Cutie Mark Sentai Crusader!

by RaisingShad0ws

The Final Ascension Sign - Power

Chapter 12

-The Final Ascension Sign, Power-

-Aboard the Star Blaster, two days after leaving the Lake of the Four Kings

“It doesn’t seem like we’re getting any closer...” Rarity commented, seeing the giant gray mass that was Utopian’s Airship directly ahead of them.

“Yeah, Can’t this thing fly any faster?” Rainbow Dash snorted. “I could get us over there and back in ten seconds, easy.”

“And how would ya’ like ya’lls wings done up, baked or extra crispy?” Applejack mused as Rainbow Dash rounded on her.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Rainbow Dash snapped.

“That’s supposed ta mean that there Airship o’ Utopian’s is ahrmed to the teeth.” Applejack said calmly. “Ah don’ mean ta doubt yer fancy flyin’ Dash, but there’s more o’ them guns on that ship then there are o’ you.”

“Uh hello? Paging Applejack, your forgetting one little detail.” Rainbow Dash said, causing the cowpony to raise an eyebrow. “I’m the fastest flyer in all of Equestria, I can get us there through whatever the psycho can throw at me.”

“There’s a difference between confidence and arrogance Rainbow Dash.” Rarity commented. “And as it were, the look of being blackened and singed is not very fashionable.”

Rainbow Dash fumed at Rarity and Applejack before feeling a gentle hoof on her shoulder. She turned, seeing Pinkie Pie smile at her, and calmed down before saying something worse.

“It’s okay Dashie.” Pinkie Pie said. “Maybe you’ll get to try some death defying cannon run like that in somepony else’s story.”

Rainbow Dash remained silent, reminding herself not to pay Pinkie Pie any heed when she started to not make sense, before turning to Twilight who was steering at the helm. “So what’s the deal Twilight? Why aren’t we gaining on them?”

The other ponies looked to Twilight, who was completely red in the face as she returned to the front of the small bridge that her friends were standing at. “The helmsman said that he has his orders. He said that because Utopian’s Airship is so heavily outfitted, if we do attempt to get closer we could be in danger.” She answered watching the mixed reactions ranging from pure terror from Fluttershy to a loud and annoyed groan from Rainbow Dash.

“So what your saying is that our hooves are currently tied.” Rarity said calmly, watching Twilight nod. “This doesn’t sound good.”

“Of course it doesn’t sound good!” Rainbow Dash snapped, stamping one of her hooves on the floor. “While we sit here and wait for it to be safe, the bad guy’s gonna get away! What kinda sense does that make?”

“The sense that if you don’t want to get hurt, possibly even killed, you’ll stay put.” Rarity said calmly, glaring at Rainbow Dash. “The Elements of Harmony can’t exist if the Element of Loyalty, which is you Rainbow Dash, is killed because you wanted to rush things.”

“Yeah but-”

“Besides, if you get hurt then all of your fans would be really really unhappy!” Pinkie Pie said, cutting Rainbow Dash
off. “You know how many apology cards and cupcakes that I would have to make just to say that the author is sorry?(Not those Cupcakes you guys. I don’t swing things that way.) Trust me, the cakes would go out of business if that happened. And then the whole universe would explode.”

Everypony fell silent and said nothing at the pseudo-crazy mare. After essentially a few moments of trying to remotely understand what she was even talking about, one of the doors that led out of the bridge flung open. They all turned as another pony, wearing a bright red airship officer’s jacket(Which Pinkie Pie uttered, “Dead Stallion walking...”) and sporting an Equestrian Naval Officer’s hat. The Stallion, whose possibilities of being a pegasus or a unicorn were obscured by the jacket and the hat, trotted over to where Twilight and her friends stood before eyeing them.

“So... am I to understand that just because you’re the six chosen mares means that you can not only invite Griffon Royalty and one of their Seers on board my ship without so much as letting me know what’s going on? But now you’re trying to order my Stallions and Mares around?” He asked, trying and failing miserably to intimidate them all.

“A little late to the party there buddy, you just missed out on everything...” Pinkie Pie uttered.

“I’m sorry sir, but we we’re just discussing-”

“You will address me as Captain Ironside, and only as Captain Ironside.” The Stallion snorted, cutting Twilight off.

“I apologize, Captain Ironside but we were just discussing-”

“I don’t care what you were just discussing Miss Sparkle.” Captain Ironside snapped, once again cutting Twilight off. “My orders are law, and anypony who decides to break them will be thrown off of my ship. Is that clear?”

“What’s eating this guy?” Rainbow Dash whispered.

“Ah don’ know, but he’s startin ta git on mah nerves.” Applejack answered.

“Yes Captain Ironside.” Twilight answered, looking over her shoulder as her friends nodded all at once. Captain Ironside then nodded curtly before turning and trotting towards the pony at the helm.

“Helmsmare, report.” Captain Ironside barked, causing the unicorn mare to jump.

“U-uh yes Captain, engines are still running at half as ordered and fuel consumption is acting as scheduled.” The
Helmsmare reported.

“Radio Officer, what is the weapon load out on the target?” Captain Ironside asked.

Another pony, this time a pegasus stallion turned from his station on the left-most side of the bridge. “Captain, they’re a mobile gun platform.” He answered.

“I can see that from here.” Captain Ironside snapped.

“W-W-Well from the load out I’m getting, the enemy vessel has four forward facing seventeen inch cannons built into the carapace that keeps their vessel’s balloon shielded, and has at least six ten inch cannons on either side. The gondola itself is covered in at least fifty separate eight inch gun sets, each set like Gatling guns.”

The news seemed to disturb Captain Ironside, and Pinkie Pie at the same time though their initial thoughts were completely different. “Those kind of weapons aren’t even armed on a Trinity Class Destroyer from the Ram Empire...” Captain Ironside said quietly.

“It seems like Utopian’s trying to compensate for something...” Pinkie Pie thought, watching Captain Ironside closely. The captain remained silent, appearing to try and think of a way to take control of a situation that he appeared to have no control over.

“Helmsmare, remain current distance away from target.” Captain Ironside commanded, hearing an audible, “What?” from Rainbow Dash. “All soldiers stay on high alert, until we know what his intentions are exactly we do not engage him.”

“His intentions are to take over the entire bucking world for Faust’s sake!” Rainbow Dash snapped. “And you’re saying that we’re not going to fight him? What are you a stallion or a sheep?”

“I will not endanger the lives of any of the soldiers on board my ship Miss Dash.” Captain Ironside said coldly. “Now I suggest that you and your little pals get off of my Bridge before I do something that will make you regret that you were even born.”

Rainbow Dash prepared to snap something else at Captain Ironside, but was held back by Applejack. One by one the Elements of Harmony quietly filed out of the Bridge, each of them glaring once at Captain Ironside, before leaving the Captain on board. He smiled deviously, staring at Utopian’s airship before nodding. “Errant fools...” He thought before beginning to shout more orders at somepony else.

-Meanwhile on board the Crusader Airship-

“Why aren’t we actually moving so fast again?” Scootaloo moaned. It had seemed only for a moment that the crusaders had caught up to the Star Blaster at least before they had stopped completely.

“Fer tha’ las’ time Scootaloo,” Applebloom began, glaring at the pegasus, “Ahr airship’s generator ran outta power. Without power, we cain’t go nowhere.”

Scootaloo moaned before turning around to face the front. They were right on the airship that Rainbow Dash and her friends were riding right now, and could make out a gigantic gray blob way in front of them, but now they were stopped and their only chance for catching up was quickly disappearing.

“Well at least Dinky and Sweetie Belle are on it.” Pipsqueak said hopefully. “Twilight charged it for us the first time and it lasted a really long while, but now we have to do it ourselves.”

“How did we convince her to charge our crystal generator so easily though?” Scootaloo wondered. “I mean, it’s not like she isn’t smart or anything she did ask a lot of questions.”

“We told her that it was for the Science Fair during school remember?” Applebloom replied. “When Wonderwing asked if we had one of them chargin’ crystal thingies, Ah remembered what it was and we got it from Sweetie Belle’s stash.”

The foals all nodded, before hearing a gentle bang from underneath them. As the trap door to the lower cabin opened up Wonderwing, Sweetie Belle, and Dinky all clambered up as best as they could. As the other crusaders helped them up,
Sweetie Belle flopped on the floor in between Applebloom and her seats. “Let’s not do that again.” Sweetie Belle said,
groaning a little.

“Yeah, my horn hurts.” Dinky moaned, clutching her horn with her hooves.

“Sorry guys, but we needed a charged crystal.” Wonderwing apologized, flipping several switches on their hoof made console and smiling as the engines roared to life again. “We’re back in business. And we can start making up all of that lost ground.” He said, watching as they all gave a mixed cheer.

“Hey uh Wonderwing, I was wondering...” Pipsqueak began.

“Yeah?” Wonderwing asked, looking over his shoulder at Pipsqueak.

“Well, you sure do know a lot of stuff and can do a lot of things. More things than any of us can, I was wondering if your Cutie Mark had something to do with that?” He asked.

“Well, I dunno... Maybe?” Wonderwing said, remaining quiet.

“Well you helped us work on our Airship for our airship pilot Cutie Marks, even though only you and Scootaloo get to fly it.” Pipsqueak said calmly, a sly grin appearing on his face. “Do you like Scootaloo?”

“Pipsqueak I know where you’re going with this, so don’t even start.” Scootaloo snapped. “We’re all friends here, right?”

“Yeah, but Pipsqueak does have a point though.” Sweetie Belle said. “Why don’t we all take turns on flying?”

Wonderwing paused for a moment and blinked. The way they had things set up wasn’t fair at all. They all should have gotten a chance to earn their airship Cutie Marks too. He smiled before turning to the other crusaders. “All right, who wants
a turn?” He asked, watching several hooves shoot up into the air.

-Later that evening-

The results of the other Crusaders trying to earn their Airship Pilot Cutie Marks were interesting to say the least. While Twist sat quietly and watched, encouraging each of the crusaders as they had a turn at the controls, some of them were never meant to fly an airship in the first place.

Sweetie Belle was up first, and even though she did all right the sounds of the other crusaders kept distracting her. Not to mention that she nearly flew them into a mountain that wasn’t on the map that they had. She was so shaken that she didn’t envy the next of them that wanted to try.

Applebloom was next, and was about as good as Sweetie Belle could have been. The controls of their console confused her though, and caused her to give up a few minutes after her turn started saying that she, “Didn’ need ta learn any o’ them fancy whatchamacallits anyways.”

Dinky was ready and eager to go by the time her turn was called for, but maybe a little too eager. Beyond any rhyme or reason as to why, the little unicorn foal had somehow not only caused their airship to perform a perfect barrel roll, but she had also nearly caused them to start heading back the way they came.

When Pipsqueak came up to the controls, he seemed to be a natural for it and understood what most of them were for. He wasn’t exactly a bad pilot, though he had one too many close encounters with mountain peaks as the Crusader Airship entered a mountain range that was listed in Wonderwing’s father’s book as the Cinderclaw Heights.

“Well now that was a bust...” Pipsqueak said, looking down on his flank and seeing nothing there with everypony else.

“Aww come on you guyth, why don’t we try thomething elthe to get your Cutie Markth?” Twist asked.

“Well... There is the possibility of being Cutie Mark Crusader Super Heroes.” Scootaloo said.

“Yeah, but we need some kind of bad pony to stop from endangering the world though.” Dinky said, getting looks from
everypony. “Oh. We’re doing that now!”

“Well not totally.” Wonderwing said, watching as the foals’ faces fell slightly. “But we can still be Cutie Mark Crusaders Super Heroes if you guys want.” The response was met with an extremely loud battle cry.


-On board Utopian’s Warship, on the approach to the Peak of the Master-

Utopian remained silent, sitting calmly on his throne as his warship began to raise to meet the elevation of the Final Wayshrine. The final piece of his plan rested at the top of this mountain, remaining relatively unguarded by the griffons that would be there. That much he remembered.

“Milord, the warship is almost in place. The troops are ready to move out, and the sleeper agent is ready for the capture.” Tuff Stuff reported, bowing low before Utopian.

“I see... And what of you Serene Grace, are your troops prepared as well?” Utopian asked, receiving a nod in his direction.

“All of the unicorn soldiers are readying now as we speak.” She answered. “The bugs that were in the system from when the first one fell have been fixed, and make them nearly impossible to defeat by conventional means. All Earth Pony Troopers also await your commands.”

Utopian nodded at the sound of the news before casting a glance at Crimson Heart. “I see that you are anxious to get started Crimson Heart.”

“Yes milord.” Crimson Heart replied. “I apologize for looking so anxious.” He said.

Utopian shook his head. “There is nothing to worry about. All will go according to plan, and everything will be ready for
my ascension into my rightful place as a god. I am counting on you three to have your troops ready to protect me when I get to the Wayshrine, the process of sanctifying the Dagger is a very delicate one and I must require complete concentration for it. Is this quite clear?”

“Yes milord.” Utopian’s three henchmares said at the same time.

“Excellent.” He said before rising from his throne. “I shall be readying myself, do not let anything change until we are ready to begin.” And with that, Utopian left the bridge and his three generals standing alone.

“Keep your heads about yourselves.” Tuff Stuff warned, garnering the attention of his fellows. “The Elements of Harmony may look innocent, but they will fight for what they believe in. Do not make the mistake of underestimating them.”

“Don’t worry yourself Tuff Stuff.” Serene Grace said confidently. “The Elements of Harmony stand no chance to our might.”

“Those are the signs of an amateur.” Crimson Heart scoffed. “They have Princess Celestia’s personal protégé along with the pony that single-hoofedly saved the Wonderbolts and one of her own at the Equestria’s Best Young Flyers competition.”

“You think that I underestimate children?” Serene Grace snapped.

“No, I think that you overestimate your own abilities.” Crimson Heart corrected, causing Serene Grace’s face to blush red with anger.

“Why I-”

“Serene Grace, Crimson Heart be silent. Or I’ll make you silent myself.” Tuff Stuff snapped, causing both ponies to stop arguing. “We need to be at our best, so both of you make last preparations now. I do not want to know that our Lord Utopian was captured because of your errant mistakes.”

“And what about you Tuff Stuff?” Crimson Heart asked. “What are you gonna do?”

“I’m going to do the same thing, so as to better prepare myself.” He answered curtly before leaving the bridge. Both Serene Grace and Crimson Heart shared a look before following him, leaving the bridge quiet once again.

-On Board the Star Blaster-

“What are you talking about Pinkie?” Rarity asked, looking at the pink mare nervously.

“I told you already, there’s something not ha-ha funny going on around here.” Pinkie Pie answered. “Captain Ironside
is a super scary zombie pony who works for that big mean meanie pony Utopian!”

“And you can prove this how?” Twilight asked, still remaining skeptical.

“Well, when at all in the past couple of days did we meet this guy?” Pinkie asked, looking at her friends. They were all sitting around a small table in their cabin discussing the way that Captain Ironside had spoken to them, and none of them
were taking it very well at all. “We haven’t met him at all before today, and wouldn’t a Captain of a ship introduce himself to
those that would board his ship?”

“Well, that makes sense... But what if he was busy down on the other end of the ship when Prince Steel and King Black Wind showed up?” Twilight replied.

“It shouldn’t matter.” Rarity replied. “A captain should at least show some common decency to address guests that are on board his ship.”

“Yeah, and the guy’s attitude was completely sketchy. I didn’t like him.” Rainbow Dash snapped.

“That’s because his orders were there to keep you safe. That’s why we’re still here.” Twilight replied.

“Ah’m startin’ ta suspect that somethin’s up.” Applejack replied. “Ah mean, shouldn’t we have seen the Captain before we left Equestria?” She asked watching the others nod.

“I think that it’s high time somepony went up there and-” Rainbow Dash snapped, being cut off by a short bang that shook the Star Blaster. “What in the hay was that?” She asked.

Nopony answered, but scrambled to grab onto something secure as the Star Blaster shook a second time. The red alert siren began to blare, which caused them all to immediately cover their ears with their hooves at the sound.

“W-W-W-What’s g-g-going on?” Fluttershy shouted over the alarm.

“It means that we’re under attack!” Pinkie Pie answered just as the Star Blaster shook again, only a lot more violently this time.

“I’m gonna see what the hay’s goin on around here.” Rainbow Dash snapped, taking off and leaving the cabin before they could say anything. They all cast a glance at each other before chasing after Rainbow Dash, with Fluttershy hesitating
a little before following suit.

-On the Bridge of Utopian’s Warship-

“Milord, we have begun to shell the Star Blaster as you have ordered.” Tuff Stuff reported, surveying the battle map that displayed on a screen in front of him. A three dimensional model of the Star Blaster, plus all of the awaiting forces at the summit of the mountain, glowed in front of the Earth Pony’s face as he continued to give the orders to fire.

“Have you received any information that the Elements of Harmony are together?” Utopian asked over a speaker.

“Milord, the informant has not reported back to me just yet.” Tuff Stuff reported. “I shall let you know personally when I receive conformation.” He said.

“Well then, maintain the assault. Do not shoot down the Star Blaster until you received word that they are all together.” Utopian ordered.

“Yes milord.” Tuff Stuff replied before looking up at another screen. He blinked a couple of times, checking to make sure that his eyesight wasn’t going out on him, as the screen read out the form of another Airship approaching the summit
of the mountain. “Another airship? Could it be that our intelligence was off?” He thought nervously. “No, it’s too small to be a threat... but I will have the guns on standby in case that they try anything.” The earth pony thought before touching the intercom button. “Rear Cannons, there is another passing airship in the area, do not fire on it unless provoked.” He ordered, hearing a long groan drowned out from the other end of the intercom. “Now let’s see these Elements of Harmony
in action by themselves.”

-Back on the Star Blaster-

The sight of what was left of the ponies on the bridge was horrifying. Scorch marks and scars ran rampant across the floors and walls of the bridge while blood was stained and smeared all over the room. Nearly all of them wanted to lose their lunch, and almost did at the sight of a disemboweled soldier laying on the floor dead next to them, but the sight of Captain Ironside was horrifying in itself.

The captain was kneeling over the dead form of what was once the Helmsmare. The pour soul appeared to have been split in half, and as the captain rose from his handy work, one half of the Helmsmare’s body was completely missing. Captain Ironside turned towards the group of six, the end of a white hoof sticking out of his mouth, and grinned almost psychotically at them all.

“What... What is... Why?” Twilight began, ducking as Rainbow Dash leapt at the deranged stallion.

“All right sicko, you’re going down right here, right now!” She shouted, reeling back one of her front hooves as if to punch the stallion only to get blasted in the face by a ray of red magic.

“Rainbow Dash! Are you okay?” Twilight asked, running over to her and deflecting another spell launched from the monster that was in front of them.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Rainbow Dash snapped, watching as both Applejack and Pinkie Pie leapt at the Captain and forced him against the Airship’s steering wheel. “Or at least I will be when I end this no good walking piece of monster a-”

“We get it Dashie, you want him dead as much as we do.” Pinkie Pie said as Twilight, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy trotted over to the psycho pony without actually getting close to him.

“All right first question, who are you?” Twilight snapped before getting spit in the face. She didn’t even cringe a little as both Rainbow Dash and Applejack smashed their hooves right into the Captain’s gut.

“Ah wouldn’t try that again if I was you.” Applejack said darkly.

“Yeah, the next one goes in between your eyes.” Rainbow Dash threatened.

“Your threats won’t work on me.” Captain Ironside said coolly. “I am already dead, as will you all be when my Lord Utopian is through with you.”

“Whatever are you talking about worm?” Rarity snapped.

“Oh, why you are all extra special guest at my master’s ascension ceremony. And he has specifically asked that you all are to attend.” Captain Ironside said.

“Sorry, but I don’t wanna go to a party that’s being hosted by some pony like Utopian.” Pinkie Pie said darkly, causing her friends to gasp at her direction. “What? It just wouldn’t feel right.” She said.

“Oh, but I insist.” Captain Ironside said with a wicked smile “Especially when transportation is being provided for you.”

“T-T-Transportation? What are you talking about?” Fluttershy peeped.

“Why, my master’s airship of course. Tuff Stuff, will you take it away please?” Captain Ironside asked to nopony in particular.

-Back on Utopian’s Warship-

Tuff Stuff smiled as Ironside’s message came through loud and clear. “All rear guns targeting the Star Blaster, Open fire.” He commanded.

-Back on the Star Blaster-

Everypony remained silent for a few moments, the bridge going so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. Then immediately, all hell broke loose. Captain Ironside began laughing as several explosions caused the Star Blaster to shake violently, causing everypony to scatter and fall to the floor. Several more explosions rang out through the body of the ship until everything that wasn’t tied down to the bridge began to free-fall.

“What’s going on?” Rarity exclaimed, her voice nearly drowned out by the sounds of every alarm going off in the airship.

“The blimp’s been busted!” Pinkie Pie shouted.

“What?” Everyone else replied.

“WE’RE GOING DOWN!” The Pink mare replied, watching as Twilight’s horn began to light up.

“EVERYPONY, GET AS CLOSE AS YOU CAN TO ME!” She shouted, concentrating all of the magic in her horn that
she could. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy did their best to help their non-winged friends get close to the unicorn, and just before they heard a loud smash they were engulfed in a bright white light that was expelled from Twilight’s horn.

-On the Crusader Airship-

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Sweetie Belle and Applebloom cried, watching as the events above the mountain’s summit unfold. They watched as at least twenty to thirty balls of flame erupted from the back of Utopian’s Airship and struck the Star Blaster with near lethal force. The cruiser that carried their siblings then dropped like a flaming rock, slamming into the mountainside moments before a flash of white light could be seen from the inside of the carriage of the smoking wreck.

As both foals began to cry, Twist had to blink as a blinding flash of light erupted on the summit of the mountain. “You guyth, look!” She exclaimed, pointing with her hoof at the sight. They all watched as Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy all appeared where the flash of light was only moments ago, shaken but otherwise unhurt.

“Ah know who cast that spell ta git them outta there.” Applebloom commented. “And we need to git them outta there too. Look!” She exclaimed, pointing higher up the mountain.

“I don’t like the looks of that.” Scootaloo said, looking down at the mountain from where she stood and watched as a mass of at least a thousand undead ponies descended from the top of the mountain leaded by a unicorn and a pegasus.

“I’m dropping anchor and killing power.” Wonderwing reported, flipping several switches at once. The airship began to descend, just as several loud hisses could be heard from below. The airship fell down several yards just as the foals held on, before settling down on the base of the summit. “Scootaloo, wanna lead us off?” Wonderwing asked, watching the pegasus closely.

“What are you talking about?” Scootaloo asked.

“Well, we are like the Pony Rangers and the Red Ranger always leads the team don’t they?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Well, yeah but we do it together though.” Scootaloo said calmly.

“Don’t worry Scoots, we gotcha.” Applebloom said, receiving a shove from Scootaloo.

“Please don’t call me that Applebloom.” Scootaloo said as Wonderwing galloped over to the door and opened it. A cold wind began to gust from inside the Airship, which forced Wonderwing to close the door again. “What’s wrong?” Scootaloo asked.

“It’s cold out there, plus were at the edge of the summit.” Wonderwing replied. “If one of us lands on the wrong side, it could mean the end of us.”

“Well then let’s just steer the airship the other way, and change in here.” Pipsqueak replied. “It’s a simple solution.” He said, watching as Wonderwing nodded.

“Right.” Wonderwing said before running to the pilot’s seat and beginning to steer it to face the right way. After cranking the wheel hard, and getting it facing the proper side he nodded towards Scootaloo who gulped nervously.

“A-A-All right.” Scootaloo said, before shaking herself back into her confidence. “You guys ready?” She asked.

“Ready!” The other crusaders replied.

-Meanwhile on the Summit of the Peak of the Master-

“Are you guys okay?” Twilight asked, staggering to her hooves.

“Ah’m fine.” Applejack replied, getting to her hooves quickly. “Though I feel like mah insides are all mussed up from
that spell.” She said.

“I could do with a bath.” Rarity answered, her face mane and a good portion of her covered in the blood of Equestrian Soldiers. “I’m glad that nightmare is over.”

“Yeah, we’re gonna need to clean up before anything else. And maybe go home...” Fluttershy uttered.

“After what that creep did to us?” Rainbow Dash snapped. “No, I won’t be satisfied until we send that jerk to the moon.”

“You know we can’t do that Dashie. Besides, we’ve got company.” Pinkie Pie replied, pointing at the massive army of
undead ponies that approached.

The hordes seemed to take an appearance similar to the ones that showed up during the summer fair. They all however wore dark purple and black suits that covered their black bones, and wore white face masks that seemed completely blank save for the red eyes that each of them had. They were all being led a brown pegasus stallion with a pale red mane and tail, and a tall unicorn mare with a pale blue mane and tail. Both of their eyes were cold and malicious, but as they approached, they seemed a lot less menacing than what met the eye.

“So, are these the targets?” The pegasus asked, glaring at Twilight and her friends.

“It would appear so.” The unicorn answered, causing the pegasus to nod.

“All right then, soldiers, take them.” The pegasus ordered, only to stop as the unicorn raised a hoof.

“Pardon my compatriot here, but he doesn’t know the proper etiquette when taking hostages.” The unicorn apologized. “I am Serene Grace and this is my partner Crimson Heart. We are servants to our Lord Utopian and humbly request that you surrender yourselves to us.”

“There’s etiquette to taking hostages?” Rainbow Dash asked, turning to Rarity who shrugged.

“Sorry missy, but Ah ain’t goin nowhere ‘cept where Ah came from with yer boss in chains.” Applejack snapped, getting
in an aggressive stance. Serene Grace shook her head.

“I tried to do things the polite way. But you leave us with no other choice.” Serene Grace said coldly. “Soldiers, take them but do not kill them.” She said, remaining still as the army of undead charged at Twilight and her friends.

As the six mares readied themselves for battle, several blasts of energy rocketed towards the group of where they were standing and punched several holes in their charge. Everypony turned and saw as seven foals all stood, each wielding a unique weapon, wearing uniquely colored jumpsuits and helmets with capes to boot. Serene Grace glared, before taking several steps towards them as the pegasus in black lowered his shield.

“Oh great, there’s more of them.” She groaned.

The pegasus foal in the center slashed her extremely long saber once before resting it on her shoulder. “Red Pegasus Crusader!” She cried, shocking Twilight and her friends.

The unicorn on her right twirled a megaphone in one of her hooves before making like she was flicking a bang from her mane out of her face. “Blue Unicorn Crusader!” She cried, which startled Rarity.

The earth pony that was on the first pegasi’s left twirled a loopdy hoop around one of her front hooves before dropping to the ground and twirling it around her waist. “Yellow Earth Pony Crusader!” Mentally, Applejack trembled at the sight.

The other unicorn on the earth pony’s left swung her hammer a little before resting it in the snow and waving at the crowd of undead. “Pink Unicorn Crusader!”

The second earth pony began twirling her dangerous looking hooked weapons around before catching it flawlessly with her other hoof and posing. “White Earth Pony Cruthader!” She cried.

Down on the left end, the second pegasus bowed low before taking an aggressive stance at the crowd. “Black Pegasus Crusader!” He shouted.

On his opposing end the last of the bunch, a pony that looked more like a pirate than any of them, twirled his gun around before running it across the dull end of the small cutlass he carried. “Brown Pirate Crusader!” He cried.

“We are the Cutie Mark Sentai-” The pegasus began as everypony watched them strike a pose.

“CRUSADER!” They all shouted, staggering a little as several small explosions erupted behind them in their own colors.

Serene Grace rolled her eyes before turning to Crimson Heart. “You deal with the Elements of Harmony. I’ll put these foals to bed personally.” She said, turning back around as the foals charged. “Come and get me fools.”

Crimson Heart nodded, waving at the undead ponies to follow him as he flew at Twilight and her friends. The mares were still recovering from the sight of the foals that they were immediately set upon by the undead hordes. They all began to scatter, trying to either fight or escape as best as they could depending on the choice that they made on that second.

Rainbow Dash leapt at the incoming undead attackers like a beast from Tartarus. Skillfully she smashed three of them before leaping into the air and watching as two zombies hit each other with their own attacks. She turned, seeing that Crimson Heart was flying at her and immediately dove at him, nearly performing a Sonic Rainboom as she did so, and met the crazed pegasus half way. She and Crimson Heart traded blows, punching and bucking each other until Crimson Heart buried his right hoof into Rainbow Dash’s stomach and knocking the wind out of her. The cyan pegasus fell to the ground, in less than ten seconds, but was caught by Crimson Heart who immediately slapped metallic cuffs on her.

“Hang on Rainbow Dash, I’m Coming!” Scootaloo cried, charging at the horde of undead only to be met with Serene Grace.

“You’ll have to get through me first. En garde!” She snapped, firing several blasts of magic at the foal which knocked her back. Scootaloo charged her a second time, followed by both Dinky and Twist who immediately struck the unicorn only causing her to disappear. “I’m right here foals.” She said coldly, firing several more blasts of magic at the three crusaders which sent them flying.

“Scootaloo, Dinky, Twist!” Sweetie Belle shouted, rushing at the unicorn as her friends landed on their backs. Pushing the button on her megaphone and taking a deep breath, Sweetie Belle roared into it, causing a blast of blue energy to
erupt and slam into an extremely strong shield that Serene Grace had erected just in time. The older unicorn just smiled, pointing in the direction of the battle that her older sister was participating in as Rarity was knocked several feet backwards before receiving the same hoof cuffs that Rainbow Dash did. “NO RARITY!” Sweetie Belle cried, beginning to run over to her sister only to be intercepted by Serene Grace.

“Uh uh uh.” The older unicorn taunted. “You know that you foals aren’t allowed in a big pony’s fight.” She said, preparing a blast of energy at Sweetie Belle. She lost her concentration however as her face was met with Applebloom’s hoof which staggered her a little.

“Ya’ll ahlright Sweetie Belle?” Applebloom asked.

“Yeah Applebloom. Thanks.” Sweetie Belle replied before heading towards her sister.

As the battle continued, Twilight, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie were surrounded. Twilight was using her magic to beat back the undead ponies that were surrounding them all, while Fluttershy was helping Pinkie load her, “Snow Party Cannon,” up with the snow that they were standing on. Twilight didn’t question it, she just kept keeping her magical blasts ready and willing to fire at the undead that continued to advance on them. “Pinkie, what’s taking so long? I can’t keep this up forever!” She shouted, firing another blast at several more zombie ponies.

“No! Stay back!” She heard Fluttershy scream, which forced Twilight to turn. Pinkie Pie was on the ground, struggling with the hoof cuffs that now bound her hooves together as if she were hog-tied, and Fluttershy was backing away from Crimson Heart and nearing the edge of the cliff side.

“Fluttershy look out!” Twilight cried, watching as the pegasus looked over her shoulder and saw the massive drop behind her. Twilight rushed over to her friend, only to watch as Crimson Heart tripped Fluttershy, knocking her over before slapping hoof cuffs on her before rounding on Twilight herself.

“I would say I’m sorry about what’s happening here, but I’m really not. Neither is Serene Grace.” Crimson Heart told her, leaping at the unicorn like a mad beast. Twilight tried to throw up a barrier to block the incoming charge, but the pegasus was met with the orange hooves of a very angry Applejack.

“That’s that.” She snapped. “You okay Twi?” She asked, watching Twilight nod.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” She said, hearing the sounds of flapping wings. “And so is he!” She gasped, turning around and seeing that Crimson Heart had not only a pair of hoof cuffs on his hooves, but he didn’t appear to be phased by Applejack’s attack at all.

“Come here you two!” He snapped, diving down on both ponies and tackling them to the ground.

Serene Grace however seemed to enjoy herself, blocking attack after attack after attack that was launched by both
Pipsqueak and Wonderwing’s weapons with her shield. She advanced on both foals like a predator, grinning as she did so and blocking the attacks that were sent her way from the other foals that blindly charged at her. “You call those basic energy attacks? I’ll show you energy attacks.” She said, charging her horn and firing several blasts from it. Both foals rolled out of the way, which made Serene Grace turn to face all seven foals all at once.

“We can’t win this way!” Sweetie Belle cried.

“Come on guys, let’s bring them together!” Scootaloo shouted. The other foals all nodded, and began concentrating as their weapons began to glow. The spectacle intrigued Serene Grace, which caused her to tilt her head to the side at the sight. As the foals continued to concentrate, she watched as Crimson Heart leapt up from where he was wrestling with the remaining targets and nodded in her direction.

“I’m sorry you all, I really am.” Serene Grace said sarcastically. “But it’s time for me to go. It’s too bad that I won’t get to finish you off, so how about we do this sometime when the world ends?” She asked, watching as the army of the undead carried the captured Elements of Harmony back to a platform that descended from Utopian’s airship. She could also see that Utopian had made it out of the Wayshrine and was now heading back to the ship before giving a smirk.

“Wait, you can’t leave!” Dinky snapped.

“We’re not done yet!” Wonderwing cried.

Serene Grace just shrugged. “It doesn’t matter. But I will leave you with a parting gift.” She said, her horn flaring up for a final time before unleashing a massive wave of magical energy which knocked all seven foals to the ground. “Ta-ta for now!” She said cheerfully, before galloping towards the platform and leaving the crusaders in her wake.

As the Crusaders struggled to get up, the platform that was laid out for Utopian and his soldiers quickly rose into the belly of his airship. By the time that everypony had gotten up and had reassured each other that they were okay, they were gone.

“Dang. We need to get back to the Airship now.” Scootaloo snapped.

“Yeah, let’s git outta here.” Applebloom agreed.

The other foals all agreed and headed back to their airship via the anchors that were surprisingly unscathed in their battlefield, and climbed back up before reeling them in and heading after Utopian’s Airship.