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Short stories set during the time of the Founders.

Cover art from the gallery of muffinshire.

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I imagine this is far from Clover's first close brush with paradox. Star Swirl's tutelage allows for many such opportunities.

Also, while I am sorry that the promised card blog has taken so long, I'm kind of grateful it did, because if I had missed the opportunity to use the word "warflock" in a card name, I'd have kicked myself.

In any case, wonderful anthology thus far. Looking forward to whatever other installments that may lie in store.

Glad to have your interest! Clover's bewilderment here'll hopefully be the first of lots in this.

Looking forward to the card blog as well! Inflicting more terrible words on it is an honour. :twilightsmile:

I really like how you do Platinum and the other founders, where it's so easy to see why they have their people's loyalty despite everything.

I've always thought Windigos were about more than simple conflict. They're about betrayal because of deprivation. Spirits of treachery can't stand in the face of loyalty and friendship.

Glad you think I do squarely by Platinum and the others. :twilightsmile: They're pillocks in their own way, and it's fun to play with their faults, but it's worth bearing in mind that they're the leaders who successfully led their people through a migration. It's only fair to depict the qualities that could result in that.

Yep, it works well.

Also, during the sledge ride down I kept getting flashes of Calvin and Hobbes.

Calvin and Hobbes has left an indelible impression on my mind of how wild and potentially lethal a perfect sledge-ride ought to be, I shan't lie.

Platinum is one of those people you spend most of the time wondering why you're friends with them... and then the push comes to shove, and they're there for you, reminding you of exactly why, again. :duck:

Also, that sledding scene was exhilarating! Nice writing once again. :rainbowdetermined2:

She's a faceted pony, that one. Eminently regicidable in times of peace, but when darker times roll in, she knows what her station obliges of her.

Glad you approve!

After some googling, I've determined that your Clover is more than a little Scottish. :twistnerd:

Scottishness tends to leak into everyone I write for. Still undecided on whether it's a bad habit or my best one. :raritywink:

I admit, I read Warflock as Warlock several times in a row and was wondering just what exactly Pansy was getting up to.

And interesting to consider, how Clover knowing something of the future would be make her look up to the others who took a risk when they didn't.

I'm definitely wondering what Pansy said to Hurricane.

Continues to be great, looking forward to any more.

Written words are a faff like that. Next story, in whatever aeon it gets finished, might shed a wee bit of light on Pansy and Hurricane's dynamic.

Glad you like it!

My princess is a pony some charitably describe as ‘dauntless’, and who less charitable others deem ‘bloody-minded’. Danger doesn’t dissuade her. Centuries of an ancestry that spent their time hitting others over the head with swords whenever they weren’t being hit over the head with swords themselves has wrought a certain base stubbornness and inability to acknowledge the existence of personal risk in her and her line. Once she has committed herself to something, nopony could alter her mind with anything short of unorthodox trepanning techniques.

I need another bout of trepanning like I need another hole in my head! :pinkiecrazy:

If brain surgery was good enough for my prehistoric ancestors, it's good enough for me.

Rare-Rare's trip to the past may actually be a closed loop, while Clover was ready to try for unity without her, the a little extra bit of hope caused her to push hard instead of maybe giving up in the face of the cold and darkness. I think she is being a bit hard on herself.

It's definitely a matter worthy of attention by trained chrononaut-therapists. Always a valued profession in a setting where time travel's a thing.

Well yeah. But what competent driven person do you know who EVER gives themselves enough credit?

Very nice! Your stories are always worth a read. I see you aren't onboard with Hasbro's effort to apparently change as many of the founders as they can into guys.
(Stealth Patriarchy: the very worst kind! :pinkiecrazy: )

Haven't seen any of the Hasbro output related to the Founders apart from the Hearths Warming Eve episode itself. My vision of them remains blithely un-patriarched, if that's a word. :pinkiehappy:

Scottish Clover is Best Clover. And Platinum is Best however she is presented to the world, there is no version of events that can occur in which Platinum is not Best Pony Princess, and I'm not just saying that because she would eviscerate me with her improper swordfighting technique should she hear criticism.

Lovely to read more of The True and Accurate History of How Equestria Was Formed. You are undoubtedly the best writer of this era, bar none.

Glad you like this take on events so much! :twilightsmile: The Founder shan't ever stop being fun to play with. Especially Clover and Platinum, in all their respective long-suffering/dunderheidedness.

I love these little additional views of the Founders.

Glad to provide them! :twilightsmile:

This also caused me to go re-read The First Stitch, and I am glad to revisit that story.

Glad to give it a wee bit more of a closing note! First Stitch was great fun to write and revisit for me as well.

This was nice and Platinum seems to rank her duty above personal wellfare which is not always wise. I would not trust a pony with the name Nightshade except if I wanted to procure a deadly poison.

Thank you! One core aspect of Platinum (as I've written her, at least) is her sense of noblesse oblige, to fulfil the responsibilities to her subjects she feels her station obliges of her. Take to self-destructive lengths, definitely, but it gets her loyalty even when her more entitled tendencies might erode it.

Took me long enough to read this, which is a damn shame because this is, unsurprisingly, top quality stuff.

Princess Platinum shows the right amount of self-preservation, which is next to none, one expect from the best nobles.


"Yeah, alright, thank you," muttered the sans-culottes, watching their latest princess charge face-first at the latest apocalyptic horror. "Just outsource us, why not, Your Highness."

Glad you like it!

This was a nice chapter and I'm hoping to see more.

Glad you liked it! More's on the way.

One can only imagine what Princess Platinum would have been like as an earth pony.
Princess Adamant? Princess Adamantine?

Adamantine sounds excellent. Let's go for that in the tribe-swapped AU. :twilightsmile:



So, that was a nutritional deficiency? Like what happened in canon, to Spike, IIRC?

I thought Discord would merge the Founders into Celestia and Luna, but no...

Well, Pansy bought them some time... Good for Past!Fluttershy! :derpytongue2:

"Patient bellowing" may be the best summary of a sergeant I've ever heard.

Ah. You know it's early history when Discord hasn't let himself go gray yet.

It is fascinating to see Discord visibly struggle with the whole "causality" thing. He has so little experience with it, and his mind just doesn't work that way.

Pansy breathed out. “Right. Has he been exposed to any foul miasmas? Has anything happened which could imbalance his humours?”

Not exactly the most advanced medicine, this time period.

Then a lot of interesting noises outside, and a lot of shrieking, and a lot of crashing and sloshing. I wonder what I was missing.

The Fall of Antlertis, as reported by an earwitness. (I'd wonder why they created Discord, but that late into the Mage-Lords' reign, such minor concerns as why they'd create abominations of the highest order were beneath them.)

Heh. Dropping the Smooze into a volcano is a reversal of the usual procedure. At least Discord got it back out.

Any more of that sort of thing, and you’ll ingrain even odder habits in me than I already have.

I can't tell if that's a promise or a threat. Not sure if Puddinghead knows herself.

In any case, magnificent work in showing Pansy's aspect as a steel magnolia. I do wonder if Equestria remembered Discord by the time he returned. Either way, they were not at all prepared for him, but really, how could they be? Perhaps the more interesting question is whether Discord remembered Pansy when he met Fluttershy.

In any case, magnificent tale. Thank you for it.

This was a great story and I really liked how Pansy managed to help the Smooze and got Discord to leave. I wonder if the Smooze remembers it's first encounter with ponies when Discord took it to the Grand Galloping Gala. I bet that if Discord visited modern day Capra he'd try to find out if the Smooze enjoys eating sapient artifacts.

Glad you find it nice! And aye, a straight-up nutritional deficiency. Can't remember if that happened to Spike or not in canon (greed and suchlike got the better of his biology, I remember that much) but they do share an underlying appetite for shiny things, which Pansy was able to deduce. Good for her indeed. :twilightsmile:

Your assessments never fail to cheer me up, Fan. Chuffed you find it magnificent. :pinkiehappy: I've had this piece on my back for a while now, and it's a delight to inflict it on the world at last.

(I'd wonder why they created Discord, but that late into the Mage-Lords' reign, such minor concerns as why they'd create abominations of the highest order were beneath them.)

Let's be blunt; that late on into their civilisation, whenever bits of it weren't backstabbing other bits, the Mage-Lords were pretty much running on 'robot-that-screams' notions of progress.

Glad you like it! I wouldn't put money on the Smooze's memory being all that great, but it'd definitely still associate ponykind with being lovely metal-dispensers, and have reacted accordingly. As for what it'd make of the Crown ... probably a nice starter dish. If that.

I take it that Pansy was greatly relieved when Celestia and Luna's arrival and subsequent structuring of Equestria's government rendered the title Commander of Pegasopolis obsolete.

Long after Pansy's time, inasmuch as my own imagining of the timeline goes. But if it had happened during her time as Commander, she'd have been delighted, rest assured.

Very nice. :)

And thus did Pansy learn the reward for work done done well. Poor dear.

I'd forgotten that Discord was created in this world. Always worrying when there's a society that can create and contain a chaos god and then basically forget about it...

Schmoozy and Discord as old, OLD friends.

A few centuries and he'll be back... I'm reminded of Stormlight Archives. To a god, time is nothing. To a moral, time is everything.

Mess with the princess, get hit


Always worrying when there's a society that can create and contain a chaos god and then basically forget about it...

Oh I'm quite sure they didn't forget about Discord.
After all, you need to be alive to forget.

The dead remember. That's all they can do.

Well, remember and wait.
They're very good with patience, the dead; they tend to have a surplus of it.

That's an interesting origin for Discord.

Pansy takes surprisingly exciting baths.


And thus did Pansy learn the reward for work done done well. Poor dear.

Save the world once, they'll have you doing it time and time again. The moral is to let some other poor daftie see to it. :raritywink:

It's a simple law. One wonders why the ungodly-powerful personifications of mortal winter and enmity have such trouble understanding it.

That is not dead which can eternal something something.

Antlertis has got its eternal something something down to a fine art by this point. Now they're really just honing it.


Pansy takes surprisingly exciting baths.

Her deepest, darkest fantasies are of a leisurely interval spent getting herself clean and well-groomed where she doesn't play a decisive role in the fate of nations.

Figures. The important calls for world salvation occur just when you get comfortable in the tub.

Memo: Distribution to entire Warflock

Until further notice, Private Pansy is forbidden from taking any baths, or any warm showers in excess of two (2) minutes. Pinch your noses and bear it, because we can't afford another world-threatening disaster.

Calls for world salvation can be such awkward sods like that.

Time can get a bit wibbly wobbly. At times.

An very down to earth series, very enjoyable :)

I started off thinking cut-me-own-throat dibbler had suddenly sprouted an extra two legs, and then got to this line:

...kick description repeatedly in the head and make off with its money-pouch and the clothes on its back.

I figured that somehow a portal from Ankh-Morpok had opened up, and then I wondered how Twilight and Co would go in that fair, fine city. And then it was a hop, skip and jump to Celestia and the Patrician sitting down to Tea, with a cameo from Luna.

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