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The New Pegasus In Town

Chapter 2

-The new pegasus in town-

“Crimson Heart, report.” A dark and emotionless voice commanded. Three uniquely different, and extremely dangerous ponies stood in the middle of a small mansion’s office. A fire glowed and crackled in the fire place, causing an extremely high-backed chair to cast a long shadow to the wall. The walls were stained oak, and gleamed with pristine beauty, shimmering as though they were made carefully by the princess herself.

A dark brown pegasus pony lowered himself onto the blood red and black carpets before bowing low on his hooves. His pale red mane and tail seemed to droop across the floor like a sort of graceful motion, only stopping as they touched the floor. His cutie mark, a torn Equestrian Battle Flag, was worn on his flank like a proud scar as if he had recently been in a battle of some kind. “My Lord Utopian,” He hissed, his sinister voice slowly dragging on each syllable like they were venomous ice cubes, “The scouts report that there is nothing that has alerted Celestia or Luna to our activity. The eastern diamond quarry workers were successfully driven out without so much as an ounce of resistance.”

“Good. You have done your job well Crimson Heart.” Utopian said through a mock ounce of praise. “Serene Grace, has production begun in our store houses?” He asked calmly.

A slightly taller-than-average unicorn with a pale blue mane and tail and a cutie mark in the shape of a light behind a willow tree followed Crimson Heart’s suit. “Yes milord. The construction and mobilization process is acting as scheduled. We’ll be ahead of schedule with Crimson Heart’s securing of the quarry, and our forces will be battle ready by the time your ascension begins.” She reported.

“Excellent. Tuff Stuff, are our armies prepared?” The cold voice asked from behind the chair.

The last of the three ponies, a dark blue earth pony with a black mane and tail bowed low, out of the three he was the largest roughly the size of an infant Manticore, and had the strength that was rumored to rival an Ursa Major on a rampage. “My lord, the maggots that have been sworn to our cause train night and day. They will be ready when the fighting begins.” Tuff Stuff reported.

“If it ever does begin.” Crimson Heart uttered darkly.

“Something troubles you Crimson Heart?” They all heard Utopian ask, causing even the massive earth pony to tremble.

Neither Serene Grace nor Tuff Stuff said a word as Crimson Heart bowed low again. “My apologies lord, but it has been a while since my hooves have tasted blood. I yearn for the thrill of combat again, and only wish to see your enemies stamped out.” The pegasus shuddered as the sounds of dark laughter began to emanate from behind the chair. He could have sworn that he hadn’t said anything remotely funny, but that wasn’t on his list of primary concerns at the moment.

“You haven’t changed from the murderous monster that was locked up in the Canterlot Dungeons when I found you years ago.” Utopian commented, calming down.

The three ponies watched the wall in front of the chair as it began to glow with a faint green light. A small spot on the floor to the right of the chair then began to glow with the same light, opening up as a small end table rose from its depths. On top of it was a charred and extremely damaged book that appeared to have seen better days.

“The time for bloodshed will come soon Crimson Heart. Your psychotic side will get its fill.” Utopian said in a reassuring voice. “When the Harvest moon rises, and the cries of torment from a thousand souls is heard across the nation of Equestria... When the skies darken and lightning rampages beyond the control of the pegasi... And when the skies shimmer with the beauty of a thousand of Luna’s nights... That’s when the time will come. That’s when the ascension will begin.”

“But what of the Elements of Harmony milord?” Serene Grace asked nervously, her eyes staring in wonder as she saw the green light envelope the book and take it behind the chair. “When the Signs of Ascension come to pass, wouldn’t the Princesses send them to keep that power safe?”

Utopian chuckled again. “That is of no matter Serene Grace. The Elements of Harmony will not be able to stop this. Especially when they have a role to play in this design as much as you do.”

“So you won’t let her raze Ponyville to the ground then milord?” Tuff Stuff asked bluntly.

There was silence for a few moments, but it wasn’t normal. The book was floated back to the side table as the gentle sounds of the fire crackling in the fireplace hung in the air. Tuff Stuff shifted nervously in his spot, realizing what he had just asked and fell silent. Nopony spoke a word as they could hear the sounds of Utopian climbing out of the chair. He calmly trotted around the left hand side of the chair and smiled wickedly.

“And what makes you suggest that I would deny one of my top generals a chance to right an offense made to her?” The dark green unicorn asked. Utopian wasn’t the same foal he was several years ago, he was different. His coat was racked with scars that could have only been done by darker magicks, and his tail was shorter than what was considered normal for a pony. He eyed Tuff Stuff, and watched him shift in his spot again.

“I just assumed milord that the Elements of Harmony were essential to the plan and-”

“Yes I understand that you assumed they were essential. The Elements of Harmony are essential to the plan.” Utopian said coolly to the earth pony. “But what you forget General, is that I do not treat those who have served me well like common tools. Serene Grace has earned her desire to destroy that pathetic country town, and I have given her permission to make examples of the Elements of Harmony when and only when our plan is complete. Just like how I’ll make you the Commander in Chief of my armies, or how I’ll make Crimson Heart the head of my police force.”

“I thank you milord. Blueblood is a fool for trying to seek justice through the Princesses.” Serene Grace bowed low as Utopian extended his hoof.

“Yes, I knew that you all had scores to settle with our beloved diarchy. And settled they shall be. But for now, stay true in the shadows and act not like the fools in the sun. Is that clear?” Utopian asked, watching as the three ponies all bowed at once.

“Yes milord. The shadows protect you, the shadows protect the strong!” They all replied at once.

Utopian nodded. “Now, you will receive your orders at your place of residence. Until that time, contact will not be necessary unless it’s urgent. I bid you all good day.” He said, giving each of his generals a curt nod before watching them disappear with a bright flash of light. As soon as they were all gone, Utopian turned to his left and trotted towards the wall. After a gentle tap of his hoof, the room began to change. Walls started to rearrange themselves, furniture began to move up from the floor, the fireplace disappeared only to be replaced by a collection of classic Equestrian Literature, and a pair of doors began to appear from the wall behind him.

After a few moments, Utopian stared calmly out onto the streets of the Equestrian capitol. From his position he could see the Griffin Consulate and several other important buildings that he promised to demolish when his plan came to fruition. He could see families of all sorts playing and enjoying each others company, running around from street to street, and some going from one of their personal appointments to the next blissfully without a care in the world. “Soon... Soon I’ll have my revenge on what the world did to me.” He thought.

As Utopian continued to stare out onto the pleasant scene below, his ears twitched at the sound of a gentle hoof knocking against his door. Mentally he cursed himself, as he knew who was on the other side. In his calmest voice, one that he could only muster when he was speaking with the Princesses, he said, “Come.”

At first he heard nothing and figured that he had frightened the one who would be so foalish to invade in his personal
thoughts. After a few moments, he could hear the sounds of one of the doors behind him open and close quickly which caused him to turn around.

Utopian stopped, his cold glance staring at a dark purple pegasus foal who had looked like he had stumbled into the wrong part of town. The foal’s navy mane had covered part of his face, save for the blue eyes that he was staring at him with now. Utopian snorted, watching as the foal immediately jumped before bowing low to the ground, leaving his blank flank visible.

“I-I-I’m ready t-t-to go f-father.” The foal said, remaining quiet.

“You are Task Force? I thought I had told you that we wouldn’t be leaving until later this afternoon.” Utopian said, looking down on the pegasus foal angrily.

“Y-you did father. B-but I-”

“You acted without my saying so. I told you we would be waiting this afternoon and you had the gall to act without so much as a second thought. I am very disappointed in you.” Utopian snapped, cutting the foal off. “It would be a fitting punishment for me to cancel your trip to go see your mother. But, due to the divorce I can’t do that.” He paused, watching a small glimpse of fear grace the young foal’s eyes. “However, I can punish you anyways for as long as you are in this house you are my foal.”

The pegasus foal didn’t say anything, though his expression was less than thankful. Utopian eyed him closely before nodding. “I see that the weight of your impatience has been well understood. I expect a report...” Utopian said, pausing as he did so. An idea formulated in his head. “I expect a report while you are away on how impatience can affect the modern ponies’ life. And I want it on this desk first thing when you get back. There will be dire consequences should you not have it done before then. Is that clear?”

“Y-Yes daddy,” Task Force answered, only to go pale and clasp his hooves over his mouth as though he said a curse word. “I mean father.”

Utopian’s eyes narrowed. “Well then, for that little remark you can march straight to your room and stay there until it’s time to leave. I have told you a thousand times, I am not your buddy; I am not your friend. I am your father. And that is what you are to call me.”

“But it was-”

“I don’t care what it was.” Utopian snapped, glaring at the pegasus foal angrily. “You will do what I say and there will be no argument. Now get to your room until I come to fetch you. Is that understood?” He snapped, seeing the pegasus foal nod slowly.

The foal made no other sounds, nor did he make a complaint. Quietly he turned around and trotted over to the door behind him and opened it. Task Force gave one last look at his father before quietly disappearing behind it. As the door finally shut, silence returned to Utopian’s meeting room. He turned back around and continued to glare out into the public square sprawled out in front of him.

To say that Utopian and Task Force had a strained relationship was to say that bears didn’t like honey or unicorns could use magic. Ever since the foal was born Utopian wished for a unicorn to carry on his legacy should he ever fail in his design. However when the foal was taken home from the hospital, Utopian saw that even that dream was set in shambles.

His planned regimens for a unicorn foal; advanced lessons with magical tutors, combat training with trained castle veterans, and advanced techno-magicks with his own personal tutelage had gone down the drain. Immediately Utopian had begun to despise the pegasus, and pushed him harder and harder than any other foals would have been trained. He could have sworn that Task Force recognized that he hated him, but Utopian always pushed the thought aside like one would with unimportant dates.

Quietly the unicorn turned to his desk, viewing his itinerary for that day. “It would seem that I can move things around just so I can get Task Force out of my mane for once. But that would look suspicious.” Utopian thought, using a free hoof to rub his temples. “At least it’s only for the whole summer. That way I won’t have to deal with the foal during my rise to power.” Utopian groaned, glaring at the door that the foal left from. “His mother wouldn’t mind if he stayed back for a few more hours. After all, her life amongst the common ponies has removed all sense of self respect from her. What a shame.”

As his father remained in the office of their small Canterlot home, Task Force silently trotted to his room. It wasn’t too much, bigger than one of the storage closets that he was used to seeing in the big buildings in Canterlot that his father worked at, and it had a bed and dresser like normal foals rooms but it was missing all of the warmth and security that supposedly went with staying at home.

Quietly the foal closed the door behind him and threw himself on the bed, forcing himself to keep quiet. His father told him on more than one occasion that crying was for weaklings, and that the world wouldn’t tolerate weak ponies. “Father really doesn’t want me to leave...” Task force thought, staring at the door that was next to his small bed. “But I haven’t seen mommy in ages. And I get to stay with her this whole summer. I’ve been a good pony haven’t I?” He thought, flipping over and staring at the ceiling. “Of course I have. I’ve stayed out of Father’s way, I’ve done everything he’s told me to do, and I’ve been a really good pony.”

The door opened immediately, which startled the pegasus into standing at attention. His father stood, glaring at him in an imposing manner, making the tension so thick that you could cut it with a knife.

“I have to run to the office downtown.” Task Force’s father said calmly. “You are not to leave this house. You are not to touch anything that I own, and you are to be ready to leave by the time I get back. Is this clear young colt?” He asked, watching the pegasus nod.

“Yes father.” Task Force replied quietly.

“Good. I should be back in an hour.” His father said, turning away from the pegasus and heading towards the front door. “I will see you when I return.” He said finally, shutting the door behind him.

As soon as his father left, Task Force quickly trotted over to the bottom shelf of his dresser and opened it. At the very bottom, beneath a set of books involving the ways that things were built he pulled out a small black case. It wasn’t very big, big enough to hide in his saddle bag, but it held the best thing in the world in his opinion. You see, several years ago about the time when his mother and father split up, Task Force found a set of seven small bronze colored hoof wristwatches. They were slightly busted, and looked like they could do more than just tell the time, but they were something more in their own right.

He tried getting his father to fix them, only to have the older unicorn call them, “Pieces of junk,” and nearly threw them away. Task Force wanted to keep them for himself, just because they were special. Or at least he felt that they were. It was then that he had started to try and get them to work, doing everything in his power and under the sun inside his father’s home to refurbish and remake them work. By the time he had his sixth birthday he managed to not only make the watches worse by his father’s standards, but he managed to make something special happen. On that day, while he was working on the watches, a simple spark of light came from all seven watches and zapped him. Task Force didn’t know what it meant, but he thought that the watches were something more.

“Mommy wouldn’t mind if I tried fixing these at her house.” Task Force thought, closing the case of his treasures. “Mommy knows that I’m a good pony. She says that all the time.”

The young foal turned to his saddlebag at the other side of the room. The all black bag was filled only with the books that his father had said was important for a foal to know. From “The Great Arts,” By Solidor of the Ram Empire to, “The Magnificence of War,” by Precise Strike, it was enough to make even an adult’s head spin. Task Force read them all, but not because he wanted to. It was only because he wanted to make something impossible happen, he wanted to make his father happy.

As the foal rearranged the occupants of his saddlebags until his case could fit inside, he could hear the gentle sounds of water being flushed from the water system in their home. Task Force shuddered every time he heard it, as it always seemed to sound like a monster when it happened. It was another thing that his father had wanted him to be but he was incapable of, being brave. According to his father, the foals his age would have laughed at him due to being the only foal his age that not only didn’t have a Cutie Mark, but was scared of everything that moved.

As the pegasus foal kept up with the task, he looked back on his life and thought about where things went bad. Well as bad as a foal could have them anyways. His parents were divorced, and apparently his mother had cleaned his father out of almost everything except the things she didn’t know about. Then there were the three strange ponies that he had heard his father speak to not a few minutes before he left. His dad didn’t meet them until a few months afterwards, and now they were almost inseparable. Not only would they be together most of the time, but they seemed to do things in complete secret, like they wanted to keep things to themselves until whatever it was that they were talking about happened.

Task Force didn’t concern himself with it as much as he thought he should have. He wasn’t allowed in his father’s study, or anywhere else in the house that wasn’t his own room, the Kitchen or the bathroom. It was another one of those things that he had to deal with in the process of living with his father, but it was tolerable. The rest of their home wasn’t interesting anyways.

“Now I just need to wait for father to come home.” The pegasus said, closing the latch on his saddlebag and trotting back over to his bed. He stretched out his wings before laying down, his tiny body excited for all of the adventures that he planned on having while living with his mother. She was the biggest thing that Task Force missed about her. It wasn’t just the fact that there wasn’t any life in the house that he and his dad lived in now that she was gone, it seemed that when she left the house, all of the rest of the world seemed to fade into nonexistence. The foal wasn’t allowed to go anywhere or do anything, and the last thing that he could remember was being escorted from the Elementary School every day until it let out ever since then.

After a long, and boring, hour passed, Task Force could hear what sounded like his father’s hoofsteps enter the house. The young foal leapt from his bed and stood at attention as the front door to his room opened.

“Are you ready to go?” Task Force’s Father asked.

“Yes father.” The foal answered.

“Well then, get your saddlebag and let’s go.” His father ordered, watching the foal run to the bag and put it on. The older unicorn turned, walking across the small entryway that their home had and opened the door. Task Force shielded his eyes for a moment, before reopening them to a world of color.

As both father and son stepped out from the gloomy building, the foal tried to contain himself from the sights and the sounds. The colors of the flowers in their front lawn were bright and beautiful, the grass shone like emerald blades, even the all black coach that they were trotting to appeared to have been a work of art.

“Are you going to the train station sir?” One of the coach pullers asked, looking down on the excited foal and smiling.

“Yes. We’re headed to the train station, and I need you to get us there as soon as we can.” Utopian answered, opening the coach door with his magic.

With a little help from one of the Coach pullers, and a few, “encouraging words,” from his father, Task Force climbed into the coach and marveled out in the daylight covered world from the window.

“Task Force, quit staring.” The foal heard his father order him. The little pegasus sat back down in his seat and looked back down at his hooves as his father climbed in the back of the coach with him.

“Sorry father.” Task Force said quietly.

“Yes, well before we get too far along I expect you to be on your best behavior. Is that clear?” Utopian asked, watching the foal look up.

“Yes father.” Task Force answered.

“And what does that mean?” Utopian asked calmly.

“That means that I’m not allowed to talk to any of the common ponies regardless of who they are, I’m not allowed to leave the house under any circumstances and... uh...” Task Force began, trying to think of something else that his father told him.

“And that there’s no such thing as being friends with somepony.” Utopian said, reminding the foal. “There are ponies out there who will use you and do terrible things to you out in this world of ours. You are not to talk to anypony, you are not to look at anypony in the eyes, and most of all you are not even to acknowledge anypony in this... Ponyville. Is that clear?” Utopian asked.

“Yes father.” Wonderwing replied.

“Good, now let’s try to behave ourselves shall we?” He asked, falling immediately silent.

The coach ride to the train station was bearable, to say the least. Task Force’s father didn’t even have to say a thing when they got to the station. After a ride on the train which took at least several hours to get there, the foal could see the small town at the base of the hill and began grinning despite himself.

“I’ll allow him this pass. He hasn’t seen his mother in a while now.” Utopian thought, seeing the small grin before beginning to stare out into the small country town before him.

As soon as the train pulled into the station, and came to a complete stop, Task Force and his father stepped off the boarding platform. Almost instantly the foal galloped and leapt at a bright green Unicorn with a yellow mane. “Mommy!” He cried, wrapping his front legs around the unicorn as the unicorn did the same.

“Hello my little Wonderwing. How have you been?” The unicorn asked sweetly, pecking the pegasus foal on the cheek.

“I’ve been really good mommy! I couldn’t wait to see you!” The foal said excitedly, hearing a content laugh from the older unicorn.

“It’s been a long time Flower Petal.” Utopian said, trotting over to the reuniting mother and foal through the crowds of ponies that were walking about the train platform. “And I thought that we had agreed in calling our son Task Force. That is a better name you know.” He said.

“Maybe for a military officer.” Flower Petal replied, glaring at the other unicorn. “But for our son, I want him to be happy in whatever he wants to do. Unlike some ponies.”

Utopian shook his head. “It seems that your head is still in the clouds Flower Petal. The Times for peace and prosperity are over.”

“As far as you’re concerned at least.” Flower Petal said, letting go of Task Force and levitating his saddlebag onto her back. “You see, there isn’t a war. There isn’t a reason to be cold and heartless, why do you think that we separated in the first place?”

“That’s the precise reason as to why we did so.” Utopian countered. “But I don’t want to get into this with you now. I have another train to catch.” He said, turning away from the pair and beginning to trot away.

“You aren’t even going to say goodbye to your son?” Flower Petal asked, watching as Utopian stopped.

“He’s old enough to understand that I won’t be gone long. I’ll see him at the end of the summer.” Utopian replied, before trotting away.

After a few moments, Task Force looked up at his mother. “Mommy, Is daddy mad at me?” He asked, watching the unicorn look down on him.

“Of course not sweetheart. He’s mad at something, but it isn’t you okay?” She said, nuzzling the foal affectionately. “Now, let’s see... What do you want to do first?” She asked, hearing a loud grumble from the pegasus’s stomach.

“Well... I may be a little hungry...” Task Force said, looking at the ground and kicking one of his hooves on the platform. His mother gave him a playfully firm look as his stomach rumbled a second time. “Okay I’m a lot hungry. I was so happy to see you that I didn’t want anything to eat until I got here.”

“Okay Wonderwing, let’s get you some food. I know a great place to go, you’re going to like it.” She said, using her magic to pick up the foal and place her on her back. “Let’s go!”

After an hour and a half of exploring the town of Ponyville with his mother Wonderwing, as he was called by his mother and preferred to be called by that name, stared in awe at what was essentially the best building in the world. The roof appeared to be made of ginger bread and was covered in frosting, the walls were a bright and merry yellow. A small room stood on top of the building that appeared to be made of cake as a bright red cherry sat on top. Even the Window Shutters appeared to be edible, looking like they were carved from chocolate bars. The pegasus foal couldn’t help but smile, even as he slid and fell off of his mother’s back and landed on the dirt street.

“You like it?” Flower Petal asked the foal, who only lazily nodded after getting back to his hooves.

“Yeah, this place looks extra super good!” Wonderwing replied.

“Well then, let’s see if we can get a table inside.” Flower Petal said, guiding the foal over to the confectionary building.

The inside of the building, which was called Sugarcube Corner by Wonderwing’s mother, was packed with ponies from
everywhere. A small line of ponies stood facing the counter, each looking eager to purchase any number of the sweets from the display cases from the store. Several more ponies were all sitting at a small group of tables that were set out near the front of the store, while others just stood around and just began talking.

“Welcome to Sugarcube Corner Flower Petal!” A very bright and cheery voice said from the front. “Wait one minute, I’ll be there to help you as soon as I help everypony else.”

“It’s okay Pinkie Pie. Take your time.” Flower Petal answered from over the sounds of the other ponies talking.

It only took Flower Petal and Wonderwing a few moments to get to the front line, but when Wonderwing’s eyes met with the pinkest pony that he had ever laid eyes on, he nearly freaked.

Wonderwing and Pinkie Pie gasped, Wonderwing out of shock from the pink mare’s gasp. Afterwards, she bolted to the back like a blur, leaving both mother and son confused.

“Mommy... Who was that?” Wonderwing asked.

“That was Pinkie Pie Wonderwing. She’s one of the nicest ponies you’ll ever meet here. Though she can be a little bit...” She stopped as a loud crash was heard from the back and cringed as one of the owners, a bright yellow Earth pony named Mr. Cake, trot with a slight limp over to the counter. “... Crazy. Is everything okay back there Mr. Cake?” She asked.

“I... I... I dunno, she came into the back so fast that she nearly took out the ice cream cake that we were working on for Princess Celestia.” Mr. Cake Replied. “Anyways, what can I do you for Flower Petal?”

The unicorn smiled. “Well I would like a slice of your Key Lime Pie if you have any left.” She answered before turning to the foal. “What about you Wonderwing?” She asked, watching the foal smile.

“Well... I dunno what they have here... And I don’t think that daddy would...” Wonderwing began before his voice trailed off.

“You don’t need to worry about what your daddy thinks. Anything you want, you can have it. You’re on vacation now.” Flower Petal replied, cringing as she heard another loud crash from the back.

“Well can I get a slice of pie too?” Wonderwing asked Mr. Cake, watching the earth pony nod.

“Okay what kind?” He asked kindly, staring at the foal.

“Uh... umm... do you have any blueberry pie?” Wonderwing asked nervously, watching as Mr. Cake nodded kindly.

“Yes we do.” He answered. “Would either of you like any ice cream with your pie?” He asked, watching as both Wonderwing and his mother nodded in agreement.

“I think that will be wonderful Mr. Cake.” Flower Petal said, using her magic to make a small coin purse appear out of thin air. “How much do I owe you?” She asked.

“Well, since your son is new in town I’ll cut you a break.” Mr. Cake said chuckling a little, watching as several golden coins flew out of the bag and onto the counter. “That’ll be fifteen bits Flower Petal.” He said, counting out the money and nodding before scooping it all up and putting it in the cash register. He then looked at a set of unoccupied tables and smiled. “How about you two have a seat at table five closest to the front window, and we’ll bring them right out to you.” He said, watching as Flower Petal nodded.

“Thanks Mr. Cake. We’ll do just that.” She commented, guiding the foal away to the empty table.

The sight of the pink pony still alarmed Wonderwing, but it was put in the back of his mind as he sat down next to his mother. Ponies were going here and there from the store, some were looking in their direction while others were whispering things closely to one another. Wonderwing looked up at his mother, who ran a gentle hoof through his mane as they sat at the table together.

“So, are you looking forward to your vacation with me?” Wonderwing’s mother asked, looking down at the foal.

“Yeah.” Wonderwing replied, looking back up at his mother and nodding.

“Good. Well, how about after we eat we go and put your bags away at my house, and then head to the park for some sunshine for once?” She asked.

“Okay!” Wonderwing said, watching as Mr. Cake came from the back of the store and headed towards their table, their orders balanced precariously on his head.

“Here we are, one Key Lime Pie with our homemade vanilla ice cream,” Mr. Cake said, sliding over the plate with the pie over to Wonderwing’s mother. “And one Blueberry Pie with vanilla ice cream. Enjoy you two!” He said happily, taking the tray back with him and leaving as he turned to go.

The taste of the pie was almost as good as the time that Wonderwing was spending with his mother. The foal looked up from his plate, a smile and a little bit of ice-cream on his face, which was met with a similar look from the older unicorn.

As both mother and son were enjoying each other’s company, the door was flung wide open. Everypony looked towards the front door, and went back to their conversation as a very angry, pink earth pony foal with a princess crown stomped in. Her mostly purple mane was drenched with water, as was her tail, and the silk ribbon that she wore was completely soggy.

Wonderwing could tell that the foal was mad about something from where he sat, and as he watched the foal march up to the counter that wasn’t the only thing he could see.

“Welcome to Sugarcube Corner, what can I...” Mr. Cake stopped looking down at the absolutely soaked foal.

“I need a dozen of your extra chocolate chip cookies now. And make it snappy.” The foal snapped, slamming at least twice the amount of coins that Wonderwing’s mother placed on the counter.

“I’m sorry Diamond Tiara, but your father said that you weren’t allowed to get another box until he told me that it was okay. Would you like something else?” Mr. Cake asked in a professional manner, looming down on the steaming foal.

“Rrrrgh. Well then, I’ll take a thirty two ounce Vanilla Milkshake and I want it yesterday.” Diamond Tiara snapped, starting to draw attention to herself.

“I’m sorry about that too. We can’t make any milkshakes at the moment because all of our milk is currently in the refrigerator. Would you like something else?” Mr. Cake replied, starting to sweat a little as the foal started turning red.

Before the foal could say anything else, another earth pony foal ran inside, her silver mane and tail all soaking wet. She shivered a little before walking up to Diamond Tiara and passing her own money on the counter.

“How about t-two h-hot ch-ch-chocolates please.” The other foal asked through chattering teeth.

“I do not want hot chocolate Silver Spoon. It’s the start of s-summer and I need something to cool down.” Diamond Tiara snapped, turning on the other foal.

“It looks like you’re already cooling down!” Somepony said inside the restaurant. Both foals looked around and turned, with Diamond Tiara glaring in Wonderwing’s direction.

“What is that foal doing in my spot?” Diamond Tiara asked.

“E-Excuse me?” Wonderwing asked, watching the foal closely.

“I said, what are you doing in my spot? What you don’t speak Equestrian?” Diamond Tiara snapped, trotting angrily
towards where Wonderwing and his mother were sitting. Quietly Mr. Cake nodded as Silver Spoon said something that the foal couldn’t hear and rang up her purchase before disappearing into the back.

“I... I... I didn’t know that this was yours...” Wonderwing began, hearing a dull growl from the angry foal.

“So you thought that you had the right to my seat?” Diamond Tiara snapped, looking over Wonderwing and smirking at him.

“Young lady I think you need to calm down.” Flower Petal said, lowering her spoon with her magic and glaring at the

“No I will not calm down and you can’t make me!” Diamond Tiara snapped back, glaring angrily at Wonderwing, who was busily huddling up and making himself small in the chair. “That Blank Flank stole my spot! And I want it now!” She snapped, glaring at the pegasus.

“Diamond Tiara, let’s just go. I don’t want to cause any trouble.” Silver Spoon commented, watching as Mr. Cake came out of the back room with a pair of steaming to go cups.

Diamond Tiara shook her head. “NO!” She roared. “I’m sick and tired of a bunch of Blank Flanks getting what they want when it should have been me to get what I want! I should have won that water balloon fight today! I should have! But no, look at me. I’m soaked and I need a bath and-”

“You need to calm down Diamond Tiara.” A voice called out as the door opened.

Wonderwing blinked at the impressive sight. Three more foals stepped inside Sugarcube corner, soaked to the bone and wearing smiles as big as their faces. They each wore bright red capes, with a logo of a yellow blank pony standing in front of an all blue circle as though it were a background.

“You have no right to tell me what to do Blank Flank.” Diamond Tiara snapped, glaring at the new foals.

“Yeah, and you have no right to have an attitude at Sugarcube Corner.” The pegasus pony that Wonderwing assumed was the leader of their band declared. She was orange and had a bright purple mane and tail, but it was hard for Wonderwing to tell that she was a pegasus due to the cape that she wore covered up most of her wings.

“Tha’s right. The Cakes ahr nice ponies jus’ tryin’ to make a livin’. They don’t need none of this mess that you’re startin’. Specially since we beat the horseshoes offa ya’ll in the water balloon fight.” The earth pony of the group said. She was yellow, with a slightly greenish tinge to her, and had a bright red bow that seemed to be as soaked, if not more soaked than Diamond Tiara’s ribbon.

“It’s not nice to pick on random ponies like that. I thought your daddy taught you better manners.” The last member of their group snapped, a white unicorn foal with a pale purple and white swirled mane said, watching with a smirk as Diamond Tiara continued to get angrier and angrier.

“Better manners... BETTER MANNERS! I’ll show you better manners you dumb blank flanks!” Diamond Tiara roared, leaping at the three foals. Everypony that could see or hear the shout watched as the foal was enveloped in a green magical aura halfway in between the counter and where the foals were standing.

Everypony stared, watching as Wonderwing’s mother had stood up, her horn a blaze with magic as she held the struggling foal in midair. Just then, the front door opened again to reveal a very important looking, and very angry looking brown earth pony in a business suit with a slicked back black mane and tail.

“Daddy!” Diamond Tiara gasped, ceasing her struggle in the unicorn’s magic and looking positively ashamed of herself.

“There you are young lady. I suspected that you might have tried something like this.” The older pony scolded, stepping in the puddles that the foals were standing in before as they moved out of his way. “This is not how I raised you. This is not what I want to see in my little girl.” He continued, turning to Flower Petal and Wonderwing. “Flower Petal, thank you for restraining her. Ever since the fun day earlier today at school, Diamond Tiara has been in a little fit.”

“I understand completely Mr. Rich.” Flower Petal answered, using her magic to set the foal down. “I didn’t want her to do anything stupid, anything that would make you look bad sir.” She said smiling a little.

“You’re always on duty even when your off duty.” Mr. Rich complimented, bowing his head a little at Wonderwing’s mother. “I assume that this is your foal that you requested some time off for?” He asked, watching Flower Petal nod.

“He’s my little Wonderwing Mr. Rich. And I only have the best for him.” Flower Petal answered, wrapping one of her hooves around the pegasus foal.

“I understand. We all have the best out for our foals.” Mr. Rich said with a slight smile. “Especially when they misbehave.” He added, looking down at Diamond Tiara firmly.

“But daddy I¬-”

“We’ll discuss this later. We’re going home.” Mr. Rich snapped, cutting the foal off. “I hope you have a good week with Wonderwing Flower Petal, good day.” He said, walking over to behind Diamond Tiara and ushering her out of Sugarcube Corner. Silver Spoon followed them, carrying a brown paper bag that contained their hot chocolate as she did so, closing the shop door.

As Flower Petal sat back down, Wonderwing got up as the caped foals turned to go as well. “W-Wait!” He said nervously as the three of them stopped in mid hoofstep.

“Yes? What is it?” The unicorn asked, as all three foals turned their attention to him.

“Who are you guys?” Wonderwing asked, watching out of the corners of his eyes as everypony else began to cover their ears.

The three foals exchanged glances before nodding all at once. They all then took a deep breath before shouting, “WE’RE THE CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS!”

Wonderwing was stunned at the volume of their shout, and before he could react they left as quickly as they came. Like they were superheroes.