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Trixie and Twilight are best ponies! (Diamond Tiara is best filly :D )


Short stories written for the Thirty Minute Pony Stories Tumblr.

Note: Even though this is marked as 'Complete', more chapters will be added if and when I partake in more prompts. Also, each chapter will have it's own individual genre and character tags.

Chapter 1 - Prompt #268: 'I forgive you, even if you don’t forgive yourself.'
Chapter 2 - Prompt #484: 'Somepony joins a secret organization.'
Chapter 3 - Prompt #497: 'The last five hundred steps.'
Chapter 4 - Prompt #527: 'Her first kill.'

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 24 )

Technically... maybe...
But in reality. You wrote a story. You shared with us a piece from your imagination.

To me, that makes you a success.


Still. So. Good. :pinkiehappy:

One of these days I just wanna see you write a trollfic, just so that I can finally say something bad. :twilightsmile:

I said it once, I'll say it again. You write great Trixie stories. You did it again.

It's okay for 31 minutes. Definitely not your best work, but it is readable (that's the goal right?). So all in all, a successful one-shot.

I really hope that Trixie returns in Season 4 and gets a bit of honest redemption. I can see her touring with a disguised Twilight as part of some overly-complex scheme on Celestia's part to let Twilight learn all about her new realm (a 'King Lear/princess in disguise' trope).

2173985 Trixie's boastful demeanor has always acted like a mask that hides her true feelings (or in some cases, true talents). Twilight's friends ripped off that mask unwittingly by trying to comfort her. I believe that's why she pushed them away. She didn't want them to see anymore of her true self.

After Twilight accepts her apology, she puts the mask back on. Whether Great and Powerful or Great and Apologetic, it appears that she doesn't wish to show anypony what a soft-hearted and sorrowful mare she truly is. Her smile may be genuine instead of snide, but perhaps her eyes reflect something deeper that she doesn't want exposed.

You may not want it, but you have my support, Trixie. You don't have to be alone. *hugs*

For a story written in thirty minutes, this really generated some deep insight into Trixie's character. Color me impressed. :ajsmug:


"You don't have to be alone"

Whenever I think of the Mane 6 (or anypony, for that matter) reaching out to Trixie to be her friends, and her stubbornly rejecting them, I always think of that song :twilightblush:

This was a success, no two ways about it. Poor Trixie. Now her, I wanna feel sorry for and hug. So, *Hugs*

Ouch. My feels.:fluttercry:
A minute over the limit huh? Can't say I care, something this powerful written in a half hour will always be a success in my book.

Ugh, figures. I have had the same damned idea for two months; had planned on a four-chapter story with Trixie encountering those three ponies; would've lead up to her apology with Twilight. Never could work up the nerve to actually write it. And here you did just that in thirty freaking Minutes. And did it quite well, I may as well add.

So I assume that idea of mine is off-limits now...

Guess I can plan out that story where she starts a circus instead. Or perhaps the one where she and Twilight go on an epic railroading quest transporting some special cargo to the Griffin Kingdom... God God, how will I make that work?


Now now, just 'cause somepony's done something similar, doesn't mean you can't still write your own story. And I'd love to see more fics like this written by other authors :twilightsmile:

If we're banning people from writing something just because it's been done, at least two-thirds of this site has to come down. Probably more.

Also, pretty good story considering the time constraint. It feels complete, which is the biggest issue with most "x minute" stories ("oh damn I'm at twenty-six minutes better wrap this up!"). Also, this seems very much like something we would see in an episode.

Interesting... I wouldn't mind seeing this developed into a story of its own.

See this quill I'm holding?

Right? See the quill? See quill?

Well, what are you waiting for? :pinkiehappy:

I think you just gave him more characterization than the movie itself. :p

Isnt he...a Pegasus? Cant he have just flown down the steps?

I love the subtle way you built up their relationship. The musical number was great too.

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