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No Bio I'm afraid.

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/)* Brohoof.

Playsation sucks, so heres a PM on your page.

I look at it when I can but life has hit me in face. A lthough... I love the way you write though. So many refences per square paragraph(insert wub wub woo face). I digress... I can't exactly type fanfiction on a Ps3 or use dropbox(THIS IS WHY XBOX IS BETTER!) but its my only way to to interwebs. I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH, but life is being a parasprite. But yeah... I'll get to it when I can.

--RoamingHooves, OUT!--

thanks for the fave:rainbowkiss:

Sorry to comment on your page but for some odd reason my messages won't work:applejackunsure:... sure if you want to pitch me your Ideas sure. I know where the story is heading I just have...:applejackconfused:well lack of motivation. But I digress. any help would be much appreciated.

-RoamingHooves, out.-

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