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Ideas on reworking! · 4:04pm Nov 3rd, 2020

Been thinking of reworking my story for From Nirn to Equus to where Shade's actually reincarnated. Been toying with some ideas and I think I shall be rewriting that story sooner than later! Let me know if you still want the old version of where it is now or if you just want me to post over the whole thing. The premise is the same, just have to get everything changed up a bit about the story.

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Thank you so much for adding Colt Detective to your favorites! Been working on it for a year, so I hope you will enjoy the upcoming cases of Clue Chaser! :eeyup:

Thanks for faving A Demon in Equestria :twilightsmile:

You have done the thing! You have given a favorite to Shattered Souls! The Cabbage Man is pleased.

Thank you for your kind words, more awesomeness will be inbound soon!

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