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Magic Sheep have deeper, darker meanings · 2:08pm Jul 12th, 2015

I had a discussion with someone over on EQD about Luna's motivation and actions during Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep, and I realized that there was a much deeper, and somewhat morbid, interpretation of yesterday's episode.

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I'm glad you enjoyed my story Reformation Buddies. :twilightsmile:

Agreed. Sadly, I think that the season finale' is going to have large repercussions for her.

1105482 I think she's criminally underused, both in fiction and in the show itself.

Thanks for the Fave of As a Mother, Ry. I hope that the story gave you something to ponder about Tia and what she has given up to serve her little ponies.:pinkiesad2:

798248 As always, you are very welcome! :twilightsmile:

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