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Ever had one of those days where everything's just gone wrong, one problem after another?

Of course you have.

Ever had one of those days when you wake up to find you've accidentally switched places with your counterpart in a world where you and all your friends are stallions?


Maybe that's just Twilight, then.

But the Princess of Magic isn't going to let a little thing like being in the wrong universe ruin her day. She has a schedule - a checklist! - and it matches up with this Dusk Shine's perfectly. Apart from the names and the genders, everything seems to be a match, and Ponyville has seen much weirder things since she moved here.

Being stallions or mares shouldn't make her friends that different. What could possibly go wrong?

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Excellent start. I really enjoyed your sense of humour.

I wonder if things are going much differently for Dusk since Twilight mentioned she might not have dodged Rainbow if she'd been a little taller, and that difference isn't likely to be as helpful for Dusk? Possibly as well, Dash might have reacted a lot differently to a pony she landed on top of than Blitz did to a pony he just missed?

It would definitely be pretty interesting if the piling up of small differences during their stay led to either Twilight or Dusk arriving home while the other was still there so they can compare how their friends reacted to them.

I almost set Equestria on fire once when I lost my temper in court, the sun decided to come down and help resolve the argument...

well, at least the sun tried to help! it probably didn't turn out well, but it's the thought that counts!

Are we going to get to see Dusk's side at all?

3483556 Trust me, Twilight will be asking herself many of these questions in the chapters to come. =D

3484053 I can just see the sun being all "Are these ponies giving you trouble, girl? Do I need to come down there and sort them out for you?" all protective-father style.

And Celestia thinks it's a joke, laughs about it, and then realises that everything's getting very warm...

3484261 I can state that there will be at least one scene of Dusk amongst the fillies later in this story, but it will be primarily focusing on Twilight.

Ah, there are far to few stories coming out I want to track these days... As a result, my daily dose of fimfics is dangerously low. Good to be able to add one to the bunch.

I notice no romance tag though, so its already obvious nothing will come of this :P Which is fine, by the way.

i will continue reading this, it looks... interesting :duck:

Also, First! :)

well, that escalated fast :heart::heart:
loving the story so far, keep up the good work :raritywink:

35 Bits that Rainbow Dash asked the same thing to Dusk!

3484548 For some reason I imagine Dusk in his version of a rule 63 universe might have more trouble than Twilight would in her version of rule 63. Just saying it sounds like It would be really awkward. Dusk Meets Princess Celestia...

Dammit, I can't stop thinking of that one scene from Season 2 Episode 3 of The Venture Bros. now!

"Only what she asked me to do!"
"Well... Think of this woman like a mother to you."
"Your Father"
"Your Mother"
"Your Father"
"Your Mother"

Good Times. Well I'm off to watch that again!

There may be some differences between mares and stallions, but Rainbow never changes regardless of the dimension.

3484626 3485070 3484658 I'm glad you're enjoying it, your comments feed me and fill me with the urge to continue :)

3485160 I need to watch more of that show... but I have no idea why you might suggest that Dusk/Twilight meeting Celestia/Solaris might be in any way awkward. =D

3485113 3485161 :twilightoops: "W-what? No, no, Rainbow Dash... might be a little rough around the edges, but she totally wouldn't just... proposition a stallion-me after ogling me... er, him... for an hour. It's got to be a stallion thing. ...Right?" :twilightblush:


3485195 Gah, I knew I was having issues with inconsistant capitalisation. I'll clear them out later tonight. Thanks for the heads up, let me know if you spot anything else!

And thank you, expanding on world settings is one of my favourite hobbies.

The description is exactly describing be weekdays. All month!

Maybe there are some differences between mares and stallions after all...

No, Twilight, that are just the differences between you and Rainbow.
Is someone going to write the clop edition?

Well, considering that she seems to be the first cross-gender alicorn... I think the prince(sse)s might have certain designs should such appear. Hmmhmm.

You really oughta do some scenes showing Dusk's own shenanigans in Ponyville Prime, and how he interacts with all the mares around him! :rainbowlaugh:

I'm honestly having extremely large problems dealing with my ideas of possible ships in this. Nevermind selfcest or anything like that, it's just... Twilight's my favorite, and this is certainly a cool twist to the usual twific :D

So going to fave and keep an eye on this!

Now THIS is a story!

What would be interesting is if you made another version of this fic, but from Dusk's point-of-view.

Hahaha, that's hilarious xD

Love how he did that, not really subtle, are you Blitz? xD

isn't it strange that the same gender stereotypes are enforced in an alternate universe? you'd think they'd have it different.


I'm suddenly picturing Dusk rolling through Ponyville, doing the spiderman 3 walk.

You know exactly which walk I'm talking about.

"Ever have one of those days where it feels as if the universe is out to get you?"

Yep. Sometimes it feels like my entire life is one giant case of Murphy's Law and Escalator Wit. :ajbemused:

Then again, don't we all feel that way?

EDIT: On the other hand, at least my gender has stayed the same throughout all the embarrassing situations Murphy's Law tosses my way. Poor Twilight... not! This is too comical to feel sympathy.

More humor! At once! lol

Dis gon b gud.
Also, third!

So if I murder you because I think that it might help you get to Equestria, you wouldn't mind?
It's the thought that counts!

Hilarious thus far. I do love a good gender-swap or alternate universe story, and this is both in one! Eagerly looking forward to more, especially if/when Twilight finds one of her friends to be much more attractive than usual.

Twilight meeting Celestia .. Solar? and Luna ... Artemis?( crap, i cant think of any male moon gods and Artemis is a she! :derpytongue2:) is going to be a thing of beauty... and awkwardness ... :rainbowlaugh:

My dear author.
I have only one thing to say to you.


not really. but then again, I'm a bit insane (not really).

In all seriousness, yes, I would mind. I was being a smartarse when I posted that :moustache:

3485322 Perhaps you should ask 3485260, if you want to get your Best Rules entwined :)

3485429 Just so you know, one of the fun things about Twilight's sleep-casting is that any spell she casts she inevitably learns - and she will have the ability to take other ponies with her. (and potentially strand them there if she feels so inclined.) Of course, whether the ponies she tells about this would consider this a threat or an awesome day out is up to them. ;) So the shipping has been squared!

3485340 HAH. I can totally imagine that, poor RD. And stop trying to make me blush. (And go check out my other story Happy Endings, if you liked this fic for those reasons I think that'd be up your alley ^.^)

3485645 Yes, you would think that, wouldn't you? And sooner or later, Twilight will probably think of that too. Probably when he's visiting Elusive.

3485663 :facehoof: "...Oh Celestia... I'm never going to be able to show my face there again... maybe I should just stay here..."

3485946 The strongest fanon names are Prince Solaris and Prince Artemis, to my knowledge, and they're the ones I'll be using.


This is so refreshing to hear XD I had originally thought of this as 'probably the closest thing to comedy I'm ever likely to write' but by the time I'd finished RD's chapter I'd actually decided to forego the comedy tag entirely since it seemed to be paced wrong for humour... ended up putting the tag back a few comments in.

It's always better to have your personal understanding of your humour set to 'It turns out I'm funnier than I think' than the other way around!

</pointless self deprication>

Thank you all for taking the time to comment! Time for me to get back to work. You'd think they weren't paying me to reply to comments on company time or something...


3486415 Technically part of my job does involve replying to comments, but the comments in question are regarding development issues with our software systems.

So, get a job in IT?

I hope Dusk and Twilight compare days at the end somehow. Possibly writing notes for the other to read? It'd be useful as a method to call attention to often-overlooked gender norms that are more easily picked up when everyone else is gender-swapped, and I could see the Prince(ss) being all over analyzing that.

I'm loving this story so far and it is definitely in my 'Top 10 stories I want to see updated' list.:pinkiehappy:

I imagine you will have every character introduced and I'm particularly interested in Fluttershy's chapter as well as Rarity's. Or should I say, Elusive and Butterscotch. BB will also be slightly interesting I believe.

Well, with that all said. I wish you the best with this. :twilightsmile:
-Reader Out-

Well, this is an interesting story. Good so far, I want to see how it pans out.

Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Blitz!? I APPROVE OF THIS SHIP!!!!

So glad this showed up in the feature box, it was damn entertaining.

Her next encounter with the princess had been one of awkward but wide-eyed wonder as she tried to determine how the princess had concealed her additional equipment, until the Princess had finally grown concerned and - with a great deal of embarrassment - finally coaxed the reason for the filly's confusion out of her. Fortunately, Celestia had been far more amused than offended, and had introduced Twilight to the novel concept that not everything written in a book could be believed.

This. One-shot. Do it. Do it, filly.

Also, the only thing I hate more than morning people is morning itself.

I almost set Equestria on fire once when I lost my temper in court, the sun decided to come down and help resolve the argument...

Well, that explains Tia's poker face

3486748 At the beginning, this is more or less exactly Twilight's intention.

The chances of her being in any state of mind to leave notes for her counterpart are... not great.

3486948>>3486946 Next chapter is being written as soon as I finish these comments! (Although it's just about the only pony you didn't mention there, sorry ^^; )

3486966 Y'know, seeing the mustache emoticon makes me wonder what equivilent spell Dusk cast on Spines to increase her feminine charm... O_o;

3486981 :twilightoops: "I don't!"

3486999 Heh, you think YOU'RE glad? XD And at the top of it now too! I really wasn't expecting that. Glad everyone likes it!

3487133 I would refer you to "Field notes on Alicorn Reproductive Behaviour", but you already have it in your favourites :) Unless you're talking about the actual scene where little filly Twilight is trying to hide the fact that she's staring up in wonder as she stands beneath the princess. I frequently pepper my works with references to other tales and scenes that never get told in full. If you or anyone else would like to take one of them on, I'd be happy to read them =D

3487171 But why not!? D: Ooohh! are you going for a Twilight SparkleXM/Applejack? :D cause I approve of that too!

Maybe there are some differences between mares and stallions after all...

Meh. I dunno about this. Rainbow seems to be pretty in character here, whether Dash or Blitz. From Rainbow Blitz's perspective, he's ribbing his longtime friend, rather than propositioning an actual mare. I would envision a conversation between Rainbow Dash and Dusk Shine to go down the same way, with Dash teasing/checking out Dusk. (Heck, being Dash, I'd be surprised if she was even THAT discreet about it. :trixieshiftright:)

In any case, this story amuses me greatly. Keep at it. :pinkiehappy:


Y'know, seeing the mustache emoticon makes me wonder what equivilent spell Dusk cast on Spines to increase her feminine charm

The exact same one, obviously. :moustache:

3487209 A little from column A, a little from column B.

I assure you, there was absolutely nothing discreet about the way Blitz was checking out Twilight. She's just not very observant sometimes, and hasn't read Mood Wings in this storyline. :)

3487223 ...touché.

3487202 Oh, I have absolutely nothing against such a pairing. You'll need Blitz's speed to catch up with Twilight after you mention it, though.


I couldn't help but think about this song. :facehoof: This face hoof is directed at myself.

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