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2336855 Thank you, I also thought it enjoyable.

That is a beautiful profile picture you have there. I find it quite humorous

2317396 Well naturally you can expect me to leave a review when I read the last chapter, but what I meant was that you can expect me to leave a review after every new chapter you publish. Now, maybe you update and I don't get around to reading the latest chapter until you update again, that does sometimes happen to me, you can expect a review on only the latest chapter. I would leave a review after every chapter but usually, it's just too much effort, so instead I leave a review on the latest chapter every time I finish reading whatever is the new latest chapter.

2317389 oh so when this thing is finished I'll be going to expect the review?

2317361 You're welcome, I decided a long time ago that whenever I read the last/latest chapter of any fanfiction, even if I already have before, I'm going to leave a review.

  • Viewing 41 - 45 of 45
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