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Trixie and Twilight are best ponies! (Diamond Tiara is best filly :D )


Diamond Tiara is off sick with a cold, and Apple Bloom sees it as an oppurtunity to both help her out, and earn her Cutie Mark at the same time.

Contains traces of DiamondBloom.

Chapters (1)
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... The cover art for this terrifies me.


~Skeeter The Lurker

One of the best nurses I have ever read. A very nice cute story.

And it's more disturbing now that I interpret it as being Apple Bloom's kink.

You're all welcome for those nightmares.

Ponies sure do like dressing up as nurses.

Well it's certainly a cute little piece, I'll say that. Although Diamond Tiara and Apple Bloom taking a nap on wet sheets didn't really seem like that good of an idea to me.


It was just the bottom part of the sheets that were wet, like the part their legs couldn't reach, 'cause they're just lil' filles :3 (plus DT's bed I imagine is freakin' huge)

This should so be an episode. This idea is just too funny. :rainbowlaugh:

That being said I wouldn't mind having Apple Bloom as my nurse, so long as she can keep me form geting diabeetus. :heart:

I love this, and I love how Nurse Sweetheart is DT's mom :rainbowkiss:

... Okay, this needs to be more than just one chapter, come on! This could go places! ; ;

this should be a episode in s4. great job!

2788663 Agreed. I feel this could be longer. :)

noooooo—! I wanted to read more! :flutterrage:
Why end it when it was about to get fun? :rainbowwild:

This reminded me of the "Nurse Stimpy" episode of Ren & Stimpy...

"Nurse Diamond Tiara to the rescue! Now it's MY turn..."

awww they're so cute ;w;
lol toy shipping. I like where it ended, it was very cute. if it went any farther it would've delved into shipping, so it's a very nice ending here. and wow, Apple Bloom sure is princess demandy pants when she has a cold :rainbowlaugh: heck she's more demanding than Diamond Tiara was
very nicely written, here have a fave a like and a mustache :moustache:

Your picture sold me but the writing made me want to come back for more:twilightsmile:

Tiara being redheart's daughter that's a first for me. now I'm gonna be theory craftin' all night

Cute concept, though I feel that I had seen this scenario before.:pinkiesmile:
Oh well, needs some more pony snuggles or a kiss.:twilightsmile::heart:


I couldn't remember what Sweetheart looked like, so I figured Filthy just has a nurse on call, what with being so fabulously wealthy and all.

Also, this story amuses me to no end.

This was TOO cute. Too much adorbs here for me... HNNNNNNNNNNNNNG! :heart::heart::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::heart::heart::pinkiehappy:

As cute as it was, I really wouldn't want any of the Crusaders taking care of me while I was sick, for reasons Diamond knows all too well now. :rainbowlaugh:

This fic gave me diabeetus

This is adorable! It's always nice to see those two acting like, well, kids together.

I loved this story, hope to see more like it

This was adorable, and surprisingly in character. It would have been nice to see Apple Bloom's reasoning explored more, if she really liked Diamond or if she was just doing it 'because she was there' and all, but I can see this sort of thing happening where no one would notice.

Good to see Diamond Tiara can be kind of a jerk, but not completely heartless. :twilightsmile:

Cute story. You have peaked my intrest in the Diamond/Bloom freindship stories. :twilightsmile:

Hehe this was so cute :pinkiehappy:

I honestly think that would make a great episode for season 4. Instead of the usual, cliche storyline of Diamond Tiara being a pain and picking on the Crusaders and all that nonsense, a touching episode like this would be SO cute and something I would LOVE to see. Also, you did a great job. I'm glad you didn't make Diamond Tiara out to be a monster like many other stupid stories do, and you had her be...well, normal in this! It was adorable. :heart:

3590273 i totaly agree, um you would'nt happen to know a group that does lots of those...:twilightblush:right?


Awwwe :twilightsmile:
That was really cute. Especially the cuddles!
I don't even ship these two :derpytongue2:

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