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Trixie and Twilight are best ponies! (Diamond Tiara is best filly :D )


Diamond Tiara has a secret. She likes Anime. Loves it, even. But nopony can find out. Not her parents, or her friend, or her classmates... Nopony! They'd never understand! They'd laugh at her, call her names, tell her *gasp* They would say she's uncool!

Well, it can't be that hard to keep such a secret from everypony in Ponyville, can it?

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The premise makes me think of Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai.

I had the same idea.

I like this story. Nice touch on having Shining Armor watching anime.

This single sinario has happened to me almost 1000 time, if i could upvote this more i would please continue.

Oblivious Sweetie Belle is oblivious. I don't know why that is so amusing.

Shining Armor, Sweetie Belle, and Diamond Tiara like anime? :pinkiegasp:

When I read "Kiss already!" This came to mind.

Okay, so I actualy thought of Power Rangers Time Force, since the facebook group I watch the fansubs on only has Timeranger up to episode 9, but anyway, both are similar and this song is better!
(... Did I just rant about a theme song on a pony fanfic comment?)

Ah, I am in love with this premise. :yay: Almost makes me feel sorry for DT, there. Almost. :raritywink:

Diamond Tiara, you should be honest with your friends and family and let them know that anime is something that you love. Seriously, you can't deny that. Don't let any of anypony else's opinions of anime drag you into despair. Because it's awesome and you're awesome for watching it. Just stay out of the XXX stuff... we don't want you getting into that at all.

Small nitpick:

> animes
anime is a mass noun. Don't add "s".

This is pretty good. And I love the internal struggle with DT.
Good job making her more than just the alpha bitch, :rainbowlaugh:

Tracking. This is a good premise, considering.

Anime... Uncool? What is this blasphemy!?

Oh Diamond Tiara, I've had the same problem growing up...
Great idea, I've really got to see how this pans out.

DT must have been like:twilightangry2::flutterrage: AAAAAAHHHH, JUST SMOOCH ALREADY!!!!!
Seriously though, it's pretty good. I hope more will be out soon.

Don't worry, Diamond Tiara. Your father doesn't suspect you're watching anime!

He just might suspect you're watching adult stuff, though. Especially if you keep yelling for them to "kiss already" at the screen.

i know that feeling alot, being a furry and if sameone find out you get thos eyes.... i hated it but alwell this will be awsome

You must have this story continue! I'll be gone and out of touch from anything pony-related starting this Monday for two years. I expect plenty of lols when I get back.

This is pretty good. Maybe you can add one more character? :eeyup:

Hmm. Lets see if I get this right... Case Closed (A.K.A. Detective Conan) and Card Captor Sakura?

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu anyone?

I'm not sure if 'Macintosh is thinking about the right thing...

1762033 Huzza! Lets see if I can guess them correctly! .Hack//Legend of the Twilight, Full Metal Panic, and... uh (tvtropes, don't let me down!) Gakuen Alice?

hahaha she almost sew the XXX sufft hahaha

Full metal pony= full metal alchemist

Also speaking of anime
anyone watch Death note, high school of the dead, and Deadman Wonderland


You're good O_O

I was half expecting people to guess Fullmetal Alchemist, tbh, since that series seems to be more popular XD and it's really just any .hack, not specificically that one.

Rich, the reason DT is acting that way is because she's watching hentai! LOL!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

:eeyup: Don't worry, Mr. Rich, she's just watching porn.

This is the first time I'm liking a DT fanfiction. Well, second time, counting that shipfic with Snips.

Faving and waiting for moar cameos:rainbowkiss:

Excellent references, though might I suggest a Little Magic Knight Rayearth thrown into the mix? Maybe a little Toriko? Just some friendly suggestions, I mean you don't have to use them if you don't want to.

How about referencing more recent animes like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure?(Best new anime of the season to me)
Also i have to say that this is one of the rare fanfics where i like Diamond Tiara and i like what i have read so far:twilightsmile:

...I wish I had an anime store near were I live :applecry:
But I am surprised you updated already, which I find awesome!

lol, Filthy now has the wrong ideas, methinks. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiegasp: I don't think this is tied to your Sweetie Spoon camping trip, correct? :raritywink:


Nah, this is a seperate Universe from that.


I'm stealing that picture.:pinkiecrazy:

Oh lord the anime pony puns. But im watchin this lik a hawk

OH it look like SP is a Star Trek SiFi girl hehe.

Ugh. .hack was terrible. Full Metal Alchemist for the win.

Still prefer quite slice of life animes, like Azumanga Daioh. Someone should ponyify that.

The ponified anime sure are giving me a few chuckles, how about something along the lines of Steins: Gate? Sure would crack me up.:pinkiegasp:

Okay, who else is curious:
What, exactly, happened between Macintosh and Applejack? Did he walk in on her reading a steamy romance novel she got from the Oranges? Something like that?

1762350 Well, my younger sister used to read the manga, and Gakuen Alice has a female lead. Most of my knowledge of anime/manga comes from my sister. The rest comes from prowling TvTropes.

Perhaps I was wrong. Maybe unoblivious Sweetie Belle is best Sweetie Belle.

Im just going to say it, best manga out there is Berserk. I am glad people are posting so many interesting anime names though, I think I'll look a few of them up.:ajsmug:
This is a whole new side of DT that I never thought I'd see.:derpyderp1:


I dunno, she's good both oblivious and not-oblivious, but for the sake of this story, I just chose the latter this time.

A/N: As I was writing this, I thought to myself: Chibi Changeling would actually be a pretty good idea for a fanfic. A changeling that, instead of feeding off of love, has to inject love into ponies. Anypony know if this has been done yet?

If I wasn't busy with three other projects, I would totally be all over that shizz :3

I laughed my ass off this whole chapter please keep writing this

So... Ms. Cheerilee thinks they are watching "bad" videos? :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

They think 8 year olds are watching porn. That is hilarious.


Have their ages ever really been established in canon? I usually think they're about 10 or 11 myself.

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