Twenty years. Twenty years spent sitting on a stone plinth, with birds getting absolutely everywhere. That kind of experience can change a pony, or a changeling. As long as she stays ahead of the newspapers and mail service, that story might even hold up.

A story about grudges, love, and the power of unremitting hatred.

No particular reason for the T rating, just covering my bases with how much Chrysalis teases ponies.

Special thanks to everyone who reads my works, follows me, or just happens to look at this -- you deserve to be happy too buddy, just like all our little buggy friends and even Chrysalis herself.

Written as my entry in FanOfMostEverything's Imposing Sovereigns II contest.

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Tempest Shadow is still unsteady on her hooves, struggling with the decision she made to turn her back on the Storm King. She isn't sure where she fits in, in the bright and colorful world she left behind as a filly. All she can see is the weakness that peace and tranquility has bred into society, and when a new threat rises up, Tempest Shadow might be the only pony who's willing to face it down.

Written as a commission for Undome Tinwe

Thank you to all my readers, something something like and subscribe and patreon, something about eating food, self-deprecating joke about my sense of self-worth.

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Equestria is a land of love and friendship, where anypony or anybug can find love. Or at least that's the theory.

With Thorax feeling down, the girls take it upon themselves to get him a date. It quickly becomes obvious why none of the Mane 6 are actually dating anypony themselves. Can Fluttershy heal Thorax's longing heart? Can Rarity finish her embroidery? Will Spike get to do anything important?


Written as a commission for an anonymous donor.

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It is a time when, even with the merger of magic and machines, and despite the rise of social media and new ways to connect, ponies still find it difficult to find understanding and true friendship among the nets.

Life in Canterlot means having to deal with the MegaCorps. Maybe that means working for them. Maybe it means working against them. Maybe it means running a streaming channel and getting donations for flirting with viewers while you play video games.

Sunny Glow is the only one of her friends that has a real job. She probably should have asked those friends exactly what they do for a living, because they've gotten into a lot of trouble.

A commission for Ankaru. Sunny Glow is their character, used with their permission.

I probably could have gotten away with an E rating but I always err on the side of caution. I tried to make the cover art look a little like a sun-faded VHS cover, like I remember from my own youth.

Thank you to all my patreons and readers!

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Twilight Sparkle spent most of her life alone. Where others had pictures of friends or family, she hung academic certificates and awards. She wasn't unhappy. She had everything to look forward to and a path to what really mattered in life - tenure.

Sunset Shimmer knocked her life off the rails. She didn't expect to care about anyone else. She never put 'fall in love' on her checklists. It was a surprise, but a welcome one. Hand in hand, they started on a path without knowing where it would lead.

It led here, far off in the brush, the path she'd originally walked only occasionally visible ahead, taunting her with what could have been.

An entry for the third Sunset Shipping Contest.

Thank you to all my Patreons and commissioners for supporting me!

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This story is a sequel to The Witch of the Everfree

Saddle Arabia is a land of mysteries and ancient legends, and Sunset Shimmer sees it as a great place to escape from her mistakes for a while. What caused her to flee Equestria, and can she find a way to prove herself and win back the favor of the ponies she wronged?

More importantly, can she avoid starting a war?

I'd like to thank all my followers, fans, and patreon subscribers. Without all of you, I'd be worse off in every way.

Updates weekly.

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You can find anything you want to eat in Sugarcube Corner, but what happens if someone comes along who wants something awful?

What you do is you take justice into your own hands.

A tale of horror and more than the recommended daily dose of sugar.

A quick comedy written in one sitting. Best served cold.

A submission for RockstarRaccoon's Nightmare Night in April: Horror Write Off

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Twilight Velvet is a mare leading a charmed life. She's always relied on her ability to see a few moments into the future to keep her out of trouble, but when she gets caught up in danger that spans centuries and continents she's going to need to rely on other ponies if she wants to survive this bizarre adventure!

Two decades before the return of the Nightmare, an ancient evil is unearthed by ponies who aren't equipped to recognize it. The fate of the world is at stake in a game of cat-and-mouse between Twilight Velvet and four spirits of chaos!

Written for National Novel Writing Month. I'm going to attempt to publish a chapter every day as I write it, so there will probably be even more editing mistakes than my usual work (if that's even possible).

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Once Upon a Time...

Equestria is at peace. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna have ruled over their little ponies for generations without a serious threat like Discord, Sombra, or Tirek. Equestria has had a chance to live, breathe easily, and grow from coast to coast.

As time has passed and things have changed, the only thing that has remained constant in their lives for the last century has been each other. They've been family, comrades, rulers, saviors. Is it any surprise that they should be lovers?

The one thing they've never been is enemies.

Written for the "Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord" Contest.

Tags are for sexual situations involving dubious consent, pain, and the emotional trauma of losing the one person who mattered most. Do not attempt to replicate these stunts without a trained professional present.

Chapters (4)

Fizzlepop Berrytwist was a little girl, and Twilight Sparkle's best friend. Her death left Twilight traumatized.

Fizzlepop Berrytwist was a little foal, with a bright future ahead of her. Her trauma gave birth to Tempest Shadow.

When someone is gone, it's the duty of the ones left behind to remember them, and to avenge them.

Inspired by a discussion on Fractured Sunlight

Written for the Villain Exchange Program

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