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The Summer Fair! Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are Captured?

Chapter 8

-The Summer Fair! Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are Captured?-

The following day promised to be an extremely busy one for Ponyville. Everypony was moving from place to place, making sure that anything and everything was perfect for the arrival of both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Everypony was present in helping the small city get ready, from the flowers in the right positions to getting the birds to sing whenever they arrived. Nothing was left to chance, especially when the planners for the Summer Fair included Twilight Sparkle and Prince Shining Armor.

“I’m glad that you could make it back here Shining. I heard that the pony who took your position as Captain of the Guard in Canterlot is so paranoid it’s silly.” Twilight said, heading down main street alongside her brother. She never really got to see him that often, what with the elder unicorn being married to an alicorn and being essentially a ruler of another nation there was little time that they could use to talk face to face.

“It’s not a problem Twily.” Shining Armor answered, running a hoof playfully through his little sister’s mane. “After all, what you did for Cadence and I needed to be paid back in full.” He said looking around and watching as ponies young and old set up carnival games, ticket booths, and even prepared several food stalls. “She’s glad that things got sorted out quickly. That would have been a nightmare if the changelings won.”

“Yeah. It could have been.” Twilight said, chuckling a little watching her brother closely. The white coated unicorn seemed to be the perfect partner for her foalsitter. “No, he is the perfect stallion for her. They were meant for each other.” Twilight said mentally, reprimanding herself for thinking otherwise. She had known Shining Armor since they were foals, and yet there seemed to be a certain glow about him now, not in the way he acted or spoke about Cadence but more along the lines of how he felt about her when she had looked into her brother’s eyes. “How is Cadence doing anyways?” Twilight asked.

“She’s doing fine, she just seems to be a little worn out from after our honeymoon, but she fine all in all.” Shining Armor answered, watching as a little unicorn colt struggled with placing a blender on a food stall too high up for him to reach. His horn flared up with a blue aura before the blender could fall, which caused the little foal to look in their direction and smile thankfully. Shining Armor returned the smile before continuing with Twilight along their meandering path through the fairgrounds.

“What about you?” Shining Armor asked, “How’ve you been holding up since then?”

Twilight shrugged. “I’ve been doing just the same-old same-old. Studying up on magic, spending time with my friends,
you know... Boring non-royal stuff like that.”

Shining Armor shook his head. “Your friends aren’t boring. You tell me more about them in your letters than you do about yourself you know.” He said, watching Twilight blush a little.

“I guess that I do enjoy their company as much as I did with you when I was a filly.” Twilight said. “What I meant was, there isn’t really anything dangerous and exciting going on around here.”

Shining Armor laughed. “You know, you sound like some of the new recruits back in Canterlot when I was Captain of the Guard.” Twilight looked up to her brother with a puzzled look on her face. “You see,” He began, sighing a little, turning down to the lavender unicorn, “Peace, True Peace, is the thing that all heroes strive for. It’s something that we work hard for every day, just so we can go home and get ready for the next time we’re needed.”

“Aww come on!”

Both unicorns looked up to see Pinkie Pie, surprisingly carrying an entire bale of hay and several trays of sweets on her back, glaring at them both. “You can’t make that reference! That game was terrible!” She shouted. Both unicorns stared blankly at her for a few moments before the pink mare shrugged and walked off, leaving the pair together.

“Did she...” Shining Armor asked.

“Don’t ask, it’s just Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie.” Twilight said, smiling a little.

Both unicorns continued their patrol, watching as the party mare seemingly built a booth for Sugarcube Corner in less than a few seconds. Twilight could see that Shining Armor was equally confused and impressed, seeing that the booth not only had several deserts already on display but was also sporting a mini-fridge and an ice-box plus an extremely large sound system.

“She works fast.” Shining Armor commented quietly.

“That’s Pinkie Pie for ya’.” Twilight replied, snickering a little.

Both unicorns remained silent until the sounds of a pony flying at sub-mach speeds roared above them. They both looked up, watching as a rainbow colored streak crashed into and devastated the few clouds that hung above the Fair Ground’s airspace. They both ducked as the streak came barreling towards them, kicking up a small storm of dust before landing promptly on the ground behind them.

“Rainbow!” Twilight snapped, coughing through the dust cloud.

“Oh, hey Twilight. Hey Shining. Whatcha doin here?” Rainbow Dash asked as the cloud died down.

“We’re just making an inspection on the fairgrounds before both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna get here Miss Dash.” Shining Armor replied.

“Whoa, easy there Shining. It’s just Rainbow, or Dash. Or Rainbow Dash. The miss isn’t necessary. Besides, you know me.” Rainbow Dash corrected.

“Sorry, I kinda forgot.” Shining Armor replied.

“Anyways, I came here to tell you that the sky is clear.” Rainbow Dash said, smiling proudly as both unicorns nodded in her direction.

“Great job Rainbow, now the other pegasi could use your help with some of the weather game events that we’ve got going on at town square. You think that you can help out with that?” Twilight asked, watching Rainbow Dash nod.

“Of course Twilight, anything to help out for the Summer Fair.” Rainbow Dash replied before taking off again. She stopped however, and scanned the crowds of working ponies and blinked a little.

“What’s wrong Rainbow Dash?” Shining Armor asked.

“I don’t see Rarity.” The pegasus replied. “Or the Cutie Mark Crusaders, usually they’d be out here trying to help with something and we’d have to go and clean it up.”

“Isn’t Applejack watching them back over at Sweet Apple Acres?” Twilight asked, watching the pegasus shake her head.

“No, I just talked to her before I got the sky clear.” Rainbow Dash replied. “She told me that they were working on something that they would use for the fair themselves. Wouldn’t tell her what it was though, I just know that from what she told me that it was going to be awesome like their theme song.”

“You do realize that it was,” Twilight looked around in case the aforementioned foals were listening in from somewhere near them, “Really, really bad right?”

“We must’ve not heard the same song then.” Rainbow Dash said, shrugging her shoulders. “Anyway’s I’ve gotta go. Weather games can’t get help with Equestria’s number one most awesome pegasus now can they?” She asked, waiting for
a response from both unicorns. “Well they can’t so, I’ll see you two around the fair.” And with that, Rainbow Dash flew off in the direction of town square.

“Pretty confident in her skills, isn’t she Twilight?” Shining Armor asked.

“That’s just Rainbow Dash for you. Something she said bothered me though.” Twilight said quietly.

“What’s wrong?” Shining Armor asked.

“Well, she was right. Most of the time the Cutie Mark Crusaders would be trying to, “help,” and get their Cutie Marks at the same time. It’s actually a staple of what goes on around here.” Twilight said.

“Is that such a bad thing though?” Shining Armor asked.

“No, its just that its got me worried even more.” Twilight replied. “It’s the things that they do when they’re not around that worries me. Especially when nopony’s there to watch them.”

“I’m sure that whatever they’re doing they’ll be fine.” Shining Armor said reassuringly.

“I hope so.” Twilight replied.

-Back at the Crusader Clubhouse-

“Steady... Steady... Steady...” Sweetie Belle said, watching the strip of paper nervously. The crusaders were bright and eager to begin working on their helmets the next day that they started early. According to something Sweetie Belle read in the Library, the easiest way for the foals to make helmets was by making them out of paper machè. Now, while most of their clubhouse had been coated from top to bottom in flour, the foals had managed to cover and construct at least six helmets from a set of balloons that Pinkie Pie had gave them, “In case of Balloon Emergencies,” as she put it.

They had all agreed that as soon as their helmets had done drying, they would be able to cut the places for the visors out and make spots for them to be able to speak, just like Wonderwing’s helmet, and get them painted in time for the Summer Fair.

Pipsqueak was just putting down the last strip of paper on his helmet, thanks to Sweetie Belle’s guidance, when the sounds of a pair of humming wings buzzed from down below. This didn’t distract either of the foals, and as Pipsqueak placed and smoothed out the last piece, the door to the Clubhouse was flung open wide.

“Hey there you guys!” Scootaloo said happily, watching as both Sweetie Belle and Pipsqueak had turned to her. Both the earth pony and the unicorn set the bowl of the paper machè mix down and the brush they used before smiling at their friends.

“So, did you get the hard part done?” Scootaloo asked.

“Well we just finished with the paper machè when you two got back.” Sweetie Belle said, watching as Wonderwing entered the clubhouse with a lot of coloring supplies in his saddlebags.

“Where’s Twist and Dinky?” Wonderwing asked, looking around the clubhouse and seeing that both foals couldn’t be found.

“They went off to the fair grounds to see if their parents needed any help with anything.” Applebloom reported, climbing down from the rope ladder with a small toolbox in her mouth. “Dinky’s mom runs a small muffin cart when she isn’t delivering mail, and Twist’s parents make candy. They should be back anytime now.” She said, looking down at her wrist watch.

“So, is that hole in the second floor fixed?” Scootaloo asked, walking over with Wonderwing and setting down a set of saddlebags of her own in the cleanest place in the clubhouse.

“Well, as good as it’ll ever be.” Applebloom reported. “Ah couldn’t find any spare pieces from the barn, so Ah asked Big Mac if Ah could git some to use. He didn’t say anythin’ cept’ what he usually says and grabbed me a big enough piece of wood fer us to use.”

“That’s great! Now it won’t be so drafty up there!” Scootaloo said happily as Wonderwing nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, now Pipsqueak and I have a place to sleep again. Thanks Applebloom.” The pegasus said gratefully.

“An’ what’s that supposed to mean?” Applebloom asked, sounding a little hurt.

“Nothing!” Wonderwing replied. “Absolutely nothing. I mean, you guys didn’t want us to sleep in the same room, so I’m thinking that you’re all finally relieved that the second floor was fixed so you all can get some sleep.”

The fillies looked at Wonderwing before turning to Pipsqueak who shrugged. “Hey, e’ said it. Not me.” He said.

The room was dead silent for a few moments, until giggles from the foals broke it. Before less than a full minute, they were all cracking up, on the floor and laughing.

“Oh wow... Heh heh, I never thought about it that way. Scootaloo said.

“Nope, but I’m glad tha’s over with.” Applebloom said, smiling a little.

“You guys are how old and you still believe in cooties?” Sweetie Belle asked skeptically.

“Hey, you’re one to talk.” Scootaloo said with a smile. “You’re scared of Slendermane.”

Sweetie Belle couldn’t have gone any paler. “W-W-Well y-y-y-you would b-be too if you h-h-had to play th-that g-game w-with your s-sister...” She stammered, her pupils dilating to the size of pinpricks.

“What happened?” Wonderwing asked.

“Well when there was still only me, Applebloom and scaredy pants over there in the crusaders, We tried getting our April Foals Day Cutie Marks by pulling a prank on everypony.” Scootaloo explained. “Well there was a mannequin involved, and a lot of screaming and... I think we went a little overboard on that one.”

“A little?” Applebloom asked. “We right dun near scared the hooves offa Rarity, and Fluttershy won’t even go near Rarity’s house when she has an order for a Stallion somewhere.”

“Whoa, that sounds bad.” Wonderwing commented.

“N-N-Not as b-b-bad as seeing i-it in f-first h-hand...” Sweetie Belle replied, still stammering and doing her best to calm down.

“Well you know that Slendermane isn’t real, so don’t worry about it.” Scootaloo said confidently. “Besides, a pony like that wouldn’t be able to handle our new powers that we got.”

“Well, I dunno... Slendermane is scary, but you can’t beat the Trotshire Slasher.” Pipsqueak said.

“The who?” Everypony asked at once.

“The Trotshire Slasher.” Pipsqueak repeated, watching everypony else. “Supposedly, e’ only comes out a’ night, when the moon is full. E’ carries around this giant knife, groanin’ and moanin’ abou’ ow e’ needs the blood o’ innocen’ foals ta
keep is motor goin.’”

“Innocent foals?” Wonderwing repeated.

“B-B-blood?” Sweetie Belle whispered.

“Yeah, an’ the worst thing abou’ it is, nopony’s ever caught im’. Not even the Princesses.” Pipsqueak said.

All of the foals trembled in silence until a hoof knocked on the door to the Crusader entrance which caused them all to jump. Scootaloo quietly tip-hoofed back to the door and opened it revealing Dinky and Twist on the other side of it, each with confused looks on their faces.

“Uh... Did we mith thomething?” Twist asked.

“We’re you guys telling ghost stories?” Dinky asked.

“Um... Uh, no we weren’t. We were just... Uh...” Scootaloo began, looking nervous.

“We were just talking about how cool the Summer Fair will be once the Princesses get here.” Wonderwing said, covering for Scootaloo.

“Oh. Well everypony’s at the Fair Grounds getting set up. Momma’s fine with making the muffins for now, and she said I can come back here to help.” Dinky reported.

“And my mom and dad thaid that they’re okay with thetting up their booth right now. Mom told me that I can hang our with you guyth until the fair thtarth.” Twist added, watching the other crusaders nod.

“That’s fine y’all.” Applebloom said.

“So, where do we want to meet up?” Scootaloo asked.

The foals remained silent, the Summer Fair was usually the second biggest celebration in the Summer, behind only the Summer Sun Celebration. The Fair Grounds weren’t that big of a place, but they all still could get lost if things didn’t go right.

“How about we meet at the Main Pavilion in front of the front gate?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“But that’s in front of everypony though.” Scootaloo commented. “We don’t want to change in front of them. They’ll know who we are then.”

The foals continued to think about where they would meet up in silence, and as moments turned into minutes, ideas were passed out and shot down. None of them could think of a way to make themselves known.

“I have an idea.” Dinky commented. The other foals looked up expectantly as she blushed.

“What’s the idea Dinky?” Scootaloo asked.

“Well... We could change in between the booths... I mean nopony will see us there.” She said.

The foals thought about the information that Dinky presented. It sounded extremely simple, but at the same time there was the chance that an adult might stop them and they didn’t want anypony to know of their surprise.

“I mean, we could meet at Momma’s booth when it’s time to change and we can change there. No pony really goes back there unless there’s something unplugged. But I’d have to ask Momma-”

“That’s perfect!” Scootaloo shouted.

“It is?” Wonderwing asked.

“Yeah, how is that better than changing behind the Barn behind the Fair Grounds?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Well think about it for a second. We don’t need to worry about anypony coming up on us while we morph up, and we have easy access to the Fair in case trouble shows up!” Scootaloo said excitedly.

“Yeah, but ah don’ know... Wouldn’t we git shocked from the extension cords in the back back there?” Applebloom asked.

“Extension cords?” Scootaloo asked. “There won’t be any extension cords. What do you think this is? Manehatten or something? Everypony here will probably have only fryers and grills and stuff for gas where the cooking’s going to be.”

“And the games are on the other side of the street where the food is!” Dinky said excitedly.

“Which means that all the cabling and stuff that we’re worried about will be away from where we’re changing.” Pipsqueak said calmly.

“Wait a minute you guys, won’t the adults think that its weird that seven foals happen to slip into a restricted area for ponies like us and happen to come out changed into full body super suits?” Wonderwing asked.

The other foals stared at him blankly.

“Well of course it’s going to look weird.” Scootaloo answered. “It’s gonna look weird no matter where we change to. I mean, if we do go and change behind somewhere out where ponies can see us, it ruins the mystery of it.”

“Well the same thing would happen when we shout our battlecry too.” Sweetie Belle said.

“Well how about we change our name while we’re in costume?” Wonderwing asked. “I mean if we’re going to keep quiet with the name, we’re going to have to let other ponies know who we are.”

The other foals nodded at Wonderwing’s logic; some of it making sense to the other foals before others, like Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, while others had it simplified into something that they could understand a little better.

“We should be working on our helmets.” Sweetie Belle said, encouraging them all. “I mean, we’ll never get them done by the fair at this rate.”The other foals nodded, Sweetie Belle’s words ringing true, and began to work on finishing up their
helmets while passing ideas for their name change while they were morphed.

-Meanwhile back at the Underground Airship Construction Yards-

“Milord, the Summer Fair is about to begin.” Crimson Heart reported, bowing low as he did so. Utopian had just finished receiving a report on the completion of all the rest of his Airships’ Main Cannons when the pegasus appeared before him from the hologram spell that Serene Grace was providing.

“I see. And everypony is in place?” Utopian asked, receiving nods from both the unicorn and the pegasus.

“Tuff Stuff is acting as a simple parlor clown for the foals that would be in attendance milord.” Serene Grace reported. “He has been unable to get a chance for a free moment so that we may speak in the open.”

Utopian nodded. “Of course he wouldn’t get a chance like that Serene Grace.” He said. “His role in the foals capture takes a little bit more time than yours or Crimson Hearts. And the fools wouldn’t expect that a pony of Tuff Stuff’s size to be an excellent clown.” He chuckled a little.

“Your troops are to engage in battle with the guard only. Do not take the lives of the commoners or the Princesses. And do not take the lives of the Elements of Harmony. Is that clear?” Utopian ordered.

“Yes milord.” Both the pegasus and the unicorn said respectfully.

After a few moments, Crimson Heart bowed again. “Milord, I have heard rumors that Prince Shining Armor is in charge of security. What is to be done about him?”

Utopian raised an eyebrow, looking into earnest eyes from the pegasus. After closing his own eyes for a moment, Utopian smiled. “He dies too. But save him for Tuff Stuff when you get the chance. After all I did promise him the death of Shining Armor by his hooves.”

Crimson Heart nodded. “I’ll be sure to keep him alive long enough for Tuff Stuff to crush him.” He said with a smirk.

“Excellent, go now and prepare for the beginning of the end.” Utopian said, seeing both of his lieutenants nod.

“Yes milord.” They both said.

After a few moments, Utopian tapped one of his hooves on the desk in front of him as both Crimson Heart and Serene Grace vanished. A small microphone appeared from the center of the desk, which he tapped a couple of times with his hoof. The sounds of the taps could be heard from everywhere in the facility. “My faithful subjects, workers of a grand revolution...” He began, smiling a little. “You have worked hard, slaved at the construction of this grand design for years. Getting everything done as you have been instructed. But now that time is over.”

Utopian got up from his throne in the small office and looked at the sight of his new warship, almost giddy at the thought that he was going to be inside it. “That time of toil and labor is over! You are the finest workers that your king has ever known. And now, it is time for your exceptionally just rewards. Soldiers, end them.” He ordered, tapping his hoof on the desk again, causing the microphone to disappear from underneath the top of the desk. At the sound of his command, he could hear hundreds of ponies screaming, sounds that only he could truly enjoy. In his opinion, there was a sort of joy that he felt as the sounds that ponies made when their lives ended that he relished in. As he listened, he could hear almost everything. From ponies screaming mindlessly, to them begging for their lives. The sounds were too good for him to even begin to describe.

And just as quickly as it had came, it ended. Utopian’s heart skipped a beat, smiling as the sounds that had just embraced his ears left him. He turned, watching as the door that was closest to his windows opened, several unicorn soldiers stood at attention, waiting for his next order like a well trained machine. The demented unicorn said nothing, smiling as he walked through the door and past them all, crossing the connecting catwalk and entering an elevator. The soldiers followed obediently, trotting behind him and waiting patiently as the elevator descended.

It only took a few seconds for Utopian to appreciate the size of his warship, it was about an eighth as tall as it was long, and the basket was well equipped to defend against enemy attack. He could also see that there were several vertical rotors on either side of the basket in addition to the four giant ones that were on the blimp itself. It was the perfect war machine, nothing in all the lands could touch it. And most importantly, it was all his.

-Meanwhile, Back in Ponyville-

The Summer Fair was in full swing in Ponyville. Other than the modest looking booths and games that the Ponyvillians had set up, a group of professional carnival ponies had shown up all the way from Manehatten to make the little town’s first week of summer break even more special. They had rides set up, simple roller coasters that didn’t look too dangerous to low powered centrifuges that were guaranteed to make anypony throw up and there was even a small Ferris wheel.

The head of the carnival, a minotaur named Raw Power, had asked all of the ponies the day before as to where he and his team could set up. Hearing about how Ponyville was having a Summer Fair a couple of weeks right before the Summer Sun Celebration, plus the thought of Princess Luna(Who had never been to an actual carnival styled fair in the first place), showing up to the fair along with Princess Celestia, gave the Mayor enough reason to splurge on the occasion. The Minotaur was also very easy to get along with, and helped coordinate the day’s events with both Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor.

“Well, everything seems to be set up and ready for the Princesses.” Twilight said, using her magic to check off the last item on her list.

“And they should be arriving in Ponyville right about now.” Shining Armor replied.

As if on cue, the sounds of royal trumpets could be heard from the sky above. Ponies watched in awe as a golden
chariot, carried by two heavily armored pegasi and flanked by at least seven more, descended, carrying both Princess Celestia and a very sleepy looking Princess Luna.

As the chariot touched down low on the ground, everypony bowed low. Both Alicorns stepped off of the chariot, surveying the scene as Twilight and Shining Armor rose to meet them both.

“Princess Celestia, Princess Luna hello!” Twilight said, bowing low again.

“Your highnesses.” Shining Armor said, following Twilight’s example.

“Hello there Twilight, Shining. So, is everything all set up?” Princess Celestia asked, watching both unicorns nod.

“Of course Princess. Everything’s been made available for you and Princess Luna to enjoy the day with the rest of us.” Twilight explained.

“And security has been posted at any entrance and exit points incase somepony or something wants to start a ruckus.” Shining Armor reported, watching as Princess Luna yawned again.

“That sound’s good. Doesn’t it Luna?” Princess Celestia asked, turning towards her younger sister and watching the midnight Alicorn begin to dose off again. Princess Celestia leaned in close to her sister and whispered, “Luna, you’re doing it again.”

Princess Luna blinked before shaking herself awake. “We are sorry everypony.” Princess Luna apologized, yawning a little. “But this would normally be the time that we would be sleeping. Or playing Honorable Valor: Modern Assault. Celestia had insisted that we attend, but we still are not sure that we would not be impeding on everypony else’s fun.”

“That’s okay Princess, we can take it slow until you have time to wake up.” Twilight explained, looking up at Princess Celestia who was scanning the fair grounds as ponies started scattering all over the place. “Is there something wrong Princess?” Twilight asked.

The Rainbow-maned Alicorn nodded. “Where’s your friends? I thought that they would be here to meet us.” She asked.

Before Twilight could answer, there was a loud crash. They all turned to see that Rarity, her mane and tail all in disarray scanned the remaining crowds with her bloodshot eyes. She looked like she too wasn’t getting much sleep and by both Princess Celestia and Twilight’s best guess, she appeared to be out for blood.

“Where. Are. They.” Rarity asked, taking a step forward, one of her hooves trapped in a paint bucket.

“Uh Rarity... Where are who exactly?” Twilight asked, getting nervous that her friend was unraveling in front of both

“YouknowexactlywhoIamtalkingaboutTwilight,don’tplaydumb!” Rarity snapped, immediately running up to the lavender unicorn and planting both of her hooves on her front shoulders. “Those fiends who stole all of my fabric.”

“Who stole all of your fabric Rarity?” Princess Celestia asked, raising an eyebrow as Twilight took several steps away from the fashionista.

“Sweetie Belle and her friends.” Rarity answered. “Those foals ransacked my boutique last night, taking a years worth of potential fabric and crafting supplies while I was out last night. I need to find them, and I need to find them NOW.” She snapped, her breathing becoming harsh and ragged.

As both the Princesses and Twilight and Shining stood with Rarity, Princess Celestia’s ears twitched at the sound of humming wings. She wasn’t the only one who caught the sounds, as both Princess Luna and Twilight heard the same sounds coming from the same direction that Rarity had entered the fair, the main gate. Within a few moments, they all witnessed the foals pulled up in their wagon, and carefully dismounted at the gate.

“CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS FAIR HELPERS YAY!” The foals declared, which at their close proximity of the front gate knocked Rarity on her face. The unicorn turned, appearing ready to tear her sister a new one when Fluttershy walked up from behind them, a smile on her face.

“Now you all did a great job in cleaning up after yourselves. We wouldn’t want Rarity to... Oh my.” Fluttershy said, watching as both Princess Celestia and Luna gave Fluttershy a curious look. Rarity blinked, something inside her mentally snapped back to normal a little, as the sight of the yellow pegasus was a sort of a beacon of hope.

“Hey there Rarity!” Sweetie Belle said happily, trotting up to the unicorn before recognizing both Princesses. The little unicorn bowed, before smiling at her sister.

“Wh-Wh-What are you doing here?” Rarity asked, her eyes slowly returning to their normal state.

“Well we were busy with an extremely important project, and we kinda borrowed your fabric and supplies to make it.” Sweetie Belle began.

“But when we went to go and put everything away, you were gone.” Scootaloo continued.

“And we didn’ want you ta have to clean everythin’ up by yerself.” Applebloom added.

“And we didn’t know where everything went in the first place,” Sweetie Belle continued.

“So we asked Fluttershy to help us out.” Scootaloo added.

“An’ since there’s seven of us, it didn’ take us very long at all!” Applebloom finished.

Rarity blinked mindlessly for a few seconds. After processing it all in her mind, she gave a weak smile. “Well... I suppose that if you put everything back where you found it, no harm no foul as Rainbow Dash would put it?” She said, before turning to both Princesses and Twilight. “I’m sorry to have startled you all. It was something that I should have done before I came here looking like...” Rarity looked herself over and nearly fainted.

“Oh my... I really guess I should take her home.” Fluttershy said, helping the unicorn onto her hooves. “I’m sorry, everypony, but I won’t be able to come back until she’s feeling better.” Fluttershy said, before bowing low to both Princesses in apology.

“It’s quite all right Fluttershy. We can understand.” Princess Celestia said, nodding in her direction. Princess Luna followed suit, fighting through another yawn, before Fluttershy began to trot off with Rarity back home.

As they left, the Cutie Mark Crusaders all made off to split up until hearing a light cough from Twilight. They all stopped and formed a line, looking at her earnestly.

“Yes Twilight?” Scootaloo asked.

“You guys really need to apologize to Rarity the next time that you see her. There are some things that she doesn’t
really take lightly.” Twilight warned.

“That sounds like something that I would say.” Princess Celestia commented, watching the lavender unicorn blush a little.

Twilight smiled before turning back to the Crusaders. “Anyways, what’s on the agenda you guys?” She asked.

“Well we’re gonna have some fun!” Scootaloo said. “I wanna ride the roller coaster until I barf!” She said, watching the other foals make faces from the corner of her eye.

“Ah’m gonna help out a bit with mah sister fer a while. She’s th’ only one at the booth we set up, and Ah’m gonna be there in case she needs me.” Applebloom reported.

“Same here with me and my mom!” Dinky said happily.

“The plan is that while some of us are going to help out a little bit in the fair, the rest of us are going to hang around for a while.” Sweetie Belle explained. “Then we’ve got something special planned for everypony that they’ll want to see.”

“Wow, it seems like you guys have a busy day planned.” Shining Armor said, seeing the foals smile.

“We’ll we had better go.” Applebloom said, bowing low to the Princesses. “As mah sister says, “Taint no use in burnin’ daylight bein’ idle.” And Ah don’t plan to be.” The other Crusaders nodded in agreement.

“Well then, run along now.” Princess Celestia said encouragingly. The seven foals nodded before scattering in different directions, which caused Twilight to look worried after them. “Something wrong Twilight?”

Twilight shook her head, the slightest trace of worry escaping without any sign of resistance. “Oh its nothing really. I just feel like... Something’s different with them.”

“That’s the sign of growing up Twilight.” Shining Armor replied. “You were like that when you were a filly too.” Twilight blushed again as her brother chuckled. “Well you were.” He smiled before bowing to the Princesses again. “I’m sorry your highness, but I need to make my rounds. I’ll see you later.” He said finally.

“Take it easy Shining.” Princess Celestia said confidently. “We wouldn’t want the Prince of the Crystal Kingdom get worn out over a silly little thing like a fair.”

Shining Armor chuckled a little. “I wouldn’t dream of it.” He said before trotting away, leaving both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna with Twilight.

“So my faithful student, what is there to do around here?” Princess Celestia asked.

-Several hours later, nearing Sunset-

The Summer Fair had gone without a hitch. Princess Luna was wide awake after their first run to Sugarcube Corner’s booth, downing an entire cup of coffee before any pony could react. It didn’t last long in her stomach though as she and both Twilight and Princess Celestia lost their lunch at the centrifuge. After the third time on it. Nopony expected Princess Luna to be having so much fun, with the exception of Princess Celestia, and by the time had come for Celestia’s sun to set, Princess Luna was still a little Alicorn sized ball of energy.

The Princesses weren’t the only ones who were enjoying the Summer Fair though. As Wonderwing had wandered his way around the fair grounds, he could see that Scootaloo had convinced Sweetie Belle to ride the Roller coaster with her. It didn’t turn out pretty as Scootaloo had to be completely hosed off at the Restrooms. Applebloom was busy helping Applejack with their booth by the time that he had come around to meet them, that she was unable to stop for a moment to say hello. Twist and Dinky were in the same boat as ponies all wanted snacks to watch the Lunar Princess raise the moon.

“So Wonderwing, how’re you doing with your little friends?” A gentle voice that the colt recognized asked him. Wonderwing turned, seeing the smiling face of his mother standing over him with a set of extremely full saddlebags.

“We’re doing great Mommy!” Wonderwing immediately exclaimed, leaping into his mother for an affectionate nuzzle. “Our special surprise is all set up, and we’re all ready to let Ponyville know what we’re really gonna do.” He said.

“That’s great darling!” Flower Petal replied, as the pegasus got off of her. “Here, I have something for you and your friends.” She said, opening one of the bags in her saddlebag with her magic. A set of items levitated from the inside, including a pair of small wooden swords and shields, a hula hoop, a small megaphone, a pair of weird looking hooked wooden sticks, a wooden pirate’s rubber band gun and a small hourglass pendant. Wonderwing smiled, before reaching up as he tried to grab them before Flower Petal put them in his hooves.

“Wow Mommy! Thanks!” The foal said happily, holding as many of the gifts as he could in his hooves.

“I’m glad you like them little one.” Flower Petal said, watching as the foal proceeded to turn around. “Where are you going?” She asked, watching as Wonderwing turned back around again.

“I need to show these to the other Crusaders. We’re meeting up at Dinky’s mommy’s booth so I can show them what you got me.” Wonderwing replied.

“Well, let’s go over there together.” Flower Petal replied, watching the foal nod.

After a few minutes of walking, and listening to her son and his friends exploits, both Wonderwing and Flower Petal made it to their meeting point. The booth, like all of the others, seemed to have a mellow aroma waft from it if you could find it within the lingering smell of the smoke. Wonderwing immediately spotted the Crusaders, and ran over to them all before grinning. Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle looked like they were recovering from being sick, Pipsqueak was smiling and quickly talking with Applebloom, and Dinky was behind the counter, helping her mother clean up another mess.

“Hey crusaders!” Wonderwing said happily.

“Hey Wonderwing!” Everypony said in varying degrees of joy.

“Look what Mommy got us all!” Wonderwing said as his mother used her magic to pull out the gifts. The other foals oohed and aahed, as Wonderwing passed them all out.

“Wow, these look pretty cool.” Scootaloo said, admiring the sword and shield that she had.

“Yeah... It’s really nice?” Sweetie Belle said, looking at the megaphone in her hooves.

“O’ course it’s nice Sweetie Belle! Now ev’ry pony in Ponyville could hear you with that.” Applebloom said, spinning the hoop around her body with a little bit of trouble.

“The hourglass is pretty Miss Petal.” Dinky said gratefully.

“So is all of this stuff. Man Wonderwing, your mom rocks!” Scootaloo said.

“Totally.” Pipsqueak agreed.

“Most definitely.” Sweetie Belle said, finally getting the chance to admire Wonderwing’s mother’s gift.

“Thith ith the betht gift ever!” Twist said, managing to hook both ends of her sticks together and twirling them around before unpleasantly whacking herself in the head. “Oww...” She moaned.

“Well, I’m glad that you all enjoyed it.” Flower Petal said, smiling. “Now, are you coming home for tonight Wonderwing? Or would you like to stay over for another night?” She asked.

“Well, if it’s okay with them...” Wonderwing said, watching the other foals.

“Well Ah don’ know... Ah don’ think that Applejack will mind...” Applebloom said.

“My mom doesn’t care. So long as somepony’s supervising me.” Scootaloo said.

“My Parenth are opening up the thop tomorrow, so I’ll have to leave early.” Twist reported.

“I don’t think my sister would want to pass up another day away from us. She was really mad.” Sweetie Belle said calmly. The other foals laughed as Dinky looked up to her mother.

“Momma, can I sleep over with the other crusaders tomorrow?” The unicorn foal asked.

Dinky’s mother popped out from behind the counter in the booth and smiled. “Of course my little muffin.” She said. “Of course you need to get back home sometime.”

“We’ll be sure about that.” Sweetie Belle reported.

The foals smiled as Flower Petal nodded. “Okay, I’ll check with your older siblings and parents. If they say that it’s okay, you can stay one more night with them. Okay?” She asked.

“Okay mommy.” Wonderwing said, hearing a gentle yay come from the other crusaders. “I love you.” He said, nuzzling her affectionately.

“I love you too.” Flower Petal replied, returning the nuzzle before her horn lit up. Her magic then grabbed all of the toys that she had grabbed for them and placed them back in her saddle bags as quickly as they appeared.

“Mommy? What’s going on?” Wonderwing asked.

“Well, I don’t think that the town guard would appreciate if you foals had realistic looking weapons now do you?” She asked, watching as everypony shook their heads. “Well then, they’ll all be back at the house until you come and get them
tomorrow.” She said.

The foals all nodded, watching as Dinky immediately looked at her wristwatch. “You guys, it’s almost time!” She squeaked as the other foals looked down at their watched and gasped.

“You’re right!” Scootaloo exclaimed.

“We need to get into position!” Sweetie Belle said.

As the other foals went behind the booth, Wonderwing kissed his mother on the cheek and began to run after them. He was stopped by a gentle pull on his tail and looked at his mother nervously.

“And where do you think that your going?” His mother asked.

“Its something special that we’re going to do for Ponyville Mommy.” Wonderwing said, watching his mom nervously. “We have everything we need in the back behind Dinky’s mommy’s booth so we need to go back there and get it.”

His mother nodded, a look of skepticism on her face as she met Wonderwing’s pleading gaze. Her face softened a little, as she smiled gently. “Okay, and please be careful. I don’t want you or your friends getting hurt.” She said, watching
Wonderwing nod.

“Okay Mommy, we won’t.” Wonderwing said, before following the other crusaders.

Flower Petal watched her son disappear around the corner before smiling. “I hope that he has enough room for me when he gets home.” She said, smiling a little before trotting away.

As the sun continued to fall on the small town, all of the main rides and coasters were all shutting down. Everypony, and creature that wasn’t a pony, moved closer to town hall as the Summer Fair’s first day came to a close. When the Princesses arrived, Twilight had left them to meet with her friends after the third time on the centrifuge, the loud sounds of the trumpets could be heard. Everypony bowed low, watching as both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna turned to face the crowd.

“Hello there everypony.” Princess Celestia greeted, seeing the smiling faces of almost every being involved in the Summer Fair. “I am so glad to see that you have all worked together to make this day not only special for your foals, but for Princess Luna and myself. You all are really dedicated, and have done an excellent job.”

Everypony cheered, the sounds of the Sun Princess compliments was more than enough to raise their spirits even further than they had been. As Princess Celestia continued to speak, there was something that bothered Pinkie Pie.

“Eye Flutter... Ear Flop... Twitchy Tail... Something’s happening, something really, really big!” She thought, her smile disappearing for a second. “But it isn’t a good something. It’s more of like a not funny but funny to an evil pony something. Somepony shouldn’t be here... But I can’t disturb the Princess...” Pinkie Pie thought.

Pinkie Pie wasn’t the only pony who knew that something was up. Her twitching was causing other ponies to stare at her, and get really unnerved at the sight. The pink mare did everything she could to hold the twitches in, from holding her tail still to keeping her ears stiff and her eyelids open. Even the Princess was starting to take notice.

“Pinkie Pie, is there something the matter?” Princess Celestia asked curiously.

“I dunno, something’s up... Something really bad’s up.” Pinkie Pie replied. “I’ve never gotten this combo before.”

“What do you mean that you haven’t gotten this combo before?” Twilight asked, sounding nervous. Pinkie Pie shrugged, continuing to twitch.

“Ah think she means that somethin’ that ain’t sposed ta happen’s gonna happen.” Applejack replied, shuddering a little.

“Whatever does that mean?” Rarity asked, the white unicorn turned significantly back to her normal standards after a little rest and reassurance from Fluttershy.

“I don’t know, but what ever it is we’re going to be ready for it.” Rainbow Dash said proudly.

“You all seem to be pretty confident in your abilities.” A voice called out from the crowd.

As everypony looked around, Luna took a step forward. “A challenger to the Elements of Harmony?” She asked. “How dare you question their abilities. We demand that you come forth now, or face the consequences.”

Everypony stopped as a very old and very corny circus tune could be heard playing from something hidden. It was very slow, and seemed to drag out the melody as it played over and over again. The sounds of hoofsteps could be heard, and before anypony could see where they were coming from, a pair of eyes appeared from behind the Princesses.

Both Alicorns turned, their horns charged and ready to blast whatever had snuck up on them with ancient magicks until the body that the eyes belonged to gracefully leapt over them both before doing several flips in the air and landed on it’s front hooves. The pony, as he righted himself, appeared to be too massive for a normal circus clown as he stood bigger than Big Macintosh. The colorful Afro and body suit that the pony wore covered his coat and mane almost flawlessly as the all white painted face seemed to intimidate the other foals. His black tail hung without any life in it as a set of big red floppy clown shoes seemed to complete the look.

“A jester?” Princess Luna asked incredulously. “Art thou so foolish as to doubt the competency of the Elements of Harmony as to reveal yourself in an outlandish manner?” She asked.

“I’m going to have to agree with my sister.” Princess Celestia said. “Who are you, and why did you call out Twilight and her friends?”

“Oooh.... So that’s the Element of Magic’s name.” The clown pony said in almost a completely intimidating manner. “I like knowing the names of the ponies whose lives are going to be ruined. Especially the sister to the great Shining Armor.”

“How do you know about my brother?” Twilight asked, standing up and glaring at the clown pony.

“Oh well look around you Miss Sparkle.” The Clown Pony answered. “All of these pathetic insects here know about you, the teacher’s pet, the Element of Magic, the Sister to the Captain of the Guard... You make me sick.”

“All right buddy, you can stop right there!” Shining Armor snapped, walking from behind the clown pony with several
heavily armored pegasus soldiers with him. “Just come with us quietly, and you can get a chance to calm down in prison.”
He said.

“Oh, and lookee here. The married Stallion himself.” The Clown Pony said, turning to face him. “Too bad we won’t have time to play yet... Especially when we have a job to do.”

“We? Who is this we of which you speak?” Princess Luna asked.

“Well... Me and my friends here. The fallen soldiers who only follow Utopian, the one and true King of Equestria!” The clown pony declared, throwing his costume off to reveal an all blue gigantic pony with an all Black mane in addition to his tail. The suit of armor that the pony had for a cutie mark glimmered as his eyes glowed a dark red. “Soldiers, capture the targets. Keep the Elements of Harmony and the Princesses Alive. Shining Armor is mine.”

As soon as the giant pony quit speaking, several black covered hooves erupted all from under the ground beneath the Ponyvillian’s hooves. With groaning and moaning, several hundred of zombie ponies crawled from the ground and let out horrible roars which even caused both Princesses to jump slightly.

At the sign of the first undead hoof, chaos reigned. The setting sun truly showed everypony that they were nothing
more than all black skeletons with blood red eyes and horns, and as ponies everywhere decided to flee in every direction, several ponies were unfortunately attacked and injured by the undead.

“You guys, we have to control the crowds!” Twilight shouted over the chaos, watching as her friends nodded. “Applejack, Rainbow Dash, you two take care of the Zombie Ponies that are in everypony’s way. Rarity, you and Fluttershy need to get everypony that can’t make it out of here gone. Pinkie and I will cover you.” Twilight shouted, receiving nods from her friends. “All right everypony, let’s go!” She shouted before everypony began to scatter.

As soon as the first shouts and cries of terror were heard, the Cutie Mark Crusaders jumped. The sounds of groaning and foals screaming terrified them all, but they also were alone.

“What’s going on there?” Scootaloo asked.

“Ah don’ know, but we need to stay outta it.” Applebloom said.

“What about Twilight and the others?” Wonderwing asked.

“They can handle it. We’ll be safe here.” Sweetie Belle replied.

The foals heard a loud shriek, and looked around the corner of the booth. Snips and Snails, two of the foals that went to school with the other crusaders were being chased by several Zombie ponies and they seemed to be losing ground.

“Thnipth and Thnailth are in trouble!” Twist gasped.

“We gotta do something!” Pipsqueak said.

“Ah still think that we should wait...” Applebloom said quietly.

“If we wait any longer they could get hurt!” Wonderwing snapped.

Scootaloo shook her head. “Well if we wait any longer, then they’ll find us and we’ll get hurt. We need to do it now!”

The other crusaders thought it over as they continued to watch the scene. Finally, after a few more moments, Dinky shook her head. “We need to help them. That’s all that will matter right?” She asked, watching the other foals nod. “Well
then, let’s get this started!”

“All right, everypony ready?” Scootaloo asked.

“Ready!” The other foals shouted.

“It’s morphin’ time!” She shouted. Instead of the flash of light, the seven foals stood in complete darkness, still without their suits on, and looking completely silly.

“Wonderwing... Something’s wrong with the watches. Nothing happened.” Scootaloo said.

Wonderwing looked down on his watch and nodded. “We need to open them up.” He said. “The watches aren’t going to change us with the first cover in the way.” The other foals watched as the glass top opened up from the watch and
revealed a small button. “See?” He asked. The Other foals nodded before following suit.

“All right. Well then, let’s try this again.” Scootaloo said. “Ready?” She asked.

“Ready!” The foals replied.

“It’s morphin’ time!”

“I’m sorry Snips... This looks like the end...” The tiny blue unicorn whimpered as the Zombies advanced on them. “All because you made that little wish for having a zombie for a pet.”

“An wha’s wrong with that?” Snips asked.

“Because...” Snails stopped, ducking and bringing the taller unicorn down in time as a set of kicks from several multicolored foals slammed into the pair of Zombie Ponies.

“Are you guys okay?” A voice asked. Both foals looked up to see a unicorn foal in an all pink jumpsuit and cape look down on them. They couldn’t see the face from the Helmet’s visor, but they immediately began to smile.

“Yeah... We’re fine...” Snips said.

“What’s going on here?” Another foal, in an all red jumpsuit asked, the orange wings twittering a little.

“A clown pony sh-sh-showed up at town hall and is looking for a pair of foals!” The blue Unicorn said. “The Elements of Harmony are slowing them down, but they need help!”

“You guys here that?” Scootaloo asked from her visor.

“Yeah, let’s go get some zombie ponies!” Sweetie Belle replied.

“You guys should go. We’ll take care of this.” Dinky said, watching both unicorns nod before getting to their hooves.

“Wh-Why of c-c-course! Come on Snips, Let’s go!” Snails snapped, running off and dragging the other unicorn with

The Crusaders all smiled, looking back at the crumpled heap of Zombie ponies. “Well, it looks like we can take care of these ponies.” Scootaloo said. “Come on you guys, let’s go.”

“Uh, Ah don’ mean ta burst ya’lls bubble’r nuthin but, that’s jes two Zombie ponies. What are we gonna do against an ahrmy?” Applebloom asked.

“Whatever we can of course.” Wonderwing said. “But we need to get the other foals out of danger.”

“All right you guys, the Crusader Operation: Rescue Everypony From The Zombie Ponies is a go!” Scootaloo cried,
hearing cheers from the other crusaders.

As the Crusaders approached town hall, the sight startled them. There were more Zombie ponies on the ground than expected, but even more were still walking around and threatening ponies. An extremely powerful magic barrier was in the
middle, as the sounds of hooves that pounded on it echoed in the night.

They could also see that both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were completely surrounded, on both the ground and the air. The foals all gulped nervously at the sight, watching as several of the Zombie Ponies began to turn their attention to them.

“Ahr yeh sure that this was a good ahdea?” Applebloom asked.

“You know... I’m beginning to wonder that myself...” Scootaloo answered.


The foals turned to see that Wonderwing’s mother had also been surrounded, guarding the two foals that the Cutie Mark Crusaders didn’t get along with. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were all huddled close to the unicorn as her barrier shrank more and more. The pegasus foal, more out of desperation than anything, charged the crowd around his mother wildly, leaving the other crusaders behind.

“All right, here’s the plan.” Sweetie Belle said. “Dinky; you, Twist, and Pipsqueak help Wonderwing. We’ll go and get Twilight and the other ponies out of there.” She said.

“Right.” Dinky replied. “Come on you guys.” She said, as Twist and Pipsqueak nodded. Scootaloo and Applebloom then nodded at Sweetie Belle, before they charged the horde of undead ponies that were attacking the Elements of

The chaos from the battle was turning from bad to worse with each second. Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and an extremely hurt Shining Armor were surrounded by Zombies, and had nowhere left to run.

“Twilight you have to hold the barrier!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed, watching as her unicorn friend’s strength was waning.

“I can’t hold it for very much longer!” Twilight groaned, putting her all into the spell that kept them safe.

“You can do it Twi, just hang in there!” Applejack encouraged, watching her struggle.

“Yeah you can do it! Show those Zombie ponies whose boss!” Rainbow Dash shouted, looking around fiercely.

Just as another crack seemed to splinter Twilight’s already weakening spell, the sounds of, “hi-yah’s,” and, “high-yah’s,” could be heard from the other side of the barrier. The non-magic ponies looked up and watched as Zombie ponies flew up in the air before coming crashing down to the earth like rag dolls, which seemed to draw the attention of the others. None of the ponies could explain what was happening, but as they watched they could see that there were several flashes of Red, Blue, and Yellow, all rocketing around the Zombie crowds.

“Wow... Go Crusaders!” Pinkie Pie thought, smiling as the attacking ponies seemed to be driven off of them. She
turned and stood on her back legs, watching as the massive pony from earlier was heading towards Flower Petal and the two foals that she was with.

“What’s goin’ on?” Applejack asked.

“I don’t know, but I think we’ve been just given a breather.” Twilight replied. There was a loud boom and a flash, which
forced everypony to look up. “Princess Celestia?” Twilight asked.

There, hovering just a few inches off of the ground, was the purest form of anger that hadn’t been seen in Equestria since Nightmare Moon’s banishment. Her mane was wreathed in flames, as was her tail, and her body glowed a terrifying golden aura. The Princess of the Moon, while not like her sister, was just as vicious looking, her mane a wild vortex that seemed to generate storms. She was glowing an equally terrifying Black aura, her cold and pupiless eyes scanned the crowd of undead.

“BEGONE FOUL DEMONS.” Princess Celestia commanded, beating her wings once and generating a wave of golden energy. The blast was so strong that it vaporized the undead ponies to the touch, but seemed to pass through the living harmlessly.

“Did the Princesses do what I think they just did?” Pinkie Pie asked, watching as Princess Luna followed suit, only generating a black wave instead of a golden one.

“I... I... I don’t know...” Twilight said, her face a mix of shock and awe.

The crusaders stopped just as the blast hit the zombies that they were fighting. Each of them trembled at the sight, watching as both the Moon and Sun Princess turned their attention to the massive pony remaining.


Before anypony could react however, a purple fireball roughly the size of a house came screaming towards where both Princesses were standing. Princess Celestia immediately threw up a magical barrier which seemed to encompass the whole battlefield just as three more were launched from the sky.

“WHAT MANNER OF SORCERY IS THIS?” Princess Luna demanded.

“Sorcery? What sorcery your highness?” A cold voice asked from way above them, loud enough for all of Ponyville to hear.


“Oh of course. I’ll show myself, after all you are both going to die one way or the other.” The voice challenged. As if it appeared from nowhere, a gigantic airship materialized from non-existence. It looked fierce, sporting at least a hundred cannons by Princess Celestia’s count and they were all pointed at the small city.


“Or somepony who prefers to fight smarter. Not harder.” The voice challenged icily. “To anypony who is listening. My name is Utopian, and I am your next King.” He declared.

“King? What is he talking about Twilight?” Rainbow Dash asked.


“Well then, I’ll just have to find some Immortal weapons then. Perhaps one rests outside your borders, in the lands of the Griffin Kingdom.” Utopian scoffed. “Listen to my words well ponies of Equestria, I will rule this land. You can stop me, but it will be a futile effort. The way is long, but there will be no need to live in this corrupt diarchy any longer. The choice is
simple, serve me or die.”

“I’d rather die than serve someone stuck up like you!” Rainbow Dash snapped.

“If you think that you can best me, come to the Griffon Temple of Grimclaw the Terrible.” Utopian challenged. “Your world will end in three weeks, come if you will otherwise hide behind your stone walls. They will come crashing down on you.” He snapped, as another barrage of gigantic fireballs began to smash into anything and everything around.

As both Princesses focused their magic to strengthen their barrier, Twilight could see that several foal sized ponies leapt at the massive pony after Flower Petal, but were roughly thrown aside. The unicorn in question was then bucked heavily in the chest before thrown to the side like a ragdoll. Twilight tried readying another spell, but before anything else happened the massive pony and Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were gone.

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