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So, news · 8:33pm Jul 18th, 2012

Sorry for my absence. Really, I'm ashamed of myself. A big writer's block, job issues and that drug called Team Fortress 2 have been keeping a firm grasp on me. Now that summer holidays are coming, I'll have much more free time. I have some ideas in mind for you. Hints, you say? Okay...

-A certain saiyajin, he will come back. Of errors and garystueness, his story will now lack. I'm editing his tale, a big work, I say. But when you see it revamped, I know you'll faint.

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Sunday 20th April 2014: No sighs of possible update, must do further research.

How about continuing this story now?

237401 In fact, I have been doing a lot of research about himself in order to fill the gaps the movies left behind. I want to redo, publish and continue the story these holidays.

If inspiration is neccesary then here, watch the movie again. Give us a flashback chapter where twi delves into the saiyans mind to find out whats wrong with him. Something, anything just soon! We is wanting MOAR!:raritydespair:

  • Viewing 39 - 43 of 43
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