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The father-slaying dragon Alduin is slain, fallen at the hands of the Dovahkiin. However, a fatal wound had gone unnoticed, ending their time on Nirn. Thankfully, they had found themselves in a new body, awoken to new possibilities. A second chance to truly settle down, or perhaps to find a worthy hero for a greater threat?

Profanity is up there, though it's light.

Definitively blood (though I doubt it would count as gore, marking just in case) and themes of death, particularly at the start. Most of the tagged themes are pretty light.

Yes, there is an adventure and a slice of life tag. Equal parts, nice balance.

You have been forewarned.

Cover art by me. Made with aid of the Pony Creator found here.

I do apologize, but I am now rewriting the story! Will be a pseudo-sequel so folks can find it and this still.

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there isnt enough Elder Scrolls stories on this site

Well, I guess I aught to fix that, huh? Lol

I fingered his reaction to Discord would be like this

I suddenly want to see Timberwolves in Skyrim for the sole purpose of shouting them to pieces.

Now if only I was good at mods.... Then I could make it a thing, my friend.

Guess Twi can't learn 'em all. I wonder if her cutie mark is limited to pony magic?

Well, it was never explicitly said that she couldn't.... :raritywink:

I have to admit: this story keeps getting more and more interesting 😊
BTW. When the next chapter will drop? Can't wait to see itπŸ˜†

Good work takes time. I do hit roadblocks. Regrettably, I cannot crank out chapters like I do days at work.

Yuparoons. Gotta work to pay bills, feed the dog, have gas for the car to move, feed self, etc.

I'm in love with this story.

spike can not learn the shouts because he is not a DRAGON.
Dragons in equestria are fire breathing reptiles while in Tamriel they are children of akatosh.

I am running off of my headcanon and assumption that Spike is a dragon (because dragon) and Equus dragons are like a distant cousin to Nirn dragons. Also, anything can learn to shout, just learning the meditation for shouting can center you for various shouts. Also, if he can breathe fire, why not shout it? Because he is a dragon means that he has the potential for shouting. He didn't actually shout yet, so hold your horses, man! Or woman! Or Non-Binary person! Or, uh, mortal being? I'm spitballing here.

Interesting so far. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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