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Little Deceptions - audio reading and translation · 2:54pm Sep 3rd, 2016

So, full disclosure here - I'm an idiot.

This was given to me months ago (well, more than one month ago) and I had really thought I'd actually written a post about it. I remember writing a post about it. But either I never finished it, or just forgot to hit that 'post blog entry' button, or something messed up or whatever, but a piece of wonderful work has gone entirely unrecognised for far too long.

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Write Love & Pleasure :fluttershysad: please :fluttercry:
and also my self insertxFutaloo clopfic please and thank you. :twilightsmile:

Tea or coffee?

Thanks for the fave!

Glad to see that you enjoyed You Can't Eat Gold! Feedback is always appreciated!

Thanks a bunch for the fave on Defect! :pinkiehappy:

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