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Trixie and Twilight are best ponies! (Diamond Tiara is best filly :D )


Feeling broken and defeated, Trixie Lulamoon leaves behind the Country of Equestria, and all of the ponies within it that don't want her there, in search of a new land that she may either call her home, or her final resting place.

She discovers the Crystal Empire, and to her shock, the ponies there aren't nasty, hateful creatures, but are actually kind, and welcoming to this new Unicorn stranger in their land. Appletini and Azure Eminence offer to help Trixie in rebuilding her career, and promise that she doesn't have to go back home if she doesn't want to, and the broken Unicorn slowly begins to feel right at home in this new land.

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Gotta read this one! I do have a soft spot for her. Trixie stories where they show the good inside wanting to come out please me! :twilightsmile:

Well this could be interesting :twilightsmile: or a total failure:raritydespair: hope its the first option. Beside yeah i think thats all just dont mess up. I will track it for now:twilightblush:

Trixie in the Crystal Empire. Sounds promising!

Hmm, I would think at the very least, Twilight wouldn't be such a negative force in Trixie's dreams, being the only one willing to forgive her. Maybe the month plus since then has wiped that slate clean.

Anyways, looking forward to more!

Ooh, first chapter and I'm already enjoying it!

...wish it was TwilightxTrixie though.


1904717 tell me, do you like Twix?

this is a nice story i like the ones with trixie in it

If you're talking about the candy, then yes, I love Twix.
If you're talking about the pairing, then yes, I love Twix.

This is more what I expected to happen to Trixie after 'Magic Duel' if no one went after her (which I was somewhat expecting). Trixie is living in her own personal Hell. And I believe her only hope, is redemption. And at least here, she has a chance to try.
Liked, Fav'ed and waiting for more.

By Faust did they smell good, :rainbowlaugh:

Hmm... most excellent. Let's hope she can make a better life. Based on her flashback, ponies in Equestria was kinda dickish.

Grats on the feature! I'll read this in a bit.

Trixie is awesome, just like this story :rainbowkiss:
Everypony needs to love Trixie moar! :flutterrage: :trixieshiftright:

Nopony gives things away from free

It’s all your deserve

There's a few minor errors like this. But other than that. Damn this is good.

Fav'd and thumb'd.


Sometimes I think this would be better in present tense, and sometimes I think it'd be better in past. :applejackunsure:

not really a trixie fan but i really liked this story cant wait for more:twilightsmile:

Trixie is a pony who, I think, has a lot of good in her that's never had a chance to get out. If you've ever read The Audience it suggests that she's been undergoing Cute Mark Failure Insanity Syndrome for awhile now and has been getting hecklers and hostile audiences long before Ponyvillie making her take a 'get them first' attitude.

I think Trixie can really shine. She just needs a chance.

She discovers the Crystal Empire, and to her shock, the ponies there aren't nasty, hateful creatures, but are actually kind, and welcoming to this new Unicorn stranger in their land.

Hate to break it to ya, but Trixie is characterized in the show as an obnoxious twat. So if she's driven out by other ponies, that's the most plausible reason, not that the inhabitants are "nasty, hateful creatures."

A little darker than I was expecting, but I do enjoy the premise of Trixie having adventures in the Crystal Empire.
Nice job overall.:eeyup:

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Well written, and rather believable. Fav'd and thumbed!
I could see this turning into a romantic fic, but that's just the hopeless romantic in me! XD
Keep up the good work!

Awesome story! Awaiting more. :trixieshiftright:

I wonder how Trixie will react when she find out that Twilight played major role in saving Empire from evil villain.

Twilight never meant to hurt Trixie, however Trixie just keep blaming Twilight for everything, not even considering the fact that Ursa Minor almost crushed her if it was not for Twilight magic, practically Trixie is making enemies from someone who is neutral to her.

This is pretty amazing, I love your characterization of Trixie and how you portrayed her life post-Magic Duel. It all flows together really well and I greatly look forward to reading more :pinkiehappy:


Well, it's always easier to blame an individual than a whole group. Truthfully, if she was going to blame anypony, it should've been Snips and Snails, but it wouldn't really save her reputation if she sought revenge against a couple of idiot colts. In my mind, Trixie knows Twi had no malicious intent, but for her sanity's sake she has to place the blame for her misfortunes on somepony, and her mind always places Twilight at the epicentre of disaster. Basically, she sees it as Twilight inadvertantly ruining her life twice and refuses to take any more chances with her.

And what with episode with Alicorn amulet, it was a little screw up, not to mention that mane 6 what managed to beat Nightmare Moon, failed to gank on Trixie and beat her.

Also another think what Twilight said: " Age changing spell, it is only for highest level Unicorns ", it make no sense, it would mean that there are other Unicorns on far higher level then Twilight, so why is Twilight Celestia personal student, why is Twilight doing all the dirty work, if Celestia and Luna have far more powerful Unicorns what would go and face dangerous mission.

For me Twilight is the stronger Unicorn in Equestria and when Flutthershy or Spike said " she got so much better in magic when she first arrived in Ponyvile ", yea, right, in episode 3 she managed to put to sleep 10 tons bear and levitated it kilometers into everfree forest to it is cave, not to mention levitating giant milk bottle to Ursa at the same time, and in season 3 she was sweating from levitating group of small animals, and I must say, she was getting tired from every small spell she cast, what happened to her huge raw power and endurance she had in episode 3 in season 1.

And another question, what was Alicorn amulet, something what can you make almighty and powerful was doing on sale in normal shop ?

And finally, why Trixie make peace with Twilight hours after she was defeated, should not it be developed over many episodes, it was just not believable.

Same as the fact that mane 6 saving Equestria so many times do not gave them any fame, Twilight was not even trusted by Celestia who thought that Twilight mistook headache killing spell with mind brainwashing spell on the wedding, and Trixie failure in Ponyvile made her incredibly popular in every town ( in negative way, screw up heroes who saved us from painful death or live in world of chaos, we need to laugh at Unicorn who was only indirectly responsible by the incident, as two stupid fans decided it would be cool to send Ursa Minor to town just because Trixie said she defeated Ursa Major ).

So yea, there are a lot of screw ups here and there in the show, but I do rather see Trixie and Twilight vs ungrateful Equestria, then Trixie blaming Twilight for her failure just because Equestria ponies sometime are to stupid and ungrateful.

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Goes onto my favorites list. More, please! :twilightsmile:

This is good...very good...


I want more!

1907725 To his credit, that statement could very well be trixie's own thoughts and feelings bleeding into the narrative, and that's just what she tells herself so she can sleep at night. Delusions and all that.

1907725 It's more of a matter that, in spite of Twilight personally forgiving Trixie, her reputation has not survived her latest shenanigans and is unlikely to make a recovery. Of course, Trixie being Trixie, is more likely to just lump it on ponies being nasty and hateful. Lets face it, when you're in show business and royally screw up the way Trixie did (twice no less), it's almost impossible to rebound. So yeah, while Trixie certainly has enough problems with her own personality, a lot of this can be chalked up to ponies not letting bygones be bygones just because a single pony has forgiven her.

i need more of this
it's like shooting up
give me my fix, asshole
i need the fucking drugs

That is a good point.


So yeah, while Trixie certainly has enough problems with her own personality, a lot of this can be chalked up to ponies not letting bygones be bygones just because a single pony has forgiven her.

Your wording seems a bit off, so I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to say here :twilightoops:

1) To be fair, the mane 6 didn't really 'beat' nightmare moon. In terms of sheer power, NM had them beaten, but her cockiness lead to her downfall. I think Hasbro decided to skip on the girls getting their asses kicked and just went straight to the part where they got a lucky shot in.

2) As for twilight being celestia's personal student, I think it's because she shows a remarkable level for someone her age. With age comes wisdom and I doubt Celestia will teach someone really old when she can just teach a prodigy unicorn. Now as for Twilight being involved, I'm guessing Celestia is just trying to have them blast away anything she doesn't like with the elements. NM was the first person they blasted, discord was the second, they were told to find the elements before being swarmed by changelings. Now I guess you could argue Celestia threw them to the dogs with sombra but I guess that since he has no corporal form when he attacked the empire, the elements wouldn't work. As for the reason for being sent there... all they had to do was throw a party and find a crystal... not really that life threatening when you think about it. So what if they failed and Sombra took control. Send in the army and kick his ass out of the kingdom again and find the heart.

3) Now twilight has indeed gotten better at magic. Let's see what she could do in season 1... animate inanimate objects, grow facial hair, levitation, teleportation, and small magic bolts. However in season 3 she's throwing around dark magic and gravity magic. Yes, she was tired from the levitation, but that was because she pretty much wasted all her mana (or whatever they use to fuel magic) on trying to use the gravity spell.

4) The amulet probably was in the shop because it was 'lost so many years ago and never found' or some other BS like that. Trixie probably heard rumors and thought the amulet int he shop was it. As for why nobody bought it before... would you really wear an amulet that corrupted your mind the longer you wore it?

5) Yes, the episode needed to be longer and the ending wasn't really believable. 'destroy a town and cause millions in damages? get out of town and we'll spread rumors about you destroying your life. Enslave the town and establish a new city state with you as its head? It's Ok, we forgive you...' I mean WTF is that all about?

6) How much do you want to bet that Celestia is taking credit for all of twilights accomplishments? NM? 'I saved my sister and have found keepers for my elements!' Discord? 'I've dealt with him... I scared him so much he was trying to get away from me as he was being encased in stone, hence his pose.' Crystal empire? 'Ok block off all trade roots to the country, nobody can know a DRAGON of all things saved the day. If anyone asks, I saved it and the country has decided to go into isolation.'

Yeah, all and all the show can be a bit messed up, and I'd love to see a trixie vs equestria story. Or, how about an elements vs anti elements story/epsiode. Trixie would be the anti twilight and lightning dust could be the anti rainbow dash. All we need are more anti mane 6 characters and the possibility of this become real increased.


Yeah, all and all the show can be a bit messed up, and I'd love to see a trixie vs equestria story.

You say this and all I can imagine is Trixie taking ponyville to court in some way. Bonus points if she has found a (legal) leg to stand on in doing so.


Well, what I personally prefer would be episode where Flutthershy is trying to safe live of starving and hurt changeling, proving that you can not blame changeling's to invade since without enough love they many would die from starvation ( " as Queen of Changelings, it is my duty to find love for my subjects " ), I bet that if ponies would starve and invading Griffon Kingdom would be only way to safe ponies from starvation ( as much as changelings asking for peace with ponies would end up in they secret blown up and anty changeling operations, Celestia asking Griffon for food assistance would end with Griffons invading weakened and hungry ponies ), in the end Chrysalis did not hurt a single pony, but hundreds died from Armor shield what pushed them to badlands ( some crushed into walls, some with broken wings crushed when hit the ground, the rest dying from starvation as ponies would be more careful and wary of changelings after failed invasion ), ponies would probably end without killing any Griffon, Griffons would kill invading forces and than let Equestira starve to death.
And in situation 1, Chrysalis and Changelings were villains, in situation 2, Celestia and ponies would be villains.

Also episode where Celestia and Luna ( especially Luna ) would cooperate with Mane 6, I mean, autors of the show do everything in they power to get Celestia/Luna and all background characters like guards all of the way so that mane 6 would need to fight everything without any assistance, on the Wedding they got help from Shinning and Cadence, but it was more of those 2 saving the day than actually cooperating with mane 6, and again Sombra Twilight and Spike were forced to find heart when others were doing something else.

Episode where Luna team up with mane 6 to defeat great evil is another episode I would like to see next to Flutthershy saving Changeling's and proving that changelings are not mindless creatures who deserve to starve.

I just really do not like that mane 6 must do everything, Equestria is strong Kingdom after all, so why it does not defend itself together instead of sending 6 mares to do all the job without helping them.

Also episode with Nyx from Past Sins would be great, I hear Cartoon Bronies wanted to make Past Sins into animation movie, but they surrendered because of lack of support long time ago.

Also I hear of episode where mane 6 will take care of Discord to change his ways, I personally think that Flutthershy and PinkiePie should be the ones giving him chance, not just Flutthershy, I mean come on, Pinkie is always last to assume someone is villain.

Nice, added to favorites. Also this has some of the best grammar of any story I have read on this site so far :raritystarry:

I like this Trixie.

must keep reading.

(also that whole faust as a deity thing is sort of a turn off. but since i only saw it twice. and hopefully not anymore i won't make a big deal out of it)

1910230 What I meant was that Twilight forgiving Trixie didn't mean that the rest of ponykind was going to do the same.

Well, honestly, I can't really blame them. She's an obnoxious twat, for the most part.

1912980 True enough. But since the story is from her perspective, she's going to shift the blame over to someone else, hence the "nasty, hateful creatures" thing.

Yeah, I can understand that.

Trixie was an.obnoxious bitch but you would think news of her Bering sorry would at least spread a little bit or she be accepted in ponyville

Trixie... I agree that what happened to you was excessive but did it ever occur to you to go to Twilight Sparkle (the one who forgave you, remember) and beg her for help? Pride is a wonderful thing but it can't fill a stomach or put a roof over your head. If there is anyone who could work out how to rehabilitate your reputation it's her!

Of course, in the end, Trixie didn't want to admit she needed help. So, instead, she's been chased by demons that I suspect exist primarily in her subconsciousness, to the Far North and the Crystal Empire.

Great spot, isn't it?

Did I mention that the Empress is Twilight's sister-in-law and helped raise her from foalhood? :twilightoops:

1912810 in this type of fic where Trixie is throwing Equestria away. i'd like to see her struggle to break that bond. mainly in her language like saying "Celestia be damned" or "holy mother of Luna"
seeing the whole "for the love of Faust" is like a small poison. i get it, that it's supposed to be what deity she would have left to honor. but anything even Orion would work better.
and plus i stand by my earlier, her catching herself saying Celestia and Luna's names as she struggles to truly throw it all away.


Trixie was born on April Fool's Day.

Date of birth: 1st April 979

SHE IS BIG FREAKIN JOKE :trixieshiftleft:

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