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Spoilers for season 8 finale.

After reforming Luna, Discord, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, Gilda, Stygian, and others, our heroes are going to punish an ordinary, albeit nefarious, filly by sending her to Tartarus for all eternity in the company of adult villains?

Yeahhhh...no, just...no.

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Cozy deserved her canon fate.
Normally, I'd prefer villains to be reformed, but her? No. She's too crazy and devious for that.

“I don’t think she wants to be reformed,” remarked Twilight. “At least, not yet. And she isn’t under the control of any evil spell or dark force that we can detect. She’s just an ordinary pony filly…a nefarious, manipulative, scheming little filly, mind you, but a filly nonetheless. Using the elements on her to change her against her will would be reckless and irresponsible.”

Oh, you mean the thing you did to Discord? Using the Elements, or rather, the threat of the Elements to force him to change?

Personally, I don't think he changed because he was "forced" to by threat of the Elements. I think he changed because of Fluttershy's friendship. In fact, if I recall correctly, Fluttershy refused to use her Element against him (the second time, after he was de-stoned by them), even when the others wanted her to, because she believed in being his friend instead.

Plus, Twilight asked that Tirek free Discord along with her friends, even after Discord had betrayed them, even though the elements were useless at the time (before the keys), so I think they genuinely wanted to reform him without forced means.

But the only reason Discord even gave it a shot was because he was under threat of the elements.


It's ironic because of just how similar Cozy Glow and pre-redemption Sunset Shimmer are.

Definitely would've been a better ending.

The only problem is they (the studio) don't really do crossovers... Even with Equestria Girls. (I think they actually stated that a EqG-FiM crossover would never happen.)

10/10 For clever story-telling, and originality! (Most other Cozy Glow redemption stories involve MLP: FiM former villains, you up'd the ante!)

I'm confused.

Are you insulting her, or saying she deserved her fate because she was that good at being bad?

The latter.
She's my third favorite character in the series (and my third favorite villain overall (though she's number 1 if we're referring to non-reformed villains)) BECAUSE of her craziness and deviousness. But it's those same qualities that cause her to deserve being locked up in Tartarus.


Ironically, those are also some of the reasons, plus her cuteness, that are why she's on my mlp villains list (I don't know where to put her though). In terms of deceitful villains.. She's up there with two of my favorite deceiving Transformers... Starscream... And, the best if I do say so myself, Sideways (Transformers: Armada.).

I think it's not so much about punishment as making sure she can't be a threat again.

If they wanted to have a villain to throw in Tartarus rather than reform, run off, or be killed in the moment when it's the only way to stop them, they probably shouldn't have made her a filly for a different reaction than expected from the audience, but she is more intelligent than Starlight and incredibly manipulative, so she'd be hard to reform.

Technically... I agree with both parties (the ones who say she shouldn't be reformed and the ones that say she should).

Redeeming her wouldn't really surprise me anyways, though.

I mean Transformers Prime redeemed Megatron and he is (well, was) the most irredeemable, heartless, extremely dangerous, not to mention the leader of the Decepticons.

But apparently, Hasbro felt he had some hidden redemption quality.

Really, Cozy Glow got off easy; she at least has a shot at turning this around.

They straight-up killed Sombra.

That Sounds Good. I find Sentenced to tartarus is unfitting as Punishment for a Child

And now in the magicless human world, Cozy's only way to power will be politics. She will grow into the next Hillary Clinton.

I'd say sending an adolescent to hell is a bit extreme.

have to say Cozy Glow kinda reminds me of these movies where a young child is actually a bloody cruel heartless monster type.
Acts innocent and all, but in truth is so ruthless cold and heartless, at the end of the movie, he or she killed off the entire adopted family, burned the hose down with the last survivor/step dad, finding everyone dead in it, and goes to foster care to be adopted again and does it all over.

Normally, it would be.
But Cozy Glow is different

Most of the so-called reformed villains, aren't villains. They're antagonists. Most of the reformed ponies/creatures were often lonely or hurting and were lashing out. Cozy Glow was a power hungry megalomaniac who was willing to sacrifice anyone, and abuse the power of friendship in her quest to become more powerful. Tirek wasn't reformed and neither was Sombra. Not everyone is reformable. Besides Chancellor Neighsay was reformed.

How so? She tried to take over Equestria? It feels like everyone and their mother has done that these days and most of them get off scot-free and / or redeemed somehow.

Fizzy_Pop put it better than I could.
Plus, most of the others at least had some kind of understandable motivation beyond power for power's sake

Oh ffs are you serious? Tartaurus is a glorified prison. The closest relation to hell it has it is it's name. They are even nice enough to let the prisoners have pen pals. I repeat it's prison not hell. Cozy was an unrepentant monster, who likely got a few ponies killed (cloudwalking unicorns and other things). All the redeemed villains weren't, and showed remorse for their actions.

Sorry if that comes off as dickish, but people really need to quit exaggerating Cozy Glow's fate, lest we get Fame and Misfortune 2.0.

You get a hoofbump for that! /)

That is literally what I've been saying on Derpibooru (That Tartarus, in Mlp, is just a prison.) but I get told how wrong I am.

Also, Tartarus could also be seen as a glorified Zoo with all the animals it has. I think that they should turn it into a petting zoo to further punish the prisoners. (Tirek does not strike me as a guy that would like being petted)

I mean I wouldn't go that far. The Bugbear was apparently dangerous enough that a government agent had to go into hiding, plus the foal eating Chimera (also sapient). It's annoying how people try and exaggerate Cozy's fate as something truly horrific and hellish, when it's erm....not. Especially since she brought on herself. All because "she's a kid!" Only in body. Only in body. There are real life children out there who are absolute monsters. KidsAreCruel exists for a reason.

I'm just saying.

You have to admit.... When they aren't attempting to kill anyone, they are rather cute.

Thank you for the nice comment! I didn't really know if the topic had been covered before, so I was abit nervous about how people would view my portrayal of it.

Yeah, Equestria Girls will never really appear in the FiM series itself, but we did get the mini-movie where Starlight Glimmer crossed over and helped Sunset reform Montage. And there was that one scene in the season 7 finale where Starswirl banished the sirens, so I figured it probably wasn't too much of stretch.

What I mainly wanted to do was show just how similar Cozy Glow's situation was to Sunset Shimmer's, but how they had different outcomes, and how hypocritical it sounded to me. They were both power-hungry fillies bent on taking over by any means necessary, but it's not like Celestia tried to lock Sunset up in Tartarus because of it. Plus, Tartarus is filled with creatures that the princesses know Fluttershy can easily tame but left them in there anyway? It just sounded abit too contrived for my tastes, personally. But other than that one sticking point, I loved the finale as a whole.

Maybe because Sunset was completely repentant after getting blasted while Cozy threw a tantrum and made it clear she would and could do it again? Maybe because she was very clearly corrupted by the magic? Maybe because she is nowhere near as ruthless as Cozy Glow, and even more so nowhere near as manipulative?

Cozy was willing to let ponies potentially die to accomplish her goals. Sunset didn't even have the guts to hurt/threaten Spike, even though it could have easily gotten her the crown, showing a conscious and thus redeemability even before she tastes the rainbow.

I'm sorry, but whatever similarities you're seeing are bare basic, and surface level at absolute best. One word dude: Context.

Let's not forget that Sunset was blasted by the Elements after putting one on her head, which is what actually caused her to see the light, so to speak.

Cozy wasn't hit by the elements, nor did she put one on, so the evil in her wasn't erased.

Technically, they could've blasted her with the elements and than she would've been redeemed because all the evil in her would've been erased.

(Man... That's deep.)

I don't think that's the issue. I don't think The Elements cleansed Sunset of her evil (except for corruption caused by the crown), she saw a better way and took it. Most likely is the crown corrupting Sunset into a monster scared her straight (she clearly wasn't expecting the crown to do what it did judging by her facial expression immediately after putting it on).

It seems more that getting blasted by the EoH brings you to your senses rather than outright purifying your negative traits (outside interference such as possession or dark magic corruption not withstanding)

Either way. It would've still fixed the problem... Of course so would have sending her to a mental institution (something Equestria seems to be lacking). That is actually a alternative ending I want to see... She gets sent to a Insane Asylum (possibly the nut ward in Ponyville Hospital) for mental reconditioning, than is released for cooperation and good behavior.

I have no clue if it would tbh. I mean Cozy is even more psychotic than Nightmare Moon or Sunset Satan, and she doesn't really have the corruption excuse like them, she's just like that. They straight up stoned Discord (also very evil of his own free will...formerly), so who knows how they'd interact with someone "naturally" evil. I guess by this point it comes to opinion.

At this point, the elements themselves have seemingly been forgotten about, to be honest.

Literally, this entire season was more focused on a school... That wasn't even a main plot-item in some episodes, than it was on explaining the history of things that could really use some explaining.


A villain reforms - fans complain they didn’t get a proper punishment

A villain is punished - fans think the punishment wasn’t fair and they should have been reformed

It’s almost as if he’s a hypocrite or spmething

I smell a sequel.

I meant that before Sunset left Equestria through the portal, she was much like Cozy Glow. Admittedly, this was covered much more extensively in the comics, and the comics, aside from an occasional nod, aren't cannon in the series, but her behavior was much like Cozy Glow's. She betrayed Celestia, and tried to use dark magic to elevate her own status, even though she was a little filly, and did it of her own will. Celestia banished her from the school and the castle, but didn't even hint at sending her prison or Tartarus.

All Sunset did was throw a book at Celestia while complaining that she wasn't a good ruler. Sunset had no plans to use dark magic rituals to steal everyone's magic, or anything remotely villanous, she just wanted to learn more about the mirror. It was trespassing at most. Both were power hungry and treacherous...and that's about it. The scale and context of their actions make a huge difference. As do their personality and motivations.

Poor Sunset, she's going to go gray having to put up with that brat. I think the dungeon would have been a better solution.

The Season Finale grants your wish at least.

Very nice I think this actually keeps more true to the ponies characters than the canon ending. I mean after offering second chances and reforming so many villains just as bad if not worse (Not to mention older.) than Cozy Glow. They just throw a little filly in Tarturus to rot forever, that's pretty messed up.

Thank you for the nice comment! That was just what I was going for!

For a moment I was thinking they were talking of Discord and not Sunset Shimmer

Had no one thought of the obvious solution of a good old fashioned spanking? Mud Bier I need your help. It is time Cozy felt the sting of the Hickory Switch!

If only the episode had ended in this manner. My main issue with Cozy Glow is plausibility. How would she know of Tartarus, or skeleton keys, or how to manipulate the elements in the way she desired? It just comes across as lazy plotting, and I'm willing to bet Cozy was written in as the villain at the last minute. They really should have saved Chrysalis for that episode...

I can think of worse. I worked in teaching for a bit, and a class of 9th graders on a Monday morning is enough to drive you mad.

Spmething? What be this?

Cozy Glow in human form. Oh, the humiliation.

Never mind, there's one fic in which Diamond Tiara visits her.


That could be a good fic if done good, as Cozy try to take the school, maybe for Tirek Corp. Or for another reason.

Who "lets" them have pen pals? The guards are an immortal dog. You get thrown in there to be forgotten about. It's NOT just a prison, and I think people are making too light of it.

This is a perfect setup for an actual Equestria Girls storyline.

Cozy Glow struggles with her human form, has trouble dealing with the, ahem, Elements, but ultimately unearths a brand new internal Element: the ability to create relationships based on mutual interests. In other words, she is able to appeal to the selfishness of others to achieve results.

In trope lingo, that's an Army of Thieves and Whores.

I had no intention of writing out a full storyline for this, but damned if that doesn't actually makes more sense than the "Rollercoaster of Friendship" storyline.

Oh gosh! For one horrible second I thought they were thinking of Discord. Lol. But Sunset makes more sense.

Also, this needs further chapters! Please????? :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

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