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I am a twenty-six year old from Massachusetts who graduated on June 9, 2011. I have been a brony since 2014 and I hope you enjoy my stories.


This story is a sequel to The Redemption of Twilight Sparkle

Twilight has been forgiven for her past transgression, but she hasn't fully forgiven herself. To make matter worse, she and her friends have to deal with a unicorn Tartarus bent on making every pony equal.

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 19 )

Needless to say. ;-) i'd like to see Sunset become a princess/alicorn as well.

Right Comrade Brony4Ever1992 :pinkiecrazy:

WHAT THE HECK FLUTTERSHY REALLY?!!! I hope Fluttershy made to pay big time for her treachery!

Another person with no clue on what Communism actually is...

And my God, is Sunset a Mary Sue in these stories.

9594038 Communism is slavery

Sooooo.....I need to play a lot of catchup with your universe but....is Fluttershy more gullible here than in the episode?

About my previous question.....disregard that while I consider shedding liquid pride.

I'm suprised how you did Starlight in this one, I take she may be unredeemable, and Diamond going to really hate himself in the end.

I look forward to Double Diamond being sent to the darkest mines to mine for all time as a punishment.

:pinkiecrazy:Join the madness, twilight :pinkiecrazy:

While I get they don;t want to hurt them...BUCK THAT! Are they going to hold back if they attack family and even kill love ones while udner control? i don;t care, if they are under control. It's stupid to allow them to complete a attack meant to kill or cripple even.

Or they just going to let them walk all over them to get to their love ones or friends?

9711129 It's the hero rule of "I can't let my enemies be killed"

Who said about killing them? and not talking about saving them from the Yaks, but to stop them from actually hurting any other pony or so.

Which is better to hold back and lives and ponies are hurt or killed, and then they get unbrainwashed and now have to live with their sins?

Or stopping them even if they get hurt they be grateful nopony was hurt due to their brain washing.

9711258 I agree with you, but the I feel the Mane 6 wouldn't

Twilight brought Golden Oaks back and unleashed a swarm of book bats. Sunset summed a fire of pure fire and attack the Tantabus........................WHAT?!!

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