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My Little Sentai: Shinkenger - RaisingShad0ws

Pinkie Pie is the princess to a Samurai Clan, trying to save the world from demons. Friends find out after receiving letter from family and hear her story.

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Prologue Act: Sunny Days are perfect for a Play

My Little Sentai: Shinkenger

By: Raising Shadows

Prologue Act: Sunny Days are perfect for a play

"Okay Dashie! I'm all set!"

Princess Twilight Sparkle, the star protégé to Princess Celestia and ex-avatar to the Element of Magic looked on with wonder. Two of her best friends, Rainbow Dash -a cyan pegasus with a rainbow mane and tail-, and Pinkie Pie -an unbelievably pink earth pony with an even more unbelievable curly pink mane and tail-, were standing off from each other in a small meadow in the local park in town. Rainbow Dash, needing someone to release all of the tension that was wound up in her body from staying indoors all day long, lowered herself close to the ground and raised her wings. "Rainbow, are you sure this is a good idea?" Twilight asked, looking between the two ponies and seeing a small trampoline placed precariously in between them.

"Don't worry about it Twilight." Rainbow Dash said, easing up for a moment and waiving a dismissive hoof towards the lavender alicorn. "It's just a harmless stunt. What could possibly go wrong?"

Twilight raised her hoof to say something, but decided against it, shaking her head as Rainbow Dash got back to her ready position. High above them were clear enough skies, until a dark brown blur could be seen coming from the west.

"There's something coming." Twilight said quietly, trying to make out the details on the blur. As she watched the blur, the alicorn could hear the sound of Dash's hooves charge towards the trampoline. "Wait Dash Don-

"YAHOO!" Dash shouted, shooting up in the air like a comet. However the pegasus never saw the blur, and before she could get going to continue her stunt, both blurs slammed into each other.

Twilight cringed, only for a second at the impact before taking action. Using her magic, she grabbed Rainbow Dash and the entity that she collided into - a black and brown tawny griffin with a modestly sized brown mail bag slung around her front shoulders- with her magic before steadying the pair of them. The griffin didn't appear to be hurt all that much, with a few feathers appearing to be out of place here and there, and regained her bearings before Twilight released her.

"HEY!" The griffin snapped. "Watch where you're going!"

Dash blinked, quickly recovering from her daze before rounding on the offending voice. "Where I'm going?" She countered, glaring at the griffin. "You need to learn how to fly!" She snapped, ignoring the griffin's growling as she descended to the ground.

"Dash, you know that wasn't called for." Pinkie Pie replied, racing over to where Rainbow Dash and Twilight were as the Griffin descended on them both. "It was an accident and you both should apologize."

"I'm sorry Pinks, but there isn't any-

Pinkie Pie is right, Dash." Twilight replied, cutting the pegasus off before she could say anything else. "You should apologize, after all this was partially your fault."

"Oh okay fine. Look I'm..." Rainbow Dash stopped, watching as the Griffin appeared to be digging in the mail carrier bag that she had around her neck. "Hey!" She snapped.

"Yeah, yeah. I heard you. You're sorry about what happened." The Griffin said gruffly. "Oh where is it... Ah! Here it is!" She said excitedly, pulling out a small letter that was sealed in an envelope. After a few moments she turned towards Pinkie Pie and completely ignored both Rainbow Dash and Twilight. "Pinkamena Diane Pie?" She asked, watching as Pinkie Pie nodded nervously. "This is for you." The Griffin said, extending the letter towards her.

Twilight couldn't help but look at the envelope, seeing the bright red loopy writing that was on its face that clearly spelled out Pinkie's name. Or at least that was what she assumed. However, as Pinkie took the envelope, she noticed the Neighponesian symbol for fire on the back of the letter and blinked as the pink earth pony passed the griffin her money.

"Thanks miss. Take care." The griffin replied in the most professional-sounding voice before spreading her wings and taking to the air, leaving the three ponies to stare at the envelope.

"Uh... eh... heh heh heh Pinkie, what's that?" Rainbow Dash asked, watching as Pinkie's usual smiling face was nowhere to be found. The pink party pony said nothing, flipping over the envelope with her hooves and opening it carefully with her mouth.

After pulling out the letter and looking over it, Pinkie Pie's mane deflated significantly. Both ponies watched as she sighed, before trotting away.

"Hey Pinkie! Where you going?" Rainbow Dash snapped, flying over near the earth pony as she continued to walk away. Twilight followed suit, but only walked on the ground behind Pinkie.

"I have something to take care of at Sugarcube Corner." Pinkie replied, her voice unusually quiet. "I'm sorry Rainbow Dash, we'll have to take this up some other time."

Before Rainbow Dash could say something else, Pinkie Pie galloped off, leaving both the alicorn and the pegasus confused. "What's her deal?" Rainbow Dash asked, watching as the earth pony rounded a street corner and vanished from sight. She turned to Twilight, who shook her head.

"I don't know, but we need to see if she's going to be okay." Twilight said, trotting after Pinkie Pie.


As Twilight and Rainbow Dash, followed by Fluttershy -a yellow pegasus with a pink mane and tail-, Rarity -an alabaster unicorn with an indigo mane and tail-, and Applejack -an orange earth pony with a blond mane and tail and a dusty looking cowpony hat- approached Sugarcube corner, they could see that there was a sort of commotion going on inside the confectionary establishment. A crowd of at least fifty-something ponies had gathered outside the front of the building as a pair unicorn ponies dressed in all black armor similar to what one would see in Neighpan stood guard in front of the front door. Neither said a word, and both had fearsome looking halberds wrapped around their front forelegs.

"Seems ta me that there's a problem here." Applejack commented, staring at the ponies in front of the front door as they approached.

"They must be sweltering in this heat." Rarity whispered, looking towards both of the ponies sympathetically. "And that armor, so drab. I don't even think the Guardsponies from Canterlot wear that style anymore." She added, taking note of the black robes that they wore beneath the armor.

"They don't look too friendly." Fluttershy whispered. "M-Maybe we should come back another time?"

Twilight shook her head. "Sorry Fluttershy, but Pinkie Pie needs us. And we need to be there for her." The lavender alicorn stepped forward, giving a generous smile at the two ponies in front of the store. "Excuse me sirs, would you mind moving out of the way. Our friend is inside and-"

Twilight leapt back as one of the halberds was skillfully dropped to where she had been standing previously, much to the shock of the crowds. The curved blade cut into the ground, but was easily withdrawn and placed back into position in the clutch of the pony's leg.

"Hey what's your Problem?" Rainbow Dash snapped, flying into the face of one of the guards. "She's a Princess of Equestria and-" She stopped as both halberd blades pointed towards the pegasus, causing her to fly backwards.

"Now Ya'll lissen here! Ya'll need ta-

They're not going to listen to a word you say. Stubborn as Quartz crystals they are."

Everypony turned to the sound of the voice that cut Applejack off and blinked at the sight. Before them stood several more ponies dressed in black robes, all of which were completely unarmed, as a brown pony with a gray mane and tail who wore a simple black, wide brimmed hat stepped forward. "'Cept, that's what they were trained to do. They don' care bout nothin' 'cept the way's of the Pie Clan." The stallion said with a low drawl.

The stallion wearily stepped forward, the other ponies making a path for him as he approached. When the stranger stepped forward he turned. "I s'pose that you would be Princess Twilight Sparkle wouldn't you." He said, with an almost bored tone. "Pinkamena has told me so much about you in her letters. I believe I ought to thank you."

Twilight and her friends blinked as the old stallion bowed before her as best as he could before being assisted by the robed ponies. "I'm... Not sure that I understand. We were just here to see if Pinkie Pie was okay. We're her friends and-

Ah that's good. It's good to see that she finally has friends. Well at least more friends than she had hooves." The stallion replied. "Name's Igneous. Igneous Rock Pie, the seventeenth." Igneous said, turning towards the group of ponies before him. "I had hoped that none of you would have seen this. Especially with what's about to happen... But it's not really going to make a difference."

"Whatever are you talking about sir?" Rarity asked. "What's going to happen?"

"'Best not to talk about it to those who aren't in the know." Igneous replied, turning towards the front door. "I s'pose that you bein' her friends would make this explaining bit a lot better than what it has to be, but..." Igneous paused, turning back to the mares. "I would much appreciate it if you told me everything that Pinkamena has told you."

The group of mares looked towards each other before looking back towards Igneous. "I'm sorry, but we weren't told anything." Fluttershy whispered, watching as the old stallion shook his head.

"Well ain't that a shame." Igneous Pie turned back to Sugarcube Corner and breathed a sigh of relief as another one of the robed ponies practically lunged for the front door and opened it for him. "Well, you bein' Pinkamena's friends makes this all the easier to say this. So... I guess we had better explain this better inside. No sense in flappin' our jaws out and around here." He said, calmly walking into the confectionary shop.

The group of mares shared a sideways glance before following Igneous Pie into Sugarcube Corner, being followed closely behind by the ponies in robes. As soon as the last pony stepped into the establishment and the door closed, Twilight and her friends all exhaled a breath that they didn't know they had been holding.

The inside of Sugarcube Corner had been drastically changed. The layout was still the same of the candy shop, but there were major decorative changes. A major paper screen blocked out the view of the kitchen and the major counter, as silhouettes of ponies trotted and bustled about as if to keep busy. The display racks were all also closed shut, leaving nothing behind but the wooden cabinets. The clean wooden floor was covered in incredibly small pebbles as a makeshift lagoon was built into the design, which surrounded cushions that would contain several mares, by Twilight's count there were at least fifteen all down in rows going length-wise between both the door and the shop's counter. But that wasn't what Twilight could see that bothered her. Another cushion, sat on a pedestal that was as big as she was while standing. Igneous breathed a relaxed sigh before taking a position closest to the pedestal.

"What happened here?" Rainbow Dash asked, her wings and tail twitching nervously.

"This was the work of the Kuroko-san-tachi." Igneous Pie replied, remaining stock still as the mares continued to marvel at the work.

"The Kuro-who-what now?" Applejack asked.

"Simply put he means the Stage-hands." Rarity Explained. "Like in a play one would see in Neighponesian theater... I think." She said, her hooves daintily adjusting as she continued to look around.

"You would be correct Miss Rarity." Igneous Pie replied. "The Kuroko are similar to stage hands just like you've said." Another pony in black robes appeared before trotting over to Igneous and whispering something in his ear. The stallion nodded before waving him off, and offered a seat to Twilight and her friends. "Pinkamena should be ready now, please have a seat." He offered, extending his hoof to several of the cushions that were seated to the right of the platform. He watched as the mares nervously shared another glance before trotting over to them, taking seats all next to each other as ten more appeared to be available.

As soon as they sat down, the door opened a second time, causing Rarity to let out a quick gasp. In the doorway, stood a grey earth pony with a dark gray mane and tail with a treble clef for a cutie mark. She bowed quickly towards Igneous, before taking a seat on a cushion that sat on the left side of the platform, closest to it. "So these are Pinkamena's new friends?" She asked, a smirk forming on her face.

"That's Octavia Philharmonica!" Rarity whispered excitedly. "She's a nationally known Cellist and Philanthropist!"

"You are well read and too kind miss Rarity." Octavia replied as the door opened a second time. Everypony looked up again, watching as a dark blue earth pony with a gray mane and tail and a pale rose for a cutie mark, stepped inside and bowed towards Igneous before freezing at the sight of Twilight. She then tripped over her own hooves in another bow before getting up and hurrying over to the open spot next to Octavia's left.

"Bellamina Rose?" Fluttershy asked, her face peering from out of her mane and tilting sideways as the earth pony blushed nervously. Before she could say anything however, the door was flung open a third time, to reveal a dark green maned unicorn who wore a bright red cloak with a tall collar with orange jagged-looking sunglasses. The unicorn smirked, giving a casual bow towards Igneous and trotting over towards where Bellamina and Octavia were sitting.

"That must be Humble Origins... Somepony Ah've never heard from in a long time..." Applejack whispered.

"The one and only." The unicorn known as Humble replied. "And I guess all we're missing is Sur-"

A loud explosion flung the door open almost off of its hinges, cutting Humble off. What followed was a perpetual set of streamers and confetti that made it look like Pinkie was back to her old self, but when a white pegasus with a unbelievably curly blond mane and tail stepped in and closed the door gently behind her, Twilight swore that she was seeing what Pinkie Pie would have been like if she were born a pegasus.

"Ohmygosh, Ohmygosh, Ohmygosh, Ohmygosh!" Rainbow Dash squealed, nearly fainting at the sight. "It's Surprise, one of the Wonderbolts ace flyers!"

"Oh, so you're the one they call Rainbow Dash? Cool, maybe when you get in I can really show you how to throw the crowd a party." Surprise replied, flapping her wings and gently taking a seat next to Humble. She then quickly turned, bowing towards Igneous, before grinning. "So is this everyone?" She asked.

"Kosher Pickle will be here in about an hour, and the Princesses will be here as soon as they can Surprise." Igneous replied.

"The Princesses?" Twilight repeated. "Princesses as in Princess Celestia and Princess Luna? Those Princesses?"

"Yes your highness." Igneous replied as another Kuroko appeared from behind the screen and whispered something in his ear. The old stallion nodded. "Until they get here, I would like to present you with the current head of the Pie Clan, and my daughter: Pinkamena Diane Pie." He said, pointing a hoof towards the stairs.

The first thing that happened that struck Twilight odd was that the room fell uncomfortably silent. The second thing was that she heard a gentle clacking of wood against wood instead of a secure stomp from a hoof against the wood. Everypony in the room turned, and while the recent additions said nothing, Twilight couldn't help but stare in stunned disbelief at the sight of Equestria's number one party-pony.

Pinkie Pie was different, totally different than she normally looked. She was clad in an all white kimono that went down and covered her flanks as her hooves were clad in Neighponesian Horse-styled geta. Her mane was back to being curly, but in a more refined manner, almost like she were a samurai general instead of a sugar-crazed maniac. Her tail was done up in a similar manner, and a bow was wrapped neatly around her waist, giving her a sense of refinement that made even Rarity do a triple take.

Pinkie Pie finished descending from the stairs that led into Sugarcube Corner before walking towards the platform and climbing up on it with help from another Kuroko. Calmly she turned, sitting down on the cushion with all of the elegance of a foreign ruler. Her face an unreadable mask, her eyes seemingly full of her same energy but without it at the same time. "Father, where's everypony else?" She asked, her voice not betraying the mask she constructed.

"They will be here soon Pinkamena-sama." Igneous Pie replied, bowing low.

"I see." Pinkie Pie replied. "And from your message I take it that this is urgent. Have the Gedoushuu broken through to the mortal world?" She asked, watching as Igneous shook his head.

"No, your mother has seen to that to the best of her abilities while you recovered." Igneous replied again.


It wasn't until Rainbow Dash shook her head that caused the party-pony to look in their direction. "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Wait a minute. Pinkamena-sama? Gedoushuu? Either this is some elaborate prank Pinkie, or I'm dreaming." Rainbow Dash scoffed, getting smacked in the leg by Applejack as everypony looked in her direction.

"I see that you haven't been told anything." Pinkie Pie said, her unfeeling voice seemingly mocking the pegasus. "I tried to keep this from you, but it seems that is no longer possible."

"Keep what from us darling?" Rarity asked, watching as Igneous Pie took a deep breath.

"The world is in danger. It is in danger by a threat that not even the Elements of Harmony could combat." Igneous began.

"Danger? From what?" Applejack asked.

"Oh my..." Fluttershy whimpered.

"The Gedoushuu. Demons that thrive on the waters of the Sanzu River, which is generated by strife and hatred between the races of Equestria." Igneous replied somberly, looking towards the other mares.

"But the Sanzu River leads to the pit of Tartarus." Twilight replied, shaking her head. "Why would there be demons coming from there?" She asked, watching as Pinkie Pie turned her head to her father and nodded.

"I guess that it would be best if I told you." Igneous replied, shaking his head. "It can't be helped. What you are looking at right now is the newest generation of Shinkengers. Guardians that fight against the Gedoushuu and keep the Sanzu River from flooding the world."

"Now wait just one minute." Applejack said, rubbing one of her temples with a free hoof. "So you're saying that, Pinkie Pie and these other fine ponies are monster hunters? Ah just don't see that ta' be the case."

"Applejack's right, Pinkie Pie wouldn't ever hurt a fly intentionally." Rainbow Dash replied.

Igneous shook his head before sighing again. "Well then, get comfortable ladies, because I'm going to take you back to before you all met. To a time after Pinkamena earned her cutie mark. To the time when she and these other good ponies became the only bulwark against Chimatsuri Doukouku and his legions of Soldiers. To the time when these ponies became Shinkengers."

Author's Note:

You asked for it in My Cutie Mark Sentai Crusader Story. Well, here it is. Something to tide you over until I can figure out how I'm going to work out my other story. Heads up warning though: Pinkie Pie is going to be majorly out of character for most of this story so... If you're a big fan of Pinkie's crazy antics as I am, be prepared to see the other side of her. Plus this is a big look into her history, at least from a fan's perspective.

This whole story takes place before Pinkie Apple Pie, so anything after the fact from canon universe is non-canon here. (But that's obvious with Super Sentai Crossing with My Little Pony)

Bellamina's name is from Silent Ponyville written by Jake-Heritagu and the credit goes to him. I didn't come up with the name, I just use it and in case you were curious that's where it came from.

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