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I am here to write about ponies having sex. That is all.


guess what? if you're following this account, transfer yourselves to my main account. · 2:07am May 22nd, 2015


I'm moving my one story over to it and closing this account.

Also, the long- hiatused fic will continue there! HUZZAH!

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If I didn't have a clop account I would judge you with my judgement face

ok! at least Im happy to know you will keep continue it! =)
make it super big XD lol

360089 wow, that's be great! It's not discontinued, but its just taking a little while to get back into the proper mindset to continue it.

oh, please BMAD, keep writting den of the dragon!
is so awesome! I love that clopfic of you so much!
Im an artist (in proces XD lol) and Im feeling like, when I get more experience and finally draw good enough........I thinking in make a kinda comic, or series of images about den of the dragon X3, I mean it!

I approve of you and what you do.
Sort of.

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