to the king/queen themselves has to take orders from a mare who has the intelligence of a particularly slow minded rock and no forsight. now this mare is demanding her last semblance of self control from her because she dislikes the way her robes look.

quite frankly you'd be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn't be pissed off given the conditions, and frankly had it been starswirl there platinum may very well have ended up hopping back to the unicorn kingdom as a frog.

at least hurricane seems to vaguely understand if things continue this way his title well be empty at the best outcome.

I'm honestly left wondering if Clover and the other two advisors were really the ones to overcome the Windigos, or if that's just something they tell themselves to have an excuse to finally lash out. Well, at least Cookie and Pansy seem alright...


This chapter does show how little Clover understood about social conventions. And it's those that, in the end, helped save them all—not her magical reasearch, which ended up being totally useless. Clover is an idiot in her own way. Platinum is way smarter than Clover thinks because Clover believes anything outside her mage lab is worthless, partly from her wounded pride.

Furthermore, this party is needed to set Equestria on the right path. If they simply dictate it from above, it won't work. What kind of message would it send? That this new sense of togetherness shouldn't be celebrated? Considering that it worked, this party is anything but frivolous. Equestria still celebrates it thousands of years later.

Also, it was established that there are potential resources to be tapped later. They're taking a risk, but not a completely foolish one.


As a matter of trivia, in Sun and Hearth it's noted that it was Clover who both opened up first and made the leap to friendship that formed the spell in this version of the setting:

From Chapter 5:

When Pansy had, in her gentle way, called Clover by the honorific “lady,” the bitter scoff rang through the cave. Clover’s correction unleashed a torrent through chattering teeth: how, despite being an apprentice of Star Swirl and the finest magician of her generation, she had fallen hopelessly at court; how she’d been regulated to a basement workshop, barely better than a dungeon, called upon like a magic wand to fix problems then expected to disappear back to her hole so as not to embarrass the courtiers. Even the maids and guards at the castle were treated with more respect, and more likely to rise in position.

That was what prompted Pansy to observe that they weren’t so different after all.


Their bodies were shaking as the magical ice crept up their hooves, so he didn’t notice Clover chuckling until it turned to a laugh. He and Pansy looked at her oddly.

Clover just shook her head, still grinning, and said, “Well, the world may be better off without us, but I can’t help feeling that I’m better off spending my last with the two of you, tribes be damned.”

Not that that invalidates your opinion of her. Just thought it was interesting you brought it up.

>>8039046 no hurricane said they'd spotted some plants, not giving the number or the variety of this, given his objections earlier in the same conversations this states he didn't believe it was enough to feed them for long. still a stupid move.


You know, this applies to the episode as well, but there really is something a tad ironic about overcoming hatred by bonding over how much you all dislike someone else. Fortunately, the situation didn't stay that way.

Not that that invalidates your opinion of her. Just thought it was interesting you brought it up.

Well, I also think the Clover in the flashback was projecting pretty hard. :raritywink: "I know you don't like me, and you think what I do is stupid, and you don't respect what I'm telling you, and you're too pig-headed to listen at all..."

Poor Clover. Getting the short end of the stick even though she save d the whole lot of them fron getting frozen to death.

That was great, I really do need to read the accompanying story. I bookshelved it on release but haven't gotten around to starting it yet. The number of great stories being written for FOME's contest is making that a little difficult, too, so many interesting stories to read.

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