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Trixie and Twilight are best ponies! (Diamond Tiara is best filly :D )


Meet Pat the changeling. He's in Ponyville on an exchange programme to further pony-changeling relationships.

Based on the small changeling that appeared briefly in Slice of Life.

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It's about time this little guy got a story.
I was getting worried.

6091800 I'm actually writing a story about that Changeling but it looks like someone beat me to it. I'm still going to write it but Yukito has my praise for writing this, I thought I'll be the only one. Give this story a read and my version should be done later today. Having more than one view on this should be nice.

There needs to be an actual episode focusing on the changeling.

Great story, :raritywink::moustache::pinkiehappy::yay:

He just wished he hadn't called him 'Mommy' in class the other day.

I think you mean her

....ok this was adorable.
Only advice:
He just wished he hadn't called him 'Mommy' in class
^cherilee is a male? o_O

and the breaks of 'pat the changeling' get a bit annoying. I understand the purpose of them; but perhaps a different organization method?

Bucking Dinky. lol

Loving this so far. Story #92 and you go and made a story with best exchangeling student.

What story/presentation did DT use this time? lol

Honestly I think Equestria is in pretty good shape.

That love chain circle! You used the joke! Only with less Rarity and RD. lol

Great story. Just loved this.

I still think the princesses aren't really shirking their responsibilities much. They just happen to live really close to Ponyville and know a fellow princess there. And... and... okay yeah they are but come on you gotta admit they have lots of time before having to lower some celestia body.

Far as Pat here goes? I think it ties in well with your Ace stories. So now you have an excuse to use changelings in stories more! Win-Win!
More Pat in the future? We can only hope so.


Little-known-fact that Cheerilee is a guy. Hence the 'Lee' in his name :raritywink:

But in all cerealness I'll fix that right away :twilightblush:

And Zecora is trans :P

:rainbowlaugh:I was waiting for this!

YAY! This was such a cute story, and is actually more or less my own headcanon with why s/he was there. (Chrysalis and Equestria making peace). Mwahaha, fear the power of the Dinky, Chrysalis!

The princesses yet again neglecting their duties

I don't know, they probably just found some free time to do it. Just because they're heads of state doesn't mean they have no free time, that's what delegation is for.

The random changeling that had no explanation as to why/how it was there.


Hoping against hope to see more about this!

Can you right more of this this is a awsome story.


Well first, it seems all three of them had the time off, plus Shining Armor, at the same time. Despite that none of them seemed to help with that big monster attacking Ponyville.

And even assuming they DID all have time off on the same day, why would they spend it going to the wedding of two donkies they don't even know? Heck, you can't even begin to use Twilight as the excuse this time because there's never been any indication that she knows much about them outside of their names.

Like I said, it's a pet peeve of mine. Probably shouldn't bother me this much, except I've come to hate Celestia and Luna as rulers because they're constantly skipping out on their duties, either giving them to Twilight or just ditching them to help a filly get over her fear of the dark or whatever mundane problem she has. So every time it happens, it's another nail in the 'down with alicorns' coffin :3


Well first, it seems all three of them had the time off, plus Shining Armor, at the same time.

Schedules can be moved around and changed. Plus, we don't know how long in advance they got the invitation.

Despite that none of them seemed to help with that big monster attacking Ponyville.

We also don't know when they arrived, or how. They could've just teleported inside the building without even seeing the bugbear.

of two donkies they don't even know?

I don't know about 'don't even know'. I mean, Cranky's best friends with a sea serpent. He and Matilda may have been government workers at one point.

except I've come to hate Celestia and Luna as rulers because they're constantly skipping out on their duties

Keep in mind, we only see them when they're not doing their duties. We're not going to be seeing them filling out mountains of paperwork because that's boring as shit.

either giving them to Twilight

Can we get a chart of how many duties they've given to Twilight, and how many they've done themselves?

just ditching them to help a filly get over her fear of the dark or whatever mundane problem she has.

Um... ahem... that's part of Luna's duties.

Your down with alicorns coffin is just entirely headcanon.

6092174 Hey, don't you dare to belittle Bloom & Gloom and dream duty :trixieshiftleft:. We all know what happened last time those feelings were ignored.

Based on the small changeling that appeared briefly in Slice of Life.

What is this Slice of Life you speak of?:trixieshiftright:


6092277 :facehoof:Of course, that's what I get for not jumping to it as soon as it came out.

Thanks for answering. :twilightblush:


OK, Pat is simply adorable, and I hope we get to see many, many more adventures with him. :raritystarry:

i knew there was going to be fanfiction about this little guy!

i freakin' love Pat

6092282 np but I think some videos of it are still up on youtube


In fact actually, I'm putting this in a GDoc because that is a LOT of text ^_^;;


... Sorry 'bout the ranting there, but as you can see, this IS a subject that gets to me about the show ^_^;; Celestia and Luna are built up as these great rulers and yet everything we see of them only convinces me that they're more like kids playing a Diarchy Simulator.

Who else would be more qualified to be the foal exchange student then Ditzy Doo? She has a heart of gold!

6092347 Thankfully there is always EqD with a bunch of links to the Episodes

Basically if the video exists somewhere, they got it.:derpytongue2:


his name is stanley

"I always feel full when you two are together," he said. "I can tell you really like her."
"Ohhh, stoooop," Silver Spoon giggled, her face resembling a tomato.
"It's the same feeling I get whenever Diamond Tiara talks to Apple Bloom."
Silver Spoon stopped giggling, and her face returned to its original colour. A deadly silence fell between the two, shattered when Silver Spoon, in a cold, harsh tone, asked, "What?"
"And then I get that feeling when Apple Bloom talks to Scootaloo, and when Scootaloo talks to Sweetie Belle, and then also when Sweetie Belle looks at you in class while she nibbles her pen."

My god... Well, there's only one solution. ORGY!

And then Pat returned to the Changeling Kingdom to find Queen Dinky the Playful upon the throne, and Chrysalis suffering five forms of cuteness-induced diabetes.


Dinky draws and colours in a heart in her notepad and the Changeling Kingdom has a power outage after all the fuses blow.

EDIT: If anypony has watched Monsters Inc., Dinky's love is like Boo's laughter in that world. More power than one kid should be allowed to weild.

I absolutely loved this. Couldn't stop laughing, especially at the bits with Dinky and the dress-up scene featuring the love... quintangle between the crusaders and the Terrible Twosome.

In other news, "rainbow kicks of justice" is my new favourite phrase.

Why does the tag on this story say complete?

We need more Pat!

Also more Dinky shenanigans in the changeling kingdom

Dammit, why cant I click the like button a infinite amount of times for all this win.

6091800 I totally agree with this! But hey this isn't Pat! This is Doomie and he's there because of Pinkie :rainbowkiss:

So quick to be featured! :pinkiehappy:

That episode was such an awesome hoot! It was so wonderful of the producers to give a bit of a shoutout to all the fandom's speculations.

As for the changeling, I just figured he got bumped a tad bit hard when everyone was thrown into the town hall and he figured that if he didn't move a muscle, nopony would notice him sitting there :rainbowlaugh: Now, what we all have to do is go through the images of ponies caught up in Vynil's stereo-hog just before the crash and the folks in their seats to see who's "missing"

Excellent work, man - I really enjoyed this. The love triangle (or pentagram?) made me chuckle, and the whole story has a very entertaining slice of life vibe to it. Cool little trick with the scene breaks too :twilightsmile:

Also Fujin and Raijin at the end there, awesome :rainbowkiss: Keep up the good work!


Maybe Vinyl's wubs were so epic, they opened a wormhole that sucked the lil' fella in from somewhere across the world. Hell, maybe she sucked him in from the future, where changelings live in Ponyville. (whether they live with ponies or rule them, we'll leave to speculation :raritywink:)

2) The random changeling that had no explanation as to why/how it was there. If they intend to use it again later, with some backstory, then fine, but just in this episode alone, they really could've done with a minute or two to establish why it was there in Ponyville.

Self-evident answer: they did it specifically to kick up speculation and inspire fanworks on the subject. Like this one.

Hahaha! Yes! I knew this was coming!

We've been referring to this little guy as "Steve from accounting" but Pat works, too!

6092638 The whole episode is inspired by fanfiction, dude.

Also, I read somewhere there MAY be a point to the Changeling being there other than a clever reminder back to the Canterlot Wedding episode.

6092604 But if you watch that scene again, you'll notice the foals near him are cowering from him, so the ponies ARE somewhat aware he is there at the wedding.

6092353 So? It shows there is more to them than just being responsible characters. You don't want them to be as dull and bland as Princess Elise from Sonic 06, do you? I pray to God you don't!

6092113 I think this author is racist towards alicorns. XD

Also, I heard the Changeling MIGHT be a hint to a future episode. I also heard he could be Rhubarb, a character from a fanfic on this site of the same name. I hear a lot of things, mostly voices telling me to kill.

Must kill famous bronies and become the sole ruler of this fandom...

Sorry, I spaced out there for a second.



tbf I only know four, two pure-blood and two transformed.

The two pure-blood I just think have no right to be rulers and should return the land back to the Three Tribes. Cadance and Twilight I'm okay with. Especially Twilight :3

6092733 If Hasbro makes an episode showing just how much hard work they do for their kingdom, you're gonna look really foolish. XD

And I'll be demanding credit for the idea if Hasbro does do that. XD

I like this story, I really do. And I could easily jot it down to the way you've portrayed changelings here as total individuals, and that probably wouldn't be a surprise to those we know me here on fimfiction. However, while that may have initially sparked my interest, there's much more that makes it a lovely read for me.

A major reason is how well it just works a cute, upbeat slice-of-life story. I have no doubt that some will take those few seconds of the changeling in the episode and him sitting apart from the fearful kids and will turn out a slew of sad/angst stories about his "misery of being an outcast and being persecuted because of his race by ignorant and hateful ponies at a time of love, while either just trying to make the wedding for altruistic purposes for his friend Cranky". If people like those stories, fine, but they're just not for me personally as we see plenty of those kind of changeling angst stories on this sight already.

But here, while Pat is disheartened a bit about the other children being scared of him, he's not being aggressively hounded at every turn like in some fanfics, and nor does he himself spend the whole time wallowing in wangst or lamenting how "rejected" he is. Pat is still a happy, outgoing and sweet little colt (he even takes part in the filly scouts for crying out loud!) and out of the thousands of changeling OCs out there, he's one of those I'd be happy to follow and see explored more.

He also has quite the interesting and even heartwarming relationships with the other characters, like with the CMC, Cheerilee (how he calls her 'Mom' is just an adorable ideas) and even DT and SS. It would've been easy to turn those last two into the designated antagonists of this story who pick on him, only for his designated romantic interest character to swoop down and save him, but no, even they have a fairly good relationship with him, even if it's for their own shallow ends. But hey, that's Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, what else do you expect? Not to mention, that scene itself was really funny.

And yeah, it was pretty damn funny. The aforementioned filly love... pentagon(?), Momma Cheerilee getting her hoof burned by acidic changeling blood, and even Twilight wiping a tear at the possible future of peace between pony and changelingkind while simultaneously fighting Bugbear. It remains a predominantly slice-of-life story at heart, but its showered with comedic beats like those that make it all the more enjoyable.

I also like the general idea of the changeling in question (Pat) being a child, which can work given how he is sitting in the children's section, which is then for a Exchange Student program story, something I'd love to see used more in mlp fanfiction, especially changeling stories.

I may have more to say later, we'll see, but for now, I can happily say this was a story I very much enjoyed and eagerly look forward to more of little Pat the Changeling in the future if you decide to revisit him again, hopefully about his life in the homeland.

10/10. Thumbs up and fav. An adorable little fic that lifts the spirits while at the same time not needing to indulge in the cliche angst/sadness that run rampant in changeling stories. Well done, mate.

Annoymous Pegasus was right

>But that is a story for another time.

I'm hoping that there is.

Darn it! I knew I should've been faster!!!.. Now I have to get rid of my own Random Changeling and/or change it.. Funny I named him Jeff but Pat works for me...

6092796 Cue the changlings are the real heroes and ponies are the speciest evil folk!

This was good.

The only thing that I think I wish I could have seen is to find out what Dinky was doing while all of this was going on. Don't get me wrong, Pat's adventures were a good read, but I think I also want to see Dinky's side of the story since, you've introduced her to begin with. Plus, we've only got only one scene with her and we have no idea what happened to her other then giving love freely to everyone she runs into. Just a few details here and there to balance out what was going on with her in the Changeling Kingdom.

But other then that, this was a good read.

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