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My Little Unicorn: Magic is Believing Redo - RaisingShad0ws

Redo of Fail Mykan Fiction. Hopes to be better than original.

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Chapter 3: Episode 2 Part 2: Return of Darkness Part 2

-Continued from Chapter 2-


The Chromatic Highlands had some of the most amazing sights to a normal traveler on the surface of Unicornicopia. A vast expanse of multi-colored shimmering field of grass extended from the base of a brown and stony cliff side. The tops of emerald trees were scattered in small patches here and there as the highlands were broken off in steep cliffs from the top most points in the area. As one of the snow-capped mountains of the Silverback Mountain Range was visible from behind the top most plateau, a flying object could be seen over the dark blue horizon.

The object, an all black hexagonal shuttle craft, was flying low on the horizon. Four thruster engines were roaring from the outside of the craft as a pair of metallic dragon wings extended from it's middle. A cockpit extended from the front, but it's pilot and co-pilot could barely be seen from the black tinted glass.

Inside the cockpit, as smashed an riddled with holes as it was, sat a vicious looking dragonic humanoid with dark gray scales and black plate-mail. His wings, which appeared to had seen better days, were folded tightly against his back as a row of razor sharp spines descended from the top of his head to the top of the stump of his tail. A pair of piercing, white, slitted eyes scanned the heavily damaged console as one of the screens blinked to life revealing the face of Relicourse.

“Callenfir, report.” The centaur barked.

The dragonic humanoid rolled his eyes before glaring back at the console. “You know, now that Titan's back in black you don't have any authority over me.” He sneered.

“Well then, you shall give your report to me.”

The screen changed as the familiar red eyes of Titan appeared before Callenfir. The dragonic humanoid smirked, before bowing as low as he could while in the seat.

“My lord Titan, I have done as you requested. We have at least another battalion of soldiers ready and waiting for your commands.” Callenfir replied.

“Is the device ready?” He heard Titan ask from the other side.

“My lord, the interplanetary gate's link up with Doric will be ready in another few minutes.” Callenfir heard Relicourse say. “Coristia has assured me that she will personally see to it that the gate is completed by the time you are ready to begin your plans.”

Callenfir looked up and watched Titan nod. He saw the sorcerer's gaze turn back to him before smirking. “I'm just waiting until we get to slaughter those citizens. We are going to do that right?” He asked, watching Titan nod.

“Yes, but only when I've personally seen to it that Celesto's head has been placed on a pike in my throne room. You will get your chance Callenfir, as will all of those who are loyal to me.” Titan answered.

“I thank you my lord.” Callenfir replied. “It has been a while, and my blade still thirsts for blood since our last arrival.” A gentle pinging began to emit from the console as the dragonic humanoid looked up, and snarled.

“What's wrong? You weren't followed were you?” Titan asked, watching from the screen as Callenfir began to bang his fist on the console.

“No my lord, it's just this piece of junk that we salvaged from the warship is acting up.” Callenfir replied. “It says that something's following us, but I have the other sensors working at maximum capacity and they say that there's nothing there.”

“Ignore it for now and return to the temple.” Titan ordered. “I want all of my army present when I open the path to Doric.” He said, watching Callenfir nod.

“Yes milord. Starting the final approach now.”

The shuttle that Callenfir was piloting began it's descent into a large ravine that separated two plateaus. The dragonic humanoid couldn't see anything within the ravine, he assumed that it was Titan's darker magics at work, as he flipped on a switch that generated a spotlight from underneath the cockpit. Down below he could see the effects of Titan's release on the planet, a forest that once stood ahead of them was now in shambles reduced to nothing more than sticks and barren earth that resembled a skeleton of what it once was. Ahead of the forest was the skeletal remains of a grand temple.

The temple, from a distance, appeared to be made out of onyx but in actuality it was made out of solid granite. Titan's darker magics affected and warped the stone in such a way that made it a lot more sinister than it really was. There were holes in the ancient wooden roof of the temple where Callenfir swore he saw clouds of smoke billowing from the top, as several of the Temple's tower spires were already crumbling and rotted away.

He could see the ship in the back behind the Temple, coiled around itself like an actual serpent as the machine's wings were already folded up to look like the cobra's, “hood.” There was a loud rattle from behind the door that was behind Callenfir as he began the final descent into the clearing inside the serpent which caused him to turn around. “Aw shaddup you frickin meat stains. You'll be back in solid ground in a few moments.” He snapped, smacking his fist into the door. The rattling retaliated viciously which distracted the dragonic humanoid for a moment before he wheeled around again. “Do that again and I'll come in there.” He snapped. “You don't want me in there. I don't care if Lord Titan vaporizes me for it, I'll call it a last meal.” He said, listening as the rattling finally stopped. “That's better.”

The shuttle craft made it's final descent a few moments later, much to the surprise of both Coristia and Relicourse. The Centaur and the Lich both braced themselves mentally as a hatch opened on the back of the craft. Neither one of them could see anything inside, but waited with anticipation as a pair of bright amber eyes began to glow from within. Both of them did not say a word, watching as the owner of the eyes step forward, shielding itself with a bony claw. “Kobolds.” Relicourse scoffed.

“The bane soldiers of the day, and the slaves of the master's Gnoll workforce.” Coristia said coldly.

The Kobold that stepped forward was, simply put, an abomination. It was a hairless beast, standing about half as tall as an average humanoid with putrid yellow skin and lanky limbs. The kobold didn't wear much save for a dirty brown but flap that it had wrapped around it's waist, and its limbs appeared to be more suited for digging than anything. The kobold continued to walk forward as more of the vile creatures stepped forward, each shielding their eyes from the sun even though it wasn't visible, before forming a small group of close to five hundred in total. Neither the Lich nor the Centaur reacted to the smell of decay that wafted from the soldiers, and only raised an eyebrow as Callenfir stepped forward.

“Well now ladies and -” Callenfir kicked a kobold to the side out of his way, smirking as he did so, “- germs, I'd say welcome to the rest of your pathetically miserable lives but hey, you're slaves. You might as well get used to this life.” He said, walking through the crowd of kobolds towards Relicourse and Coristia. “You're friendly neighborhood Dragonkin has returned.” Callenfir said to them, smiling as the others shared a look.

“That brings the strength of our forces to at least a thousand, if not more Callenfir. You did manage to not kill their leaders right?” Relicourse asked, breaking the silence.

“Oh, I wouldn't kill the Gnolls if that's what your asking.” Callenfir said confidently. “You should see some of the stuff that they put on their blades, It could tear through Unicornicopian hides like they were nothing! I swear, you have to take me to their home planet one of these days. I want to know what it feels like to kill something with Gnoll steel, that's the stuff there.” He said as Relicourse walked past him and stepped in front of the kobolds.

“All of you, listen and listen well.” Relicourse began powerfully, glaring at the kobolds that were around the area. They all began shooting him dirty looks as he began to step forward. “You are all scum. The lowest forms of life imaginable. You have no free will. You have no other desires. Whatever we say,” Relicourse pointed at himself, Coristia, and Callenfir, “Is the law passed down from the Lord Titan. You will fight as ordered, you will win, and you will not show mercy. Mercy is for the weak, and weakness will not be tolerated. If you want your freedom, you are welcome to take it. But you have to kill your master for it, and that is an impossibility.”

The kobolds all looked at each other nervously before one let out a shrill cry. Before anyone could react, one of the healthier-looking ones leapt at Relicourse with the intention of killing him. Relicourse snorted, smashing his left arm into the charging kobold's chest and knocking it to the ground. Then with a vicious stomp of his front hoof the kobold was silenced, his head smashed underneath the massive hoof of the centaur. “Anyone else wish to try me?” He asked, watching as none of them reacted. “Good. Now, get on board the ship. You will be outfitted with the arms and armor that you need.” He said, pointing to an open hatch on the main ship.

The kobolds all exchanged miserable glances before turning to the open hatch and marching towards it. As they did so, Relicourse turned to Callenfir and Coristia. “Lord Titan is expecting us. Is the Interplanetary Gateway loaded on board Coristia?” He asked.

“Yes General.” Coristia replied. “We must hurry now, Lord Titan does not like waiting.” She said heading towards the Temple, with both Relicourse and Callenfir in pursuit.

When the three got inside, they found themselves in the remains of a grand hall. The remains of pews were all scattered, almost to the point of being dust as patches of corrupted black earth could be seen from the marble floor that they were standing on. Titan was standing in front of a massive black sphere of energy, the bodies of the victims that he had captured earlier were floating in a sea of black miasma with lightning of the same color extending from their bodies to the outer portions of the sphere.

“Your generals are here to serve you,” Relicourse said, getting down on his front knees.

“In this life and the next,” Callenfir added, dropping on one knee as well.

“So that your reign of darkness may be eternal.” Coristia finished, getting on her hands and knees.

Titan turned away from the sphere, seeing the three generals before acknowledging them. “Your Lord of Eternal Darkness acknowledges you.” He said, watching them rise. “Reports. Now.”

“Our manpower's size has increased by well over half of a battalion.” Callenfir reported. “The tribes of Gnolls on this planet have all promised to side with you when the fighting begins my lord, and will send in soldiers when requested.”

Titan nodded, blinking calmly. “Yes, that is good news. We will need them soon I believe. If that fool Celesto thinks about coming here, then we'll need an army to match him.”

“Milord, we have finished moving the interplanetary gate onto the ship and are continuing to prepare it as instructed. It will take a little bit longer than expected, but the increase will be of no consequence to the plan for what little my eyes can see of it.” Coristia reported.

“I see...” Titan replied. “How much longer? You know that time is not a thing that we can afford Lich.”

“A day at the most my lord. I can speed up production if you wish.” Coristia said, watching Titan shake his head.

“No, that will not be necessary.” Titan said. “A day is all you have. Nothing more.”

“Thank you my lord.” Coristia replied.

“And you Relicourse what of the scouts? Have they reported in yet?” Titan asked.

“Yes milord.” Relicourse said calmly. “With the simultaneous attack on all of their medical and military facilities, we left the capital city of Unicornicopia defenseless. Also, in the attack we have managed to wipe out eighty-five to ninety percent of said facilities when the attack happened. With the few standing only to be accounted for on board errors in the system.”

Titan nodded at the news. “I see... And what of the rest of the fleet? Where does it stand now?” He asked.

“The rest of the interstellar fleet lies also within a day of travel to Unicornicopia. They will meet up with us the moment we begin the invasion. Forgive me for endangering the capital ship like this to retrieve you milord, but it had to be done I-

There is no need for your groveling Relicourse. Your assault on Celesto's barrier is what brought me here in the first place.” Titan snapped, cutting Relicourse off. “I wouldn't be here if you did not do as you were bidden. You three are bound to me, always and for eternity.” He said watching Coristia closely.

Coristia's eyes were glowing a dark green as her hair began to whip around in a gentle wind. Callenfir stepped back a little as the Lich spread her arms out wide and levitated for a few moments. The spectacle lasted not a second longer as Coristia descended, her eyes no longer green, as she bowed low a second time.

“What is it Lich?” Titan asked.

“Milord, it seems that we have a pursuer.” Coristia replied. “A lone rider on a Solar Flier is approaching from the south, and is approaching fast.”

Titan took a deep breath before lifting his hands out in front of him. As lightning began to crackle in between his fingertips, a small disk of black light appeared and began to materialize until it got to the size of a small table. It floated in between the sorcerer and his generals, as a picture fully materialized, revealing a yellow coated unicorn riding a chariot in the shape of a dragon's head.

“You want me to take him out milord?” Callenfir asked. “It could be easy, I could just end it right here, put a blade right in his throat and you'd have one dead unicorn. I'd even bring you his-

Enough.” Titan said, glaring at the unicorn on the image. He then turned to the sphere behind him, looking around until he saw the floating body of a small fairy in a tattered dress float somewhere in the middle of the sphere. “I believe that is the unicorn who was foolish enough to survive one of my capture spells.” Titan replied, turning back to his generals. “He's probably looking for the fairy that I captured in his place.”

“Such foolishness...” Coristia commented, seeing the unicorn continue to ride the Solar Flier.

“Oh that is foolishness.” Titan said. “But one on the other side would call it bravery. Though I doubt those two mean the same thing.”

“Is there something that you want done milord?” Relicourse asked.

“Yes... Send a few squads of kobolds after this unicorn, see if he's really worth my time. Do not engage with him directly, but make sure that he will not make it back to the capital as easily as he came here.” Titan answered, staring at Callenfir. “And make sure that he is disposed of if he does happen to fall.” He said, watching the Dragonkin bow.

“It will be done milord.” Callenfir replied, before turning to leave.

“You two will continue with your tasks until I have need of you.” Titan said, turning his gaze on Coristia and Relicourse. “Should our guest manage to make his way here, you will provide him with a second examination. And do not hold back.”

“Your will is my life.” Coristia replied.

“I will do as you wish Lord Titan.” Relicourse said with a bow.

Titan watched as both of his remaining generals left before turning his gaze on the image in front of him. Something was off about this unicorn. He didn't know what, but this unicorn was nothing like the others. He would have to watch him for the time being. “Especially if he survives the encounter.” Titan thought nastily.


Riding the Solar Flier was an exhilarating rush. Lightning got several glances from the populace as he rushed through the streets of the Rainbow Capital, and had found that the Solar Flier was even fitted to outrun several militarized Solar Fliers. By the time that he had gotten to the gates of the upper class section of the city he had almost gotten the hang of the machine.

The gate's themselves provided Lightning with the most difficult problem yet, as there were no ways that he could think of to get away cleanly without having to destroy the gates. That plan was quickly tossed to the side as the gates were opened wide enough for a group of soldiers escorting a group of wounded civilians to the hospital. There's my chance... Lightning thought, revving up the engine again and taking off. The soldiers all stopped to watch as he erupted from the brush and cover that he hid behind near the gate, before shouting at him as he sailed on by above him.

That was hours ago however.

Lightning was now following the stream of black magic that streamed from the source of light to a ravine that appeared to be several miles away on the Solar Flier's Map. He glanced at it occasionally, making sure that there were no obstructions in his path as the spell that he was using continued to guide him to his destination.

He rode in silence, only being concerned with his objective. His eyes scanned his surroundings every now and then, in an attempt to pick out movement from area as he neared closer to his destination. He didn't care too much about anything except what was in front of him.

He was not alone however. Lightning didn't notice the long trails of dirt mounds that seemed to be keeping up with the Solar Flier, and didn't realize what was happening until it was too late.

With a loud shriek and a scream, Lightning looked over his shoulder as the most repulsive looking being seemed to appear from out of nowhere on his left flank. The creature's skin was putrid yellow mixed with a very faint gray tinge; and it had long and extremely sharp razor-like claws on the ends of it's lanky limbs. The beast was wearing an all black metal breastplate and a black helmet, and save for the but flap that it wore it didn't wear anything else.

The creature leapt onto the Solar Flier with relative ease as several more followed suit. Quickly, Lightning punched one of the creatures, knocking it off as it's comrades began to slash at him with their claws. The unicorn was pinned down where he sat, knocking as many as those that leapt on board. He knew he couldn't fight them all off while on the Solar Flier, and without any hesitation he leapt off the machine and took several with him.

The initial impact with the earth stung, but Lightning expected it. The sound of a loud explosion rocked the plains as the Solar Flier smashed into a column of Earth some distance away. That wasn't what bothered Lightning as he got to his hooves. The creatures were surrounding him, and he was out numbered.

Great... What now? Lightning cursed, bringing his hands to defend himself. He heard a loud screech and braced himself as they charged.

The screech came from his left as one of the creatures leapt at him. Lightning avoided the incoming charge, burying his fist into it's chest. He recoiled, clutching his fist as three more leapt at him like vicious beasts.

The claws of the first two narrowly missed as Lightning evaded, only to have the last set rake his back with all of the gentleness of a pissed off bear. The unicorn turned, delivering a swift kick to the offending creature to it's face.

The beast he had struck initially leapt up at him as the recipient of his hoof staggered backwards in pain. Lighting caught the assailant with another blow to the face with one of his fists, receiving a set of slashes to his own face too. Three more creatures leapt at him, their eyes filled with blood lust.

Lightning turned, ducking the incoming creatures before picking the one in front of him up and tossing it over with the others. The other creatures snarled, stepping over their comrade in a frenzied attempt to get at Lightning. Six sets of claws all reached out at the unicorn, their owners filled with the intent to kill.

The unicorn leapt back, watching three bodies fall to the ground where he was originally standing. The owners of the three remaining claws landed on the ground with a sense of grace, before swinging their claws wildly at him. The unicorn blocked two swipes from the creature directly in front of him, retaliating with a punch of his own. One of the creature's claws caught Lightning's right arm just as he was about to throw another punch as the creature's comrade slashed his chest.

The force of the attack knocked Lightning backwards, throwing him to the ground with a force that he didn't expect. The unicorn struggled to get up, bringing his arms close to his chest in an attempt to close off and clutch his open wounds. Dammit, what the heck are these things? Lightning thought, backing up slowly from his adversaries. The creatures advanced slowly, acting like beasts ready for the kill. I still have to save Krysta though, and if it means beating these things then so be it! Lightning thought, leaping at the same time as the creatures.

Before either side could reach each other, the group of creatures were stopped with a hail of explosions, each of them bright and spectacular. Lightning had to stop, before rubbing his eyes.

On the top of a hill that Lightning was facing, stood Ottavo. His left arm was extended as his horn was radiating a bright pink aura. A set of fireworks were hovering on either side of his body, each surrounded by the same pink aura. On either side of them stood Moonbeam Mist, Buddy Rose, and Drawn Out, each with serious glares on their faces. But that wasn't what surprised Lightning.

Are they wearing what I think that they're wearing? Lightning thought, watching out of the corner of his eye as the creatures got up and growled at the other unicorns.

The outfits that the unicorns wore were different than what they wore when Lightning met them. Buddy Rose was wearing an entire suit of knight's armor, only it appeared to be made of wood. Drawn Out appeared to be wearing a set of dark blue robes that appeared to take a liquid-like appearance, and was carrying a sketchbook in his hands. Ottavo was wearing an all black trench-coat with black pants and boots, and had a visor covering his face that wrapped around his face. And finally Moonbeam wore a small white dress with a pair of unattached white sleeves and a pair of silver long boots.

“Lightning, you need help buddy?” Ottavo asked.

The unicorn stared, bewildered for a moment before nodding slowly. “I... Guess you can say that.” He said.

“All right, let's get to work you guys.” Ottavo said, snapping his fingers. The fireworks all screamed towards the crowd of creatures before smashing into the group that was away from them. The creatures roared and screamed all at once, before leaping at the now flying unicorns.

Lightning hadn't seen a battle go so quickly. Two of his assailants leapt at Ottavo, before being struck down and smashed into the ground by a flash of energy from his fists. The pink unicorn then stopped flapping his wings, smashing into the ground with his elbow from what Lightning guessed was a distance of thirty to fifty feet.

The solitary creature that attacked Buddy Rose never made it up to him, a gigantic plant erupted from the creature's body which caused it to cry out horribly. Ottavo looked up and gave Buddy a smile before the unicorn landed down on the ground with him.

The pair of creatures that leapt at Drawn Out seemed to be having more of a dance with him. The unicorn was busily sketching something in his sketchbook, deftly dodging the incoming strikes as they all landed on the ground, before he smiled and let his horn flare up. The creatures glanced at each other for a few moments before letting out horrible screams of pain, their bodies slowly turning to stone from the inside out.

Moonbeam however just remained quiet, her hands and horn generating a white energy field which she used to beat the creatures with like a whip. As she and her assailants touched the ground, Lightning noticed that the creatures skin changed in color from yellow to blue before turning a sickly black. With a silent gurgle, they both collapsed, the energy from Moonbeam's attacks disappearing as they did so.

“Heh, great job you guys.” Ottavo said, watching as one of the creatures left alive got up. The four unicorns gave it a glare, forcing it to take a tentative step backwards before running like a maniac as far away as it's legs could carry it.

Lightning got to his hooves and staggered over to his, “friends,” amazement on his face. “What... What are you guys doing here?” Lightning asked the first thing that came to his mind.

“We were about to ask you the same thing.” Moonbeam snapped, jumping a little at the sight of Lightning. “Hold still, this might sting.” She said, her horn flaring up a second time.

Lightning cringed as a trio of magical snowflakes appeared over where he was injured and began healing him. “Well I couldn't sit in the city and do nothing. Krysta's family, and I'm not losing someone else.”

“Someone else?” Drawn Out asked.

“Yeah, someone else.” Lightning repeated. “Look, this isn't important now. What matters is that I get to the Temple of Unity before Titan attacks again so I can rescue Krysta.” He said.

“You aren't doing that alone Lightning.” Ottavo said sternly, shocking the wingless-unicorn. “Not with the condition you got yourself into from fighting a couple of Kobolds.” He said.

“Those were Kobolds?” Lightning asked. “They looked different than from what I heard of what they originally were.” He said, before snapping to his senses. “Wait a minute, why are you acting like you're in charge here?”

“Well out of all of us, Ottavo went into Military School for a few semesters.” Drawn Out explained.

“Yeah, and I got top marks in school even though my uniform was always missing something.” Ottavo replied. “That means I have the most book sense, but I know that book sense isn't the best on the field of battle so I kinda dropped out. I would have been a Minor Captain in the guard if I had stayed the full time.”

“In effect, we're stuck listening to the psycho.” Buddy Rose added, getting a glare from Ottavo.

“Hey, it's not my fault that I love doing stunts and poetry!” He snapped. “It's my special talent and-

You guys are acting immature.” Moonbeam said coldly, the light around her hands and horn fading into non-existence. The snowflakes that surrounded Lightning's injuries melted into water as the injuries he received earlier were gone.

“That's good snow.” Lightning commented, looking down his once injured arm. “Anyways, I'm heading to the Temple of Unity and you aren't going to stop me.” He said, turning to leave. He stopped as a heavy hand was planted on his shoulder, forcing him to turn around to see Buddy Rose glaring at him.

“Look Lightning, we know that you want to save Krysta.” Buddy began. “But you see, you can't do that alone.”

“Buddy's right, you didn't even have any armor on. You barely held your own against a few Kobolds and would have gotten killed by them if we hadn't been there.” Ottavo snapped. “We just need to head back to-

NO!” Lightning shouted, startling them all. “Krysta never gave up on me, and I won't give up on her.” He paused, turning away from the group before taking several steps away from them. “She and those captured unicorns don't have much time. And even if the Grand Ruler's army makes it on time, Titan could have drained their powers by now for all we know.”

“How do you know that?” Drawn Out asked.

Lightning shook his head. “I know because I can see it.” He said, concentrating a second time. His horn flared up with a flash of white light forcing the unicorns to shield their eyes. When they opened them, they could see their world as if it were washed in white, with streams of color focusing on a single point.

“What is this?” Moonbeam asked, watching a stream of sky blue magic leave and return from her body.

“It feels warm.” Ottavo commented as a stream of pink magic left and entered from his body.

“This is the Uniforce.” Lightning answered. “Or at least that's what the Grand Ruler told me what it was.”

“The Uniforce?” Drawn Out and Buddy Rose repeated, as streams of yellow and dark blue magic entered and left their bodies.

“Yeah.” Lightning replied. “This is what's been leading me in this direction.” Lightning replied, seeing an extremely large stream of black magic descend from the point of light into the ravine that was nearby. The other unicorns gasped as there was several other colors mixed in with the black stream, but they were all being drowned out by the black stream. “That's Titan's magic, and that's where Krysta and the captured unicorns are.” Lightning replied, concentrating a second time as the color returned back to the world.

“And that's where your going to go...” Ottavo said, watching Lightning nod.

“Yeah, and there's no stopping me.” Lightning replied, not looking at the other unicorns.

“Heh, I figured as much.” Ottavo replied, taking several steps forward. “Well then, I'm coming with you.” He said, shocking everyone.

“Ottavo, wh-what are you doing?” Lightning asked.

“I'm helping you out.” The pink unicorn answered. “Is there a problem?” He asked, turning to the other unicorns. “Besides, I owe you one from the other day.” He said.

Buddy Rose shook his head before stepping forward. “I'm only going because someone's got to watch out for you so you don't get killed.”

“Buddy Rose!” Moonbeam exclaimed. “What are you doing?”

“A daring task of great chivalry, with no guarantee that we'll be returning?” Drawn Out replied, stepping forward. “Sign me up sir.” He said, shocking Moonbeam.

“You all do realize that this is suicide at best?” She asked finally, watching Lightning nod.

“Heh, I may not believe in my chances,” Lightning paused, turning back to Moonbeam, “But I have to try nonetheless. Besides, Krysta wouldn't forgive me if I just left her and the other unicorns trapped like that.”

Lightning's words were firm, but Moonbeam's will was stronger. They remained silent for a few moments before the pale white unicorn sighed, gritting her teeth angrily. “Someone has to say, “I told you so,” I guess.” She said, stepping up to Lightning until she got up to his face. “But if we die doing this, you can bet I won't regret haunting you in the next life. You get me?” She snapped, watching Lightning nod.

“I understand totally, now let's go...” He said, stopping again. “But my ride's trashed...” He said, sighing angrily.

“Don't worry,” Buddy Rose replied pointing to a bright red Solar Flier with five seats in the basket that sat on top of the hill, “We've got room to spare thanks to Ottavo's ride.”

“Yeah, she's my baby.” Ottavo replied. “Now let's get going, Titan could be leaving any moment!” He said as they all rushed to the vehicle. Moonbeam stopped, a chill rushing down her spine as she looked around at her surroundings.

“Hey Moonbeam, you aren't getting second thoughts are you?” Lightning asked.

Moonbeam shook her head. “No... No it's nothing.” She said. “Let's go already.” She replied, following the guys up to the Solar Flier before mounting it.

Little did the unicorns know as the Solar Flier sped off with them in tow, a pair of draconic eyes were watching them. Hmm... This is an interesting development. Need to tell Lord Titan about it. The owner of the eyes, Callenfir, thought before pulling out a smaller black orb from the body of the remaining Kobold that survived the encounter. Titan appeared in the orb after Callenfir concentrated, which caused the Dragonkin to bow low.

“Callenfir, Report.” Titan ordered.

“Milord, Lightning Dawn survived the initial skirmish. But it was not of his own accord.” Callenfir answered.

“What happened?” Titan snapped.

“Milord, several other armored unicorns followed him and assisted him in handling the squad.” Callenfir replied. “Should I engage them now?”

Titan shook his head. “No Callenfir, do not engage them. Return to the temple. We must prepare an extra surprise for our extra guests.” He said wickedly.

“As you wish my lord.” Callenfir replied, watching the orb return to solid black before smiling. He concentrated a second time as a small vortex of magic opened in front of him before stepping inside and disappearing with it.


The unicorns had reached where the Temple of Unity was supposedly located in a relatively fair amount of time. Compared to the Solar Flier that Lightning technically stole, Ottavo and Drawn Out were arguing with each other about whether it was considered stealing within the confines of the law until Moonbeam shut them both up, the ride was actually pleasantly faster than the speeds that Lightning was going originally.

“Damn... What's that smell?” Ottavo commented as the Solar Flier slowed down immediately before setting itself back down on the ground and stopping.

“Death.” Drawn Out grimly replied, dismounting from the Solar Flier before helping Moonbeam from one of the rear passenger seats.

“There's a lot of necromancy in this area, stay sharp everyone.” Buddy Rose commented, before turning to Lightning. The unicorn's coat was significantly paler than normal, and it looked like he was going to blow groceries as he sluggishly got up from his seat. “Lightning... Are you okay?” Buddy asked.

Lightning nodded uneasily. Something was in the air that felt like it had a tight grip on his throat and was squeezing hard. “It's getting a little hard to breath.” He said, stepping out onto the dead-looking black stone and tripping on his hooves. Buddy caught him half way and helped him up, but gave him a look of honest concern.

“Hey Lightning, how come you aren't wearing your armor?” Ottavo asked, leaping from the driver's seat of the Solar Flier.

“Excuse me?” Lightning asked, surprising the other unicorns.

“Your armor. A basic type of spell that is connected to your soul and your beliefs?” Drawn Out asked, watching Lightning shake his head.

“The stuff we're wearing now, which makes our attack spells practically lethal?” Buddy Rose asked, receiving the same response.

“You... Haven't found out what your armor is yet... Have you?” Moonbeam asked curiously.

Lightning shook his head and hung it low. “Is this something that you learn in basic magic school?” He asked. The other unicorns shared a nervous glance.

“Well... It's kinda the first thing that your parents should have taught you right after you got your Cutie Mark.” Ottavo said gingerly, watching Lightning shake his head.

“Well then I don't know what my armor is, and I don't think that I ever will.” Lightning replied, looking up. “I lost my parents when my home, Tiberius 5 was destroyed by a powerful sorcerer leading a planetary war on itself. I was on an Escape Portal that was linked here in the last battle that our side fought in, but it was destroyed as soon as I arrived on this planet. My parents died in the defense of the portal, and I lost my wings half-way through the transport process.” Lightning said bitterly.

“So that's what you meant by-

I don't want to talk anymore about it.” Lightning snapped, cutting Moonbeam off. “I'll be fine, we should get moving. The Temple of Unity isn't very far off.” He said, marching forward into the darkness.

The remaining unicorns all shared a concerned glance, Moonbeam's mood changing slightly but visibly, before chasing after Lightning through the veil of black fog.

After wandering through a vast black expanse at the bottom of the ravine through what Lightning assumed was a forest at one point, Lightning stopped as the effects of whatever was in the air suddenly released it's hold on him.

“Lightning, what is it?” Buddy Rose asked.

“That thing that was bugging me, making the air hard to breathe, it's gone now.” Lightning answered.

“Something isn't right here.” Drawn Out said calmly, staring at the now mostly destroyed Temple. His keen eyes could tell that an entire wing to the T-shaped building was missing, as was the whole of the roof and half of the remaining wing was starting to rot away. Behind the Temple sat the gigantic mechanical cobra that attacked the Rainbow Capital, coiled up and remaining still.

“So, Ottavo... What's the plan?” Buddy Rose asked, watching the pink unicorn closely.

“I think that we shouldn't rush inside, especially since there's-” He stopped, his face grim as Lightning wildly charged the front door. “Of all the... Come on!” He snapped, taking off and flying after Lightning as the others followed in pursuit. The yellow unicorn didn't get halfway before he was tackled to the ground by Buddy Rose and nearly dragged back to where they started.

“What the... Lemme go!” Lightning snapped, continuing to struggle against Buddy's grip.

“Now why would you go and rush off like that? You want to go and get yourself killed?” Moonbeam asked crossly.

“There's only one of him and five of us. We have the advantage, there's no need for a plan so let's go!” Lightning snapped.

“Oh, I think that you should recount the fact that there may be a small army inside the church plus whatever's inside that ship of Titan's.” Drawn Out replied.

“Simply put, we're not gonna go in until-” Ottavo was cut off as a blast of cold, black air knocked the ancient doors from off of their hinges and onto the ground in front of them. Off in the distance, they all could see a black ball of energy just floating at the top of an altar before them at the other end of the temple.

“There's no time for this!” Lightning snapped, managing to wrestle himself free. The yellow unicorn charged a second time, much to the annoyance of the others, but stopped at the entrance to the temple. Something's wrong here... He thought, glaring at the orb of energy. Why am I just blindly rushing into this? Think about it for a second, it could be a trap.

“Why did you stop Lightning?” Moonbeam asked.

“I dunno, but something's... Affecting my head...” He said, placing a hand to his forehead. “We need to be careful, something's not right here.”

“And for once we agree on something.” Ottavo said, throwing his arms up into the air.

“Stay sharp everyone.” Drawn Out said finally as they all entered inside.

The state of the temple was getting worse and worse as they advanced closer to the ball of black energy. Lightning could have sworn that he saw bubbling pools of purple ooze frothing on either side of the main path that remained, and nearly jumped at the sight of what he thought were eyes on the inside.

“I don't like this...” Lightning said, his senses slowly coming back to him. I should have stayed back and thought of a plan... I should have listened to what Ottavo had as an idea for us... Lightning thought as the small group advanced within a reasonable distance with the altar. They all stopped as a loud, booming voice echoed from throughout the shambles of the temple,

“FOOLS, YOU HAVE WALKED BLINDLY INTO MY TRAP, CAUGHT LIKE THE VERMIN THAT YOU ARE!” The voice echoed, until the sorcerer Titan materialized right in front of them all, in his malevolent glory.

“Titan...” Moonbeam whispered as she and the other unicorns took an aggressive stance.

“All right, I'm giving you one chance Titan.” Lightning snapped, attempting his best intimidating voice. “Surrender and release the unicorns right now, or you'll have to answer to me.”

The sorcerer laughed, the sound bellowed off of every wall inside the temple and ravine until it made it seem like there was more of him there than there ever was. “You? What do you think that you can do?” He asked, glaring at Lightning.

Lightning wanted to say that he could stop Titan, but even that was a stretch. The sorcerer continued to glare down at them all, waiting for a response from him until,

“He can do plenty.” Ottavo snapped boldly.

“Really?” Titan asked, his attention turning to the pink unicorn. Well then, let's see what you've got.” He snapped, lifting one of his hands as it fired a stream of black energy at the unicorns. Most of them moved out of the way, with the exception of Lightning as he took a direct hit from the blast and was sent flying backwards several feet.

“You leave him alone!” Buddy Rose snapped, leaping into the air with a ball of energy of his own. He was intercepted however by a shadow that took the shape of a red armored centaur which struck him with the butt of the axe that it was carrying. Buddy Rose was knocked back to the ground, before being helped up by Drawn Out.

“Are you okay?” Drawn Out asked.

“Yeah I'm fine.” Buddy Rose replied, looking over his shoulder as Lightning was getting up to his hooves.

Two more shadows appeared on the right side of Titan; one taking the form of an pale-skinned elf in a black cloak while the other took the form of a gray draconic humanoid with black armor. They both were also carrying weapons as several hundred shadows all formed around them all, taking the shapes of Kobolds.

“Now what do we do?” Moonbeam asked quickly.

“That's an easy one my dear...” The draconic humanoid hissed. “You will all die.” He said, drawing a pair of very wicked looking curved swords.

Buddy Rose shook his head, glaring in the draconic humanoid's direction. “I think that you underestimate us.”

“And you underestimate your chances unicorn.” Titan countered. “Relicourse, Callenfir, Coristia, show these foals what they're dealing with.” He ordered coldly.

“Yes milord.” Relicourse replied. “All of you, get them now!” He shouted before charging forward.

“Let's go guys!” Ottavo cried, leaping into the fray with Buddy and Drawn Out as Moonbeam remained close to Lightning.

“Stick close to me!” Moonbeam shouted, her hands and horn flaring up with white magic.

Lightning nodded, watching as the ground that they both stood on immediately got colder until snow began to form. He turned, evading several swipes from the claws of the shadowy kobolds as the elf began to face off with Moonbeam.

A ball of snow formed in the unicorn's hand as it began to pulse with light. Moonbeam tossed the glowing snowball at the elf, who blocked it with an all black barrier. “You think a little frozen water will hurt me girl?” Coristia snapped.

“It'll do more than that fool.” Moonbeam snapped, racing forward and throwing a punch at Coristia, who blocked it easily.

“Fool? You don't know who you're dealing with. You are the fool for serving that insolent whelp Celesto!” She snapped, retaliating with a strike of her own.

The unicorn and elf traded blows, each one trying to land a strike against another until Lightning let out a yelp. Moonbeam turned, watching as several kobolds had surrounded him, before focusing her magic to generate icicles that erupted from the floor underneath where the kobolds were. Lightning turned, giving Moonbeam a thumbs up in thanks before snapping off a chunk of the ice to use as a club before more kobold's came at him.

“Your distracted!” Coristia declared, a black billowing smog erupting from her hands which knocked the unicorn back.

Buddy Rose and Drawn Out were having their own problems with Relicourse however. The tremendous double-bladed axe that he carried was keeping them back and nullifying their magic with each stroke.

“You two are honestly pathetic.” Relicourse snapped, firing a blast of energy at the pair before they could get another spell off. Both unicorns rolled out of the way before charging up their magic only to break their concentration to avoid another blast. “Only the weak rely on magic like you. Strength comes from raw power!” He said, managing to corner Buddy with several Kobolds before attempting to bring down his axe on his head. There was a loud, “CLANG!,” as a long, slim blade of a sword blocked and held back the axe's attack.

“You lay a hand on my friend and it's game over.” Drawn Out snapped, pushing the axe off of Buddy Rose before getting the centaur to face him. “My Imagine Blade will see your axe for what it is. Come.” Drawn Out demanded as Relicourse raised an eyebrow.

“You're not doing this alone!” Buddy shouted, throwing several kobolds off of him. In his hands was a massive brown flail with an all black chain and spiked ball on the end of said chain. “Let's do this!” He shouted, swinging the flail at Relicourse and inadvertently taking out three kobolds behind him.

Relicourse blocked the incoming attack with his axe as best as he could, and drew the zweihander that was sheathed on his back to block the incoming strike from Drawn Out. He smirked confidently, pushing Drawn Out aside and throwing Buddy Rose next to him. “It looks like things got interesting.” He said, charging back at the unicorns.

The draconic humanoid laughed maniacally, running one of his razor sharp swords through several kobolds in an attempt to get at Ottavo. The unicorn concentrated, several spheres of pink energy flung themselves at him before they were blocked by their targets.

“You aren't really good at this game are you pinkie?” He asked coyly. “You do realize that you're gonna die right?”

“Sorry, but I don't plan on dying today.” Ottavo snapped, catching and blocking several Kobolds attacks before throwing them all at Callenfir who quickly slashed through them all. “Especially when there's a pile of crap that needs to get thrown to the trash, and-” He stopped, slapping his face for a second.

“What's the matter pinkie? You realizing how bad it is to make a Dragonkin wait for it's dinner?” Callenfir asked.

“No,” Ottavo snapped, firing several blasts of magic at the Dragonkin which were blocked, “I just know that you've thrown me off of my concentration and that comeback was totally uncool.” He said before smiling. “But I do think that you have a little problem now.” He said, pointing at Callenfir's swords.

The Dragonkin looked down at his blades and saw that they were covered in a dark blue glue down their lengths. The glue dripped down to the ground beneath his feet, and it made the blades impossible to move. “What the... You little ankle trash piece of-”

He didn't get to finish his insult as Ottavo's fist smashed powerfully into his face. The Dragonkin was knocked flying back several feet, before he smashed back into the ground.

Ottavo smiled, easily pulling the blade out from the glue with his magic before turning to Lightning. “Yo' Lightning, here!” He said, using his magic to toss the sword back to Lightning.

The yellow looked up after bashing another kobold skull in with the icicle and caught the black blade by the hilt. He looked back at Ottavo curiously who smiled back at him.

“Consider it a gift!” Ottavo said, watching Lightning nod before running a kobold through.

“Thanks!” Lightning replied, before both unicorns returned to the fight at hand.

Callenfir however was furious, getting up onto his feet he glared at Ottavo. “You're going to wish you were never born fool.” He snapped, concentrating as a black vortex opened up by his feet. The Dragonkin then grabbed the hilt of a claymore that was about as big as he was before charging Ottavo.

“Heh, bring it scaly!” Ottavo snapped, readying another shot.

The battle continued for several minutes, and it appeared to Titan that Lightning and his friends were winning. He could see Coristia get flung backwards by a blast of ice and light that erupted from her opponent's hands. The elf was knocked backward to his feet, her body emitting smoke.

Relicourse was also having some trouble with the unicorns that were his targets, their continued combination attacks were wearing the centaur down until the dark blue unicorn held the centaur off enough with his blade as the green one blasted him backwards with a barrage of explosive seeds. Relicourse didn't fall, but he appeared to be leaning heavily on his zweihander as the results of the battle were taking their toll on his body.

Even Callenfir's combat effectiveness was being affected by his rage, his wild swings of the claymore were batted away by a hammer that his adversary summoned with his magic. The Dragonkin wasn't getting anywhere, and after a few swings his efforts were met with a giant firework being launched at him from point-blank range before said firework exploded in front of where Titan stood even making him cringe slightly.

As the Dragonkin struggled to get to his feet, Titan watched with an inherent curiosity as Lightning finished off the remaining kobolds with assistance from Ottavo and Moonbeam. The sorcerer heard an inhuman roar erupt from his feet and watched as Callenfir got ready to charge a second time.

“You will be silent Callenfir.” Titan barked, walking down onto the floor in front of the altar.

“But milord! They need to be punished! They-

ARE YOU CHALLENGING ME DRAGONKIN?” Titan roared, catching the attention of the other unicorns. Callenfir shook his head and fell silent, uttering a silent apology and bowing before Titan as the sorcerer turned back to Lightning and his friends.

“It's all over now Titan.” Ottavo said confidently. “Your soldiers and Lieutenants have fallen. Give up now and we'll make your trip back to your prison nice and easy.”

“Oh is that what you think?” Titan scoffed. “You may have bested my lieutenants, but I am far stronger than them. BEAR WITNESS TO THE TRUE POWERS OF DARKNESS!” He shouted as several tendrils of black energy erupted from the orb from behind him.

The unicorns all braced themselves as the energy violently knocked them all back before causing several explosions where they were standing. Titan's eyes narrowed as the smoke cleared after a few moments, the unicorns were struggling to get up and help each other up even though they were badly hurt. Another barrage of energy erupted from the sphere from behind him, slamming into the unicorns a second time and sending them flying backwards again.

Lightning's body was wracked with pain. It was as if every one of his nerves were screaming against him trying to move, but he still thought that he had to try. Slowly, and painfully, Lighting fought to stand up right again, followed closely by Moonbeam, Buddy Rose, Drawn Out and then Ottavo.

“You would still stand? Even at the precipice of your defeat?” Titan snarled. “How very foolish of you all. I hope that you've enjoyed these last precious moments of existing, because this will finish you all,” The orb behind Titan began to charge up for another shot as he paused, smiling wickedly at the injured unicorns. “It's a shame too. Your magic would have been an asset to strengthening the most powerful sorcerer in the universe. Too bad though. I bid you all farewell.” He said, the orb behind him firing the energy that it had stored from within.

No... Lightning thought, the streams of magic racing towards them. I can't let them die, I don't want to lose here... No I cant! I've got so much left to experience! He thought, his resolve hardening to steel as he stepped forward. A golden energy enveloped his horn starting off as a small ember, before erupting into a mighty flame.

“What's he doing?” Moonbeam asked, watching as the golden flame grew.

“Lightning, get out of here!” Drawn Out cried.

“We can handle this!” Ottavo shouted.

“Are you crazy?” Buddy Rose asked.

There's too much at stake here. Lightning thought, the magical flame that he generated getting big enough to consume his body. “And I'm not going to let you win here, not when so many lives are at stake!” He shouted, glaring through the flame at the blasts of energy that continued to fly at him. I can do this... I can do this! Lightning thought, his body surging with power as the magical energy around his body exploded in size, getting large enough to form a column of golden light which shot to the heavens as it appeared to be big enough to fit more than five unicorns standing hand in hand in a row. The blasts of black energy slammed into the barrier and fizzled out immediately. There was a loud roar that emitted from the golden column as a pair of bright blue, dragonic eyes shone from the column of light.

“Wh-What is this?” Titan gasped, taking a half step backwards as whatever was in the column of light let out another roar.

The golden column of energy exploded in a flash of light with a loud, “KABOOM,” knocking those that were standing to the floor save for Titan. As the light died away, everyone gasped in shock.

Lightning was standing calmly in between the claws and wings of a massive golden dragon made of the same energy that he had generated. The dragon's eyes gazed down on Lightning in almost like a motherly fashion, as it's front claws and wings moved back. The beast's golden tail swung out of the way, giving Lightning's friends a good look at his new attire. Lightning, whose eyes were currently closed, was now wearing a bright yellow and blue battle-suit that looked like it was made from dragon scales. A pair of golden dragons wings appeared to pulsate from his back, made from the same magic that the dragon that was standing over him was made from while a dragonic helmet covered his head save for his horn. His hands and hooves were covered in dragonic claws, completing the look.

“T-This cannot be! That's impossible!” Titan gasped, stepping backwards. “You can control the power?”

Lightning's eyes opened, a confident smirk gracing his lips. “Yeah, it's possible. But me controlling the Uniforce? Please, I'm just helping it destroy something that it detests.” Lightning replied, his horn flaring up again. “Namely you.”

Titan took a step backwards as a bow about as large as Lightning was formed in his hands. The Dragon that was around Lightning let out a roar before changing the bow into a blaster of sorts. The head of the dragon rested above where Lightning's right hand was, as the wings and body formed the rest of the body. Lightning lifted the weapon with ease and pointed it at Titan, the eyes of the dragon's head glowing a bright gold as a stream of magic formed into an arrow which knocked itself onto the bowstring.

Titan roared, his hands generating a barrier that he thought would be big enough to protect him. As the arrow was pulled back on the bow, even through his barrier of black magic he could see that it continued to glow with a radiant energy. He stopped, feeling the barrier strengthen as Coristia stood with Relicourse and added their power to the shield, making it big enough to protect them all.

“What do you think of that?” Callenfir asked, watching the armored unicorn closely.

Lightning just smiled as the dragon head roared. “That barrier's not going to protect you. And this will prove it!” Lightning snapped, pulling the bow back to it's maximum extent. Let this purify the darkness, and release those that have been captured, fly now! Lightning thought, releasing the arrow.

What happened next surprised everyone in the room. Instead of an arrow of magic, the dragon's head unleashed a stream of golden flame, large enough to consume a small enough building and powerful enough to vaporize an entire forest. Titan and his minions held off for as best as they could, the golden stream of flames getting more and more intense by the second until finally they broke through the barrier. The stream of fire drowned out the sounds of the screams from Coristia and Callenfir as it washed over the sphere behind Titan before dissipating. As the stream of fire faded, all Lightning could see was a cloud of smoke that rose from where Titan once stood.

Did I do it? Did I get him? Lightning thought, watching the smoke slowly fade. On the ground and around the altar were the captured unicorns and Krysta, all of them laying on the ground, unconscious.

“You did it!” Lightning heard Buddy Rose shout as he staggered a bit.

“A little bit showy, but yeah that was awesome.” Ottavo added as Lightning turned to face his friends.

“A little?” Moonbeam asked curiously, watching from the corner out of her eye as the color returned to their surroundings. “And this is coming from the Daredevil?” She asked.

“Yeah? And what's your point?” Ottavo snapped, glaring at Moonbeam.

“Uh guys?” Drawn Out began.

“My point is that you're being a hypocrite.” Moonbeam countered.


“Hypocrite? And what about you?” Ottavo asked. “You were the one who was trying to keep us from coming here, but at the first notice you charge right into battle! Lightning could have gotten killed!”

“GUYS!” Drawn Out shouted. Ottavo and Moonbeam turned to Drawn Out who then pointed at the door to the Temple of Unity. The five unicorns turned and immediately bowed as the Grand Ruler stood at the entrance, his face a mix of emotions ranging from rage to relief, staring at the sight of Lightning and his friends.

“Y-Y-Your highness!” Lightning stammered, rushing past his friends and bowing low before the Grand Ruler. “I'm sorry, I had to! I couldn't just sit by and wait, Krysta was my family and-”

Lightning felt the cold armored backhand of the Grand Ruler strike him before he could finish his explanation. Lightning fell to the ground from the force before looking up at the Grand Ruler. His face was filled with fury, anger was visible in his eyes as the older unicorn removed his helmet.

“And did it occur to you that you were doing something stupid?” The Grand Ruler asked. “That not only were you endangering your life but your friends lives as well?” He asked, watching Lightning remain silent. The armored unicorn looked away from him, a clawed hand reaching to his face as he felt the strike. The Grand Ruler's face softened before he knelt down to Lightning's level. “Look, Lightning you were doing something against my orders whether you knew them or not.”

“Wh-What did I do wrong?” Lightning asked, the sting of the strike feeling fresh in his mind.

“You were endangering the lives of the citizens of Unicornicopia, namely your friends and Krysta along with the captured unicorns in pulling this stunt.” The Grand Ruler explained, his temper falling before extending a hand to Lightning. “I understand the why, but you need to understand that I could have handled it without you getting hurt. And that's something that I want to avoid for my subjects.” He said.

Lightning nodded before taking the Grand Ruler's hand before getting back to his hooves with him. “I apologize your highness. I didn't know what I was thinking.” He said, watching as the Grand Ruler nodded.

“You are forgiven Lightning. As are the rest of your squad.” The Grand Ruler said, shocking the other four unicorns.


Did he,

Just say?” Moonbeam, Drawn Out, and Ottavo all said while Buddy Rose remaining silent.

“I said that from this point forward, the five of you are going to be a part of a special squad, with my personal student at it's head.” The Grand Ruler replied. “And before you all jump to conclusions, commander!” He barked, as an orc in bright white armor appeared from the entrance behind the Grand Ruler.

“Yes your highness?” The orc asked.

“You have all of their school records right?” The Grand Ruler questioned.

“Yes your highness.” The orc replied, as a screen appeared in front of the Grand Ruler. The alicorn nodded, looking over the screen before it shut off again.

“That will be all commander, tell your men to be careful.” The Grand Ruler said, giving the orc an encouraging smile. The orc saluted before rushing off, leaving the unicorns alone. “Now everyone, because you all attended class and Lightning couldn't due to his special circumstances you will all be assisting him in his studies.”

“Wait, what?” Ottavo asked again.

The Grand Ruler smiled again. “You heard me Mr. Rima.” He said. “Though I will be teaching him how to control his powers which he demonstrated for you and Titan, you will all be helping him understand the tactics that the members of the Unicornicopian Army uses. I expect that you can understand what I say when I mean that he is in dire need of it.” He said, watching most of the unicorns exchange a glance.

Buddy Rose smiled before bowing low before the Grand Ruler. “It would be my honor to help train Lightning your highness.” He said, feeling the glares from the others. “Besides, it would help if we all got to know each other better if we're going to be a squad together.”

Drawn Out nodded, following Buddy Rose's example. “I agree with Buddy. I'd be glad to help in any way that I can.” He said.

Both Moonbeam and Ottavo glanced nervously at each other before following their example, kneeling before the Grand Ruler humbly. “We'll all help out your highness.” Ottavo said calmly.

“It's something that I'll look forward to.” Moonbeam said confidently.

The Grand Ruler nodded, finding their answers acceptable. He then took a moment to glance at his surroundings before sighing. “I should have figured that he would use this place to hide here. It is where I defeated him all those years ago...”

Lightning tilted his head sideways. “Is there something wrong?” He asked.

“No Lightning, It's something that you don't need to worry about.” The Grand Ruler replied before raising his right hand. Suddenly a horde of Unicornicopian soldiers flooded the ruins, some bearing hospital crosses while others bore crossed swords on their armor, until it got uncomfortably cramped inside. Lightning could have sworn that several Doctors and Nurses were looking him over as soldiers continued to move to the serpent mech that sat behind the temple. Lightning only watched as a soldier whispered something in the Grand Ruler's ear which caused his mood to decrease slightly. “Is there something wrong your highness?” Lightning asked.

“Well, that ship out there Is vacant and nothing more than a shell.” The Grand Ruler replied. “Meaning that Titan's soldiers escaped.”

“What about Titan?” Buddy Rose asked as he and the other members of the newly formed squad stepped forward.

“Titan is a lot stronger than he appeared today.” The Grand Ruler replied somberly. “I fear that this isn't the last we've heard of him.”

Ottavo smiled. “Well we'll be there to kick his tail back to where it came from!” He said, getting a laugh from everyone else.

I hope so Ottavo. Lightning thought nervously, watching as several doctors carried Krysta on a medical bed made for her. I hope so.

“Don't we all Lightning.” The Grand Ruler said, looking up to the heavens. “Don't we all.”

-End of Episode 2-

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