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Horrifically Fun


This story is a sequel to A Newspaper Solves Everypony's Problem

Trixie has a problem. She may have accidently, and awesomely, teleported a table during a simple magic exercise. At least the table has been found, but now she has to, ugh, talk about what happened with Twilight… Or does she?

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Makes sense. Trixie is a stage magican and they are masters of misdirection.

Okay, that was hilarious. That final line really sold it, though.

The Great and Powderful Trixie! :trixieshiftright:

Amnesia dust?

... I'll be honest. Truly the Tooth Fairy's most powerful weapon.

Amnesia dust.

That's not how it works!

Amnesia dust.


Amnesia dust.


... Amnesia dust. That's how it works.


Amnesia dust. Do you remember what you were yelling at me about?


Amensia dust. It really works!


Loved it!

her a concerned and wrapped

a concerned look?

Oh my god I died laughing at this. :rainbowlaugh: The season 7 premiere has certainly been generating a lot of interesting fics, but this one takes the cake by a landslide!

There's just too much to comment on here, so I'll simply cherry-pick the single best bit from the entire story:

“No! Please don’t ask Pinkie any questions! I’ve learned the long, hard, and between my legs for some reason, way that you shouldn’t ask questions here.”

:facehoof: Oh, Pinkie. You just HAD to go and show her the 'futashy' tag on Derpibooru, didn't you?

Also, I love the "amnesia dust" punchline. :rainbowlaugh: Discord would be SO PROUD!

And then you went and doubled down with Sunset Shimmer!! :rainbowlaugh:

1. Why is Trixie so disgusted at the thought of becoming the apprendice of her best (only?) friend and one of the most powerful and talented unicorns in the country?
2. What did Human Trixie do to Sunset, for Baconhead hitting her on sight?

I'm reminded of this one anime fanfc where the villain (who loves overcomplicated plans) has amnesia dust as the answer to any and every problem/inconsistency in reality. Its even better here as Trixie's application of it kind of works.

Poor Spike, he deserves a medal for dealing with the shenanigans of unicorns for all his life. Too bad Starlight still doesn't really get the "brainwashing and magic are bad" lesson, but that's what Sunset is for. Yay, Sunset and the Newspaper to the rescue! Again! Next time someone attacks Equestria they should just call up Sunset to deal with it (that or she'll anger Starlight enough so that she would deal with it). I am curious just how Trixie would somehow murder Starlight in her sleep considering how powerful Starlight is, but it would probably be a great and powerful way.

Lockheart’s Memory Obliviate

I understood that reference.

“… Do friends fall on their backs laughing at other friends?”
“… They do their best not to,” Starlight answered.
Trixie nodded. “Noted.” With that, mirthful laughter began to pour out of Trixie as she fell to the ground and began rolling around.

I'd do that too.

Trixie’s laughing stopped abruptly. “… Those spells work on ponies?!” she asked with sparkles in her lilac eyes.

... You worry me.

Trixie nodded. “Then, ‘yes’. But, I’ve had bad experience with magic backfiring before, so I figured I’d just avoid that particular headache this time around.”

I see...

Starlight shook her head and kept walking. “Sorry, Trixie, but awkward conversations are sometimes part of friendship.”

She's right, you know.

“I have considered your proposal, Starlight,” Trixie said. “I have decided that I would miss you when you’re gone, but killing you in your sleep rates substantially higher on the list of ‘things I’d like to do’ than ‘become your friendship student’ once the former becomes necessary to prevent the latter.”

... OK then...

“Tempting,” Starlight said. “But it’s still no… Also, the acronym of Fantastic and Amazing Repentance Tour is F.A.R.T.”
Trixie is not good with naming things, alright?!” Trixie fumed.

We've noticed.

With a lilac glow of her horn, Trixie’s saddle bag flew open and cloud of white powder hit Twilight in the face. “AMNESIA DUST, HA!” Trixie shouted.

Dammit Trixie.

Starlight let out a heavy sigh and buried her face in a forehoof. “Oh, Celestia…”
I’m enjoying a massage, my little pony,” came a reply from further in the spa. “Please leave me alone.”


“Because watching you magic murder a bunch of mes while I stared at a wall and prayed to Celestia—”
Seriously! Trying to relax, here!
“— was, hooves down, the most stressful, most traumatizing experience of my life!”

I got nothing. That's just funny.

Pinkie frowned heavily. “And I say that being the only pony aware of all the rule 34 that gets drawn of us.”

*shrug* What can ya do?

“No! Please don’t ask Pinkie any questions! I’ve learned the long, hard, and between my legs for some reason, way that you shouldn’t ask questions here.”

Pinkie, did you show her Futashy?

WhaAaAaAaAaAat?!” Pinkie shrilled. “So horned ponies are the only ponies who get to abuse magic when it suits them? You know what that’s called?”
“… Every waking moment of my life?” Spike offered.

... Poor guy.

Trixie motioned to the other ponies, either trying their best to ignore, diffuse, or continue the ethics debate. “And yet no one is talking about the table I accidently teleported.”

Clever... Also, accidentALly.

“… I shouldn’t approve of that sort of behavior,” Starlight replied. “... But part of me wants to learn more.”


“Trixie! Friends don’t use mind magic spells on other friends! I just told you that and I’ve been told repeatedly.”

... Since when were Twilight and Trixie friends?

You lost me at the pinkie clone part, but it's still a pretty good story.

8106642 The episode last year when Starlight made a friend of Trixie started a chain of events which has led Twilight to mending fences with the girl. They still have some issues, and Trixie has backslid more than once, but they're in a much better place with each other now.

Oh, the sequence where Starlight is talking about Lockheart's memory spell, you use the word "himself" three times in the same sentence. It's something I actively look for whenever I plunk away at the keyboard, because it's such an easy trap to fall into. And it can be a pain sometimes finding different ways of saying the same thing, but the end result is just better for the effort.

"the acronym of Fantastic and Amazing Repentance Tour is F.A.R.T."



Thanks. I dropped one of the instances. Redundancy is something I also actively avoid, though I tend to give dialogue some leeway since it's not exactly like everyone is working on their grammar and good sentence structure when they speak. :derpytongue2: Though, some characters (Twilight, Sunset) do tend to speak with a minimum of grammar flubs.

I loved it up until the end which was just a little weird and confusing with Sunset hitting Trixie out cold for no real apparent reason


Sunset showed up with a newspaper in case she needed it. Trixie looked like she was being smug so Sunset figured she had done something to deserve a thwacking.

She was not wrong.

Really? Because out of all the episodes I've seen them together I never once heard them call each other friends or saw them even be friendly with each other. And being friends with Starlight doesn't count. Didn't work for Pinkie in Maud Pie, won't work there.

You know what Spike should do? Carrying his Super Hero In Training box around Ponyville.

Great stuff! Lots of laughs per square inch!

A couple of corrections:

“Several, clinically insane, ponies, actually,”
No pauses needed. Should be
“Several clinically insane ponies, actually,”

she cried in a distress tone.

Oh my *buy some apples*, I haven't laughed that hard at a fanfic since the likes of APD:AP, No, I am NOT a brony, and of course the first few chapters of The Hat Man's The Iron Horse. Masterful work, good sir!

*10 minutes later* Oh sh:scootangel:t, this is Canon to S7, isn't it? Oh well...

“No! Cease dying upon stinging me immediately! I CAN’T PRESS CHARGES IF YOU'RE DEAD!”


Starlight let out a heavy sigh and buried her face in a forehoof. “Oh, Celestia…”
“I’m enjoying a massage, my little pony,” came a reply from further in the spa. “Please leave me alone.”



Got these! Thanks, :twilightsmile:

This got very weird, very fast. Me likey :rainbowlaugh:

Quick typo:

Starlight shot a glare at Trixie as the clone wondered past and Twilight and Pinkie began a very wordy, very shrill debate.

(Should be "wandered".)

What I would give for this to be Episode 2 1/2 for Season 7!

Also, exactly who was stung by the bees? My guess is Spoiled Rich, but I can't be certain.


Starlight chuckled to herself. “Maybe now that I’ve graduated, you can become my friendship student.”

I'm debating over which was a more awkward suggestion: this, or George suggesting that Elaine move in with his parents [from "Seinfeld"].

Pocket sand beats it hands down.

8108351 RUN AWAY!
*Throws sand in the eyes*

8108883 I think pocket glitter is MUCH better, as it will never go away it's GLITTER:pinkiecrazy:

Can't post coherent review. Still giggling too hard.

So thanks for that.

Busting a god damn GUT here this is GREAT!

You have a great touch on comedy!:pinkiehappy:
Think you could use a question mark on that, "The End". Because they will be back!:moustache:

Good and funny story.:trollestia:

8106004 Does Sunset REALLY need a reason to knock Trixie out?

Before reading this, I am assuming this is leading up to a "Talk 'em Powder" joke.

So does Sunset now go "Oh for Mom's sake"? I can just imagine that happening here:

Sunset merely facehooved, "Oh for Mom's sake."

Sunset? I wasn't expecting you to be here!


I've written Sunset in other things where she does tend to go "Sweet mother of me," and what have you. :trollestia:

To be honest, I was asking myself "what the buck is happening?" all the way through. :twilightsheepish:

It was still a good fic though. :pinkiehappy:

...Okay, I confess the 'pinkie pie clone thing' kinda came out of nowhere, but, um...

Other then that? Hilarious. (Also, personally, I don't think the 'Pinkie pie clone' thing was...TOO bad. Other then the crazy test at the end instead of using the simple fact that only one of them has a WORKING BRAIN? It was made rather clear that the pinkie clones weren't really...um...sentient, in a real sense. Verified by Word of God.)

Hillarious. Especially this bitg:

“No! Cease dying upon stinging me immediately! I CAN’T PRESS CHARGES IF YOU'RE DEAD!”

Do I detect that Sunset will have to come back with the newspaper after the latest episode?


Which episode in particular? Thanks to Canada, I'm entirely sure which "latest" is and I might be one to three episodes behind.

Nevermind. I still need to watch the episode in question, but...

Damnit, Glim-glam.

I'll watch and see if how it unfolds raises mine and Sunset's ire... and newspaper.

Watched it. Oddly enough, I bare very little episode related animosity to Pouchie the Rockin' Dog Glim-Glam. That being said, there is a crazy wealth of Sunset related shenanigans to go off here and this will likely bridge gaps between a few fics to make for a somewhat larger project than Sunset showing up and solving problems with her magic newspaper swats.

8180714 The princesses were a lot more in the wrong than Glim-Glam. I could never imagine Sunset hitting the princesses with a newspaper... until I read your stuff.

I am all about more sunset shenanigans

“Trixie is not good with naming things, alright?!” Trixie fumed.

That reminds me of the joke on https://www.fimfiction.net/story/365305/1/glimmer-can-i-ass-you-a-question/getting-to-the-bottom-of-this-issue.

“As well as plan ‘C’!” Trixie exclaimed.

Delete end “.

“Hehe… The ol’ ‘I’m not really a clone of you, I’m a ghoooost’ trick isn’t going to work twice! Now I need you to cover for me back at Sugarcube corner!”



They definitely need to get a good thwacking.


Yes! More for the win!


Hah. I can’t recall if I wrote any bits of the fic you linked, but TOM definitely consulted with me for parts when he wrote it.


No wonder it’s so good XD.


Three questions. Is there a follow up to this? Are there any recent Sunset Newspaper fics besides the fic before this and the Starswirl fic that you made? And hows the Home Again and Jerkass with a Beard stories coming along? Your AngrySunsetVerse fics are the most enjoyable Sunset Fics I've come across.

I get the impression that The Great and Powerful Trixie understands the importance of PocketSandTM!

Sunset looked down at the twitching, mouth slightly open, clearly concussed Trixie, then looked back up at Starlight, smile still on her face. “Trixie did what now?”

It's not easy being Trixie. :trixieshiftleft:

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