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Sunset has decided to return home... wherever that may be.

The orphanage where she was left?

The castle where the princess had emotionally abandoned her?

She walks the foreign but familiar world, hoping to find something to make her life worthwhile.

Will she find somewhere, or someone, to call home?

[Cover by Mirrored Sea]

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B_25 #1 · Jan 24th, 2022 · · 4 ·

Another story knocked out of the park!

I hope everyone enjoys another strange tale from me; life and work, joined together, have been knocking nearly all of my writing time.

I've ironed out this story the best that I could. However, a few grammar or spelling mistakes might have slipped through.

If you catch any, please post them, and I'll get to work fixing them.

Until next time!
~ Yr. Pal, B

Quite emotional. I like how this story turned out. Good job!

The ending...

Absolute tearjerker.....

I am crying right now.

How do you do it? How do you pull my heartstrings, man?

The feels.......
Wrenched a tear or 2 out of me.

Very nice depiction of internal struggles Sunset went thru.

Definetly a keeper.

Oof, that ending, that reunion, such a tear-jerker!:fluttercry:
The fact that Sunset has something in common with not only Luna, but Shining Armor as well is a point well made.

And the flashback with filly Sunset was cute, and shows despite being a princess, she's not all that serious, but patient, kind, compassionate, and wise, (and a bit of silly).

Is there any particular timestamp for this? The mirror is in the Crystal Empire, so I would assume this is after the first movie (and this is a slight AU because of the sooner reunion with Celestia)

This is not strange.
This is beautifull.

And yes, i found some spelling and grammar mistakes in there.
But not that many, and at that word count, not too bad at all.

my sister was bound to become the most powerful mare ever lived.

We Don't Talk about Glimmer. :twilightsmile:

Amazing as always B! I love it.

In this AU, I see the 'mirror world' as being devoid of magic, no 'Rainbow Rocks' or any other magical shenanigans that would bring Sunset closer to Twilights counterparts. They would just attend school, graduate, and head to different colleges, leaving Sunset somewhat healed, but alone, and she'd decide to 'come home.' The ending suggests they won't have much time together, but with Twilight Sparkle taking the mantle in 'The Last Problem,' I can see Sunset Shimmer having a nice little house close to Celestia and Luna's retirement home, maybe even grand-foals to help take care of.

“Hey![1] He called out to me with a shake of his hoof. “No one does anything to my wife but me!”

[1] missing closing quotation

B_25 #12 · Jan 25th, 2022 · · 2 ·


Thank you.

That was a good story.

Hot dang this was a good one. Very well written, and built up to a touching conclusion. Good job!

Not a bad story at all. I hope they both find what they need

Nice job B, really captured the emotions perfectly as well as delivering solid characterizations of everyone. Well done!

This is just beautiful. How can I begin to describe? You did an amazing characterization of all characters, the emotion, the inner thoughts, it's simply amazing!

And that end? Man, that final scene made my eyes tear. Two broken ponies unsure of how to become closer again but desiring that so much. Well done, instant favorite to me.

Comment posted by Johnny Walker deleted Mar 11th, 2022

Great story woth a lot of feeling pumped into it! Sidenote, why is the entire comment section getting thumbsed down?

Gosh, I needed this story so much right now. Thank you so much for writing it. Beautifully written.

There are so many great things about this story that if I were to point them all out, I'd effectively just be copying and pasting almost the entire thing back into the comments. I had got a laugh out of it, I got a sigh out of it, I got encouragement and words I very much needed to hear right now, and almost felt as if I were right there in Sunset's horseshoes. I got perspectives out of characters I'd never considered before.

Sunset's struggle to accept her past shortcomings, personal frustrations, feelings of entitlement or general lack of self-acceptance has actually been the basis of a story idea I had floating around in my head for a long while now! So glad someone actually wrote it, and even went beyond that and into Sunset's identity struggles having fled from her home.

I found the ending to be a little too fast-paced and I didn't quite understand what you were going for with the addition of Luna's backstory and perspective until maybe the very end? Celestia seemed to be torn between wanting to love Sunset for who she was and nurture her into the best version of whoever she could be, and then needing her to live up to some greater standard for purposes that felt beyond her control? Crushed between the weight of wanting to be a good parent and having the fate of her citizens rest upon her shoulder. I hope I got it right?

I don't know if I like the direction things took there, or the way that Sunset seems to need so much reassurance from someone who made a grave mistake in neglecting her, to the point where it seemed that she would settle for anything, but that's just my perspective and I may be missing a bigger picture. I have to give it credit for being deeply relatable and I'm glad that the two found some kind of closure by the end :) I can't imagine what Celestia must have gone through, worrying about someone she truly cared for yet knowing that she would never be able to stop any harm from coming her way, and even more that it would be largely her own fault for helping things to reach to that point. Parenting seems hard enough as is, but doing that as a princess? Oh my. :derpytongue2:

Was it too late? This was the point that I would begin my independent life. Would there be much point in having something close to a mother? Would we speak a lot? Even have the time to be intimate? Both of us were cold to the world. We needed to deal with its hardships.

I wish a third perspective that they'd kept in mind here was the beauty of relationships as they evolve and change. Just because the demands of life change doesn't mean that we have to cut off certain relationships entirely. They are still worth something to us—they simply evolve. I would have understood their decision to avoid the pain that would come with trying to reconnect, but in the end, if we don't take risks to love, what are we left with but emptiness? Looks like Sunset needed it. And who knows, even if everything could not go back to the way it was, maybe that one hug was all she ever would need.

Anyway, earned a good spot on my shelf :) Thanks again for this. And I apologise for the one error I found and promptly forgot about... as well as the poor essay this comment turned into.

Good read :heart:

This was excellent. I never tired of stories that examine the dynamic between Sunset and Celestia. Thank you for writing this :twilightsmile:

Somebody's salty in these comments lol. This was really sweet, I really like stories that explore the dynamic between Sunset and Celestia, especially with how lackluster the show was when they were finally reunited.

Hell, yeah!

Wait a wonderful story. That was beautiful, stunning and gorgeous. I really have nothing more to say. Everything, from Sunset’s initial observation, to her individual interactions with all four characters, to the exploration of her childhood and bond with Celestia, to Luna’s own psyche, was perfectly executed. I love it. Pulling my heartstrings and punching my heart. Well done, author.

Let me just point out my favorite part.

First sentence: How does a failure return home?
Last sentence: “I’ll be your home, little Sunset Shimmer.”

(On an unrelated side note, who is the idiot downvoting every comment?)

Comment posted by SkyeThePony deleted Mar 13th, 2022

This was just gut-wrenching to read.

“Because I ruined your life,” Luna began, “and none ever told you.” She bowed her head. “And because Celestia still causes you to hurt, and you still cause her the same pain.” She breathed deeply. “There's nothing worse in this world than feelings that are shared, but ponies go on thinking the reverse.”

“I'll be your home, little Sunset Shimmer."

How’s this story got dislikes?!? It was beautiful. Please do a sequel! I’d love to see how Celestia and Sunset get on now they’ve reunited

That was beautiful. Thank you so much for writing this.

“You don't believe in yourself because you've already done the impossible,”

I think I really needed to hear this. Thanks.

Beautiful writing, never really thought much of Sunset before reading this but it has me intrigued.

An interesting read.

But God damn, Cadence is such a bitch in this one. No wonder Shining was looking to cheat on her.

“Wait.” I had set the box on the bench. “You don't even have the strength to go to the moon anymore, but ponies are still scared of you sending them there? Yesh!” I rolled my eyes and returned to floating the game. “But it sure sucks that your sister has to be up there all alone. Do you at least have the strength to send her letters?”

Would Sunset have even known considering the Mare in the Moon was by this point a legend?

B_25 #34 · Oct 16th, 2022 · · 1 ·

Go-Go-Gadet Ignore-the-Lore!

I realized further on that there's a bunch of stuff that simply wouldn't have worked if Sunset hadn't somehow learned the truth about Nightmare Moon. And she's just tenacious enough to have done it.

B_25 #36 · Oct 17th, 2022 · · 1 ·

Let's go with that, LOL

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