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Sooooooo............ About that Equestria Girls movie...... · 6:00pm Jul 13th, 2013

So... Just got back from seeing the new Equestria Girls movie(Yeah I watched it, What of it?) and it wasn't actually half bad. I mean, yeah it could have been better but it also could have been worse. So I say unto any bronies/pegasisters who read this that this is not the end of the fandom as we know it. Cool your jets people and chill. 7/10 is what I give it as a brony, 5/10 is what I give it for the average audience that isn't the target or the original target.

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Hey RS, hope you have been doing well! Haven't chatted in a while, but life has been bull recently. Feel free to poke me whenever, and we'll catch up/chat about stuff/whatever.

what thats flutter shy

Majin Syeekoh
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Green Ranger Fluttershy? That suddenly makes Fluttershy cool... Sweet!

Huh a green power ranger Fluttershy. dang think you could send me a link to where you found that. Heh that used to be my shit as a kid.:rainbowkiss:

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