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Why I Never Write or Update · 11:31pm Dec 27th, 2015

Hey folks!

So a lot of people seemed to like "It's Got To Be My Destiny" which makes me super happy! Thank you so much for all your favorites, for a third story I never could've imagined that much attention.

Here's the scoop: The story isn't being deleted don't worry, but I'm officially moving it's status to hiatus, as I should've done awhile ago.

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Thank you for adding Baby Pictures to your favorites! Feedback is always appreciated!

2097159 With your brilliant stories of course! I read both Together Forever and it's sequel, as well as the tale of the Goddesses and the apples (that one has a long name, so I forgot what it was exactly). I'm looking forward to reading more from you :).

Thanks for the watch! How'd I earn it?


maybe even the entire world :pinkiehappy::moustache::derpytongue2:

1833377 Me toooo :pinkiehappy: I'd love to see all of the Mane Six as wee babies, the adorable levels could annihilate entire nations! :pinkiecrazy:

  • Viewing 21 - 25 of 25
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