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Spike's dreams of Rarity are shattered, and at the worst possible time, for his friends will need him to make it through their greatest crisis.

Inspired by the United Kingdom entry to the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, "Love Will Set You Free" by Engelbert Humperdinck. From the second chapter onward, different songs serve as the inspiration, so check the comments for the links.

Title image by Jade (tehjadeh.deviantart.com).

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Hey, nice job! This deserves some positive feedback. I think your speech (internal and spoken) is a bit forced, but the story was solid, the emotional depth was there, and you crafted good characters and settings. Very well done. :raritywink:


It was good, but you need a few pointers.
1 Apple Bloom is like 11 In human years.
2 spike needed time to recover from the emotional shock.
3 after reading curse of the werepony, this seems like its shadow. Maybe if it had been submitted a week later...
aw, whatever. Its good.:pinkiesmile:

This is pretty good. I like the Spike x Applebloom, but I haven't seen that much of it.
I prefer Spike x Rarity anyway.


1: I'm quite aware of that (though the ages in the show are vague to the point of nonexistence). But I don't see Spike as that much older, and in fact, if anything, I'd see a relationship between Spike and Rarity at the in-show ages as far iffier in that regard.

2: What, two weeks aren't enough? :pinkiehappy:

3: Well, that's as may be. I don't really see that many similarities, to be honest (and I'm one of the hipster kids who knew CotW before it was on Fimfiction).


414725 okey dokey lokey. Just making sure you knew.

So Fimfiction is too mainstream, eh?:moustache:

Urgghh! I normally don't read such things, not much for the shipping stuff but since you introduced me to this absolutely amazing song, I have to. My Honor demands it of me.

Neat little story, It was finely written and fairly interesting even if it was a bit short.

That's it? I could easily see this a fic with 2 more chapter at least. I liked it and it would make a great set up for a longer fic.

Complete? Seriously? :raritydespair:

416428 Hey, I'm just getting into this whole "writing" thing. Figured I'd go test the waters before jumping in with some 100,000-word epic or somesuch. :pinkiehappy:

UH... well I was not expecting that paring. Still good work.

The song this chapter is named for and inspired by is Hungary's entry for 2012's Eurovision Song Contest, "Sound of Our Hearts" by Compact Disco.

Funny. I don't even particularly like that song, but as soon as I saw the word "harmony" in the lyrics (available here), I knew this was what I needed to continue the story.

great so far looking forward to more. :twilightsmile:

Alright, time for chapter three. The musical inspiration this time is Finland's contribution to 2012's ESC, "När jag blundar" ("When I close my eyes", and yes, that's a Finnish contest entry sung in Swedish). Lyrics with translation here.

I'm honestly a little surprised myself where this is going. The next chapter might take a little longer, because I need to figure out where to take this now.

heh keep up the good work already tracked and faved.

Awesome job. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Another chapter, another country. The fortunate one this time is France. Their song for Baku 2012 is called "Echo (You and I)", by Anggun. Not exactly one of my favourites, but it fits this chapter. Lyrics here.

It didn't take that long after all. Then again, this is just more setup. Brace yourselves - payoff is coming. I just don't know when. :scootangel:

BUT I WANT IT NAO!! :applecry:

You know, I discovered this some days ago, and the fact that it's an Spikebloom fic and your usage or Eurovision songs (something quite new) caught me. I didn't favorited it fearing you might get stuck as you use an odd method of developing your story.

Now I've read this last chapter, and finally I'm so tracking it. Go on with the awesomeness man, this looks great by far.

Are you going to use all the songs? I could lend you a hoof (:derpytongue2:) with the spanish one's lyrics, as I'm a native from this country. That's it, if you want and need help:twilightsmile:

440544 Thanks to the existence of diggiloo.net, help with the lyrics probably won't be necessary, but thanks anyway.

I did a blog post a while back on the subject of using all the songs - I won't, for two reasons: 1) almost half the songs are breakup songs, and out of the rest, quite a few are brainless "let's party!"-type songs; using more than one of the latter type isn't easy, and 2) there are a few contenders this year that I couldn't for the life of me see as inspirations for this fic - look up the entries from Montenegro, San Marino or Georgia (the latter might do as inspiration for a Pinkie fic, but I'd have to really squint my eyes to get it to fit into this one).

I quite like "Quédate conmigo", so it will likely serve as a chapter title in the future. If it's not among my favourites this year, and not even in the top half for the six direct finalists, it's not because the song is lacking, but because the competition is insanely strong. The UK, Italy and Germany (I might be biased on the latter) all have beautiful songs, and I think it a shame that Spain and Germany were drawn right next to each other in the finals (Spain at 19, Germany at 20).

441203 I didn't know about that site, seems useful. It's okay dude, but if you end needing some assistance, don't hesitate to ask.

I forgot Eurovision songs use to be happy and suitable for bashes. This lack of originality is one of the reasons I've lost almost all interest in that contest (the other one being how biased are East Europe's countries between them).

Something I find quite interesting is that "Quédate conmigo" could work as a tragedy or mushy chapter. Well, I'll have to wait.

Wow. I seriously wasn't expecting this to go so fast. The story wants out, it seems.

The song naming this chapter is "Crno i belo" (Black and White) by Kaliopi, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia's entry to this year's ESC, and one of my personal favourites out of the 42. Lyrics with translation here.

The more I look at this story, the more I wonder how in the h-e-double hockey sticks this turned from a sweet little story of teenage heartbreak into whatever it is now. What happened? Seems like I just can't do slice-of-life without at least some epic thrown into it.

443014 Oh, trust me, she's just the first. :pinkiecrazy:

Heh she always seems to be the first.

I like your taste in music and so far the story seems to be going along very well.

Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

Better you fix Pinkie and not make her suffer too much... or I'll find you:flutterrage:

This chapter is great, I really liked their talk and Applebloom's vision. Figures it would be related to fruits, her family and friends. But what made you turn Spike into a pear?:rainbowlaugh:

One thing I like of this is that, although it's tagged as romance, it's well developed. It's not a "Oh I suddenly love you kiss nao" thing. Keep up the good work, and thank you for the fast updates.

I forgot to say something. This chapter has a major flaw (my thoughts): Spike's realization.

You see, I find a tad unfitting how fast he figured his element. It would have been nice a little more thinking and more help from his friends to make him discover his destiny; perhaps even delaying it a chapter (and leaving Applebloom's one for the next one).

This is a fun read mah boi :rainbowdetermined2: Well written with no glaring flaws in grammar, and an interesting story going on. More please!

443548 Note it says "almost like a pear". It's a way to show that Spike is different from the ponies represented by the other apples, because he's not a pony (thank you, Captain Obvious :pinkiehappy: ). I'd have used an orange as the image, but oranges already have a canonical association with the Apple family (the relatives in Manehattan), so I fell back on the German equivalent to the English expression "compare apples and oranges", which is (you guessed it) "compare apples and pears".

Another night, another chapter. This one is named for the Estonian contribution to 2012's ESC, "Kuula" (Listen) by Ott Lepland. Lyrics with translation here. The progress of light and darkness, and a mention of rainbows in the lyrics? No matter what I think of the song (and I actually think it's not bad, if a little boring), that just fit with this chapter.

Two down, four to go. :pinkiecrazy: :rainbowhuh:

Wow, that was fast! Nice work, as usual.

Sleep is for the weak! :ajsmug:

I said the last time, but I'll repeat it: dude, you're fast:twilightoops:

This chapter was great, but I have a doubt. How's that Spike and Applebloom's elements are related to darkness, but hers is not black? In fact, it's very similar to Sweetie's. I'm so confused:applejackconfused:

447700 The explanation is already there if you go looking for it. It will become clearer, I promise.

Oh goodness, this story just wants out no matter what. Don't get used to one chapter per day, folks (too late, I know).

This time around, another of the Big Five gets their due as chapter patron - Spain. Their song for Baku is called "Quédate conmigo" (Stay With Me), by Pastora Soler. Lyrics here. (Check out the final line in particular.)

Also, I've finally gotten around to making a plan for this fic - not a detailed one, but I've got the chapter titles, as well as what basic story elements go in which of them. For the record, it will go to 13 chapters - for the curious, the patron countries for the upcoming chapters are, in order: Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Belarus, Switzerland and Russia. (If you looked up the song titles and figured that the story would lead to a happy ending, congrats, and have a cookie. :pinkiehappy: )

And then there will be four.

Maybe things are speeding to much (it makes the evil mastermind behind this a lot less threatening... for now), but I'm enjoying this a lot. I think I've finally understood why Spike's necklace is made of obsidian instead of metal: it's because he eats gemstones?

The title appears screwed up because the accent over the "e", I suggest you writing it without that.

450986 I corrected the chapter title. For some reason, when this was unpublished, it displayed in that weird way on top of the chapter, yet correctly in the story overview menu. :rainbowhuh:

Spike eating gemstones is part of why his necklace is different, but it's not the complete answer.

Oh, and for the record, the next chapter will probably take another two to three days. I'm far too exhausted to write anything coherent right now, and I'll have to be at a family gathering in six hours. :ajsleepy:

Here we are then, chapter 8. As mentioned, this one is named for the Slovak entry in the 2012 ESC, "Don't Close Your Eyes" by Max Jason Mai. Lyrics here. Obligatory warning: this is by far the rockiest song in this year's lineup - I feel reminded of Avenged Sevenfold for some reason. That's why I love the ESC - you get every kind of song imaginable, including something like this from time to time.

Boy, Doubt sure is fun to write. Villains are always more fun, aren't they? :pinkiecrazy:

Ooooooh, I definitely get it know. Draconic element.

That was a great chapter, but... Why are Applejack, Rainbow, Pinkie and Fluttershy prisoners after being healed?

Two (admittedly short) chapters in less than 24 hours. I love writing this story, and sleep is overrated anyway. :applejackconfused:

This time, it's the host country's turn to provide the title. This chapter is named for Azerbaijan's entry in 2012's ESC, "When the Music Dies" by Sabina Babayeva. Lyrics here. I like the song, although I think back-to-back victories for Azerbaijan are rather unlikely.

461711 While I do appreciate the sentiment, this is the third straight chapter you've commented on this way. Not to sound rude, but you could express that feeling with a simple thumbs up. I enjoy comments as much as anyone, but I prefer the kind from which I can learn something.

Rarity should have known Akbar before. In a more serious note, it was really easy not to fall against Doubt: love is the strongest form of friendship, after all. Perfect answer.

Sorry It's just that i just that i really like both your fic and that emoticon so I get a little carried away.:fluttershysad:

462711 Doubt is designed to get to the Elements of Harmony, so while Rarity might have lasted a bit longer had she thought of something like what you said, it wouldn't have been sufficient (and not just because she needed to fall to move the story along :raritydespair:).

As for your question after the last chapter: I'm planning to include a section describing what's happening outside this "mindscape" of Doubt's at the start of the next chapter. For now, suffice it to say that "stabilize" and "heal" are two massively different things.

463231Doubt is a Mary Sue, then?:pinkiesick:

Ont thing that surprised me was the possibility of destroying an element. Twilight stated on 1-2 that this couldn't be done.

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