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Breezefeather is just an average pegasus pony with aspirations of being the next lead weathermare. However, before she could even think of that, a portal opened up and took her to a brand new set of worlds to explore. Thankfully, there wasn't much hurry as Breezefeather had a plan to get herself home. What will she do, though, when she notices that the city she's been sent to has a ghost problem? Will she help them?

What kind of a team player would she be if she didn't?

Book one of seven.

Written as a challenge for NaNoWriMo (National November Writer's Month).

Cover art is done by me. Source link is to my DA where I officially posted the art.

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Quick question what season is Danny Phantom is

Let me guess: Each book will have Breezefeather go to a different world.

I like your story

Lol, not to worry. I'm working on it. Though I am also working on other stories I have that are posted on FanFiction, too.

I'll try to keep you guys posted. Though it won't be here, it will probably be in my little blog spot.

Comment posted by Heartdrop deleted Jul 14th, 2020

By the way your discord links is inspiring

What happened next

I haven't the slightest, yet. I've gotten a fair amount before the dreaded writer's block.

I can help you if you want I have good ideas

Comment posted by Heartdrop deleted Sep 28th, 2020

I can't help you if you want I came up with good ideas sometimes and good suggestions if you want to hear it my only ques if you can we help me in return

I have a good idea of what happens next, but for the life of me I just can't write it out. I hate being stuck like this.

"I know where this goes I just can't get moving there."

Don't worry. I'll try to write something until the flow happens again.

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