A sudden influx on Little Deceptions! · 8:52pm Mar 21st, 2018

So! I woke up today to find suddenly twenty new notifications, all on Little Deceptions over the past couple hours.

Hello all! Glad you're enjoying my fanfiction!

Just out of curiosity, where's everyone coming from? I did some searching but can't find anywhere it's been mentioned in the last few days, so just wondering who's responsible for this little storm of attention. :)

If it's you, thank you!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go spend my day quietly buoyed by my inflated ego.

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Little Deceptions - audio reading and translation · 2:54pm Sep 3rd, 2016

So, full disclosure here - I'm an idiot.

This was given to me months ago (well, more than one month ago) and I had really thought I'd actually written a post about it. I remember writing a post about it. But either I never finished it, or just forgot to hit that 'post blog entry' button, or something messed up or whatever, but a piece of wonderful work has gone entirely unrecognised for far too long.

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So this Bronycon thing... · 8:31pm Jul 1st, 2016

I'll admit, when one of my friends first jokingly asked if I was coming to Bronycon, my first reaction was to sarcastically decline.

Being as I am Australian, it is just the teensiest bit (read: Approximately 1/3 the circumference of the earth) bit out of the way.

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Future fic ideas! (That might actually happen now OoTD is done) · 10:58am Feb 17th, 2015

Well, I've been watching the like total of One of Those Days slowly creep up on Little Deceptions (Although I am still amused at the fact that, though practically equal in likes, the 18 or so difference in dislikes is the difference between 3rd place on fimfiction and 1365th place...) and I was going to post this when it got overtaken...

But it turns out I am impatient and that was a totally arbitrary method of making that decision anyway. So, commence blatant follower-fishing!

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One of Those Days: Ask me Anything! · 11:27am Feb 15th, 2015

Good morning, all!

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Muaaahahahahaha. Two months! Combo breaker! · 1:20pm Feb 5th, 2015

So I sat down tonight and looked at all the games I had piled up to play, and realised I didn't really feel like playing any of them...

Then on a whim decided to re-read what I'd done so far of Bubble Berry's chapter...

And then just started writing!

And through some miracle, I went and got a full three thousand plus words down! And the chapter is more or less finished!

I really wish I could make that work more often ;_;

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Productivity! · 3:22am Jan 17th, 2015

So, after my brief experience with supreme power over fimfiction, I unsurprisingly found myself inspired to do more writing things!

The good news is, I have successfully completed another whole chapter of One of Those Days!

...The less-good news is that the chapter I went and finished is the final one.

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*wheeze* · 5:29am Jan 14th, 2015

So, um...

I occasionally (read: frequently) will check the statistics of my fics to see how they're going. Because it's fun.

I've often found it quite entertaining that Little Deceptions and One of Those Days have about the same number of likes (although LD has pulled ahead significantly), and a difference of about ten-fifteen in dislikes - and LD is consistently in the top 50, while One of Those Days lurks around the 1000th mark. Dislikes: They ruin everything!

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So I says to myself, I says... · 12:52pm Dec 2nd, 2014

Twilight spun around, realising that while she had been distracted, Elusive had scooped up a measuring tape, sketch pad and pencils, and no small number of bolts of cloth - not to mention the look of divine inspiration and determination that Twilight recognised the consequences of in a heartbeat - after all, one of the fashionista's closest friends had effectively just walked into the store with a completely new body shape.

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The Dawn of Dusk Shine · 7:04am Oct 12th, 2014


One of Those Days will, theoretically, update one of these days. I am making progress! I swear! Blame Twilight. She crazy. I'd blame Elusive, but he's far too fabulous for such foolish things as blame. (Plus, I haven't actually gotten to the point where they're talking yet. >_>)

Upon further consideration, it's all Dusk's fault. That's Twilight's story and she's sticking to it.

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