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Pinkie Pie, Element of Laughter. Best friend of everypony that would come across her. Dependable and reliable, and a very competent maker of sweet treats in Ponyville's own Sugarcube corner. But it was not always that way.

Taking place directly after Cutie Mark Sentai Crusader, during an average day hanging out with a few of her close friends on one of her days off, Pinkie Pie receives a mysterious letter, which instantly changes her mood for the worse, leaving Rainbow Dash and Twilight to feel concern for their pink friend. After gathering their other friends, They meet part of the reason for Pinkie's troubles: Strange ponies wearing black around front of Sugarcube Corner. After meeting with her father, Igneous Rock Pie, and getting admittance inside, they find that they are wrapped up in a serious matter. In meeting with relatively famous ponies, and spurned on by their curiosity, Twilight and her friends delve into Pinkie Pie's past. A time when she wasn't the crazed party pony that they knew and love. A time when the world was in danger of invasion. A time when Pinkamena Diane Pie was a leader of a group of Samurai.

This is the story of that time, and the trials and hardships that she and the rest of her family would endure to save the world from an otherworldly threat. This is the story of the Shinkenger.

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Premise: After getting into an argument with the original Writer of this Fanfiction, Dakari King Mykan, I have took it upon myself to rewrite his entire first season of his fanfiction My Little Unicorn. There will be A LOT of changes, as this is going to attempt to fix everything that was wrong with the first fanfiction. These characters, which in essence, will be reborn and hopefully be a whole lot more believable than the abominations that the horrible author wrote about. I do not know if my sanity will hold as I slog through this whole thing in an attempt to fix this mess. If I do not make it, please do not hold it against me. This is only a response to the slight of Literature that was the original Fanfiction.

(Now that's over, time for the Synopsis!)

Synopsis: Prepare to enter a world that steps out of the Norm. Ponies, who are able to walk upright like human beings defend themselves from evil beings that wish to destroy their home. As the constant threats of their world increase Grand Ruler Celesto, the ruler of the Planet Nation Unicornicopia, guides his trusted student Lightning Dawn throughout the battles against the Evil Sorcerer Titan and his minions. But Lightning Dawn is not on his own he forms unbreakable bonds with other unicorns, and is guided by a mysterious magical entity known as the Uniforce. But will that alone be enough to help Lightning and his friends save Unicornicopia and the other Planets that Titan hopes to take over? Or will Titan emerge victorious with the entire Equine Universe under his sway? You'll have to read on to find out!

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My Entry for the NaPoWriMo, this is my first huge huge story that I have written and posted like this.
The Premise is in the first chapter, and I hope that I can explain everything as the story is read. Thanks for taking the time to read it, as I have really worked hard on it and appreciate it.

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Premise: To the ponies in Ponyville, Fluttershy has assumed a small and quiet role in life in tending the animal friends that she lives with. But, to every pony in the non-mainstream cultures that frequent darker and more mysterious points in Equestria, she is known as the Draconic Princess of the Night. Her voice is known as both one to rouse the blood in hundreds and calm even the most violent of beasts. Fluttershy however hasn’t told any of her friends, and gets a surprising group of ponies during one of her band’s late night shows. How does she react? Read on, and prepare for a face melting story.

AN: This is my first and currently only song inserted fic, so If I don't do something right please let me know. Plus, I do not own the music that is in this story and all rights are to those musicians.

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Twilight Sparkle is known for many things, having a level head in serious situations, losing her mind over being late on an assignment, being the owner of one of the few libraries in Ponyville, being a good friend and other things. But one thing that she isn’t known for, is being the best swordsmare in a Live Action Role Play environment that was set up by Princess Luna.

Well Pinkie Pie finds out, and after a split second misunderstanding, wants to join in.

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