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Did you know Fluttershy was made Royal Game Warden of the last remaining Royal Game Preserve in Equestria? Of course, she only had that title because the newly winged Twilight needed something with which to defraud the government, and that "preserve" is, due to centuries of neglect, actually the Everfree Forest, but that's not really important.

Until, of course, the Griffon Ambassador showed up at her door demanding her services at a hunting guide for his lunch.

Then it was a little important.

Chapters (2)
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I mean, I've always assumed that was part of Fluttershy's job. You didn't think she just acted as Ponyville's backup veterinarian, did you? Ecosystem management is as important as weather control for the average Equestrian village.

Of course, that doesn't usually include catering for carnivorous ambassadors. This probably won't end well...

(Also, seeing Forest capitalized means my brain keeps trying to switch gears and figure out what Luna plans on doing with all that green mana. :derpytongue2:)

Like any good greenie player, she's playing nothing but 4/4s for 4 and BEAR PUNCH, obviously.

One does not manage the Evergreen. One leaves it alone and beats it back with a stick when gets too close to your stuff.

That said, I always figured fluttershy's gig would be less manager and more diplomat. Talk to the hydra and say "yes the one pony looks tasty but if you eat it there will be 100 more with pointy sticks".

Bring the camera in close. I want to see the expression on Fluttershy's face when she realizes exactly what the Griffon ambassador wants.

...this should be good...

Although to be fair to Flutter Butter, she's used to dealing with carnivores. Let's see how she deals with a sentient one.

HAHAHAHAHAHahahahahahha..... oh this gonna be GOOD. I love it. moar plox.

Though it does usually involve thinning out overpopulated species, vermin control, and the extermination of invasive species. And there-in lies the problem... also, I doubt Fluttershy knows how to gralloch properly.

Nitpick: you have "thine" in several places where it should be "thy." "Thy" is equivalent to "your," while "thine" is equivalent to "yours." Thus, "thy student," but "the student is thine."

10685737 Your advice is appreciated; my brain no worky good. I'll make some adjustments when I publish the next chapter.

Twilight, Princess of Friendship and Nepotism.

Oh this is gonna be fun! The fun part will ge if Fluttershy actually even knows she has a second job.

10685883 Well, she did make all of her friends the teachers of the Friendship School... despite none of them having the foggiest idea what they were doing.

Nepotism is the best! We know ALL about that in NJ! It's why 1/4 of the population works for the state in some capacity and we're $100 billion in debt! :twilightblush:

You know...this is Flutter-"nature is so fascinating"-shy we're talking about here. It could end with her ending up traumatized for life by the experience...or it could end with that ambassador walking away with a full belly, a few more kills draped over the back for the trip home, and in awe and respect of Fluttershy's exceeding skills as game warden.

Either option should be very amusing to see play out. I'm in. :ajsmug:

The duties of a “Royal game warden” varies a LOT depending on the culture, era and area.

So is no one questioning why twilight is embezzling from the royal treasury?

Just consider it creative employment strategies.

At nine-thirty at night, that would be a certain stallion coming for a surprising but very welcome visit.


Ouch. They hadn’t even given Luna her own letterhead yet?

Given how long it took her to get her own throne, I can't say I'm surprised.

please consult with the HRH Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Harmony Friendship Learning Ponyville

After the pre-Tirek "What am I even supposed to do?" crisis, Twilight may have overcompensated.

They don’t pay me to force her to make good life decisions, they just pay me to move the books around.

I was under the impression that forcing unicorns (past or present) to make good life decisions was Spike's primary occupation.

Twilight had not offered to give her any money. Perfidious bitch.

Your clientele wipes their rears with more money than Fluttershy saw in a month, Rarity. And they're horses. They don't even need toilet paper. Cry me a river.

Umlauts are always good reason to incorporate a Nordic culture.

Definitely looking forward to more. And really, if Luna didn't want the ambassador friendshipped and/or assassinated, she shouldn't have sent him to the Bearers.

Honeztly, given what Luna told him, this guy's been pretty reasonable so far. I look forward to more!

Fluttershy smiled sweetly at the noblegriffon as she handed the letter back. “Of course. Please excuse me, I must meet with my beloved liege first to clarify some particulars of my responsibilities. Do you mind?”

Oh it's this Fluttershy. Well this just got a whole lot more interesting.

And now Rarity's been dragooned into this whole thing. This day just keeps getting better and better.

“Please list the symptoms in order of severity that you’ve noticed in your – griffon?

"She always tries to keep some of them around just in case one of us has to fix something she messed up if she’s not around.”

At least she fully acknowledges that she messes things up and has planned accordingly for such inevitabilities. :rainbowlaugh:

“I don’t know. They don’t pay me to force her to make good life decisions, they just pay me to move the books around.”

I'm surprised to hear that Spike actually gets paid at all. :pinkiegasp:

Look of shock? No flames? That settled it; she needed to hide a body.

Well...not yet.

She was doing a lot of that this morning. It’s a good thing she wasn’t Honesty.

Yeah, it's too bad Applejack's not involved in this--that'd make things even more hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

Twilight had not offered to give her any money. Perfidious bitch.

Hey, you weren't the one who was shoveling hotel soaps into a saddlebag...and probably would sooner prefer to die before sinking to that level. :raritywink:

I promise next chapter we'll actually kill something. Stay tuned.

I dunno, I'm still relishing the anticipation quite a bit. :ajsmug:

In before Fluttershy has a “Twilight moment” and asks the ambassador all kinds of uncomfortable and/or exceedingly technical questions about what it’s like to be a predator.

Spike offered her the letter. “Oh, she’ll be fine. She keeps staying up for three or four days working on stuff, then she’ll sleep for thirty hours. It probably has to do something with these little wax paper baggies I keep finding on her desk. I keep trying to see what it’s in ‘em, but every time I touch one she gets really mad, so I just gave up.”

Ok so she is on crack

Thanks for pointing out the succession of titles. Those were supposed to be struck through, but I guess fimficcy no like how Libreoffice does that markup. What are ya gonna do?

“Why, the gevärverkstad, the gun-makers guild, of course! Did you not commission a piece from my brother, one Erik Välfjädrad?”

Seems like the gryphons are swedish, I suppose.
Are they like the Swedes of Carl the 12th?
That Man were an absolute boss. Apparently he was quoted by Voltair ones, saying...
"I have resolved never to start an unjust war but never to end a legitimate one except by defeating my enemies"

I promise next chapter we'll actually kill something

Hmm, will it be Twilight or the griffon... since Twilight may be semi-immortal, my bet's on the griffon.

Unless AJ gets bumped off because background pony. Or Berry drinks too much and dies from liver failure... :rainbowlaugh:

Regicide is what you do to your own King. Not some visiting nobility. Then again, I can totally see Rarity sniping Celestia because of a idiotic clause in a stupid treaty.

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