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Thanks for the comment!

Good morning bro, I wanted to ask you the following: How do you put images? is that it appears to put the url and that only sfw images are allowed

Actually, this is the sequel. Spike is born like he was in the original story but disappears after. I am thinking along the lines that Twilight gets another assistant in the process, most likely Moon Dancer from "amending fences", who acts as Spike's replacement, but isn't as good. Twilight does manage to save Ponyville, but the Crystal Empire was evacuated and sealed away. Her skills are not as good since Spike was the one who encouraged her to make friends. She becomes something of a Guardian of Ponyville or advisor to Princess Celestia rather than a princess (I'm thinking she doesn't earn her wings either). Also, would Starlight know Moon Dancer? I'm thinking not, but I can't say for sure.
Other changes include that Rarity is not as confident in her work as she is in the original storyline based on the events in "Infestation Manifestation". Spike was not there to help her out of her depression or help with inspiring her to be more generous in "Secret of My Excess".
I don't know much about Fluttershy or Big Mac. Most of the episodes I watched center around Spike and Rarity. I'm in the process of trying to learn about Trixie and Starlight Glimmer. I know Trixie does learn magic from Starlight Glimmer, but do you think she could make a time spell from borrowing / stealing notes from Starlight Glimmer. Her intentions are good...just not the best idea. The mirror she makes is meant to be a window to look back through time and help ponies learn from their mistakes. Only when it breaks does it become a door. At least that's the idea. Does that sound like her?
Also, can you tell me anything about Rarity's parents. I only know about them from what I read on the Wikipedia and the episode where Rarity bonds with her sister.
Any feedback can help.

Well, Starlight could be unaffected either because she travels back in time with Spike (like she did with Spike and Twi when she altered Starswirl's time spell), or because she's added a time-manipulation safeguard spell to herself, specifically so she wouldn't be altered should somepony else ever try to alter the timeline like she did. In other words, she's learned from her past mistakes and also made up new spells so she could act in Twilight's steed should somepony else pull what she once tried to.

As for Spike being removed from the picture, well, his "birth" is what gained the attention of Celestia to Twilight's magical prowess during her entrance exam, so Twilight may have never become Celestia's student, or maybe even entered the School for Gifted Unicorns, and thus, never met the girls. Even if she did, Spike helped keep Twilight focused and organized, so she'd probably be much more messy and chaotic, much like how Moondancer was when Twilight reunited with her. Since Spike cooks most of her meals and reminds her to sleep, she probably wouldn't eat or sleep healthy. Without his dragonfire to convey messages, even if Twilight became Celestia's student, she'd haveta turn reports and messages in manually herself or by courier, so there'd be much more lag time, and no correspondence at all in an emergency.

Rarity would have trouble mining for gems, Fluttershy would have to find somepony else to watch her animals if she still went on adventures, Discord and Big Mac wouldn't have their guys nights, and the Crystal Empire might be ruled by Sombra, given how Spike helped catch the Crystal Heart. Plus, he saved the spectators at the Equestria Games, helped introduce Thorax to the Crystal Empire (and thus, would later lead to the reformation of the Changeling Empire and help free Spike himself and the others from the Queen's trap).

Lotsa stuff like that.

...So, this story idea is what's keeping your interest right now, as opposed to a sequel to your other story? That's perfectly rad; just checkin', is all.

I was wondering if you would be willing to help me with a story. I don't need you to write it, more like give ideas or info on certain characters and concepts. The idea is that Spike is used as a "guinea pig" for a mirror that can look into the past that was made by Trixie (who copied the spell from notes made by Starlight Glimmer). The mirror breaks and Spike is sent back thru time and accidentally erases his existence with the ponies.

The problem I have is this. I need to find a way to prevent Starlight Glimmer from not being affected by the change in time after the mirror breaks. The time frame this takes place is a few weeks after Twilight takes over as ruler of Equestria. Also any ideas on what might happen if Spike was removed from the picture might help. Most of the changes in time I've made are from the Gauntlet of Fire. The only ideas I have is that Starlight Glimmer is present when the mirror breaks and she creates some kind of shield spell (Is that possible?).

Anyway, I appreciate any help you can give.


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