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Starlight Glimmer is about to embark on a few little friendship lessons. Five to be exact. However she’s still a little murky on how to get all her friends to cooperate so things go as quickly and efficiently as possible. Luckily A surprise visit from another friend might solve Starlight’s problem.

An alternative take on Every Little Thing She Does and inspired by a conversation with Tired Old Man.

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Albi #1 · Oct 2nd, 2016 · · ·

Thank you for this, Justice. Thank you.

This was glorious and brightened up my day as I procrastinate on an essay I honestly should have started a week ago.

Sunset of course was wonderful, but I think the thought of just whacking Starlight upside the head with a newspaper did it for me. :rainbowlaugh:

Have a like.

inspired by a conversation with Tired Old Man.

Maybe it's my questionable memory of events, but I'm pretty sure I had to convince you to take a 'whack' at it first. =p

Oh, so that's what newspapers are for...:unsuresweetie:

This was hilarious and needs and sequel with a spray bottle.

Okay, bringing Sunset in was one thing, but having her whacking Twilight as well was really what sold me here. Bravo. :rainbowlaugh:

and my sides are functioning.

BWAHHAHAHA i needed that. that episode... *shakes head*

Thanks for this one, really.

Oh my gosh! And here I was thinking that the ultimate weapons against ponykind were human hands and Flurry Heart, but you my friend made me reconsider it! Make a sequel of this, please.

"Friendship Quests"
You sure Sunset shouldn't take over the whole Friendship Princess thing by now?

Might be for the best if she just checks in on a daily basis to make sure everything hasn't completely collapsed.

Newspaper is OP. Please nerf next season.

How nerf newspaper? Make ponies smarter, so no need newspaper.

But seriously, this was fun.

She noted that the hallway seemed normal, both in terms of appearing as it usually does and also being a regular hallway devoid of dimensional rifts or creepy ghost twins inviting one to play with them for extended periods of time up to all of eternity.

:rainbowderp: She...she specifically noted specifically that.




“No Starlight Glimmer, that’s a bad Starlight Glimmer!” Sunset shouted.


Oh my god! That...

I can just SEE AND HEAR THAT and it's AWESOME!! XD :rainbowlaugh:

“Ah was just telling Starlight about the time our barn got destroyed in a freak accident.”

Spike looked at Applejack in confusion. “Erm… Doesn't that happen kind of often?”

Applejack shook her head. “Not like this…” Her eyes focused to a point far, far away. “There were freaks everywhere…”






Kinda saw that coming. Still laughed.

Amazing job, as always. My cheeks are about to break like Sunset's newspaper. :pinkiehappy:

Sunset repapered in the library

That is a most appropriate spot to repaper in, indeed. In all seriousness though this was an awesome story. :rainbowlaugh:

New Sunset fic from you?! *instant fav* :pinkiehappy: Oh Sunset, this is why you're best person/pony. Well, Spike is awesome too for averting the disaster. He should get a newspaper too so he can start whacking Twilight and Starlight everytime they start going crazy. The Friendship Castle should probably sign up for a few more subscriptions, he's going to need more newspapers.

While I think Starlight is crazy, I do think Twilight was also overdoing it with "friendship lesson lists" too, but that's Twilight for you. I wonder how many off-screen disasters Starlight left behind her. Sunset might have to move back, keeping those two from destroying something in the name of "friendship lessons" might be a full time job.

I mean, to be fair to Twilight Sparkle, it was a checklist of things she had to do to prepare for the Summer Sun Celebration that helped make the friendships that saved the world. So it's a proven method.

Loved the story!


(OK, calming down...)

Seriously, this handled the episode PERFECTLY! Part me actually wondered if Starlight would try and run, forcing Sunset to chase and start whacking her other end with the paper.

Oh god, I love how you write this Sunset! Gotta wonder how Celestia would react to this.

Yeah, she's going to need a bigger newspaper.

Starlight, you can’t speed run friendship!

Rubbish, of course you can! You just need the secret ingredient.


P.s. This is excellent

7612191 Well, they gotta stay in business somehow.

That second newspaper happened to be an ENN one. You could hear the special paper's protection enchants fail from Chicoltgo.

bwuh- huh

If only this were the actual Episode. That would great.

I didn't need my sides anyway. Kudos!

This needed to be how the episode should have gone.:pinkiehappy:

7612528 I'm thinking the Sunday paper, with the special seasonal change magazine included.

7612191 That and the funnies.

Silly fic. :ajsmug:

I'm very disappointed this wasn't a more serious narrative on the episode like I hoped.:ajsleepy:

But I cannot deny this was silly.:derpytongue2:

I'm just craving something a bit more constructive regarding the episode at the moment.

Hopefully I will stumble into a fic like that soon. :twilightsheepish:


Oh god, Sunset whacking both Starlight and Twilight with a newspaper is a lovely mental image! :rainbowlaugh:

7612513 That is an incredible idea for a sequel.

Please do it!

...assuming this is in the same continuity as "Sunset Shimmer is Mad About Everything", I now have the mental image of Sunset learning how Celestia intends to handle a certain issue, doesn't approve, and starts swatting her with a newspaper while saying "Bad Mommy!"...only for Celestia to pull out her own rolled up newspaper and swat Sunset on the nose for all the things she messed up, leading to an epic newspaper battle where the newspapers are wielded like lightsabers.

Behold, the power of the written word!:yay:

This was hilarious, and having Sunset play Only Sane Mare for future seasons is a great way to bring her into the main storyline.

In a pinch, tabloids work well too, like the Neightonal Enquirer.

Now, we need Luna and Sunset emojis...

7613608 If only she was whacking the other end...


That. Is. Glorious! Someone write it!

Aww, this is adorable. :pinkiesmile:

If only they solved all their problems like that. :pinkiecrazy:

"No, bad Discord, no teaming up with Tirek!"

...Okay that probably would have backfired. :twilightblush:

I didn't like this story. I'm neutral about what Sunset did to Stalight but having her hit Twilight with a newspaper was pointless and stupid. Twilight never meant for Starlight to do all those things at the same time after all.

7612500 Since I would like to be an animator with that program, perhaps I should give it a go?

That was amazing. And that ending, THAT ENDING! :rainbowlaugh:

7614128 Well, Twilight made it seem like Friendship was a task that Starlight needed to complete instead of a personal relationship. Thus, sparking her "speed-runner" mentality. Twilight was just as much to blame as Starlight here. (Even though the episode itself never bothered to touch upon that. But, what should one expect from Hasbro?)

And before you say Spike had a hand in this, just note that in the episode, he really had little to no say in the situation. Also, do you really think Twilight would respect anyone's opinion other than hers, much less Spike's?

wlam #41 · Oct 3rd, 2016 · · ·

Sunset is really getting established as the go-to "doing what we all wish we could" character for this kind of story, isn't she? :rainbowlaugh:

God, I loved that ending.

I wonder where sunset picked up this teaching style, pretty useful.

7613801 THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN. Oh, and spray bottles too. :yay:

Anyway, this earned a favorite. Keep up with the good work my good author, keep up! :pinkiehappy:

dear lord I needed this

Starlight, you can’t speed run friendship!

The Persona speedrunning community begs to differ! :duck:

Hey Tatsurou, how would you write "Sunset Shimmer Is Rad About Everything"? :rainbowlaugh:

R.I.P. me
Died laughing.

They're lucky Sunset didn't have a spraying bottle to properly train them.

Well, at least one of the neurotic mages in this show needs to be the sane one! :rainbowlaugh:

We need a sequel where Sunset uses a spray bottle to teach Twi, Starlight, and maybe a few villains and others about the rights and wrongs of friendship. :rainbowlaugh:

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