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Trixie and Twilight are best ponies! (Diamond Tiara is best filly :D )


It's a sad, sad day in Ponyville, because Twilight Sparkle and Trixie Lulamoon are filing for divorce. Can nothing save their marriage before it's too late?

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Hah, this was a fantastic one-shot. Just as awesome as everything else you write :twilightsmile:

Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

you know i would like to see the relationship between alicorn twilight and Trixie

That ending!!!!:rainbowlaugh:

wow, bravo, started off bad but wow that ending bravo

Well saw that coming. Twilight can deny her ego all she wants, but it's there.

Rage sex. So much rage sex.

At first I was like :pinkiegasp:
Then I was like :pinkiesad2:
Then I was like :pinkiecrazy:
Now I am like :pinkiehappy:


Trixie.:facehoof: Stop boasting and get into that bed this instant!:twilightangry2:

yes ma'am. :trixieshiftleft::twilightblush:

This is why some couples fight: the make-up sex is incredible. :trixieshiftright::twilightsmile:

Poor Mayor Mare; she needs the vacation more than anypony. :eeyup:

Whew. I was worried for a moment

Princess Celestia coordially invites you to the divorce of Trixie Lulamoon and Twilight Sparkle.

It's a Canterlot Divorce!

This is Twixie in its best form: two largely incomparable personalities grinding each other's gears until it goes from frustration to inuendo.

That final line... :rainbowlaugh:

Rage sex is best sex :trixieshiftleft:

I have no words, so here's a video.

I need to show Gravekeeper this. This is instant gold. This was freaking DELICIOUSLY Twixie! The GOOD kind of Twixie xD
OMG I was having the shittiest day and this straight up melted my stress away. THANK YOU and GOD this was so good!

Btw, likely because you were typing so fast, you wrote "It it's not" near the end instead of "If it's not".

Mayor Mare is going to have fun cleaning up THAT mess xD omg *blush* that was freaking cute!

A divorce story! My prayers have been answered praise Jesus

Damn Jesus why do you have to let me down

2449874 You must really have loved that ending!
Twixie Twixie Twixie Twixie Twixie Twixie Twixie Twixie Twixie Twixie Twixie Twixie Twixie Twixie TwixieTwixieTwixieTwixie Twixie Twixie Twixie Twixie Twixie Twixie Twixie Twixie Twixie Twixie

Gotta admit, they have *the* most fun ship name in the fandom. Feel free to open up your own Fan Club :p

2449883 yes that ending was fantastic ( sarcasm )

2447323 Damnit... I followed your comment... and at the end, I heard Big Mac say "Eeyup!" and now I oddly want to see a Mayor Mare x Big Macintosh... it feels strangely perfect right now!

I blame Yukito and you. You especially. YUKITO WRITE THIS SOMEHOW!

2449901 I can't help but smile reading what you type in that Shrek voice :p

2449920 Why thank you. I can see this will be the start of ... something.:trollestia:

There is no sex better than make-up sex.

A pleasant and sweet one-shot. Enjoyable enough to favorite.

You know how hard it is to cover up laughter like that when I am suppose to be grounded?!?! :rainbowlaugh:

Best. Twixie. One-shot. EVER!!!!:pinkiehappy:

Inevitable ending was inevitable.

and hilariously satisfying.

The drama! The tension! The two week vacation! Seriously, that was hilarious and fun. Well done. :twilightsmile:

Heh this is the best one-shot i've read in a while. Deliciously hilarious. :twilightsmile::heart::trixieshiftright:

Mayor Mare's still gonna need that drink after all. :trollestia:

Haha! Good read :pinkiehappy: But I guess the ending was a bit obvious already...:twilightblush:

"I hate it when mommy and mommy fight." said Spike. (insert sad Spike-face here, cuz I only have this :moustache:)

Anyways, nice little story. I can always count on you for some good Twixie. :rainbowkiss:


You raise a good point (not made the least bit ironic by your name). If Twilight and Trixie really do get divorced, who would get custody of Spike? (I'm sure Trixie will try to snatch Rarity to win his favour, and Twilight would probably use her Princessness to get the deed to an entire gem mine)

I can actually see Twilight and Trixie fighting each other over who keeps Spike, and Spike just loving all the attention he's getting XD

Is it just me or does that sound like a sequel? :trollestia:

Honestly I can't imagine a divorcie between Twilight and Trixie.
But I admit that when i firstly read the titule i was like :pinkiegasp:, them :pinkiesad2: and finally after reading it I was like :pinkiehappy:, them :twilightsmile: and :yay:. This was SO AWESOME :heart: :rainbowkiss:

“I mean it, Trixie.”

“I mean it, superior pony.”

That was freaking awesome!

How.. how did I forget about my favorite ship?! As much as I love Twiluna, Twixie is 10 times better to read.

Think this needs a comedy tag cause its obviously played for laughs.

This was funny!:twilightblush:

I have read this three or four times now and have never failed to laugh. :pinkiehappy:

it just doesn't get old

2472328 Is this story by any chance related to your Twixie Love Story? And if not, will there ever be any form of continuation to it, or another story set in its universe?

I have no words...
I quite litterally have NO words...

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