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In a version of Equestria where towers of steel and glass stretch for the sky, ponies spend their days in cubicle mazes and staring at screens, and corporations and capitalism rule like the invisible hoof of gods from ancient stories.

Ridge Racer is running. A strange mare is pulling her along, and they're being hunted. Will they survive Nightmare Night when real monsters are after them?

An entry for the 2023 Cyberpunk Equestria Nightmare Night Contest

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Equestria is beset by monsters. Terrible threats to ponies lurk in every corner of the nation, and it's up to the Crown to lock them away. Princess Celestia can't respond to every incident, and so she created a special task force - SMILE.

SMILE (Secret Monster Intelligence League of Equestria) exists as an open secret within the highest reaches of power. Currently led by the recently appointed Lieutenant Shining Armor, they find themselves embroiled in a sweet and sour conspiracy that threatens the entire country!

Or at least it's going to ruin a lot of birthday parties.

An entry in Imposing Sovereigns IV, using the prompt Shining Armor/Strength.

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Trixie has read literally dozens of true crime stories. She has no idea why it takes the police so long to solve the crimes when they're so obvious -- especially in hindsight. When a murder happens right in front of her, its her chance to prove her expertise to the doubters and claim her rightful title as the Intelligent and Insightful Trixie, Equestria's Greatest Magical Detective!

Assuming it actually is a murder, anyway.

An entry in the 2023 Whodunnit Contest

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There's an old story told to foals about a train that goes to every place in the universe that ponies can imagine, and even more places that they can't imagine. It's a train that arrives only once a lifetime. It's a train that picks up lost souls and carries them to other realms.

Those stories say that if a pony rides it all the way to the final stop, they learn the secret that all alicorns know.

Inspired by Galaxy Express 999. Updated irregularly.

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This story is a sequel to The Witch of Canterlot

Sunset Shimmer needs a vacation. She doesn't feel she can really match the accomplishments of the ponies around her, and even though she knows leaving Canterlot is just running away from her problems for a while, maybe it's what she needs to get her head back in the game.

Griffonstone needs someone to save it. The griffons won't ever admit that, but it isn't half the city it used to be. The birds still in town do everything they can to leave, and the whole place is ravaged by terrible gale-force winds.

The earth roars! The heaven howls! The crowds cry out for a hero! Can Sunset really end a curse that's lingered for generations?

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What does it mean to be The Great and Powerful Trixie?

It means constant attention to detail. It means meeting every and exceeding every expectation even when other ponies wouldn't be held to the same standard. It means always being great, always being powerful. It means never being forgotten or ignored. It means making ponies remember your name.

The show must always go on. Not for the audience. For her. Because to her, it's not a show. It's proof that she is Trixie.

An entry into the Pride and Positivity event. Please consider donating to help those in need:

An entry into the The My Little Pony Renaissance Contest.

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It is the year 0179 of the Cloud Century. Almost two centuries have passed since the Pegasus Enclave closed the sky and cut off the toxic, uninhabitable surface world. A new home for ponykind, where pegasus ponies are born, and raised, and die.

Before the war, before the sky was cut off, something terrible was locked away. Chamomile is an average pegasus, born into a family of archaeologists and living at the edge of Enclave territory, far to the north. When she stumbles into ancient dangers and conspiracies, she finds her quiet life turned into a horror story. Can she set things right, or is the Enclave doomed?

A Fallout: Equestria sidestory. Thank you to all my readers, patreons, and well-wishers!

As always, I most look forward to seeing what references and cameos people notice. You surprise me sometimes with how you pick up on minor details!

Here's a gallery of the previous cover art, as well as a few bits of character design I put together: Gallery

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Seasaddle is a city where the highest of high tech meets with the lowest of low society. The rain only seems to let up at night, and sunny days are as rare as hen's teeth. It's a city where the heavens weep, the earth rumbles, and the crowds pray for somepony to save them. Only one pony is up to the task, and when she's forced out of retirement, she'll do her best to take up the burden without being broken by it.

National Novel Writing Month 2020 project!

I'll be publishing this as I meet daily goals, so hopefully the story goes somewhere interesting. It's something I've had ideas about for a few years now.

Thank you to all my readers! You're the reason I do this silly stuff!

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This story is a sequel to Mythic Dawn

It all started with a dream.

Last school semester, Luster Dawn and her new friends stopped a plot by a conspiracy of Equestria's rich and powerful to install a puppet to the throne. That should have been the end of it, the solution to the mystery, but for some reason, Luster Dawn can't shake the feeling they missed something, and that there's truth yet to be uncovered.

What lingering effects did the ritual have? Why aren't ponies willing to tell Luster Dawn what they know? Most importantly, how is she going to find the truth when her mentor and everypony else is hiding it?

Thank you to all my readers and supporters. This year has been particularly difficult for me, and I've been struggling with my health. Don't get Covid, folks! It's real and it's a bad time, take it from me.

I decided to start publishing this before quite finishing it because I haven't put anything up in a while - I've been trying to focus on completing projects before posting them, because of how many incomplete stories I have lying around. Hopefully, as you read this you see that the story is marked complete and I did eventually finish it!

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This story is a sequel to The Witch of Canterlot

Queen Chrysalis is the most perfect, brilliant, intelligent foe Equestria has ever faced, and in just a few days she's going to unleash her plan to conquer Canterlot, and then Equestria, once and for all. At this late stage, nothing can stop her! She can just sit back and enjoy herself until the moment comes to drop the hammer.

Sunset Shimmer isn't perfect, but she's had once heck of a time in Saddle Arabia and can't wait to tell Princess Cadance all about it!

They'll get along like a house on fire.

A one-shot sequel to The Witch of Canterlot.

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