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Trixie and Twilight are best ponies! (Diamond Tiara is best filly :D )


Diamond Tiara and Apple Bloom hate each other. Their hate is strong, and pure. But their families are such good friends, and have plans for the two fillies to be together through marriage. They will have none of this hate between the two fillies.

In order to protect their hatred towards each other, the two run away to their new life of forever being mortal enemies, in the hopes that one day they can be apart from each other in peace.

Entry into the 2013 NaPoWriMo event.

Word count: 51,140/50,000 (going by Microsoft Word's word count, as fimfic seems to like adding words to chapters when they are uploaded, and also counting words in chapters not yet completed). Goal reached: 21/09/2013 @ 22:46 GMT.

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The greatest hate story ever told.

Ah, good to see a fellow NaPoWriMo participant. Currently working on my own entry right now.

reading over this I had this wierd thought. Ok imagine pretty much this exact same senario but right before AJ breaks it to AppleBLoom she runs in screaming she got her cutie mark... a Cutie mark for hating Diamond Tiara's guts.... also somewhere in there she Pinkie promises she will hate DT for the rest of eternity.....all this before AJ even metions the thing with DT.

I like where this is going, and demand more.

This will end well. With the two of them madly in love.

A wise man once said if you have hate in your heart let it out. White power. I hope apple bloom gets a cutie mark in hating and becomes a rapper.

Best enemies 4ever. :rainbowlaugh:

You just don't UNDERSTAND! You don't know how we feel! It doesn't matter how hard you try to push us together, our hate will keep us apart until our dying breaths!

I just love how everypony around them keeps assuming things about why they hate each other.

"You enter a phase where you'll start getting confusing thoughts..."-
Yeah, like 'when did my family turn into idiots', for example.

This is a really cool idea! And looking to be very well executed as well.

I'm liking it so far, and I'm interested to see where Applebloom and Diamond Tiara end up! Good luck for continuing this, I'll be watching for updates!

And yet still a better love story than Twilight.

Feh. AB should have bucked DT's teeth out the moment she heard the news, just to show that she REALLY hates her.

It's times like these when we are forced to ask ourselves if there is something in the water of Ponyville that, over a period of years and decades, actually makes ponies crazy.

Diamond isn't Apple Bloom's GF.

It's Babs.

Alt title: Applejack is a very silly pony.
Only one word can describe this story....


Probably some sort of heavy metal. Affects the brain.

So Tirek is behind everything! It all makes perfect sense!

After all, he is a centaur devil-man, who wields a rainbow made of pure, concetrated evil, whose "chariot of darkness" is drawn through the sky by raging dragons. How much more metal could a villain get?

The answer is, of course, none. None more metal.

If it helps, just think of Apple Family Reunion and how she completely ignored everypony's feelings for the greater good of her family

Applejack is the Godfather?

AJ, how could Sweet Apple Acres possibly be constantly on the brink of financial ruin? Your orchard is HUGE, you have practically no overhead, and you've basically got a monopoly on the Ponyville apple market!

:ajbemused: Ah lahk ta play those scratch-off lottery tickets, okay?!

They have a monopoly on apples sales like, everywhere within 50 miles of Ponyville. What do they keep spending their money on?

3151669 3151714

They might have rival businesses, and an orchard that huge requires a lot of mainantence. We already know the west orchard has been infested with fruit bats and they've done nothing to clear 'em out :P

'Sides, the way that barn keeps coming down every week, and the way Apple Bloom and her friends keep causing chaos and destruction around Ponyville, it's no big surprise their savings take quite a few hits :3

3151727 Ha, true. Of course, heaven forfend that they should even CONSIDER using hired help to deal with any of those issues.

Hatred makes the world go round.

You need to link this story in the appropriate NaPoWriMo thread... that way, the admin there can add this to the contest

This is great. Another awesome story. You've done yet again. I look forward to seeing what kind of adventures and misadventures Diamond and Bloom will have. Who will they meet along the way? What will their families do to find them.

Meanwhile, the local lumber mill owner just bought himself a new yacht. :derpytongue2:


Don't I just send the dude organising this an email with a link to the story when I'm done and he puts it in an EQD post when the event's over?

Well, they might have a couple days before the bank reports the charge. So if they're quick....

I love how you are using every love story cliche and substituting antonyms.

HAHAHAHAHHAA :rainbowlaugh: ooh they are So gotta end up married, by their own will. 2 reasons, first they agree on something (eventhough it is that they agree that they hate each other :twilightsmile:) second they are both hallucinating the upcomming event, (either because they can see the feature or they are beginning to subconcious realise that they can end up married and are beginning to accept it:trixieshiftright:)

or i am a mad pony :moustache: who just cast out crazy theories:scootangel:

Am I the only one who thinks their relationship is similar to Marik and Bakura's in YGOTAS? They're going to make hot sexy hate to eachother :heart:!


DT: "I already told you I'm not gay!"
AB: "Coulda fooled me..."
Scoots: "And me :P"

Was Diamond mentioning a hobby Snails had a reference to Gliitershell?

Well, you're updating faster than me, so that's something!

Haha! Love the subversion of the classic spaghetti scene. The Chef was kinda out of left field.

Even a little bit of a lecture from Cheerilee on the wasps and the spiders! :rainbowkiss:

Not sure if it's an intentional spelling, but you've written whinny, to make a sound like a horse, when it sounds like you want whiny, adjective related to whine.

Or would that be whinge, if you're British? I take it whingy isn't a word?

Who can deny this face? :applecry:

Haha, this story is wonderful. Can't wait to see where it goes.

LOL at the chef drugging himself. :pinkiehappy: Will those two end up in love I wonder?

It really does seem like the universe is trying to force those two together, doesn't it?

Why does the chef even have Roofies.. uh, I mean knockout powder? :twilightoops:

Maybe they use that in Equestria instead of rat poison so ponies like Fluttershy don't cry :fluttercry:

“Mamma mia!” the chef shouted as he rushed to extinguish the fire. “How did this even happen?! The stove was turned off!”

The dark side is strong with these two. Hopefully they never discover the ability to actually channel their hatred into power. :pinkiecrazy:

Nice blend of comedy and drama in this chapter. Two fillies running away from home is actually pretty scary for their friends and family, no matter how funny it actually is when we see them.

Hee hee. Gumshoe. He seems more competent than a certain detective in a certain video game. :raritywink:

Aunt Orange? Well, I wouldn't have made Babs her daughter but hell, whatever. That said, you aren't actually gonna call her "Aunt Orange" the whole time are you? That can't possibly be her name.

Orange Cultivars

Castellena? Valencia? Camargo? Salustiana?

Oh hey, here's more.

More Oranges!


I was going to say the same thing. A bit odd.


At first it was going to be 'Mrs. Orange', but I found some comedic value in her name actually being 'Aunt Orange' XD

And hey, we got Granny Smith. I mean, I know that's an actual type of apple, but still.

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