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"Bullies always tease the ones they like."

Diamond Tiara lives a happy, peaceful teenage life away from her mother's influence--and, more importantly, with the mare she loves. Still, as she coaches Apple Bloom on Saddlespeare and remembers pieces of her past, she can't help but wonder if the saying is true--and if her so-called "love" is really something darker.

1st place winner of Princess Amore Dudette's DiamondBloom Shipping Contest. Cover art by fastserve.

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This was a really nice little story, and I loved the maturity in it. The Shakespeare puns were also spectacular.

And Filthy is a good dadhorse.

you know i never thought much about this ship but I really enjoy the story is so cute and awesome

I've heard that saying too, and agree with your author's note about it. Really touching story with some interesting lasting thoughts.

that and Diamond's such an adorable drama queen :pinkiesad2:

Nice story and I loved the Shakespeare puns, he was a really good writer

Adorable, absolutely adorable. And Shakespeare would be proud of your cleverness in using puns.

Why is this ship so popular right now?


Part of me wants to think it's because people genuinely like it. Another says that there's a contest going on for it right now with a $75 first-place prize. I think it's a bit of both.

A deconstruction of the whole bullies only tease the ones they like? I like it. I had basically written a parody on such an idea for April Foal’s Day, also a snarky one, and I have to say that while the old saying is a bit oversimplified, and how especially in today’s world with how bullyism/victimism is viewed, that little saying becomes a lot more lost in its meaning.

Warning: Incoming Insomniac’s tired ramblings in 3...2...1...

As children we don’t really see relationships as we do now. We don’t grasp the whole looking deep into how our actions affects others. Even on who pushes someone away can get jealous or feel betrayed when the one being pushed away is having fun with someone else now.

It’s not so much you want to bully or be a victim. It’s just that the social interactions and interactions between them haven’t fully matured. As Alaborn’s fic glazed over, they will mature over time. Most of us do. Many, at least back before internet days, even found themselves falling for those who may have not had the nicest interactions in their youths.

As you put it, it’s up to the individuals to realize the past do not bind us, we can be more than a victim, more than a bully. It’s often up to ourselves to learn to forgive ourselves or allow ourselves to be happy. Not limit ourselves to a troupe.

Humans are born selfish or meek. We learn to share, learn to make friends, learn that sometimes we do things that can make others sad. I really liked what you did here. Diamond still believing that what she has is just another selfish want, that she’ll do to Apple Bloom what that wench did to her father and her.

But life is unpredictable and love has no set rules. Only one thing is certain, we all change over time. Some bad become good, some good become bad, and some never change or simply don’t want to. I can judge someone on the here and now but never can I judge someone in who they’ll be tomorrow.

And I guess that’s a longwinded way of saying why I love these ships. The potential for change, what sparks it, and how it grows is quite alluring. The love or what we interpret it to be when we’re young changes with every new interactions we make day after day.

Whelp. Enough of me trying to pretend I even I a point to make, so just gonna say congrats and good work.

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