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Got Inspired · 8:26pm Apr 23rd, 2019

the following is just some details on Stargazer that weren't really touched on in the original FiE
i got inspired to write this
but didn't want to get hopes up with posting it as a new story, as i'm still not sure if i'll revive it. just feel like getting this out there

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Hey it's gonna be real real awkward to ask this like, 8 years later, but I gotta try.

You mentioned that you have a synopsis of the plot of Sonic: FiE. I checked your DA and couldn't seem to find it, I don't suppose you could link me to it?

of course, i really like the premise and execution of the story, but man, i've got a lot to read. haha

Thnx for the fave:twilightsmile:

1437599 the story takes place after specific events. Sonic Unleashed is one of them. so no, you will not see those appear in the story.

Hey VGFanatic20, Can u make that one want sonic in his werehog form because if u is go to remake a new sonic friendship is eternal. And put chip and dark gala in the story.:pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile::scootangel::yay::rainbowkiss: So to will be perfect. P.S Please finish it soon

  • Viewing 24 - 28 of 28
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